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    DriftworksJames reacted to jinsta in Does an E60 530d with Electronic actuator still use a Pressure Converter?   
    Same issue, just wanted to know was it the actuator in the end?
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    DriftworksJames got a reaction from chr15gb in 530d runs better with MAF unplugged, what does that prove?   
    I've had an issue with my E61 530d that I've been trying to track down for a while.
    It's intermittent power loss and always sorts itsself out quickly. It's as though the turbo has no boost temporarily, yet a few seconds later, it's back strong and fine for a while.
    I've replaced the MAP sensor and have ascertained that the VNT in the turbo moves freely and the electronic actuator has no obvious issues. I have an Ecotune DPF and Cat bypass and the associated remap (which is fantastic)
    I've seen it mentioned a few times here to try disconnecting the MAF for fault diagnosis, so I've given that a go and can confirm that with my MAF unplugged:
    The intermittent power loss seems to have gone completely
    The slight cloud of fuel smoke I was getting over the last few hundred rpm of the rev range has cleared significantly
    Power overall seems to be consistent, but slightly lower than I know it's potential is
    mpg seems to have improved from high 30s to low 40s

    So, is this as simple as meaning the MAF is knackered and needs replacing or is there more to it than that?
    I'll be a happy man if this is sorted, it's the only niggle in an otherwise really smashing car
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    DriftworksJames got a reaction from CTRob in Rumble when flooring it   
    I don't know to be honest.
    I just know on mine it's fine at idle, but if you apply any throttle and raise the revs a little you get this type of thing:
    where the nominal and actual appear to be out of sync and the nominal value has a '!' next to it. Stan told me that can be due to a coked up head, so I was going to give the terraclean thingy a go @ £100 as a better alternative to removing the head 
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    DriftworksJames reacted to baus in Rumble when flooring it   
    James, edit your current car (bottom of page) here.
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    DriftworksJames reacted to stant1man in 530d runs better with MAF unplugged, what does that prove?   
    Hi James,
    When you unplug the maf the engine management also closes the EGR valve permanently until it is replugged... Try removing the Vac hose from the egr valve and see if your issue persists. If it is resolved then we can simply arrange a tweak to your software so you have no EGR related EML... You're better off without it anyway
    Best wishes,