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  1. 5SPORT

    2006 525D egr delete. Advice required.

    Personally speaking i would get rid of the whole EGR valve and cooler, remove the swirl flaps (if your 2.5 has them) and get the engine intake valves walnut blasted (£350). You'll end up with a smoother running engine as a result with better MPG. Coding may be required if it throws an EML after the EGR is removed. Did all of the above on my N57 engine and well worth it imo as don't have to worry about EGR cooler leaks any more, have better access to change the glow plug module (for when it conks out in the future) and access to the water pump and front pulleys is a lot easier (for when they conk out in the future) Its all about planning ahead
  2. 5SPORT

    EGR Blank

    Ok so in case anybody else asks the same question in the future...The cylinder head end of the connection does not require blanking off as that would have already been done when the EGR cooler was removed and blanked off (right hand side end of the cooler when standing in front of the engine).
  3. 5SPORT

    EGR Blank

    So this link is the one that shows the manifold blank but the pipe that is removed...The other end of it is what connects to the cylinder block for which there is no blank. Surely you would blank of the hole just under the inlet ports on the cylinder head? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-N57-EGR-VALVE-EGR-COOLER-DELETE-KIT-COMPLETE-REMOVAL-SEE-DESCRIPTION-/264183148198 and it's pipe No.6 in the below link with it's No.7 connection end that i'm talking about https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=KM82-EUR-07-2011-F01-BMW-740d&diagId=11_4259#11617807481
  4. 5SPORT

    EGR Blank

    Hi all, So on my N57 2011 engine I've completely removed the EGR valve and cooler but as part of the kit I bought it did not cater for the removal of the pipe that is connected between the inlet manifold and cylinder head so I left that in place. I've since seen a blanking plate on egay that can be fitted to the inlet manifold side and I asked the seller if they provide a blank that fits the cylinder head side only to be told that that side can be left open. I'm not sure if that is true? Hope the above makes sense.
  5. 5SPORT

    Pictures of my new pride and joy

    Very tidy
  6. 5SPORT

    How to remove this pipe

    All done today and the car feels smoother, throttle response improved but most noticeable is when the car is coasting...It just keeps going lol.
  7. Misterauto Carparts4less Autodoc All worth a visit for a price comparison.
  8. 5SPORT

    How to remove this pipe

    £350 all in for just the Walnut blast which includes new manifold gaskets plus another £50 for the swirl flap delete which includes the 'bung' that fits into the end of the manifold on the N57 engine. The bung itself I've seen on Ebay for around £20 but seeing as the manifold will all be off and they're cleaning it, I thought i might aswell.
  9. 5SPORT

    How to remove this pipe

    Complete change of plan now as have decided to get the engine walnut blasted and am booked in this weekend. Swirl flaps deleted and manifold clean to be carried out at the same. Will report back on improvements...
  10. 5SPORT

    How to remove this pipe

    Ok from searching other forums it looks as though it pulls straight out: https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1360471
  11. 5SPORT

    Car randomly dies when driving

    Take the engine cover off and have a good close look at all of the visible wiring across the top of the engine. You may find one that has worn away after constant chaffing etc
  12. In the link below: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=KM82-EUR-07-2011-F01-BMW-740d&diagId=11_4259 I would like to remove the pipe at the No.7 end with the o-ring so that I can disconnect the whole pipe to clean the other side which is connected to the intake manifold with 2 torx screws. However having had a look yesterday I'm unsure how to disconnect it as it goes directly into the engine block? TIA
  13. 5SPORT

    Front suspension wear

    All round
  14. 5SPORT

    Front suspension wear

    New tyres sorted the wobble for me. I'm running khumos too.
  15. 5SPORT

    Error Code

    Checked with ISTA yesterday and the error hasn't come back so all good (for now) after cleaning it.