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  1. dmarkovina1

    E39 530i Q. How many O2 sensors are fitted?

    If it is running fine on petrol with no lights and trims ok (no vacuum leak), then it's either a bad LPG map or worn LPG injectors or both. Which LPG injectors do you have and how old are they (mileage covered)? Has it been like this from day one or it started occurring at some point after LPG had been fitted. P.S. O2 sensors are on the exhaust manifold, not the inlet one.
  2. dmarkovina1

    Camshaft Position Sensor? And mystery hoses.

    Long and short term fuel trims? I would not expect a faulty camshaft sensor to throw the engine light...you are down on torque a bit but that should be it (happily stand corrected). When you clear the errors they all come back immediately? I do suspect a vacuum leak if fuel trims are positive.
  3. dmarkovina1

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took it to my indie for a long overdue service, replacing lots of stuff: - rear diff - for longer ratio 2.64 (off a manual 525tds) vs standard 3.15 - finaly no engine screaming on the motorway - gearbox output shaft seal - leaking - driveshaft bearing and flex disc - worn - rear suspension arms - still on original ones, no play but all rubber boots perished - rear discs, pads and shoes, brake hoses - all well beyond use by date - rear shocks and springs - leaking & corroded - front NS lower suspension arm - ball joint play - front anti roll bars links both, anti roll bar bushings - steering rack reconditioning (play), steering links and rod ends - play, torn boots To do: new bumper (hit a wild boar!) cosmetic touch ups, some rust treatment, bixenon xenon upgrade and headlight polishing. Approaching 260k miles, 01 525i manual, enjoyed every single mile in this analogue, mechanical masterpiece.
  4. dmarkovina1

    E39 525i ABS Codes 5A 58 & 5C

    With the precharge pump error it's usually the DSC unit that needs changing/reconditioning. Done it (the latter) on both my E38 and E39 - all fine since.
  5. dmarkovina1

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Offside rear is nearly one inch lower than nearside, once you sit down it gets worse.
  6. dmarkovina1

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Missing 6th gear on a manual 525i. Way too high revs on the motorway - more than 4k when driving 100 mph (overseas!) Now fitting a diff from 525tds, going from 3.15 to 2.64. PDC playing up mostly and and randomly. Neither sensor nor the controller issue. It's always the centre rear right which is reporting obstacles when there aren't any. Most likely wiring issue, I hope...
  7. dmarkovina1

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had a number of bolts seized inside bushings and though I had to had them cut and new ordered. The mechanic just laughed and used his air impact wrench to break them loose. All good - I was expecting them to be completely corroded but on the contrary they were pretty much like new, shiny in fact. I think you can get the bushings for the arms at autodoc.
  8. dmarkovina1

    Special nano liquid addons to engines and gearboxes?

    This. Only prescribed ATF goes in there. 100k km change including the filter would do it good.
  9. dmarkovina1

    Special nano liquid addons to engines and gearboxes?

    Liqui Moly Ceratec. Works for engine, manual gearbox and regular diffs. Not for automatic gearbox or LSD though as they require friction in order to change gears correctly.
  10. dmarkovina1

    Positive camber on front nearside wheel 530d saloon

    Ride height is ok?
  11. dmarkovina1

    Missus cooked my 525i!

    Check short term fuel trim - easy with Bluetooth obd dongles and free apps. Often it is the plug at the back of the manifolld that perishes letting unmetered air in. I made diy-ed my own soldering iron based smoke machine and found the culprit.
  12. dmarkovina1

    Diagnosing VANOS problem - VANOS, solenoid, sensors, etc

    Best to read out the log with INPA. You can also check if the pistons are moving at all with live data check.
  13. dmarkovina1

    feeding car directly from 220v mains outlet?

    Start the car. Switch off the blower. Turn off the car. Connect the charger. P.S my ctek does not blow its fuse when blower is running.
  14. dmarkovina1

    feeding car directly from 220v mains outlet?

    I haven't had issue with ignition in Pos 2 with my CTEK charger (not he biggest one but one below). All I ever did was make sure I had switched off the blower. And I never worked with INPA/NCS Expert on the car for more than an hour or so and surely not at 20 below zero! Also I wasn't trying to crank the engine off the charger. If you have CTEK (and I assume other) intelligent chargers you can parallel connect them to double up the amperage.
  15. dmarkovina1

    Coolant air bleeding

    Heating on Max temp?