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  1. Yeah for £15 it's worth a shot, for a healthy battery you need a functioning IBS contrary to lots of opinions you will read on the internet.
  2. OK, common story with the E60 I'm afraid. There are a number of reasons the battery can run low - age, not being registered, faulty/disconnected IBS, or a drain somewhere (eg aftermarket immobiliser.) You should get the IBS sorted but also investigate what caused the low battery warning. It could simply be that your battery is very old and needs replacing, these cars require a huge amount of power to start up so a decent battery is a must.
  3. It won't show on the dashboard/iDrive, only using diagnostic software like INPA or Carly. Worth getting the codes read properly, your stepsons fault reader may work but a BMW specific one would be better. The IBS monitors the battery's charge, so if it is either disconnected or faulty your battery could be running very low after even just a few days. If this has been happening for months/years, your battery may need replacing. What exactly was the original symptom you were getting, why were the RAC looking at your car?
  4. Yep that looks like it's worth a try for the price, I think the important thing is that it's the newer design (rubber covered IBS) which that is so is worth a punt for £15. Remember you will need to clear the fault code, and also that the faulty IBS could have damaged your battery.
  5. Happy to help! No it was over a year ago now I'm afraid and the eBay listing and photos have gone. My car is a 2005 530d, I remember the IBS I bought was from an E90. From my research I really don't think it matters, they all look the same whether from an E60, E90, E70 or even a Mini. The only thing that differs is the length of the negative battery cable so as you will see in my photos the one I got it a bit shorter than the old one, but it still works fine.
  6. edd_jedi

    Connectivity to DVD player

  7. I think we are all just guessing what Kw means, all I can tell you is the new one I put in my car worked fine without matching the numbers.
  8. Looks to me like that value might just be a production date? week/year (eg 14th week of 2009)
  9. Here's one exactly like the one in my guide: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123347965954 All you would need to do is snip off the red cable and solder the old connector on, or buy the converter loom if you prefer.
  10. The IBS is the big block connected to the terminal itself. The photo you have posted shows the older type that is prone to failing. You would be better off finding a newer one like in my original post (easy to tell the difference as the IBS part has a black rubber coating rather than just being bare metal.)
  11. Sorry I have no idea what that number means. I threw my old one away so am not sure what the value was.
  12. I wouldn't worry about the part number personally, the one I bought didn't match either and it has worked just fine for the last year.
  13. Hi edd, i have just replied to your post with regards to the IBS and hopefully get some info .

  14. edd_jedi

    Single rear tail light turned on - how?

    Thanks for your help, that must be it. Never heard of this feature before, thanks!
  15. edd_jedi

    Single rear tail light turned on - how?

    Thanks for the tip, just found this in the manual and you may be right. I don't really understand it though - is it saying to activate them you push down (left) and up (right) on the indicator stalk? And what purpose is it supposed to serve?