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  1. Breaking Bmw E60 530i 2004 Auto, Sapphire Black 2004 E60 530, with a M54b30 auto, 143000 miles in for parts/breaking We have driven this for a fair few month's, and everything seem's to work Spec sheet read's:- 255Sports Leather Steering WheelSport-lederlenkrad 302Alarm SystemAlarmanlage 354Green Stripe WindscreenGruenkeil-frontscheibe 428Warning TriangleWarndreieck 430Interior And Exterior Mirror PackaInnen- Und Aussenspiegelpaket 431Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-dInnenspiegel,automatisch Abblendend 441Smokers PackageRaucherpaket 442CupholderGetraenkehalter 494Seat Heating F Driver/front PassengerSitzheizung Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer 508Park Distance Control (pdc)Park Distance Control (pdc) 534Automatic Air ConditioningKlimaautomatik 540Cruise ControlGeschwindigkeitsregelung 591Lt/aly Wheels/star Sp. 124 Runflat/mixedLm Raeder Sternsp.124 Notl.mischb. 609Navigation System ProfessionalNavigationssystem Professional 672Cd Changer Bmw For 6 CdsCd Wechsler 6-fach 698Area-code 2Area-code 2 761Individual Sun Protection GlazingIndividual Sonnenschutzverglasung 785White Direction Indicator LightsWeisse Blinkleuchten The car is still whole and up and running Available as one piece for 1100, or part's as requested Located Northamptonshire, Junction 16 off the M1
  2. This has been languishing in the back of the workshop for far too many year's and had become a mobile loft for six series part's. So after a de-clutter of E24 part's we have:- Bmw E28 525e eta, 1986, minus engine and gearbox, with power steering rack conversion Great shell for a track/drift car Many, many moon's ago we got this from a local collage that had used it as a project. It has had its' original steering and front subframe removed, to be replaced with a E30 front subframe and powersteering rack. Also at the front are E36 hub's and Mitsubushi of some sort coil-over's all around The saving grace for the vehicle is that it is a fairly clean shell, non sunroof with nearly a full compliment of decent panel's It has had its' rear axle mount's repaired, there is a hole in the N/S chassis Also, as part of the conversion the N/S/F lower suspension arm mount is missing So in summary, a fairly decent shell, with some intresting add on's, just waiting for a later engine conversion 1200 pounds plus I am sure we can help out with any extra bit's
  3. Forward that to Euro34 on here, he is looking for that sort of stuff
  4. Tims

    Strut insert issues!

    There is a great write up here on the issues with these:- https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1196646-The-end-all-e34-front-strut-mount-reference-thread&p=15841628&fbclid=IwAR0nPSJuRbNQP9VrAEDwwrZGcLb_B5-P9fj0aCH6GOEPIFLMlts5n1hSp1A#post15841628
  5. This has been to visit me a number of times. It is possibly one of the best E28's I have seen in year's
  6. Tims

    E28 cluster issues

    Dan, I saw your message on ebay, I will see what I have
  7. Tims

    New car cost

    I was fuelling up in Morrison's, Leamington Spa yesterday and there was this snaking queue around the whole forecourt and around the back. For what I hear you enquire? Coffee. People were sat in a twenty to twenty five minute queue, with the engine's running to get a drive through coffee.
  8. Tims

    1986 528i improvement

    I feel insulted, the mirror's are not ex mine Mick
  9. Tims

    New car cost

    So for 1K a month you can have a new M5, why would you do that? Why would you drive around in something that is loosing value and has a big steal me sticker on it? 1K is what I have spent on my daily in the last two year's, including purchase price
  10. Full unit is 50 posted, your's is a smilie? Tim
  11. Tims

    E28 rear drive flange

    Can I have a price for a pair of:- 33411129859 Thanks
  12. Breaking E39 520 manual, 1998, Glacier green E39 Glacier Green 520 manual, pre-facelift in for breaking A few good thing's on this one. Decent, clean, cloth interior, black interior trim's All the prefacelift module's that are starting to fail Most of the panel's are good, a decent M52b20 single vanos Clean set of bumper's, headlight's with good adjuster's, amber's all around Decent set of winter wheel's for some-one, good tyres all around It has cruise, working aircon, radio and cd player Even the wood trim is decent Located UK, junction 16 on the M1
  13. E30 Cabriolet 335 Yep you read that correct, not a 325, not a 323, not a M3, but a E30 with a proper engine, the one that, we at Bmw Classic Spares, have an extra affinty for, the M30b35 So the idea is to make a sleeper, but a sleeper that is something special, and this is it. So we acquired a decent shell, but not just any old shell, but a pre-facelift, E30 325. Now how do you want your E30 to look, a little angular, square, 80's, but for all the correct reasons? Why, let's not get a cabby, in the correct hue of red, running the correct wheel's and in our eye's perfect, Zender bodykit. What shall we add to the mix? Lets' say a perfect black hood, and let's chuck in a set of black, sport's, leather seat's,? It is starting to look like a decent car. And that is how Eui began. I found this little beauty many moon's ago, it had lost its' original M20b25, aquired a M20b27, which was badly built up into a M20b25 stroker. But I took one look at the shell, and the Zender kit and was smitten. Once Eui was home, she acquired a perfect black roof that I had, then I found the most stunning black sports' interior. Then came the crowning glory, and this is saying from a E28/34 five series guy. Into my possession came a gold E34 535 sporting a Getrag five speed manual. Not only was this a proper car, but it was also a Grandads' car. I have always admired a small car, but a decently engineered car with a large engine, and with a certain egging on from friends' and family, well you can see how this was going to go. So I set about the E34, lets' see how well it has actually been looked after, especially the engine and gearbox, let's be sure, let's be certain that this is the one, after all this was potential marriage material for Eui. I was like a father with a shotgun over his arm viewing potential suitor's. The 535 passed muster, and with much regret I gutted the 535, a little like a brides' family does to a groom. However Eui survived, she had a new heart, she has all the toy's, she look's stunning. And thus, I give her up to you, she is ready to be looked after, adored and driven by somebody else. So now down to the nitty gritty. This is Eui:- M30b35 fully re-built, stripped, loved, checked, gasket's everything. Getrag 5 speed box, as above, treated to a flush, new oil, new clutch, flywheel and bearing's. As set of 15 inch Bbs, of course they have the cap's Running E30 325 brakes all around Being a cabby, you have the 51mm strut's and disc rear brakes Interior, where else would you want to be? Black sport's leather, proper soft-top roof, black card's, black interior fixture's and fitting's. Externally, colour coded metal bumper's, Zender kit and I defy you to find a spot of rust. All this and more. It is a proper Bmw, it is a E30, and it is a cabby, let alone a 335. Come and have a drive, you will be smitten. And the Dowry, 6.5k
  14. Tims

    E39 Sport Front Bumper

    Sorry guy's, this sold on ebay before I had a chance to get you the info