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  1. Tims

    Breaking - e39 540 SE Auto

    M64b44 or M62tub44?
  2. Tims

    Any breakers/suppliers?!?

    ASWR should have one:- http://www.bmw-carparts.co.uk/
  3. Tims

    e39 pre facelift bowden cables

    Pre 09 98 facelift or pre 2002 facelift
  4. Tims

    Breaking E46 316ti compact

    40 plus 10 post Dennis
  5. Breaking E46 316ti compact Bmw E46 316 compact for spares only Editions And Packages S785 White Direction Indicator Lights S710 M Sports Steering Wheel, Multifunction Comfort And Interior Equipment S441 Smoker Package S428 Warning Triangle And First Aid Kit S493 Storage Compartment Package Multimedia S650 CD Drive S661 Radio BMW Business (C43) S692 Preparation, BMW 6-CD Changer I-Bus Driver Assistance And Lightning S530 Air Conditioning Wheels And Drive S262 ITS - Head Airbag S226 Sports Suspension Settings S2CD BMW Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 136 S210 Dynamic Stability Control Environment And Safety S853 Language Version, English S880 On-Board Literature, English S832 Battery In Luggage Compartment S863 Dealer List Europe S315 Rear Window Wiper S812 National Version England / Ireland S321 Exterior Parts In Vehicle Colour S850 Dummy-SALAPA S302 Alarm System S877 Omission Of Non-Combined Operation S320 Deleted, Model Lettering Individual Equipment S775 Headlining Anthracite
  6. Breaking 1987 E30 320 Baur Manual M20b20 1987 Pre face lift 320 manual Baur for part's only Despite the terminal rust, all of the Baur part's look to be in good condition, plus alot of the interior can be saved There are some bumper part's that are good, A set of pre facelift rear lamp's Working cluster Manual conversion kit And then all of the bit's and bob's we all need
  7. Tims

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    I should have a set of lead's and disi cap on the shelf, I will have a look for you. Also Joss has his apart at the moment, so he will be able to check
  8. Tims

    Nice low miles e34 535i

    Proper car, proper colour. Intresting way to get around the front door card's falling apart
  9. Tims

    M20B20 or B25

    Phil, have you asked me on ebay? Tim
  10. Tims

    Compression. F##k

    Is there anywhere a ready rekoner for what head's fit what?
  11. Tims

    528i Distributor advance/retard vacuum lines?

    No review's. There was a talk on a E12 page and he was recommended very highly by some people and I thought of you.
  12. Tims

    528i Distributor advance/retard vacuum lines?

    Have you tried this guy? https://www.google.com/maps/place/Motorworks+Pty+Ltd./@-33.9170241,151.1984994,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b12b1bace5849bd:0xad2532636aadd981!8m2!3d-33.9170286!4d151.2006881 Get's good review's
  13. Tims

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    New racking, new floor, new light's Any body need a cylinder head, crankshaft, manifold or a flywheel? And the first two are in:-
  14. Tims

    Compression. F##k

    Get me that casting number on the head, I will double check stock
  15. There is rip's in the fabric I am afraid