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  1. Kendo

    640d Swirl Flaps

    Hello folks - trust you're all grand! I've had a snoop about the forum and I've been reading up about the swirl flaps (god, feels like we can never get away from them, been talking about them since the e39 / first X5 days from early 2000s )... Anyway, I can see there seems to be a bit of a split opinion when it comes to the modern Beemers, some keeping them/some ditching... So ultimately, I've got (55) 2015 640d GC with 28k miles, and basically - what's the experience folks? - Who's removed them, what kit did you use, and what's been the benefit? - What's the benefit of keeping them in and what's the maintenance, or how to keep on top of it (seen a lot of 640d's online)? Grateful for the guidance as always heroes!
  2. Kendo

    Back in a Bimmer...

    Thanks gents, I'll take a look... I tried to amend my signature as it wasn't showing up/years old! Haha Cheers Dunc!
  3. Kendo

    Back in a Bimmer...

    Hello, trust you're all well!.. Had to check the last time I logged in, and it was sometime in 2014 (crikey, 7 years ). Anyway, like the title suggests and after many years of various Merc ownership (I know, what was I thinking, ) I'm back in a BMW. Granted it is not a 5, although instead a fresh silver 2016 640d Grand Coupé. I'll be asking questions around the swirl-flap removal and general up-keep, although thought I'd say hello to the folks first and to anyone who remembers me!
  4. Kendo

    Fairwell KendoBus.... :'(

    I've drove tons (and had an e46 M3 manual). I actually did like one other e46 and that was a 330ci tourer in blue with good spec.. I may look in to those
  5. Kendo

    Fairwell KendoBus.... :'(

    Hahahahaha.... You know me too well Tell me about it .......... Really not a fan of the e46 at all, great in M3 guise, but dont like there coupes/tourers/saloon's strangely? Well, I'll keep my eyes peeled, may even look at a 540's but I'm not sure...
  6. Kendo

    Fairwell KendoBus.... :'(

    Nothing to be sorry about pal, I'd normally say! Just being kind to the new owner. Well there really isnt much between the 328i/M3. I'm positive apart from the obvious Engine/Brakes. bits and bobs, there nearly the same. Pretty sure they share the same bilsteins/springs, perhaps thicker roll bars, but all in all there similar to drive albeit down on power.... Personally when I knocked about in my E36 M3 many moons ago, I totally prefered to drive it due to the power and M exclusivity. But no doubt, the 328i's less thirst (found mine to be rather okay on the juice), better priced parts, etc would be easier to live with
  7. Kendo

    Fairwell KendoBus.... :'(

    To be honest, I've trawled through tons of BMW's / Audi's / Merc's / Volvo's / VW's /Etc but nothing looks any decent. I would like a really sorted facelift e39 530d sport tourer manual (by sorted, something I dont have to pull straight into the garage/bodyshop and bankrupt myself putting right), prefebly a late 03 with good spec, but they just don't seem to come up for sale, or if they do they are eye watering money! 97 328i Sport, usual toys like air/con, leather, OBC, ASC, (No LSD due to the ASC, apparently that stopped on cars 95 N? But not totally sure). I never kiss and tell with my women Mr Shaz you cheeky lad ... Yeah, being modest with this one as the new owner my be on this(other BMW) forum's, so out of fairness I will let them disclose that themselves..... P.S. I hate being KendoBusLess :'(
  8. So another KendoBus made it's journey to a new owner. A great car, but just lacked the space I need (although you'd be surprised at what you could actually fit in the boot of one). I really dont want to leave my comfort zone and completely move away from BMW/German, but I'm struggling to get a tourer/estate that's either not far to much for what it is or completely feckled. I'll be sure to keep you all informed with what I get
  9. So here was the cause of my misfire woes. Believe it or not, it was only one of the plugs causing the misfire! All of the coils were working. There wasn't any oil/water in the plug holes (well, very minimal oil) which was good news. By the condition of the plugs, they've been in a while. As it was only one cylinder misfiring, I knew it was either one plug or one coil (hense why I only bought one coil, plus at £27 a pop, wasn't going to buy 6 if weren't needed.) You can't really see it in the picture, but the rubber sleeve on the one of the coils was split. Although working, I replaced it with the coil I bought. So all worked out well really and car back to smooth self. Cheers all.
  10. Sophistacated enough to put a whole load of sensors/electrical componenets that may be causing the issue though, misfire can be caused by a whole number of things which is always frustrating. Well I've picked up 6 plugs and a new ignition coil. I'll fit them tonight and here's praying all is well. Cheers all.
  11. I suppose with so many possible things, I better get codes read. Although I genuinely thought something like a sensor would through a light on the dash, or even put the car into limp mode.
  12. I did top the oil up on Sunday afternoon. I'm worried I may have occidentally overdone it by half a litre, and the plugs have become covered (I'll check my level soon once the car has cooled down enough, returning the oil to oil pan.). Although it did drive fine Monday morning, then night and even this morning? The plugs are worth changing anyway so I'll pick them up, try them first tomorrow after work and I'll soon know if the plug holes are full. (praying that its just the plugs) Cheers, for the help pal.
  13. Hello everyone, hope you are all well... Unfortunately my E36 is not. Drove to work absolutely fine this morning. On the way back car was awkward. It's lumpy on idle and is most definitely showing a misfire symptoms. Only thing is though, absolute no warning/check engine lights. The OBC still shows, Check OK? I'm really hoping it's a plug. I haven't changed them since I owned the car from October and mileage is 107k, so probably a good shout they haven't been done in a while? Any ideas guys? All help really appreciated
  14. Kendo

    328i M52... TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK

    Sorry I missed this gentlemen... Well strangely mines disappeared'ish after some fresh oil. What I mean is that the tick is extremely faint now as if the oil is now finding it's way to lifters/where it's supposed to? Combined with thermostat change and car now reaching temperature, it's feels much better plus delivers better MPG. If it returns I'll certainly inform!
  15. Kendo

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Pulls like a... Hmmm