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  1. rickyclean

    New 31 Owner

    Spoke to the sales man I bought the car from and sent him pictures as well. He was very professional and replied immediately with an apology and said he had spoken to the workshop manager and they have confirmed that a replacement is covered under warranty. He also confirmed that my local dealer should be able to handle this under the warranty terms which would save me the journey. Yet to speak to Vines Gatwick, but will do so on Monday..
  2. rickyclean

    Looking to buy a G30 touring (G31)

    If you for ever and towing I'd go for either 525d which are as rare as hens teeth of a 530d with probably a bias to the 530d as you will towing something heavy. I had an F11 with the with the 4 pot twin turbo (525d) and it had very decent torque and grunt, the G31 it was based on the newer engine and offers even more grunt. The added benefit of having four wheel driven in the 530d would be a huge advantage I would assume. I have just bought a 520d G31 and It seems to have decent oomph, but I reckon it would not have the necessary torque and horse power to make for easy running whilst towing another car. If I had the budget I would have gone for a 530d myself...
  3. rickyclean

    USB download fail

    Many thanks Chaps, I'll try reformatting it to see if that works, if not a new stick shall be purchased.
  4. rickyclean

    USB download fail

    Afternoon Peeps, I my old F11 used a usb drive to play music and also download onto the hard drive. I attempt to do the same in the G31 this morning using both the USB port in the armrest and next to the wireless charger and it will play music for 3 or 4 track and then an error message saying "No USB device". When I unplug the USB and pug it back in, it finds the drive and then starts playing the track I was last listen to, to then stop and bring up the same error. When attempting to download onto the hard rive, this it gets to about 8% and then brings up an error message "Download fail, No USB device found".... repeat ad nauseam... I did notice that the SanDisc usb stick was quite hot, but it did work fine in my F11. The SanDisk is a USB3 so should be compatible, so any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance all! RC
  5. rickyclean

    I’m back in a 5!

    Congratulations on what looks like a very nice car indeed with a rather spectacular spec!
  6. rickyclean

    New 31 Owner

    Many thanks Matthew!
  7. rickyclean

    New 31 Owner

    Good tip! I’ll do that.
  8. rickyclean

    New 31 Owner

    Many thanks Boba! Yep both cars have the darker tints at the back. Spec wise the G31 is a 520d M Sport Pro with panoramic roof and Harman Kardon hifi upgrade. The interior in Dakota black leather with blue stitching. Apart from that it is all pretty standard. Two things I would have wanted were the memory seats (something I really loved about my old X5) and head up display. Apart from that the car has a very impressive standard spec.
  9. rickyclean

    New 31 Owner

    Thanks Gents, I must admit I am rather taken with this colour combo!
  10. rickyclean

    So it was bye bye to my F11...

    Thanks CP!
  11. rickyclean

    So it was bye bye to my F11...

    Thanks Boba! Fortunately I am good friends with a bodywork and wheel specialist so all the repairs were significantly less than they should be Service itself was £526..... all in it ended up costing just shy of £800, though I frustratingly had to buy a new front tyre as it has a bulge which was another £170..... so in the end just shy of £1,000...The new owner will have a nicely sorted car and I do hope they become a member of this forum!
  12. rickyclean

