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  1. john h

    Electronics/HID experts?

    I have confirmed the ballast is the problem by swapping them over. Now I just need to know about the "warning canceller". Do all ballast boxes do this, or do I need to find a particular type? Thanks John
  2. john h

    Electronics/HID experts?

    Thanks for the advice. Does the ballast also deal with the bulb warning system, or do my boxes have 2 functions - Voltage AC/DC as well as bulb warning correction? Cheers John
  3. john h

    Electronics/HID experts?

    Yes, thanks. I'll try that at the weekend (need to dismantle a bit more to get access on that side) John
  4. john h

    Electronics/HID experts?

    Hi, I'm quckly out of my depth with electronics; anybody on here understand them? I have aftermarket HID xenon lights on my 1998 540i, with a fault. One headlight works fine. The other has an intermittent problem, sometimes it works as normal, other times the bulb does not light up. But even when it's not working, it does the two short flashes as if it is trying to start up as the lights are switched on. I have tried a new HID bulb; no change. Disconnecting the unit and fitting an OE halogen bulb works normally. I am thinking that the ballast unit is at fault. Is that likley? Is it likely to be fixable, or should I get a replacement? This is the unit, front and back. Pardon my ignorance, but is a ballast the same thing as a warning canceller? I have found some ballast units on ebay that look very similar to mine but they don't have the words "warning canceller" printed on, as mine does. Any expert advice appreciated! Thanks John
  5. Before dismantling, is there any way I can be sure which side bearing is gone? Thanks John
  6. Well, after taking the rear discs on and off 3 times over the last 6 weeks and checking everything very carefully, I still have the squeak. Plus, I now have a wheel-bearing noise at the back, so I think my initial hunch was right. The bearing noise decreases when turning left - does that mean it's the left bearing? (It does seem to be coming from the left side). Thanks John
  7. Thanks all. You put my mind at rest! John
  8. Is your a Touring? I'm just being cautious because I don't think BMW ever fitted staggered wheels to the e39 Touring (not even on the one-off M5 they made for one of the bosses). I know Alpina did, but I was thinking maybe they could have modified something to make them fit. Cheers John
  9. Hi, I have bought a set of staggered 18 inch Alpina rims (correct type for e39) for my 540i Touring. They came without tyres and, before I order expensive 265s, I'd like to confirm if they'll fit in the arches... and whether any modifications are needed to avoid rubbing. My car has OE sport suspension, not lowered further (yet!) Thanks for your help John
  10. john h

    Touring tailgate rattling

    Hi My tailgate also rattles. I recently reduced the rattle by about 80% by adjusting the stops that the tailgate rests on when closed (the things near the top of each rear light). There is a "seat" on the car body and an adjustable stop on the tailgate. Loosen the screw and pull the stop out a few notches. I pulled them out to a position where the tailgate would not close then went back in, one notch at a time, until it shut tightly then lubricated the stops with grease. It now only rattles on very difficult surfaces, like cobblestones. Cheers John
  11. john h

    Rear anti roll bar

    That's what I was planning; many thanks. John
  12. john h

    Rear anti roll bar

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if a saloon e39 rear anti-roll bar will fit a touring? Thanks John
  13. I did exactly that with mine (rear pipes). No issues. Your existing flaring tool may be ok. Lubricate the contact parts with grease beforehand. John
  14. john h

    I have changed my trim

    Looks good.
  15. john h

    E34 Alpina rebuild

    Hats off to you. Well done and please keep the updates coming! John