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  1. Hi there, Could you please let me know the price for passenger side rear air strut for my 2013 f01 730d. Reg no is 7 SXF. Thanks Lewis
  2. 528i-FAN

    Price for road spring please.

    Hi there, could you give me a price please for a front spring for my 2013 730dse. registration no is 7 SXF. Thanks.
  3. 528i-FAN

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    Lovely 528, congratulations!
  4. 528i-FAN

    E28 M5 Wheels Wanted

    They were 390's
  5. 528i-FAN

    E28 M5 Wheels Wanted

    Yeh it was about 2011 I bought them.
  6. 528i-FAN

    E28 M5 Wheels Wanted

    No, there Michelin TRX GT's.
  7. 528i-FAN

    E28 M5 Wheels Wanted

    I paid up a lot of money for a set of 4 brand new 240/415 metric Trx GT's for my 635 highline a few years back and I have to say they were as good as any tyre I've had on a car, metric or otherwise in wet or dry conditions. Part of the problem is there so expensive people keep them on cars for years. Any ancient tyre will be rubbish.
  8. 528i-FAN

    E28 M5 Wheels Wanted

    In BMW Museum.
  9. 528i-FAN

    The price of originality!

    Rear window done this afternoon, quite happy with the results.
  10. 528i-FAN

    10 E28 528i's since 1993.

    That's great, thanks for sharing. Here's me with slightly overheated tyres
  11. 528i-FAN

    10 E28 528i's since 1993.

    The first and the last, I've always loved Saphire blue after seeing it on a 635 in the mid eighties. And The one I have now, Henna red with black leather and manual box with TRX wheels is just gorgeous. The silver one with the Alpina alloys etc was the best driver, felt a lot faster Than standard, even did a couple of track days with it.
  12. 528i-FAN

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    There great! Nice work.
  13. 528i-FAN

    1980s car stereos

    Fitted from new.
  14. 528i-FAN

    The price of originality!

    Will do, hoping there not too difficult to fit. Should get to it next week. Lewis.
  15. 528i-FAN

    The price of originality!