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  1. Left rear air spring has gone on my F11 520d after only 55k miles and 5 and a bit years old. These newer BMW’s are certainly not made very well...... my previous e39 530d managed 160k before one of the air springs started a small leak. Bought a cheap ebay air spring which hopefully will do the job? Planning to change the car soon anyway.
  2. GStarrr

    Style 66s on my E34

    I used to have them on my old e34 TDS SE. I liked them on the E34, they had Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres on them and the grip was immense. It had a chip upgrade to so was about 180bhp. Bloody fun car to drive too.
  3. GStarrr

    Just got my bargain Imola red E39

    Nice e39 sport at mucho cheapness too I loved my topaz blue 525i sport, not fast but enough to be involving to drive I found.
  4. GStarrr

    FS: 2006 E53 X5 3.0d Sport - new service & MOT

    That is a nice x5 for not a lot of money. GLWS
  5. What happened to your touring Duncan?
  6. GStarrr

    530i Sport Touring - rear dampers

    I replaced the standard e39 se Sachs suspension with a Bilstein B8 set up on my old 530d and also updated the rear subframe bushes and fitted an M5 arb with polybushes and at the front had H&R springs with the B8s and the standard arb with polybushes. Also fitted the staggered style 66s and the car handled so much better with that set up. Not harsh or crashy. Just firm but compliant. It sat only about 10mm-15mm lower than OEM sport height
  7. That looks too good to scrap. Always liked the baby 6 e36 se saloons.
  8. GStarrr

    Goodbye and thank you

    I really like those new Renault’s. Pity they aren’t selling them here.
  9. GStarrr

    F20 120d sport issues?

    If it’s a 13 plate, it will definitely be an N47, but I am not sure what state of tune it might be? My understanding was that if it is badged 120d then it should be 184bhp same as it is in F30/F31, F10/F11s.
  10. GStarrr

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    It looks brilliant Rob! Well done on bringing it back to an awesome standard.
  11. GStarrr

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Its only on 53k at the min. But I reckon I might only keep the car for another year. Too many things about the F11 don’t make it as ‘good’ a car as it is portrayed to be........
  12. GStarrr

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Bugger, hope the rebuild isn’t going to be too hard on the wallet! I have an N47 in my F11. Does cause my some concern I have to say.........
  13. GStarrr

    Kit's E34 535i

    Looks brilliant with the new suspension. Has a really nice stance especially with 5e style 32s on it.
  14. That looks awesome Dan same colour as my old touring. Looking at the condition of these jap imports, makes me want another E39!
  15. 52k mile service and it passed its MOT yesterday with no advisories have to say changing the fuel filter was a pain in ass!