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  1. GStarrr

    E34 530 manual Touring

    That looks worth saving. Nice colour too.
  2. That would have been some car back in the day! Looks like it’s been off the road for a good while though.
  3. That is a seriously nice e34 touring GLWS
  4. GStarrr

    E60 550i saloon - decent spec

    That looks nice as is! Those alloys really suit the e60 in se spec. I wouldn’t say no to that car.
  5. A bit pricey but nice colour and nicer spec than the silver one too. Nice car though
  6. ^^^ I had an N reg rare Mondeo 4x4 ghia x 5 dr hatch and never had any issues with it running different makes of tyres. I put quite a few miles on that car too carving a rut into the m80 lol commuting between shawlands and Stirling 5 to 6 days a week. Bloody awesome car grip wise and had adjustable dampers too as standard. 2.0l zetec was way underpowered for the weight of the car though.
  7. GStarrr

    Your retro Fords

    No it was personally imported by the owner of the XR8 as he moved back from SA or Oz to Scotland and because my dad’s friend had been involved with Ford for a long time and also support various rally teams too with escorts and Sierras, he knew them inside out. So he restored it back to being a useable rare classic car with original spec etc. He wasn’t a trader in any shape or form.
  8. GStarrr

    Your retro Fords

    Yip! My uncle had a red one back in the day, he had it on Merc 5 spoke alloys with low profile tyres. Need to see if my dad has a pic of it somewhere? It was an awesome car back then
  9. GStarrr

    Your retro Fords

    A friend of my dad’s who was a head Ford tech for many a year restored a Sierra xr8 a few years ago. It’s the only one I have seen. Think the car came from SA? It’s in Dumfries and Galloway somewhere now as a high day and dry day car. my dad had two Granada’s. An x reg 2.3l estate manual and 2.9i Ghia X auto 5 door hatch on an E plate. We also borrowed a family friend’s A reg 2.0l Sierra Estate to go to France in one year and I remember my dad thinking how fast it was and the novelty of a 5spd gearbox too as we had a N plate VW Camper with a 1600cc beetle engine and 4spd box. 60mph down hill with a big tail wind was an achievement in it
  10. GStarrr

    A sad end.

    There was an e39 528i touring like that near my office in Edinburgh which sat like that for about 5 years. Noticed it the other week, all fixed and back in use parked in another near by street! Lol so there might be hope for this one?
  11. GStarrr

    Nice looking 530i Sport saloon.

    Seems quite a sensible price given its condition. Paintwork is nice and shiny and no rust on view either.
  12. Yip they are in south street on the left hand side if you are heading west bound on south st.
  13. Mitchell Inglis are really good at accident repairs. When I had my old Topaz blue e39 sport a driver reversed into it while it was parked at my house. Thankfully they left all their details etc. I did a bit of research and requested that my car be repaired at Mitchell Inglis. So cannot fault their work. My car looked like new when I collected it from them. that must have been back in about 2009/ 2010 though
  14. GStarrr

    530d touring in beige!!

    Those wheels actually suit the car really well I think. If you could live with the colour, it looks a damn good 530d and last owner for 16 years too.
  15. GStarrr

    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    That’s awesome can’t believe that guy had 14 e39’s! What is he planning to do with them all? Looks like he had some nice ones in that fleet too.