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  1. I use Google chrome.. a lot! Checked and I do have the x64 bit. Went for another 4gb, so have total 8GB RAM at the moment. Can't say I've felt a major difference...
  2. Ha, feel to restricted with Apple products and it's the same with iphones and their laptops, otherwise I like the quality and look of apple products, but just feel I'd be locked and would end up getting fed-up or bored of the products. It was Crucial I had a quick look on this morning, they seem to have the best prices and good quality, used them many years ago for memory without any issues. Agree with the SSD, I have changed to Samsung Evo SSD 2 months ago and it made a huge difference.
  3. I'd say yes, the programs I'm using seem to tax the system, especially when I need few of them open simultaneously. Use alot of accountancy software, Sage, payroll software etc. Then on top of that I find chrome eats up a lot of speed/memory and most times I'll also be running youtube in background...
  4. Have an office computer here (Dell Optiplex 3020 - with Intel i3-4150 CPU @ 3.50GHz with 4 Gb RAM). I've been looking around online for Memory/Ram upgrades, but unsure how much RAM i can add to the standard 4gb already installed? I can go ahead and buy the maximum possible (32GB) and beef it out, but I don't think it's easy as that is it? Probably overkill, and would need other things upgraded/cooling? Is a 4GB/8GB addition to the existing 4gb installed a safe upgrade without worrying about cooling and other issues, or worst nightmare the computer catching fire or breaking down on me?
  5. How much bigger does the 8 series look compared to a 6 series? Glad I'm not the only one that thinks the rear end on it looks a mess. When I saw the first release pics of it, said it looked like too much is going on on the back bumper...
  6. Will try Outlook one too, once I've spared some memory on phone. Really like the Note 5, just seems to do everything new phones do. I've got a Luphie cover on it and feels bit more of a beast and perfect weight. Only downfall is as above the memory, and it not being expandable.
  7. Thanks guys. I have started to use the android calendar that's pre-installed. Downloaded the google calendar too and that seems to sync with the android one which is a plus, as that means I can access it from desktop pc and laptops too, not just mobile phone.
  8. Not sure if they are trying to bring in a blend of Rolls Royce with all the taller grilles but can't help themselves ruin it... The M50d unit has some good numbers tho..
  9. I have narrowed the heated seat problem to be the seat wiring loom, not the car loom. Plugged directly to the heated element and the seat started to get warm again, so heated element is still fine, problem is with wiring on the seat. Does anyone know where I can buy this small piece of wiring? It's the wiring that is attached to the underside of the seat and runs to the heated element.
  10. I installed/updated google calendar on phone. But for some reason when I add a task/reminder on a desktop computer, and then go back to mobile phone to refresh and check only events will sync slowly or hit and miss. The reminders/task set on desktop dont appear on phone.. Would be ideal and make life so much easier if I can link google calendar to work outlook, google home desktop and google phone, is that possible? I wouldn't bother with anything else if the pre-installed calendar on my Samsung Note 5 was capable of syncing with work outlook, and work desktop PC, meaning I can check my reminders and tasks on my work computer too at anytime or add if something is in my head and not worry i need to check individual devices to see what needs done where. Need a central solution for all of it
  11. What do you guys use for your daily reminders and tasks to do and when bills are due etc. I have been old school for long time and always kept things in my head, but got far too much on these days and want to organise myself better and not let get work and things get above head level... Moved over to android some 6 years ago from iphone. But considering moving back if it makes life easier organising myself. Tried google calendars on desktop but it would t really sync desktop items to phone.. Looking for something with less faffing around
  12. 530nm

    How easy to change control arms?

    Not sure if you've got round to doing this yet, don't use the cars scissor jack. Use proper trolley jack and good axle stands to be 100% safe. I've had the car move about and roll literally crushing the scissor jack whilst working, even the slightest incline can unsettle it. It's for temp wheel change (bolts loosened on ground first) and nothing else. Take your time and remember to torque up bolts with the cars weight.
  13. Clavurion - Are those prices correct? 219 Euros for the whole front end kit!!?
  14. 530nm

    Android headunits

    Looking around for an android unit and quite like the look of these ones: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/XTRONS-Android-8-0-Car-Radio-Stereo-Sat-Nav-DAB-GPS-Navi-For-BMW-E39-E53-X5/183037576527?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D53379%26meid%3D71c6a97773ed4bb2aee4630fc7e9220d%26pid%3D100507%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D183037576527&_trksid=p2045573.c100507.m3226 Has anyone had any experience with the Android headunits? can't see any reviews for them. I'm not even sure what amplifier is in the car and whether or not it has DSP or whatever it's called. Currently running half a headunit with a cassette adaptor which I hook on manually to the phone everyday (so 90's).
  15. 530nm

    E39 Flat pin radio

    After a flat pin standard factory head unit. Looking for a cheap replacement as I'm taking the sat nav unit out.