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  1. 5SPORT

    How to remove this pipe

    Ok from searching other forums it looks as though it pulls straight out: https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1360471
  2. 5SPORT

    Car randomly dies when driving

    Take the engine cover off and have a good close look at all of the visible wiring across the top of the engine. You may find one that has worn away after constant chaffing etc
  3. In the link below: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=KM82-EUR-07-2011-F01-BMW-740d&diagId=11_4259 I would like to remove the pipe at the No.7 end with the o-ring so that I can disconnect the whole pipe to clean the other side which is connected to the intake manifold with 2 torx screws. However having had a look yesterday I'm unsure how to disconnect it as it goes directly into the engine block? TIA
  4. 5SPORT

    Front suspension wear

    All round
  5. 5SPORT

    Front suspension wear

    New tyres sorted the wobble for me. I'm running khumos too.
  6. 5SPORT

    Error Code

    Checked with ISTA yesterday and the error hasn't come back so all good (for now) after cleaning it.
  7. 5SPORT

    Error Code

    Shit!, so sorry the only thing I disconnected was the Air Intake Temp Sensor which is No.15 in the below link https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=KM82-EUR-07-2011-F01-BMW-740d&diagId=11_4433#13627792203 I've never disconnect the MAP sensor
  8. 5SPORT

    Error Code

    Have never disconnected it...But, I did clean it today using some electrical contact cleaner. Cleared the code and have driven to work tonight so will check over the weekend if it did the trick.
  9. 5SPORT

    Error Code

    I have the following error in ISTA which keeps coming back after i delete it but each time i work through the diagnosis program it says it can be ignored and deleted. Just wondering if anybody has come across the same code on their N57 engine and what the hell does the below fault description mean to a non techie? "246B00 - Charge-air pressure sensor, signal plausibility with ambient - pressure sensor at idle" Fault Description - Plausibility check of charging pressure with ambient pressure. The fault is detected if the difference between the charging pressure and the ambient pressure exceeds a limit value Limit value: 300 mbar The only thing i did recently was disconnect it whilst changing the glow plug controller.
  10. 5SPORT

    Car randomly dies when driving

    Ahh should have read the OP again as thought it was a diesel...My experience with BMW petrol engines in the past never threw up an EML light and the car ran fine in between random stalls etc fwiw
  11. 5SPORT

    Car randomly dies when driving

    Camshaft sensor maybe although not sure if diesels have them??
  12. 5SPORT

    Couple of questions

    Ended up completely removing the EGR valve and cooler in the end after purchasing a removal kit for the N57 engine.
  13. 5SPORT

    Retro Fitting Paddle Shifters

    Well, in the end i bought a soldering iron and soldered the extra wires required (brown and blue/white) from within the loom. Now LDW has been successfully moved from my old wheel to the new one with paddles.
  14. 5SPORT

    Cooling fan not working.

    Would be worth getting the codes read then. Hopefully might give a clue as to where to look next. Plus as Clavurion says it'll allow you to specifically test the fans operation.
  15. 5SPORT

    Cooling fan not working.

    Could be low on 'gas'?