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  1. Estorilis

    G30/G31 Winter Wheels 18"

    I am looking for a similar set if anyone can help?
  2. Estorilis

    G30 Alloys with Winters wanted

    Still looking if anyone has a set please get in touch. Many Thanks.
  3. Estorilis

    G30 Alloys with Winters wanted

    Please contact me if you are considering selling your winter alloy and tyres. I am looking for clean set for my 530e M Sport. I am in Hertfordshire but i am prepared to travel for the right set.
  4. Estorilis

    Which Oil

    Thanks Guys for all your opinions and support. Much appreciated..
  5. Estorilis

    Which Oil

    Hi Guys, I'm running a high mileage (164,000) 2010 F10 530d M Sport. Planning to carry out an interim oil change at home this weekend. Which oil is everyone using 0w-30w or 5w-30w synthetic? Many Thanks in advance
  6. Estorilis

    Changing bulbs to LED's

    Hiya, I have a 2010 530d M Sport and am considering changing the internal/boot and puddle light bulbs to led's. Has anyone any recommendations or links to the best place to buy them from. I am looking for oem brightness. Nothing to bright or blue. Many Thanks in advance
  7. Hiya, Looking to replace my rear tyres soon. What was the oem supplier for 275/35/19 run flat tyres? I am torn between contis, michelins and pirellis
  8. Estorilis

    Too much oil Message

    After an oil change on my 2010 530d M Sport the I drive is showing the too much oil message but the dipstick is showing halfway. A few questions. 1) When the sensor fails does it read too much oil? 2) Is there a reset procedure for the idrive to get a fresh reading? 3) Do the sensors fail often? 4) Has anyone changed the sensor them selves and is it easily accessible? I've driven the car around 8 miles today. Could it correct itself after a longer run? Thanks for your help. This too much oil message is bugging the hell out of me
  9. Estorilis

    F11 530d Interim Oil Change

    Thanks for a great write up..
  10. I am planning to take off my alloys one by one this weekend and give them a really good clean. When jacking up the car I wondered if I can fit an E60 alloy and lower the car down rather than mess around with axle stands? Many Thanks in advance
  11. Estorilis

    Retrofit Bluetooth

    Thank You I appreciate your honest opinion.
  12. Estorilis

    Retrofit Bluetooth

    Thanks for your reply I am not really fussed about streaming music its really for making and receiving calls. I know a parrot would be a good choice although I am trying to keep it factory looking and not a fan of the parrot etc. Any other options?
  13. Estorilis

    F11 530d M Sport Touring potential purchase

    Nice miles but seems a lot of money for a pretty basic spec car. Personally I couldn’t live with a beige interior but it is down to personal preferences.
  14. Estorilis

    Retrofit Bluetooth

    Hi There, I have a 2004 530d SE with the larger widescreen. I would like to have Bluetooth functionality. I am based in Hertfordshire. Does anyone know anyone who could retro fit this and would should I expect to pay? Many Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi There, I am trying to reduce the engine noise into the cabin. Has anyone considered adding additional foam insulation to the underside of the plastics engine cover?