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  1. Hi,  I'm after a load of e12 bits for an e12 M535i so I can finish putting it back together. All the parts in the attached pdf. I'm in Northern Ireland so also need to get them send out if you have them.

    Thanks a million for any help. 



    Used Parts.pdf

  2. anisotropy

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    He sure does! Tony was kind enough to send me some pics and gave permission to upload them here to help the next person who comes along.
  3. anisotropy

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    Thanks, I'll see if I can get in touch with Tony. I've got quite far in working it out from a sketch I made but a photo would save so much time!
  4. anisotropy

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    Thanks Joss. Me too now that I am older and wiser.
  5. Hi, I'm part of the way through a restoration on an e12 M535i. We stripped it a long time ago maybe 2008-10. The bodywork was done on the bare shell and the car resprayed and I am now rebuilding. I've spent a lot of time blasting, de-rusting, welding etc underneath and finally I have most of the work underneath done -the front and rear beams, trailing arms, brake and fuel lines and all that looking nice and I have moved on to reinstalling the wiring next. I'm desperately looking for photos of e12s that can help me. I did label the wiring (often stupidly e.g. 'rear door switch') but like an idiot I never took any photos of the routing and how it was all kept tidy when I stripped it. I'd be very grateful if anyone on here has a photo of the area behind the dash in particular. Thanks a million
  6. anisotropy

    E12 M535 Engine running problems

    You sure everything is connected up on the air side -afm, idle control valve, no big air leaks?
  7. anisotropy

    A question from my wife about the e28...

    Honestly its true. Fuel level senders are just a float with a resistor, even now as far as I know. The only thing that changes is that computers can apply some maths to the reading to allow for tank shape. I have no explanation for why most gauges are not adjusted for this though -perhaps they are even more full of crap than bmw ones? that would make bmws better than most old cars
  8. anisotropy

    A question from my wife about the e28...

    Simpler expanation if the fuel tank was a big square it would be linear. Its not so the height of the float can mean different amounts. Imagine it was a trangle shape /\ it would go down fast at first then slow this is the same with the fuel tank but its a big blobby shape. It was simpler in the olden days to move the marks on the gauge thing.
  9. anisotropy

    Aluminium bodied M535i

    Sounds unlikely tbh but if I remember right the csl used some aluminum panels
  10. anisotropy

    m535i front struts?

    Different according to realoem but e24 is the same if thats any good, can't wait to see what happens with this car
  11. anisotropy

    going rate for a E12 M535I?

    Lovely looking one on pistonheads
  12. anisotropy

    n00b bmw specialist with an e12

    Figures -I just found out my brothers going up for a look at the interior tomorrow . Sounds great. Whats the deal on the long stroke engine?
  13. anisotropy

    n00b bmw specialist with an e12

    Thats great to hear. Make sure you post up a few pics if you can. Mine's not really as bad -but I'm going to be learning to weld on it so it will probably take a bloody long time . Your 2002 was the rat look one in PPC? It is incredibly Are you planning on a stock type of job on the e12 or something special?
  14. anisotropy

    n00b bmw specialist with an e12

    Did you get this one from angusbmw? Number plate looks familiar (and very cool) There's a great restoration at
  15. anisotropy

    Trailing arms