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  1. You should be able to get the gearbox pieces from Getrag or Bmw
  2. No problem, the belt's are still in this:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372613821916 30 inc post
  3. Welcome to wonderful E12 Ari. Is your engine a six cylinder or a four cylinder?
  4. Tims

    1979 6 series door seals

  5. Tims

    1979 6 series door seals

    http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=5242-EUR-01-1979-E24-BMW-633CSi&diagId=51_0794 I need them for both sides:- 2 x part 2 2 x Part 7 2 x part 10 Thanks
  6. Tims

    DIY Help needed

    We use these all the time:- https://www.screwfix.com/c/screws-nails-fixings/masonry-screws/cat840054?cm_sp=managedredirect-_-screwsfixings-_-masonryscrews However I do not know if they hold into breeze. Grab a pack and try, if they do, they are a god send and you will never look back. I have not used raw plug's in year's since finding them. More fun will be doing any angle's with "pig's ear"
  7. Tims

    Need to change ALL locks and keys.

    First option is to change the lock set, so ignition, door, boot and glove box. Get a new ews chip from the dealer and put it into the new lock set and key's. I charge 80 for a set of E39 lock's, still got the one's in this 540, Second option, change the lock set again, but have the ecu flashed so you no longer need ews and fit an apropiate aftermarket alarm.
  8. All of the trims have gone
  9. Tims

    To rebuild or not to rebuild?

    Honestly bin it, you will get arsed around by all and sundry trying to sell it as a project, and that is before they click where you live. If the wheel's are split's, pull them off, lob the cat off, send me a picture and I will tell you what you can expect to get for it. Scrap is 95 quid a ton at the moment, so whilst it still has a ticket, take it down to your local place, take the wheel's off, and get your 150 quid. If you want, take the Mid out, if the headlight's are decent pull them for 100 quid or what ever they get, cup holder's get 25 quid and maybe a few other bit's and bob's, limit yourself to a hour or so. This may sound harsh, but what would you be rather doing as spring ss around the corner, mucking around with a 16 year old Bmw or enjoying yourself in the fine Scottish countryside with 400 in your back pocket?
  10. Tims

    E28 Front Spring Struts 1986 with ABS

    Nothing in stock, have you thought of E34 instead?
  11. Tims

    Wanted dashboard е34

    140 mph version You will need to use your plastic front lens, dead easy swap. 80 inc post
  12. Tims

    E28 Front Spring Struts 1986 with ABS

    Think I have one side, will get back to you
  13. Tims

    Wanted dashboard е34

    Can I have a picture of the back of the unit please, I will have one in stock https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/classicbmwparts