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  1. dmarkovina1

    Bluetooth Audio with stock Head Unit - options?

    I believe this is the best for an E39; steering wheel controls remain operative. https://www.musikimauto.de/BlueMusic-Bluetooth-Audio-BMW-Flachpin This one plugs at the back instead of CD changer - you will need an extension cord for the mike: https://www.musikimauto.de/BlueMusic-Bluetooth-Audio-Freisprecheinrichtung-BMW-3-6
  2. dmarkovina1

    inpa reading way off limits??

    106 is way too much BTW. Mine stays at 90ish.
  3. dmarkovina1

    inpa reading way off limits??

    Hidden menu in the cluster also?
  4. dmarkovina1

    M54b30 Vanos seals

    The guy who had originally exposed the BMW blunder with Vanos on M52TU engines and then made proper seals: http://www.beisansystems.com/products.html Others just followed suit.
  5. dmarkovina1

    has someone repaired their vanos m52 m54?

    No special tools for M52TU/M54 needed. You do not need a camshaft locking tool. For M52 I think you do.
  6. dmarkovina1

    Temp Gauge Help!

    You can read out the exact coolant temperature via OBD data, accessible in the cluster hidden menu: http://mr-fix.info/bmw-e39-obc-hidden-menu-diagnostic-mode/ Test No 7. What does it read - when the needle points to the right?
  7. dmarkovina1

    530i and Euro Emission Standard

    Maybe this will help all with M52TU/M54 engines. Fingers crossed. https://www.meeknet.co.uk/E38/E38_E-OBD_Introduction.pdf
  8. dmarkovina1

    Temp Gauge Help!

    To be on a safe side I would use a temp measurement gun and read the temperature off the thermostat. Very handy device in cases like these.
  9. dmarkovina1

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally replacing rocker panels. Not a moment too soon.
  10. dmarkovina1

    PDC noise on door opening

    Hi, I have saloon, it's a 10 second job.to pull the trim off. https://youtu.be/4V6XoVlRXN8
  11. dmarkovina1

    E39 M52TU emissions and ULEZ

    https://www.meeknet.co.uk/e38/E38_E-OBD_Introduction.pdf BMW's Internal document M52TU engine was ahead of time.
  12. dmarkovina1

    PDC noise on door opening

    Hi, can you please let us know how you have resolved the issue - I have the same problem, but only if the cabin light is on...just turning the cabin light on or/off does not trigger the sensors (always rear) - it has to involve opening/closing the door. Thanks P.S. You can replace PDC sensors without taking the bumper off - just pull the trim off - start with the middle section either side.
  13. dmarkovina1

    Diesel diffs

    Do you have auto or manual? And why do you want to replace it?
  14. dmarkovina1

    Diesel diffs

    Ratios on manuals are the same (2.35) unlike automatics where 530d has a little longer ratio. (2.81 vs 3.07). Flanges are different, both input and output and 530d diff weighs a lot more. I believe the flanges are swappable but best check - side flanges should be just a pop out/push in job, but changing the input flange seems to be anything but. 530d shares the input flange with petrol V8, the 525d shares its with the rest of the engine range - all diesels bar 530d and all non V8 petrols.
  15. dmarkovina1

    Question for those with Champagne Interiors...

    http://www.e38registry.org/upholstery/ E38 upholstery colours I guess many shared with E39, click on the colour to see examples.