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  1. Yes, see if you can select AUX in entertainment. If not, it needs coding
  2. You don't need the physical AUX input, just need it coded
  3. You csn however use an app like TuneIn to stream most DAB stations, then you will have both radio and navigation instructions.
  4. edd_jedi

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Ticked over 150k miles today. I guess that means it's had a pretty easy life for a 16 year old car. It is now officially old in both years and mileage
  5. No haven't got that issue with mine, sorry.
  6. edd_jedi

    Back in a Five!

    Yes the heat of summer probably does help dry them out. My theory is that the water ingress and corrosion is nothing to do with rain, but people being too 'thorough' with their jet wash. If you spray a powerful jet of water at the spoiler, water is going to get in there, it's not a perfect seal. So I only ligthtly spray that area of my car when cleaning, and as above the DT is still working 4 years later.
  7. edd_jedi

    Back in a Five!

    Yep, my Diversity Antenna is still working 4 years later
  8. edd_jedi

    Error Code 3F57 (boost pressure plate)

    This code has just returned again after going away for a while. A bit of Googling is bringing up posts about turbo actuators, any more experience with this from anyone please?
  9. edd_jedi

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    MOT today, this is the fourth one I've done since buying the car in 2017, and the fourth straight pass, not bad for a 17 year old car. Not even any advisories today as I sorted the drop link earlier this year. Despite the high pass rate my car does seem slightly cursed though, last year the air bag light came on while driving to the MOT (thank god for Carly) and today the coolant level warning came on while driving there, the first time I've ever seen that warning in this car! It needed a pint of coolant/water mix when I got it home, to be honest I don't think I've checked the level for over a year as it's never used a drop in the previous three years so will have to investigate a possible small leak.
  10. Yes, I just press the PDC button.
  11. Yes it was running it through the bodywork and hinge that took ages, had to remove almost all of the bootlid trim and the rear speakers etc, was a nightmare. With hindsight would have taken your route!
  12. Yes I've got one installed in the boot handle on my E61. It was a nightmare to fit (5 hours!) but the view is good, you would be able to see the towbar.
  13. edd_jedi

    Which is the right battery?

    Yes, but that's worst case scenario. For the vast majority of cars like mine, even at 15 years old they spent 10 minutes looking at it and said it was fine. The likelihood of this being the cause of the problem is miniscule, it's far more likely to be the battery itself or the IBS. And without using ISTA it's pure guess work.
  14. edd_jedi

    Which is the right battery?

    Here you go, details of the recall: https://www.ccpc.ie/consumers/product_recalls/bmw-recalls-models-e60-e61-e63-e64/