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  1. edd_jedi

    BMW E60 525D Automatic - Oil change

    Are you talking about engine oil or transmission oil? An engine oil change with filters etc shouldn't cost anywhere near 500 euros, more like 250 from BMW or 150 from a good independent. If you mean transmission, that doesn't need doing after 8000 miles?
  2. edd_jedi

    How to update 2007 iDrive with no USB port

    As others have said, there is no Bluetooth music streaming on <2011 cars, you need the later CIC or NBT system for that. Here's a cheap solution I recently implemented:
  3. Don't lose faith, the chances of buying a 13 year old car with no faults is practically zero, it doesn't matter how careful you are. I had to spend over a grand getting mine up to the condition I wanted, these cars have a lot of common faults most 'casual' owners will happily bodge or live with, so it's up to us enthusiasts to do things properly. I'm sure you'll get it sorted.
  4. edd_jedi

    Pairing a modern phone to 2005 E61

    Yeah I did the same, wasted £100 getting my 2005 one 'reconditioned' but the problem was the old hardware/software. It's worked great since I put a more recent MULF2 in there.
  5. edd_jedi

    Ambient light install ?

    April Fools was 3 days ago In all seriousness if you want to do it I would recommend the trunk/boot cigarette lighter, much easier to access and also ignition switched.
  6. edd_jedi

    Please I need immediate help

    Yes it's £50 on iOS, not sure how much on Android. Then you just go to the battery section where you can both register and code it, really easy.
  7. edd_jedi

    Pairing a modern phone to 2005 E61

    A more detailed post I made a while back:
  8. edd_jedi

    Please I need immediate help

    If you have an Android phone yes, otherwise you need the Wi-Fi version for Apple phones.
  9. edd_jedi

    Pairing a modern phone to 2005 E61

    This one should be a straight swap and has a later software version: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323745808426 These are plug and play unless you want to change the VIN/Bluetooth name, no coding required.
  10. edd_jedi

    Please I need immediate help

    No I very much doubt the AA will know how to code or register a BMW battery
  11. edd_jedi

    Pairing a modern phone to 2005 E61

    It may not work reliably unless the MULF software is updated to a relatively recent version. It is quite difficult to update without special tools (INPA etc cannot do it) so my advice would be to buy a MULF or MULF2 from eBay that already has more recent software. You can tell from the sticker on the unit, if it has a build date of 2004/5 it will likely have very old software, however if it's 2010+ it should work fine. I had to do this to get my iPhone 6S to work reliably, the connection kept dropping out with the 2005 software.
  12. edd_jedi

    Please I need immediate help

    I know you're stressed but you seem to have missed a few important posts in both of your threads. Replacing the battery alone likely will not help - you need to register the new battery, which tells the car a new one has been fitted, otherwise it will still think the old one is connected. Also if it is a different capacity to your old one, code it too. both of these things will require some diagnoistics software - Carly, INPA etc I am telling you this from experience - when I bought my E61 I was getting constant flat batteries and weird error codes, the guy I bought it off told me the battery was new, it was only when I got the diagnostic software I realised that the IBS was dead and the 'new' battery was never registered which renders it useless.
  13. edd_jedi

    Glow plugs again...

    Agreed, but I found plenty of posts from people recommending against the cheaper ones.
  14. edd_jedi

    Start up problems/ERRORS.. Please help!

    You can code one with Carly too, all you're doing is choose the capacity and whether it's AGM or not.
  15. edd_jedi

    Glow plugs again...

    Sorry you haven't understood what I meant - yes Beru make the OEM ones, but the £30 Beru modules that ECP etc sell are not the same as the £80 Beru ones BMW sell. I found loads of posts saying 'pattern' Beru ones failed quickly, eg here: