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  1. rob-the-viking

    BMW TIS online

    Found this link on a lesser forum and thought it might be of use to people here. The interface is pretty basic, but it does the trick. Apologies if it's a repost! I'll sticky it somewhere if there is enough interest.
  2. rob-the-viking

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Bloody hell Richard, you don't mess about mate do you!!! There aren't enough adjectives to describe the level of detail......
  3. rob-the-viking

    Mk4 repair

    High OBC is easy, but you need to find a decent set of clocks. Auto/manual doesn't matter as that's down to coding. Petrol/diesel is all you need to worry about. The wiring changes take an hour or so, pretty simple. I think the kit was 70 quid and the clocks I got for about fifty quid. This was a good few years ago mind!
  4. rob-the-viking

    How to guides and useful information

    I am in the process of rebuilding the how to guides into one thread that is stickied to the top of the forum. If there is something you think should be in here, please PM me. Owners manuals - Thanks to Sepia for these! 2000 E39 2001 E39 2002 E39 2003 E39 2000 E39 M5 2001 E39 M5 2003 E39 M5 On board computer, radio and phone manuals OBC with MID and CD Changer manual OBC with 16:9 screen Bluetoth ULF manual Another Bluetooth manual Official BMW E39 retrofit guides PDC front and rear.pdf Rear PDC.pdf E39 MID retrofit.pdf E39 High OBC Retrofit.pdf E39 Reversing Camera.pdf E39 Sat Nav Retrofit.pdf E39 Touring Sat Nav Retrofit.pdf Cruise & MFSW retrofit.pdf Hands free retrofit.pdf Headlight Washers.pdf Illuminated Gearshift.pdf Manual Rear Sunblind.pdf Rear Power Supply.pdf Seat Ventilation System.pdf Sound Module.pdf Touring Luggage Partition.pdf Touring Subwoofer Retrofit.pdf E39 Seat Heating V1.pdf E39 Seat Heating V2.pdf How to guides by forum members E39 Electric Memory Seat retrofit - By Raymond E39 Electric steering columm retrofit - By Raymond How to fit an LPG kit to your V8 E39 - By V8Warrior How to fit an LSD to your E39- By V8Warrior How to fit a big brake kit to your E39- By V8Warrior too! Crankshaft Position Sensor BMW E39.pdf - Thanks to Paulo for this one How to fit a 12v socket in your boot (to keep your beer cool!) By Liam79 Door seal replacement by frankc How to fix your clinking seat By Liam79 How to retrofit E39 OEM heated seat mats to your existing seats By Liam79 CPS replacement by crosslwired Other useful info How to reset service and brake fluid change lights - Thanks to DavidW53 for reminding me of this! Other useful information BMW online parts catalogs http://www.realoem.com http://www.bmwfans.info BMW Technical Information System (TIS) online http://tis.spaghetticoder.org/ BMW Wiring diagrams (WDS) online http://spaghetticoder.org/bmw/wds/
  5. rob-the-viking

    Hi all.

    Welcome mate.
  6. rob-the-viking

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Surely you are a few years late to the Party Dennis??
  7. rob-the-viking

    For Sale, E34 M5 x 3

    Sad to hear you're moveing them on Keith, but glad to see you're still about and probably raising hell.....
  8. rob-the-viking


    Evening all.... It's taken time, but Sandip has hooked us all up again, we other mods would love to claim credit, but he's sorted this all out pretty much solo. Good effort mate, much appriciated!
  9. rob-the-viking

    In memory of Donut

    Very well said Kevin.
  10. rob-the-viking

    'Old' cars that still look fresh

    E31 For me too, they've aged very well.
  11. rob-the-viking

    Mareham April 16

    Beat me to it Andy. Bugger Clem, sorry mate. Well be back in September....
  12. rob-the-viking

    Is the forum back?

    It's back mate, we're working on the issue....
  13. rob-the-viking

    Where did the Website spend the Bank Hoiday Weekend?

    Skegvegas I think.... We don't know in all honesty boys, we're still trying to sort things. It may disappear again, if it does, bear with us!
  14. rob-the-viking

    MAC compatibility

    I run mine through virtual box, win XP machine and it runs all my BMW and VAG software quite happily.
  15. rob-the-viking

    Mareham April 16

    Sorry boys, we had to postpone the event, we need the airfield for other things. We hope to return later in the year.
  16. rob-the-viking

    new guy on the track

    Welcome to our little corner of t'internet mate.
  17. rob-the-viking

    Alpine audio retrofit

    Nice work mate, your retrofitting knows no bounds......
  18. rob-the-viking

    RIP Donut

    A great idea Keith. Give it a few days to let the dust settle and we'll put something into motion.
  19. rob-the-viking

    RIP Donut

    What the actual fu*k??? Rest in peace big man. Gutted. :'(
  20. rob-the-viking

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Most would have walked away Ja, well played mate.
  21. rob-the-viking

    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    I enjoy the fact that it's got an efficient dynamics thing advising you how to eek out your economy... It should just pop up saying "Should have bought the diesel!"
  22. rob-the-viking

    Auto to Manual conversion

    Get in, well done mate and nice one to everyone that contributed on the thread, and The End for flashing the sh1t out of your DME!
  23. rob-the-viking

    My E26!

    That's a red rag to a bull, I do hope they've not been putting miles on her Richard.....
  24. rob-the-viking

    Auto to Manual conversion

    Is thta you completed now mate or have you still got to reflash the DME?