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  1. 5SPORT

    Back in the 5!!

    Well, my son is but the car is my old 530d My dad had it for the last 3-4 years and only did 3-4k in it and very kindly, gave it to his grandson Currently at 161k and drives nice and tight... There are a couple of things i want to do: 1. EGR valve and cooler delete. The vacum pipe was detached and plugged many years ago and it was mapped out but i've since removed all the pipework and valve on the 740d i want to do the same to the M57. Any links to known good quality kits would be appreciated. 2. Car shakes upon shutdown...I'm thinking it's the shudder valve but it moves smoothly when pushed by hand. Need to get DIS up and running again and see if i can test as been using ISTA the last few years. 3. Crackcase pulley - No issues but never been changed either 161k - Should i leave or change? Forgot just how nice the M57 engine is
  2. 5SPORT

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Not checked mine for a while either but have left the front cover off and cleaned out the blocked drainage hole at the time. One new/used Active Steering module and 3 months later, no issues at all
  3. So a new touch screen type one needed then, thanks for confirming.
  4. Quick question, are you able to download and install other apps via Google play and / or directly via .apk files?
  5. 5SPORT

    Discs keep warping

    Check the rear calipers...I had steering wheel vibration too and it turned out be my near side rear caliper that was sticking.
  6. 5SPORT

    Discs keep warping

    Had exactly the same issue as reported by the OP... Serviced all 4 calipers using ATE seals and new pistons after I found out that the Left rear caliper was sticking. New pads and discs on rears too and it's been fine since. Do check front suspension bushes too
  7. 5SPORT

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    Nah! 740d with twin turbos for me
  8. 5SPORT

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    On my F01 there is a drainage hole at the 5 o'clock position when peering down through the engine bay looking at the grommet and once unblocked the water comes out of the same drain that is located behind the nearside front wheel arch liner. I'd previously ripped out all of those rubbers from behind the arches but it was the actual drainage hole being blocked in the little grommet compartment that buggered me up. I've cut out a nice big rectangle from the engine bay cover as can't risk it happening again and blowing the AL module.
  9. 5SPORT

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Good to hear that leaving the panel off has no adverse effects in terms of heat from the engine etc. Having said, the heat would help keep the piece of shit LOL. I'm just waiting for my used Active Steering module to arrive from Sweden before getting the car back together...
  10. Stick a claim in with Paypal or your credit card provider, worth getting that ball rolling in my opinion.
  11. 5SPORT

    Active Steering Module is 'FUBAR'

    Managed to source a used one with part number 32436796392 from Germany...
  12. Apologies for posting in the 5 section as well as the 7 but it's just that I know the people here are very quick to respond and mine is an 'F' series too albeit a soaked right through one So the part that has blown as a result of my water leak issues is the AS (Active steering) module, part numbers below: 32416854031 32436796392 Does anybody know if i can replace with a used one providing the part numbers match? And what / if any coding would be required other than going through the ISTA workplan once I've managed to find a replacement? Can't find any used ones on the web at the moment
  13. So the part that has blown as a result of my water leak issues is the AS (Active steering) module, part number below: 32416854031 32436793364 Does anybody know if i can replace with a used one providing the part numbers match? And what / if any coding would be required. I have ISTA and E-Sys with Enet cable but not sure if possible
  14. 5SPORT

    Timing chain repair/replacement cost

    http://prestige-german-engines.co.uk ^They have some rough price guides and is where I'll be taking mine when it breaks
  15. 5SPORT

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Wanted to upload a video of a water test with panel removed but can't as have gone over the 99mb limit