    New 31 Owner

    Morning all! After 4 years of F11 ownership, I picked up my new G31 520d M Sport Touring. It was interesting to be able to have a proper drive to the dealership in my old F11 (Sussex to Warwick and back) which really gave me a chance to appreciate the differences between the two cars. I must confess on my drive up I was wondering if I did the right thing, I just had the car serviced (the biggy) at Vines of Gatwick, had the alloys refurbished and the paint work tidied up (it needed doing for the hand over) and the F11 did not look or feel like a car that was 8 years old with nearly 120,000 miles under its belt. A steady cruise of 75 mph on the M25 and M40 lead to a 46.2 mpg. Serene and comfortable sprang to mind. After a very well organised swap with Rybrook (Richard and Paul were a pleasure to work with) I was on my way to Brighton to pick up my son from College and then home. Though it is evident the G31 is a significantly more modern machine to my old F11 it terms of looks, feel and tech, the same logical set up of the F11 was translated to the G31, so I felt immediately at home. So after a 180 miles trip back these are the immediate differences I noticed between the F11 and G31 The G31 feels lighter and more nimble The engine is noticeably quieter and less obtrusive on tick over. The engine is even quieter and dare I say it smoother in town/low speed driving conditions Motorway driving - I repeated my 75mph cruise on the way back and the car was utterly silent and had even less ambient noise than the F11 (less wind noise, tyre noise, engine etc.) The suspension feels stiffer and the ride felt harsher than the F11 MPG - this is was the most noticeable - I achieved 52.2 mpg on the motorway compared to the 46.2 in the F11 and after the stop start of Brighton and the drive home on country roads it settled on 47.9 mpg (where the F11 would be around 40mpg) - This though may change through time. The seats in the G31 are more comfortable The car feels lighter on its feet and seems quicker off the line than the F11 did (even though my old 525d had more torque and BHP). I am sure a mix of the G31 being lighter and a change in gearing is down to this, but it is very welcome. I loved my F11, I really questioned whether a G31 would feel that much better. First impression are that the G31 does feel a significant step forward. My wife to the car for a drive with me and our kids and I sat in the back. Even my wife (who normally does not really care about these things) said she felt totally at home, but the car just feels better and newer. She even asked me if if it was more powerful than the old one as it felt it. She was surprised when I said no it was actually less powerful by 20bhp.. However there it one thing I am not happy with. I noticed when sat in the back that the air vent horizontal slats were broken. they are flapping about independently (Is this a common fault). Richard at Rybrook has said he will be calling me on Monday to check everything is how it should be so I will mention this to him, but I doubt they will do anything about it and not sure where I stand on this (advice will be well received). Also the manuals pouch seems to be missing the infotainment manual as there is a big gap in the pouch, should there be an Infotainment manual in there? Anyway, so far so good bar these niggles, and I am mighty impressed with the G31 so far..
  13. Yesterday I went to drop off my F11 and pick up my G31 replacement. It was a nice long drive from Sussex to Warwick and during the drive I was beginning to wonder why I was changing (apart from the financials)... Such a lovely car and the auction house are going to get their hands on a rather sorted car, refurbished alloys, blemishes on the paint work (which needed to be dealt with to meet the hand over standards), machine polished and a full big service done on Monday..... If it is genuinely being bought by the auction house for £7,000, then it should fetch between £9,800 and £10,500 on the forecourt (so a very easy flip). The sales exec at Rybrook was very complimentary saying, its one of the cleanest 63 platers he's had though the dealership (though admittedly he could say that to make me feel good). Thing is, I had (as did my wife) grown rather attached to this car, it simply was an excellent all round car... I'll leave my first impressions on the G31 for the G31 page..... So it was goodbye to a faithful friend...
  14. rickyclean

    6WB retrofit to F10

    I have this on my F11. I bought the car used and therefor, I was not responsible for speccing it. Initially, I thought I preferred the traditional dial of my sisters F11, but over time I must admit I prefer the digital cockpit (no doubt I have just got used to them)... Would I spend £2,000 to replace the traditional dials with the digital ones? I must confess I would not as this seems a very step price to pay for something that will have limited baring on the cars performance or reliability. But this a choice lead by the heart and not the head, so if you will get more pleasure from the car having the digital dash and its as easy as it sounds then why the hell not... Either way, if yo do go ahead with this then do let us know how you get on.
  15. rickyclean

    F11 Again or move on to a G31?

    Thanks Boba and q96169we its great to get your perspectives. In answer to which version I am getting it a 67 plate (2017) with the B47 140KW (190PS/188HP). My 525d that is being replaced is the N47 160kW (218 HP) which seemed to offer an excellent blend of performance and MPG. I would have loved to get the G31 in 525d spec as that engine produces an impressive 170kW (231PS/228 HP) but they seem to be even rarer than my one. Curb weight on the G31 seems to be much improved at 1,655kg compared to the F11's 1,785kg which I am sure contributes to your driving impressions too.