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  1. 5SPORT

    Rear Spring Snapped

    My indy doing the work Never take it to those thieving barstewards!
  2. 5SPORT

    Rear Spring Snapped

    Not doing the work myself so don't know how hard they are to replace and will find out tomorrow if its a back seats out job etc...Also, the spring ends fit into a unit on the shock which is part of dynamic drive/stability thingy I guess. Not pleased that aftermarket ones were not readily available but at £130 each from a dealer, I took the hit.
  3. 5SPORT

    Rear Spring Snapped

    Ordered from Sytners in Coventry at £266.01 for the pair.
  4. 5SPORT

    Rear Spring Snapped

    Apologies for posting in the 5 section but its because there's always a good response Basically on my 7 the right rear spring has snapped and from looking at realoem it appears that there is no separate spring part listed: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=KM82-EUR-07-2011-F01-BMW-740d&diagId=33_1458#37126796928 From looking around, there is a Eibach Pro Kit available: https://www.autodoc.co.uk/eibach/7518566 But i'm not sure if these are lower than OEM. My car is a 740d M sport 2011 I reckon they'll be okay but would welcome any suggestions/alternatives if found?
  5. 5SPORT

    OEM Makers

    Hi all, I will be purchasing a new MAP sensor (part 13627804742) in the near future as have been getting intermittent errors every few months or so which causes the car to loose turbo power until i restart but on having a look around on the web there are quite a few manufacturers of the MAP sensor ranging from and NGK one at circa £25 to a Vemo one at circa £75. Would anyone be able to confirm if the cheaper ones are as good as?? TIA
  6. 5SPORT

    LL04 for £3 per litre.

    Haha...Will be using it to service the 7 series, my dad's 5 and the wife's Golf so yeah it will all be used within the next 6 months
  7. 5SPORT

    LL04 for £3 per litre.

    It was the deal maker!! LOL
  8. 5SPORT

    LL04 for £3 per litre.

    Indeed, 4 tablets
  9. 5SPORT

    LL04 for £3 per litre.

    Got 25 litres of the Fuchs for £79 in the end
  10. 5SPORT

    LL04 for £3 per litre.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-LL-04-Engine-Oil-Fuchs-Titan-Flex-23-5W30-5L-5L-SCREEN-WASH-TAB/322897790291 Better imo ^
  11. 5SPORT

    Brake prices - why so varied?

    Textar discs and pads for me, car does not like any other brands
  12. 5SPORT

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Sorry to hijack this thread but does anybody know of a tried and trusted place to get my Autobox serviced in Coventry? Had it done the first time by Auto Transmissions in Preston which tied in nicely with going to Old Trafford for the match. Unfortunately going to Old Trafford is currently not an option due to work commitments so can't get up there too often if at all. Not sure if that's a bad thing at the moment
  13. Are the codes you're getting obtained using DIS as I'm sure there is a smooth running test that can be done. Not sure if it would get to the point of starting but it may give you pointers as to where to start looking fwiw
  14. Then the next 2 cheapest parts to replace would be as what Stew99 has suggested imo.
  15. Car will start if glow plug controller is dead. As it gets colder then it may struggle a bit but it would not be the source of the overall problem. It's certainly a weird one given that you had it running for 10 mins before and then it died. Sounds like a fueling problem but I'm no expert I'm afraid. As an idea...Can you hear it running with just the ignition on, if so how long for?