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  1. edd_jedi

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Well yes obviously I knew it was screenwash but I wasn't expecting to see it start pouring out at the top of the engine bay! Why not channel the overflow valve so it drips on the road rather thall all over the earth terminal, typical BMW.
  2. edd_jedi

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I got caught out while topping up my screen wash today, fluid started pouring out by the negative battery terminal! After my panic subsised thinking the recent cold weather had cause a pipe to burst, I found out that apparently this is the overflow valve. But what a silly place to put it, even if it's not an electrical hazard your average Joe isn't going to know that.
  3. Thanks, is there any way of finding out without removing the door cards?
  4. Glad you got it working, if it involves replacing the door modules and that much effort, I think I'll stick with kerbing my alloys
  5. edd_jedi

    Key Fob Remote Sync

    The finished product, new badge from Cotswold and found an unused OEM case on eBay for £3. So about £20 all in
  6. Sorry to hear that, you've been unlucky to be 'double shafted' by Brexit and a faulty unit. Hopefully it will be worth the wait once you get a working one. And yes, still the same issue with mine working wirelessly, I think it's something to do with iOS rather than the CarPlay unit as I have since done a firmware update which completely resets the unit, and wireless still doesn't work properly. I haven't done a factory reset on my phone, and obviously don't want to!
  7. edd_jedi

    xHP for Windows 10 released

    I've had it for years, I think it was from a company called BMCables on eBay. I've used it for INPA on my last three or four cars, and recently started using it for ISTA too.
  8. xHP have just released their transmission flashing software for Windows 10: https://rbttuning.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RBTTUNING/pages/1179749/xHP+Flashtool+-+Supported+Flashing+Hardware I've been waiting for this as I have an iPhone, so as their software doesn't/can't support either a DCAN cable or Carly adapter on iOS devices, I didn't want to have to buy a third adpater just to use this. But now I can use my DCAN cable on Windows just thought others might like to know.
  9. edd_jedi

    Key Fob Remote Sync

    I don't have a Qi charger, but my toothbrush charger didn't work. The key does have an inductive coil inside it, but I don't think these things are universal. I'm pretty sure Qi chargers have something inside them that 'activates' the charging, they don't constantly kick out a charge in the hope something is nearby. I have also read a lot of tales of people charging keys using things other than the car itself, but I've yet to see any actual evidence.
  10. edd_jedi

    Original battery from 2007 and INPA

    If the IBS has failed or been disconnected, it should throw an error code in INPA. See here:
  11. edd_jedi

    Key Fob Remote Sync

    Just in case anybody finds this old thread in a search I thought I should update it with the solution! So having had no luck synchronising the key, I decided to open it up to test the battery (which had already been replaced by the previous owner.) When I opened the key, I found that the positive connector on the battery had broken off, so it wasn't even connected to the PCB! I tested it with my multimeter and it was completely dead reading 0v, not surprising after nearly 5 years. Rather than try and revive it I bought a new battery, case and blade kit, which only cost £6 on eBay. The old case was in very bad condition having already been cut open and glued back together, and I found a local auto locksmith who cut the blade for £9. I soldered on the new battery, but it still wouldn't lock or unlock the car. I tested the new battery with my multimeter and it read just 0.1v, well below the 3v required to operate. I tried charging it overnight on my toothbrush charger, but that didn't do anything. Over the next few days I used this key for my journeys, and after roughly 4 hours of driving the battery charged up to 2.8v, at which point it started working again! The final result is pictured below, a working remote key with new battery and a nice new case/blade that cost me under £15 in total. I have ordered a new genuine BMW badge from Cotswold for £5, just waiting for that to arrive. So a few myths debunked and some useful information: Diamond keys do not need initialising in the E60, this process only seems to be applicable to older cars such as the E39 and E46. Instead you can use ISTA to check if the key is 'enabled' Electric toothbrush chargers do not charge key batteries. Well my Philips one doesn't anyway It takes a lot longer than the widely mentioned 45 minutes of driving to charge a flat key to a useable level, it took more like four hours When you buy a new rechargeable battery, it may arrive flat and require significant charging before working The replacement aftermarket key case clips together, so no cutting required in future should the battery ever need replacing again I hope this helps, if your old key no longer works remotely or even just looks tatty I highly recommend this repair, under £20 all in instead of £150+ the dealer would charge for a new key
  12. Shame, let us know if you do figure it out as I would love to stop kerbing my wheels!
  13. Surely that will depend on LHD vs RHD, if you enable both they will probably both dip! As above I guess just try it.
  14. edd_jedi

    "Diamond" key - new battery or replace?

    Good question - as you've probably seen you need to cut the key in half with a knife to change the battery. Before glueing it back together I tested it and found it still wasn't working, so I have just used electric tape to hold the key together over the last few days and opened it up to test the voltage after each journey. It took about 4 hours of driving to get it from <1v to 2.8v.
  15. Watch this and see if you fancy giving it a go!