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  1. GStarrr

    My 1985 528i auto - 29k miles!!

    That is superb. Such amazing condition too. When I was in primary school in the early 80s one of my teachers had a lovely red e28 525i that looked like yours with a private reg LB55i as her name was Linda Barclay.
  2. GStarrr

    '89 535i £4,500

    Nice clean car but quite a lot of money! Same spec as my old one, which was an F reg in brilliant red with grey cloth trim.
  3. GStarrr

    Government to ban ICE by 2035 not 2040

    Hydrogen is of course the other option which has trickled into the bus industry in Scotland with reasonable success, First Aberdeen are awaiting the next batch of them. Although this time they are getting double deckers as opposed to the single deckers that both them and Stagecoach North Scotland got a few years ago. so the future might not be total electric. Plus what about some other fuel cell type that we haven’t even seen yet.........
  4. Coming back from Fort William today and saw a silver e39 Touring which had high viz type graphics all over it and it looked like it had rolled over on the north bound side of the A82 at Renton. It was in some state and ambulance was in attendance too. Hope if it was anyone on here that they are all ok? Odd place for an accident like that too, bone dry dual carriage way which is straight too and couldn’t see any other vehicles involved?
  5. Yes F30 is the saloon version. bmw diesels are good as long as they have 6 or 8 cylinders! But 4 pots are dull as dishwater.
  6. Looks nice. They really suit imola in sport trim,
  7. You can remap the 2.0 turbo from 180bhp to about 240 bhp I think very easily. My next door neighbour has an f30 320i x-drive m-sport auto. It’s a smart looking car and it sounds good as well. Don’t think you will be disappointed with one, that’s for sure. Also it will be way more responsive to drive compared to the horrid b47 2.0d engine
  8. And knackered air suspension too. It’s sitting on its arse on the back left.......
  9. GStarrr

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    What a cool upgrade with the lights. Look forward to seeing the end results Rob.
  10. GStarrr

    Anyone swapped an E39 M5 for a Golf Gti?

    I got a mk6 GTI last summer and absolutely love it. Recently had an APR stage 1 remap, and it has transformed it. It was already reasonably quick and torquey, but now it’s in a different league! 262bhp/312lbs/ft. In a relatively lightish car. So much fun. Also, still very good on fuel, solid little car. Mine has quite a lot of options too. I would imagine the current 7.5 versions are every bit as good if not slightly better with the 7spd dsg. As mine is the older 6spd dsg.
  11. GStarrr

    maintenance for the long term

    Off topic a bit here. The RON issue is an interesting one for petrol cars. Given that bmw and VAG sell lots of petrol cars in North America and their super unleaded is mostly around 91-93 PON (their method of octane rating) which roughly equates to our 95 Ron therefore using super unleaded here is a waste of time as these manufacturers do thousands of miles testing engines etc and normal 95 Ron here is more than suitable for most cars with the exception of high performance cars. As the octane rating is more than enough for these types of petrol engines. I tried using v power and Tesco super in my GTI for a while. But it made no tangible difference and actually the mpg was generally not as good compared to using 95. Yet the sticker on the inside of the fuel cap states to use super....... so went back to using 95 and even with a stage 1 remap that it has now. It positively flies
  12. GStarrr

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Good to see the M5 back resuming normal service Rob. Although not so good to have a break down on the way home. Hope you source a new relay with no probs.
  13. I would definitely have another one of those. Awesome cars.
  14. That is awesome. Seriously nice combo for an e34.
  15. Interesting that the 525i has xenon lights as well as the sunroof, but is very basic other than that. Does look a nice car though.
  16. I always thought that engine in an e60/61 would have been the perfect combination for the uk especially for people who did not want a diesel or a v8.
  17. GStarrr

    Hello, New owner of a E34 525IX Automatic AWD

    The king of the IX’s though is the Alpina B10 Allrad would love to own one of those even though they were never made in RHD I think? https://www.alpina-archive.com/?p=1590
  18. GStarrr

    Hello, New owner of a E34 525IX Automatic AWD

    It’s all wheel drive like an Audi Quattro and the 5 series IX was the precursor for the X5 coming out as bmw learned all the 4x4 stuff from the e34. Also there was an e30 IX too. Which is probably even rarer now.
  19. GStarrr

    Hello, New owner of a E34 525IX Automatic AWD

    I did and was very impressed with how competent it was, even with just regular tyres, i reckon with a set of those cross climate type tyres it would be even better. Sadly the young guy that bought mine from me burned the gearbox out in it by drifting it and I think it was scrapped thereafter. Such a waste of a nice and reasonably well spec’d IX Touring in calypso.
  20. GStarrr

    Hello, New owner of a E34 525IX Automatic AWD

    Nice ix! I wish I had kept my Touring one. Can’t be many red saloon ones left now I would have thought.
  21. The difference between a coach and a bus in the uk anyway is that a coach has no standing allowed whereas a bus does. That is the main classification difference from a dept of transport point of view.
  22. GStarrr

    Lower back pain - m-sport seats

    This has been an interesting topic! One of the reasons I didn’t keep my F11 M-Sport for a long time was due to the seats. Lower right leg pain on longer journeys and lower back ache as well. Never had an issue with seat comfort in any of my previous BMWs but I do think the pedals are too off set to the right. Got a mk6 Golf GTI now and the sports seats and the driving position is excellent in it. Have to also say the quality of the leather and general plastics in the GTI is superior to that found in the F11 so one could say I am not missing it
  23. Those melye hd bushes made my old 530d touring ride so much better with them fitted. Especially combined with an M5 rear arb and polybushes. Also had bilstein b8 shocks. Really nice set up.