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  1. ///MrSingh

    ///MrSingh's E60 535d M Sport

    02 December 2013 Mileage: 113,240 Time for the iDrive indicated oil change and vehicle inspection. I have the oil changed every 10k or so as the iDrive suggests an interval of 19-20k which I think is too long between changes. Because this was the 3rd "official" oil change and it had been around 60k since the last diesel filter change, this was done too. Vehicle check didn't flag anything at all and the car was given a clean bill of health Again this was all done by http://www.darren-wood.com
  2. ///MrSingh

    ///MrSingh's E60 535d M Sport

    19 November 2013 With the cold weather on its way it was time to swap to the winter wheels and tyres. Used these over 2 winters now and the tyres are still like new, hopefully will be able to get another couple of winters out of them. Before and after (yes, I changed them over in the dark ):
  3. ///MrSingh

    ///MrSingh's E60 535d M Sport

    01 November 2013 Not a very exciting post, however I was on the way to London and caught up in some heavy traffic for a lot of the way so decided to see what I could achieve economy wise. Couldn't quite believe it but I hit 50mpg (the computer has been adjusted after doing the calculations manually, so is pretty accurate!). Not bad for a twin turbo 3 litre
  4. ///MrSingh

    ///MrSingh's E60 535d M Sport

    20 September 2013 Time for new boots on the front, the alignment being out meant the shoulders were badly worn. Looked into getting Falken FK452s again, however they had been discontinued and replaced with the newer FK453. When pricing them up the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 was coming up for a few quid more than the Falkens, yet the performance stats were miles better. No brainer really, so 2 Goodyears were ordered and duly fitted. Worn shoulder on the FK452: New Goodyears: Being fitted:
  5. ///MrSingh

    E60 2007 (LCI?) Headlights

    Hi CJP, Those inner lights are for the cornering lights. Have a look under the iDrive Lighting menu, and there will be an option for it. When the box is ticked, and your lights are on auto with the dipped beams on (i.e. at night), when you indicate left/right the same side inner bulb will light up too and illuminate the road a bit better to that side. The reflector is designed to re-direct the light a bit more extremely to the side. They also light up if you drive with a bit of 'spirit' and take a bend or 2 a bit quickly
  6. ///MrSingh

    Cornering Light Failure

    Just to throw a spanner in the works, it might not be the cornering lights. When I did the retrofit from pre-LCI adaptive xenons to LCI adaptive xenons, the modules that sit on the bottom of the headlight and control the 'swivel' of the lights would not play ball. The error on the iDrive was 'Cornering Lights Failure', even though the actual cornering lights were working (the inner parts of the headlight). The error wouldn't come up immediately, it would be say 30 seconds or so after starting the car. For the retrofit I solved it by getting 2 new adaptive light modules and coding them, error gone. But as yours is factory fit it may not be that simple...
  7. ///MrSingh

    Newb from south Manchester

    Hi Dave, Nice motor, pretty sure I've seen it down at Darren Wood's a couple of times?
  8. ///MrSingh

    ///MrSingh's E60 535d M Sport

    It was £50 including all adjustments
  9. ///MrSingh

    ///MrSingh's E60 535d M Sport

    06 July 2013 I noticed that the front O/S tyre wearing on the outer shoulder again. Had this before a few years ago and it turned out the alignment wasn't exactly tip top I was down in London over the weekend and had heard good things about the alignment service at Hounslow Tyres. So popped over and got them to do a full alignment: I thought it was going to be bad as I haven't had it done for around 3 years now, but didn't realise it would be quite like this Anyway, the guy got to work to sort it all out. I watched him do the adjustments and it was all done live so you could instantly see on the computer what the measurements were (updated every second or so). And here are the results: The steering seems marginally lighter and the car itself felt a lot more stable at higher speeds when coming back on the motorway. Having seen the results I reckon I will try and get this done every year or so from now on...
  10. ///MrSingh


    Correct - I think the foglight bulbs are also 35W H8 these days?
  11. ///MrSingh


    Yep, I have the LCI xenons and the angels are powered by a H8 bulb...
  12. Well done Scott, some good work done on this Really impressed with that leather restoration!! Have you considered piano black trim? Reckon it would look really smart against the champagne
  13. ///MrSingh

    ///MrSingh's E60 535d M Sport

    Will bear that in mind if I need another one in the future
  14. ///MrSingh

    E61 550i in Stockport

    Spotted a grey E61 550i Touring heading into Williams Stockport today, sounded rather fruity even at low speed!
  15. ///MrSingh

    ///MrSingh's E60 535d M Sport

    22 June 2013 My Dad has a 1 series coupe and the rear number plate lights are LEDs (from factory) which make the back end look a lot nicer. I fancied a similar look so had a look on ebay for something suitable. I'd seen some cars on the road with ridiculously bright ones which I'm not a fan of - I wanted to keep a similar brightness, but effectively make the light whiter. Found some with built in resistors so the check control wouldn't throw a wobbler (though the errors could be coded out if the car didn't like them...). So here's a comparison between the OEM bulb on the left and the LED on the right (if it wasn't that obvious ): As the days are really long at the moment I had to wait a while before getting a night time pic, but here we go. They look very bright in the pics, but in reality they are just right, exactly what I was after