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  1. bmwtransit

    Bloody nice courtesy car!!

    I was loaned an X2 last week from BMW. It has to be the worst BMW i've ever driven. A hard and very noisy ride, especially on the motorway and the interior was just so cheap and plastic. Dreadful car.
  2. bmwtransit

    Alexa on a 2019 530e

    Ah right! I never knew I had music included with Prime. I set it all up ages ago then messed about with it but when it started playing music I turned it off thinking I'd just bought an album I use my son's Spotify but it's a pain in the arse searching with the i-drive. I'll give it a go as the voice command would be a god send. Cheers mate!
  3. bmwtransit

    Alexa on a 2019 530e

    Can someone enlighten me to what exactly the Alexa app does?
  4. bmwtransit

    General (private) fleet advice required

    Trade the Golf for a manual Golf?
  5. bmwtransit

    It's Gone

    I didn't know this could be done. Were you at the 51% point on your PCP where you could VT or have you done this sooner?
  6. bmwtransit

    Gearbox oil change on 180k x5

    I had the oil changed on an E53 under warranty around 100k as it was suffering with the lurch issue and it solved the problem. I wouldn't have it changed unless you're having issues that are causing concern. There's tonnes of write ups on X5 forums regarding this and the general consensus is to leave well alone until you suspect there's something wrong.
  7. bmwtransit


    This may come across as a silly question, but I've never had a BMW before where I have to put Adblue in. When the time comes, is it just a case of filling it up to the brim or is it a set amount that has to go in? Also is there any specific spec that I should use?
  8. bmwtransit


    Thanks, Redex do 10L for £10. I'll go with that when the time comes. Is that because it's corrosive or because it stinks ?
  9. My 2019 520D is flashing up for an oil service in the next 900 miles. I've been shopping around all the local dealers and it's only a couple of quid difference. £200 for oil and £351 for oil and microfilter at my usual dealer. Which one do I actually need? The car's at 12,242 miles at the minute. I've no doubt whatsoever if I asked BMW they'd advise on the dearer one so I was wondering which service any of you guys had carried out at this stage. I'm presuming this is it's first service?
  10. bmwtransit

    Oil service/oil service & microfilter

    Yes, it's the first service and it's under manufacturer's warranty. I know I could go elsewhere and as long as genuine parts are used it wouldn't void the warranty, but for me I'd rather pay the extra and go to the dealers. Should anything go bang then the excuse or argument isn't there for them to try wriggle out of paying out. With my older cars in the past it has been indy all the way.
  11. bmwtransit

    Oil service/oil service & microfilter

    You're not kidding! It's a huge jump. I've read that other people have managed to haggle but I've not really got anything to throw at them. Just got to take it on the chin I suppose. Thankfully this will be the most expensive service item it will need before it goes back.
  12. bmwtransit

    Brown Cars

  13. bmwtransit

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    Hmm... I've only really nipped to the shops and back since seeing the update notification. Wishful thinking, but I wonder if it'll update on a long(ish) drive. Do you know if these are delivered through phone data or is there an in built SIM?
  14. bmwtransit

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    I have a 2019 model and a message popped up saying map update available. I went into the i-drive settings and highlighted the available update "BMW GB,IE 2020-1" but it didn't do anything. What am I doing wrong? You guys are mentioning USB sticks. How does all this work? Sorry for the daft questions, only I'm new to this kind of thing. Give me a TomTom any day
  15. bmwtransit

    BMW insured warranty

    Personally, for the sake of an extra £7 a month on the comprehensive choice I'd take out the emergency cover. On my X3 I had a quote from BMW and also enquired with the dealership (Lloyds,Colne) who did an identical cover which was significantly cheaper but any work had to be carried out at their dealership which wouldn't have been a problem but I don't know how that would work out if I had issues on a road trip far away. I didn't have to take any in the end as I part ex'd it for my current 520d before it expired.
  16. bmwtransit

    Digital dashboards!

    What model are you driving? I've recently purchased a 19 plate 520d and I've not found a setting to configure the display. It only changes for me when I put it in sport or eco mode or am I missing something?
  17. bmwtransit

    19 plate headlights

    I picked up a 19 plate G30 yesterday 520d with an m sport plus package. I had to take an early drive this morning down unlit country lanes and although the headlights are bright they don't seem to throw out very far in front. I had a struggle reading the road as in when the next bend was coming up. It felt bloody dangerous to be honest. Is there a setting somewhere to adjust them like in the old days when you could move them up and down?
  18. bmwtransit

    19 plate headlights

    This is the type of lights I have if anyone could identify. It's promising that there could be an adjustment if they're the same as Georgee's. I've no issue with the brightness. It's just the level they are at,they need lifting.
  19. bmwtransit

    19 plate headlights

    There's no headlamp wash....so I'm guessing they're LED?? I've been through the i drive and I can't find any adjustment settings whatsoever. Really not comfortable with these.
  20. bmwtransit

    19 plate headlights

    I haven't a clue to be honest Is there a way I can tell?
  21. bmwtransit

    Tyres on a PCP car

    I'm currently driving an X3 on a PCP deal from the main dealer which I intend to hand back in approximately 12 months. Unfortunately it's time to change the tyres on the rear and I'm looking at around £270 each for the Pirelli P Zero run flats that are currently fitted which I really don't want to have to pay out for if I'm giving it back (only do about 5k per year) Do I have to replace like for like on tyres with it being "their" car?
  22. bmwtransit

    Tyres on a PCP car

    I'll have to dig out the T's and C's and check. The car was from BMW main dealer and I might be being petty here but I don't want to add value to a car with expensive matching tyres that they are going to eventually sell on their forecourt if I can avoid it.
  23. bmwtransit

    Pretty hot new members!!!

    I sent one of them money for a flight. I'm off to pick her up from the airport later. I can't wait!
  24. bmwtransit

    Home lift

    If you don't qualify for the grant they may be able to recommend reputable companies that won't give you the hard sell : https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/social-care-and-support-guide/care-services-equipment-and-care-homes/home-adaptations/
  25. bmwtransit

    Top gear mk3

    He was probably approached (or even himself begged) to return to Top Gear as some way of biting back at Jezza because of Will's recent "outrage" at JC for his comment on The Grand Tour which fell flat on it's face hence why he was over the top.Plus the BBC will be making up for their own self disgust at the piece in the last episode where they drove to the Sultan of Brunei's garden gate.Double Whammy! https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/30/will-young-trolled-grand-tour-fans-attack-jeremy-clarksons-homophobic-joke-pipe-snowflake-8413777/

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