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  1. 525td

    e39 530d auto manual

    ha, had exactly the same conversation with someone last night that had the same conclusion thanks, kinda hoped there would be no needed wiring but hey ho
  2. 525td

    e39 530d auto manual

    so, have converted the car using a manual engine and box, so reverse is connected to the dme i think i have changed the date in the dme for manual for coding, firstly i used PA soft to set manual in IKE and EWS to allow starting eventually i got round to using NCS to code the SA : before: 200118804420c5a4x after: 200018804420c5a4w this resulted the car in thinking it was a 4 speed auto so i did the PA soft bit again eventually i found out the GM code would need re coding too so went from 58821203M to 58721203(forgot the checksum code atm) coded to ews then ike then tried to apply to whole car, it complained a bout a missing module but im fairly certain its not too important to code the whole car? that didnt turn on the ike display and allowed starting still but still no reverse lights.... bit confused My research says that the IKE must know it is manual to send the reverse signal down the bus... thanks for your help
  3. 525td

    Torque nm for auto transmission oil change

    i'd use more than 7, i would flush through....
  4. 525td

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    been driving her about since Tuesday not 100% complete.. still got no underdash trim in, so the engine sounds weird running around on stock map (with e60 sensors mapped in) first thoughts, the smoke issue i was chasing.. gone... past 2 years i've been chasing an issue with the engine i had fitted in just over a 100 miles the obc has crept up from something like 38 to 42 mpg....i will do a a few fill ups and calculations pulling away... is amusing... especially as i haven't re calibrated my steering angle sensor.. so got no dsc atm driving on the manual box is ok, the torque spread is good that any choice of gears will pretty much do most of the time, be as lazy as you like within reason 2 passengers i have had in the car who know it very well have commented how much quicker it feels, although in real world, it cant be... looking forward to putting a nice map on her again, although will have to be a little more sensible due to the clutch oh, still got to sort reverse lights and PDC grr
  5. 525td

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    i was having issues with the engine having excessive blow by, hence the catch tank... plus side.. the new engine sounds a lot nicer shes running, not down on the deck yet.. gotta bleed the clutch up, reconnect exhaust and prop
  6. 525td

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    wow haven't updated in a while Blew it up currently finishing engine replacement and manual conversion nothing positive to say right now, taken me far too long
  7. 525td

    DDE light came on.

    yer one of two things... your injection pump is getting weak, but this is unlikely due to the relatively low injection quantity (about 2/3rds) - basically id expect to see it flash up under heavy load/acceleration al lthe time if your rail pressure is that low Id be looking at the plug on the rail, the plug itself... i re-terminated mine with 6 quids worth of parts from bmw, they do a plug repair kit the idle noise is caused by the car going into limp home mode, a whole different set of running parameters kick in
  8. 525td

    525 TDS chip

    at one point, vege oil was buyable knew for about 79p a litre... and diesel was about £1.10 IIRC..... my m51 used to run on 50% pure oil straight out of the supermarket... took ages to fill up mind be aware, you should pre heat vege oil before burning it
  9. 525td


    used all sorts of inserts my plan on my m52 i was rebuilding was to helicoil the head and then fit studs, could see no reason why that would not work effectively
  10. 525td

    525 TDS chip

    i chipped my old td, alongside a little more boost, egr delete etc you have to open up the ecu and as i recall the chip is sandwiched in the middle of 2 pcb's, can do the whole job in under an hour if fitting yourself. a chip is preferable to a tuning box as timing can be altered (ideal) and yer, speak to enda (end tuning) he's on here too the m51 isn't a bad motor, not similar whatsoever to an m57 525/530d so don't look at parts as being compatible. 200bhp is pretty possible from one
  11. 525td

    Intank pumpage

    as above.. most likely in tank pump failure...
  12. 525td

    530d glow plug or relay/module issue

    yer check the vacuum system, and clean or disable the egr, if its stuck open... you might get some weird running issues that's the first point of call, disregard anything to do with glow plugs
  13. 525td

    Glowplug relay

    there is a temperature sensor, and it does have a table for glow plug duration over time in the ecu once its been started and switched off and back on.. it's already warm enough for glow plugs to make no difference personally, apart form a few seconds of burbling on really cold days.. you can forget the glow plugs
  14. 525td

    Injector values

    IMHO... no vac leak will cause idle issues combustion problems or injector imbalance will however mine intermittently idles rough... injector values and leak off values look ok... but im kinda off the opinion that replacing the injector with the highest leak off value would be best to start with....
  15. yer my 34 td had me snaking down the road at motorway speeds... doubt a 520 has the torque... my 530d can but thats a whole world of torque and hp different