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  1. Tims

    E39 Sport Front Bumper

    Sorry guy's, this sold on ebay before I had a chance to get you the info
  2. Tims

    E39 Sport Front Bumper

    I have one with slight damage if you have no luck Sumil
  3. Tims


    Price on a pair delivered please https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=4061-EUR---E28-BMW-520i&mg=63&sg=05&diagId=63_0052&q=63121369842
  4. I am intrested in these:- 3 series: E21 8 page colour 1975 E30 50 page colour 1983 and 1984 2 and 4 door E34 colour charts. Three 6 page A4 colour from 1988 1990 & 1991 5 series: E34 colour and fabric brochure 6 pages 1988, 1990, 1991 6 series: E24 630CS 633csi 635csi from 1978 42 page colour E24 628csi 633csi 635csi from 1981 48 page colour 7 series: E23 728, 730, 733i 46 page colour from 1978 E23 728i 732i 735i 46 page colour from 1979
  5. Tims

    2004 E60 530i SE - WITHDRAWN

    Tutor, Yep I will have that, do me a treat as well as the estate I have. I will send you my number Tim
  6. Breaking E32 740 M60b40, Auto, 1992 1992 E32 740 in for part's only We have had this up and running, and checked everything out Price's for the main bit's are:- M60b40 engine 1200 M60b40 Auto gearbox 500 E32 V8 bumper 180 Rear bumper 100 Wing's 100 each Door's, complete 100 each Shadowline kit 150 Rear light's 70 Cruise retro fit kit 150 V8 front brake upgrade, 250 Spec sheet read's:- 216 Servotronic 302 Alarm System 339 Satin Chrome Shadow Line 401 Sliding/vent Roof, Electric 428 Warning Triangle 438 Wood Trim 458 Seat Adjustment, Electric. F Driver/pass 472 Center Armrest Frt Driver/pass 500 Headlight Washer Sys/intensive Cleaning 534 Automatic Air Conditioning 540 Cruise Control 564 Interior Light Package 676 Hifi Loudspeaker System 687 Radio Preparation
  7. Breaking E28 eta 525e 1985 Platenen Green We have a Eta of 1985 vintage, in a delicate shade of Platenen rust up for breaking Being a eta, the spec sheet is not the most inspiring:- 270Audiosystem 300Emergency Wheel 311Lt/aly Wheels/star Spoke 69 350Sa Auspuffanlage Verchromt 401Sliding/vent Roof, Electric 411Window Lifts, Electric 546Revolution Counter The highlight's being electric rear window's Inside is a sea of green as well, driver's seat is stuffed as is the dash top. The passenger seat is perfectly usuable as a driver's if needed All the plastic's are present and correct The rear spoiler look's good, the sunroof panel is stuffed, but the mechanism work's Rear bumper corner's are no good, middle section is ok, a minor bend Front bumper is pretty good, not holed All the door's are gone Green glass all around Then normal eta engine and auto box
  8. Tims

    E28 stuff

    Spoiler, b piller and strut please Andy. I will give you a call later
  9. They have been sold
  10. I can check if you will need caliper's/carrier's and disc's, what is your chassis nos
  11. 50 quid and in good condition
  12. Got you, yep got one of those for a M54b30, 28 pounds again
  13. Part 3?:- https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DP62-EUR-09-1999-E39-BMW-528i&diagId=64_0673 28 inc post
  14. Gone with the headliner, sorry