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    BMW 525i E34 1989
  1. gilescooperuk

    E34 M5 YouTube Video With LivingLifeFast

    Didn’t own a car until I was 26 but still own it. Tiger Cat E1 now 20 years oldLink
  2. gilescooperuk

    Headlamps very poor

    I'd agree with that - I think it has got a lot worse since Peterborough replaced all the sodium street lights with LED units, when you drive out of the range of those then it is very sudden the loss of light. Going back on subject - I dropped into the local dealer this morning - and their computers were down. I don't expect them to have spares on the shelf but they could get me the correct part numbers to search against. I have also seen these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283654745482?ul_noapp=true Not exactly original looking but a reasonable price if they can be converted to RHD and it means if I take the originals out to refurb them then I don't risk having to rush because I need the car that evening. Giles
  3. gilescooperuk

    Headlamps very poor

    They do work and I just upgraded to Osram 130% or something brighter bulbs. looks like I need to pull them apart and see if the projector lens has a load of dirt on it. the bulbs are bright as I found when testing them last night so I guess it is the lens that is killing the output. you can get some replacements off eBay but they don’t looks that good it appears you can get need units from Europe but they aren’t any good for us being right hand drive...
  4. gilescooperuk

    Headlamps very poor

    Been a while since I was on here but now have a question. The headlamps on my e34 are to put it mildly pathetic, I recently changed jobs and instead of driving through the nicely lit Peterborough parkways now have to venture to the wilds of Lincolnshire. Where street lamps are few and far between.... I have put new bulbs in and still the light is best described as poor. Now I think you can open up the dipped beam assembly and clean the prism inside but these are 30 year old plastic parts and may bit a bit brittle, or I could buy a set of aftermarket lamps off eBay or similar but I and not sure how much better they would be. Suggestions? Thanks Giles
  5. gilescooperuk

    540i Front Caliper Guide Pin Thread Size

    I think most cars are M8, take one of the others off and check that. caliper guide pins are pretty standard across manufacturers
  6. gilescooperuk

    How Long Have You Owned Your E34?

    Well my brother bought it in 2002, I bought it off him in 2005. looking back it started with him on 130000 ish and has just today gone over the 200000 mark. mind you it is getting the cills done shortly - once I get my kit car back from being repaired twice in the same week (first time oil seals on the diff, now a snapped chassis rail from being over enthusiastic on a track....
  7. gilescooperuk

    Do many of you run 80s / 90s cars as regular drivers?

    I run an 89 525i as my daily driver, although it will be getting the sills done in a few weeks. if I am not using that then I will be driving my kit car (started building in 99 on the road 2000), the bmw has done 200k or will have by the end of the week, the Tiger has done 48k ish (the mileage display in the speedo has failed and needs a repair). I could replace them with newer cars but why? They still work, and have character. I had to go to Wakefield for work last week in a new Astra, and was bored the whole journey, it just drones on and on.
  8. gilescooperuk

    Parasitic drain on fuse 20

    Go for the most obvious one first, Park,tail, Underhood lights. Probably a drain from a short, more likely the underhood light (when was the last time it was used or checked...) i had a similar problem on my kit car, put the car in a dark garage, and found the rear lights were glowing dimly with the circuit off. Couldn’t see this in daylight or in the garage with the lights on. start pulling things until the drain stops and then work out what is wrong.
  9. gilescooperuk

    Rear wheel bearing question

    Ok strange one this, whilst replacing all the leaking fuel pipes on my car I found that the drivers side rear wheel can be rocked whilst in the air. Looking on the driveshaft side it rocks at the same level as the wheel. It is almost as if the stub axle is loose, but there doesn’t appear to be anything over than the main bolt holding it in. The bearing itself is silent and not a hint of roughness. Any ideas.
  10. gilescooperuk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Had a problem with the car being reluctant to start and a strong smell of petrol. decided to change the fuel filter and the hoses at the same time. When I jacked the car up petrol dripped onto the road. The picture are the main supply line from the pump to the filter. once it started it ran fine, although with the new pipes it is quieter and the throttle response seems better - wonder why.... 1989 vintage fuel pipes should not be trusted. Probably should do the front pipes next but they are dry and crack free at the moment. on another note should hit 200000 miles this afternoon.
  11. gilescooperuk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Finally can get in the drivers door as I fitted the replacement handle. It took a locksmith over a day to swap the barrels as they were so worn a lot of the barrel had to be rebuilt. only problem was the gasket in the trim plate disintegrated so it is currently missing whilst I wait for a new one to be delivered... should have ordered them earlier.
  12. gilescooperuk

    E34 Headlamp Cap wiring replacement

    If you can get the connector off, or break into the wire I would use heat shrink rather than insulation tape as it tends to make a better finish as far the gauge of wire goes you need something rated to 5amps min. A 1mm2 cable should be fine as it will take up to 7.5A or 84W of power i.e something like this http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/product.php/1020/8-75amp-1mm-sq-14-0-30
  13. gilescooperuk

    Drivers door handle

    I’ll try not to, but my car is older than some people I work with, and after 195300 miles some bits get rather worn out.
  14. gilescooperuk

    Drivers door handle

    Many thanks Dongiov gave Tim a call and there is one coming to me next week. i can stop having to open the back door to get in the drivers seat! many thanks giles
  15. gilescooperuk

    Drivers door handle