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  1. 5SPORT

    Retro Fitting Paddle Shifters

    Well, in the end i bought a soldering iron and soldered the extra wires required (brown and blue/white) from within the loom. Now LDW has been successfully moved from my old wheel to the new one with paddles.
  2. 5SPORT

    Cooling fan not working.

    Would be worth getting the codes read then. Hopefully might give a clue as to where to look next. Plus as Clavurion says it'll allow you to specifically test the fans operation.
  3. 5SPORT

    Cooling fan not working.

    Could be low on 'gas'?
  4. At least it'll be cheaper to repair than a busted chain
  5. Might be worth giving these guys a call...I've never used them thankfully but if i did ever experience a timing chain issue then I'd probably go to these guys first: http://prestige-german-engines.co.uk/about-us/
  6. It's not (dare i say it) timing chain is it...I'm no expert though, just thinking out loud
  7. 5SPORT

    Retro Fitting Paddle Shifters

    Ok, so i bit the bullet and purchased a steering wheel with paddles but without Lane Departure Warning thinking i would be able to swap the vibration motor over along with the steering wheel module... Well, the paddle shifts work fine and swapping the vibration motor and module look straight forward however, I've now discovered that there are 2 extra wires that i need to feed to power the set up....From reading threads on other forums i might be able to get a live and ground feed from the 4 non used ports on the airbag connector that plugs into the SZL (steering column). What i don't know is which pins i could use (depending on if they were actually connected behind the steering wheel column? I hope the above makes sense.
  8. 5SPORT

    Disconnecting Airbag

    Ha, yeah but I've always found you boys more responsive (no disrespect to the F01 tribe) hence why i posted here...Anyway I managed to get the clip off in the end by undoing the tape around the block and pushing in the little nib. It's always the easy things i find difficult. Steering wheel replaced with paddle shift wheel, all coded and working. Just gotta move my LDW over now :-/
  9. 5SPORT

    Disconnecting Airbag

    Hi all, I'm struggling to get the airbag disconnected from my steering wheel...I've managed to get the large clip off that connects into the SZL but have run my fingers raw trying to get the little plug off to the left with the yellow wire disconnected Anybody with prior experience in disconnecting this?
  10. 5SPORT

    EGR delete/remap

    Just to update and help....I've since removed the EGR Valve and Cooler completely. DPF is still in and regenerating fine.
  11. 5SPORT

    Quick question

    Steering wheel purchased...It a 2011 F10 one so the same year as my F01. Hopefully things will go well, as i'v already coded the paddles as 'aktiv' within the SZL module (3000)
  12. 5SPORT

    Quick question

    Any ideas/thoughts people...Looks like I might just have to take the risk and buy one and see...
  13. 5SPORT

    Quick question

    I'm looking to buy an M Sport steering wheel with paddle shifts as part of my next mod however, I've got lane departure warning on mine and the wheel vibrates...Would it be a simple straight swap out if i were to buy a wheel without the vibration motor and simply swap from the original wheel into the new one? Thanks
  14. 5SPORT

    Automatic gearbox issues

    They're they guys used in the Car SOS program i believe.
  15. Hi all, I keep getting this below error within the KOMBI module which is worrying me, a little: Instrument Cluster display inoperative FC B7F689. The Instrument Cluster (Kombi) is intermittently inoperative with fault code B7F689 "display backlighting and graphics PCB switched off" The cluster itself is fine and I've noticed no issues and the self test performs fine. Could this be a taste of things to come