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  1. Tims

    E28 535i fuel injectors

    Orange or yellow coloured?
  2. Tims

    E28 M535i throttle position sensor

    What is the Bosch number?
  3. Tims

    E34 Wiper Arm

    Yep got them, give me a call on 07770303005
  4. Tims

    E34 Wiper Arm

    Should have, I will have a look today for you Tim
  5. Tims

    RHD header for M54B25/30

    You can use M52 one's, though you need to allow for the lambda sensor
  6. The will be the 4HP22 as fitted to all E34's 530/535 with the straight 6 engine. There are three electrical component's:- The shifter switch, usually they are black, that the "gearstick" attaches too. They can get grubby contact's and a bit sticky. The sport/manual/eco switch to the side, again same situation. Also there is a ecu which is attached to gear box by a cable and is located up the A piller First off are item 1 and 2 the correct one's for the car? I have seen them swapped many a time for the one's out off a M50 car and thus are incorrect Is item 3 properly attached? has the cable for item 3 got snagged etc?
  7. Tims

    Steering lock gone?

    It will be the tab on the back of the wheel
  8. My favourite of yesterday was Hi, I have purchased a E28 eta 525e five series, can't get it too start. I pointed in the way of the no start guide. Turn's out he has a E23 728 seven series, which was eyebrow raising, let alone completly different engine management system.
  9. Tims

    ball park figure

    Richard has some green stuff listed https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/hornetcars/m.html?_trkparms=folent%3Ahornetcars|folenttp%3A1&_trksid=p3542580.m47492.l71970
  10. Tims

    E34 530i gear box

    I do not have one
  11. Tims

    RIP Frank

    A great listen here https://the-race.com/formula-1/inside-a-crucial-day-in-williams-last-f1-title-winning-year/
  12. I will call and order later today Joe
  13. Tims

    E39 mileage register

    There we go chap's, look what arrived yesterday
  14. Tims

    M30 vacuum hose diagram

    I saw your post of facebook, I had a look through my Bentley as well, there does not seem to be one, which I find astounding. Anybody got a BMW workshop manual?