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  1. Tims

    BMW M51

    It can indeed, but getting a M21 pump is difficult. The M21 was never in the UK, so German/Europe ebay is your first port of call
  2. Tims

    e28 project

    I saw that advertised and thought it might be a good one hidden under all the mould
  3. Tims

    528i for £50!

    That be our Andrew
  4. Tims

    Our E28 has been stolen in Bristol can you help?

    Still looking for a bumper guy's
  5. We have discussed this before, yout memory
  6. A pair of E32 735's, two to make one and then more I have for sale these two E32's, both running M30b35's. I am putting them forward as a project of making one excellent car out of the two, with more spare's than you will ever need The blue car is a local car to me, owned for year's by a retired gent. It failed its' mot on a corroded fuel tank and brake/fuel pipe's and he gave up. The black car was purchased as a potential restoration project, but again that ground to a halt. Having assessed the pair, the blue car is the far stronger/solid car. It requires a fuel tank and a few other bit's which the black car can provide in trump's. The black car has lost 4th gear on it's gearbox and the body work flatter's to deceive. Between the pair there is a stunning E32 735 waiting to be revealed, and more spare's that you will ever need The price for the pair is 3250
  7. PLastic tray bit behind the headlight 10 pounds Fuse rack holder plus wire and fuses 15 pounds Post 10
  8. They hardly ever come out well
  9. Tims

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    I saw that, I was surprised by what he had
  10. I remember the eta, I "think" you had the kit off me. Alway's wondered what happened to that
  11. Back to base either this pm or tomorrow
  12. Breaking E38 728 1996 M52b28 1996 E38 728 in for breaking Spec sheet read's:- S459Seat adjustment, electric, with memory S428Warning triangle and first aid kit S494Seat heating driver/passenger S438Fine wood trim S473Armrest front S441Smoker package Multimedia S694Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer S672CD changer for 6 CDs Driver assistance and lightning S510Headlight vertical aim control Wheels and drive S260Side airbag for driver/passenger S214Automatic stability control (ASC+T) S278BMW light alloy wheel BMW styling S202Steptronic Environment and safety S302Alarm system Located Uk, Junction 16 M1
  13. Breaking E38 740, 1997, M62b44, Oxford Green 1997 E38 740 in for breaking/parts Prefacelift, running a M62b44, sports steering wheel, memory seats, obc, etc. Spec sheet read's:- S339Shadow-Line S710M Sports steering wheel, multifunction S428Warning triangle and first aid kit S401Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric S459Seat adjustment, electric, with memory S441Smoker package S438Fine wood trim S473Armrest front S676HiFi speaker system S672CD changer for 6 CDs S555On-board computer V with remote control S500Headl.washer system/intensive cleaning S534Automatic air conditioning S508Park Distance Control (PDC) S510Headlight vertical aim control S214Automatic stability control (ASC+T) S288BMW light alloy wheel, cross spoke 29 S216Hydro steering-servotronic S260Side airbag for driver/passenger S202Steptronic Located in the UK, junction 16 off the M1
  14. Breaking Bmw E39 523 Auto, M52tub25, Glacier green with matching leather I happen to be a fan of glacier green, especially with a two tone interior to match, sit it on a set of style 32's and you have a lovely looking car. So we have in this in, a E39 523, running a M52tub25, build date of mid 2000, fitted with a set of 17 inch Style 32's, staggered, sport's steering wheel in a nice clean Oem SE spec:- Editions and packages S710M Sports steering wheel, multifunction S785White direction indicator lights Comfort and interior equipment S428Warning triangle and first aid kit S431Interior mirror with automatic-dip S441Smoker package Multimedia S628Communication pack S629Car telephone (GSM) w card reader, front S694Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer Driver assistance and lightning S508Park Distance Control (PDC) S534Automatic air conditioning S520Fog lights S555On-board computer V with remote control Wheels and drive S202Steptronic All part's available, either pallatised delivery or for smaller item's, UPS delivery. Or you can come and pick up the item's, UK, junction 16 off the M1