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  1. Thanks for the heads up, got mine booked in on Tuesday next week! I checked on the goverbment website for recalls just a few months ago and it said none required, so this is a recent recall.
  2. edd_jedi

    2006 e60 radio reception crap and remote

    Check your diversity antenna, it might just need a clean, mie had corrosion on the PCB. After cleaning it off with PCB cleaner, the remote locking works from miles away again!
  3. edd_jedi

    Erroneous Tyre Pressure Warnings

    Thanks for the replies. I scanned my error codes and there was a new one I hadn't seen before, 00A443 "RW control error off." I've done a quick Google search but not much comes up, could be related?
  4. Apologies if this has been covered but a search only brought up results for how to reset the system. Over the last week my tyre pressure warning has come on 3 times, each time I have stopped at a service station and the pressures have all been fine. Today however I cannot reset it, when I click on "confirm tyre pressures" and then yes nothing happens, the warning just stays on. So I guess that means there's a problem with the sensor or system, I believe in pre-LCi cars there are no sensors in the tyres, it uses wheel rotation speed or something? Anybody know how I can start diagnosing this problem? Thanks.
  5. edd_jedi

    Worx Hydroshot

    Finally got a chance to give mine a proper go over the weekend. It did a very good job on my path, but wasn't so impressed on the car. I was surprised how quickly it goes through water, a 10L bucket was barely lasting 2 minutes, so I bought one of those large rubber 40L water containers from Homebase, it's heavy to carry but with 30ish litres in it, it was enough to do the car. The pressure is pretty decent, better than my hose, however I am slightly disappointed with the range. It felt like it took forever to get my car wet enough to clean, it only takes a few seconds with the hose. I guess that's the trade off, pressure vs distance. The hose it comes with is too short IMO, it was hard to get around the car without moving the bucket (and as you say the clip is useless, keeps coming off.) Overall I'm happy with it, but it is definitely a comrpomise and no substitute for the real thing.
  6. edd_jedi


    By the way if it's really so bad you can't even listen to it, maybe something is broken?
  7. edd_jedi


    OEM audio equipment is never going to blow you away, but I find mine perfectly listenable. Which system do you have - MASK? CCC? Logic 7? There are a few different setups so need to know what you already have. If you just have the 'bare bones' audio then adding tweeters is easy and cheap, although requires some coding to adjust the EQ.
  8. edd_jedi

    Worx Hydroshot

    Had a quick go this morning, it's not as powerful as my old 'proper' pressure washer but it's certainly better than the jet hose. I've ordered a 25L jerry can for £7 from eBay so that should be plenty to do the car.
  9. Another cheap pair on eBay (black): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283515128130
  10. edd_jedi

    Worx Hydroshot

    Yes you're probably right about that, still it was only a fiver and might be handy for doing the wheels or something. I agree a normal bucket probably won't last much longer either so I'm going to get a 20L jerry can or something (a bit easier to carry than a bucket.)
  11. edd_jedi

    Worx Hydroshot

    I just did a search and was surprised to find no discussion on these already, so thought I'd start one. In case you don't know, the Worx Hydroshot is a battery powered pressure washer: https://worx-europe.com/en/all-garden-tools/pressure-cleaner/#produkte Since moving in to a flat with no outdoor tap 5 years ago, I've had to run a hose from the bathroom which is obviously not ideal! I first heard about the Hydroshot about a year ago, but have only just got around to buying one as it came up cheap on eBay (just over £80 delivered.) It arrived today and I'm just charging the battery now, looking forward to giving it a go later. I'm not expecting it to be as powerful as a proper pressure washer, but it seems reasonably good in the video reviews I've watched, and I can't imagine it will be any worse than the standard garden hose I've been using for the last 5 years. The bit I'm really interested in trying out is the bottle attachment so I can run it from a coke bottle rather than a bucket! So has anybody else got one, any tips etc?
  12. Yep, should be plug and play, when you put in a working MULF you should then be able to check the Bluetooth checkbox in iDrive settings and start setting it up. Being unable to check the box means the MULF is either broken or unplugged. do you have a CD changer in your glovebox? That also will not work with broken/unplugged MULF (as they're all on the same fibre optic chain.) BT is just for the phone I'm afraid, no music streaming.
  13. Very common problem, the previous owner will have unplugged the MULF as it has failed (if you leave a non-working one plugged in you will start noticing weird iDrive behaviour eg music cutting out, freezing etc.) You need to either fix or replace the MULF. Here's a guide I wrote:
  14. The unit in your boot is for BMW assistance/SOS. Nothing to do with Bluetooth. To check if you have Bluetooth, you need to find a MULF in the boot which looks like this: https://mca.electricmura.ro/en/repairs/mulf-bluetooth-repair/ The thing under your arm rest is just an empty cradle. You can buy snap-in adapters for various phones, but as it is it doesn't do anything.
  15. edd_jedi

    E60 dpf problem

    If the glow plug errors are returning after you've changed the module it could be either the plugs themselves or possibly the cable that connects to the module, mine was fried when I changed the module so I replaced it too, still all good a year later. I would get sombody else to drive the car on a motorway for you, and then clear the faults and request a regen with Carly. Don't try and do this yourself while driving, too dangerous!