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  1. edd_jedi

    Key fob only works when up close.

    Could be the key battery or the diversity antenna
  2. edd_jedi

    Automatic Transmission Code 4f86

    You're much better off asking on a 1 series specific forum like this one: https://www.babybmw.net/forum/ The chances of people on a 5 series forum being able to help are slim!
  3. You need to use NCS Expert with a DCAN cable. From memory you need to add '+KMP3' to the VO. Although I was under the impression all cars late 2005+ had it already, so a 2007 should. But worth double checking. Here's a youtube video:
  4. I'm not sure as I don't have one, but I would imagine none of the extra buttons work on the CarPlay side, so apart from looking better might be a waste of effort.
  5. edd_jedi

    Torque converter queries

    You have to pay for the full features but should be able to read adaptations for free. You can on the Windows version anyway.
  6. edd_jedi

    Torque converter queries

    xHP does work on an iPhone but I think you need a specific OBD adapter for it to work, have a look on the website. I don't know of any other software that will tell you gearbox adaptation values.
  7. edd_jedi

    Should It stay or should it go lol

    A Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDi will do nearly 60MPG, so that halves your fuel costs straight away. A 2013 model would cost you about 3-4k. and being a VAG parts are dirt cheap compared to BMWs.
  8. edd_jedi

    Torque converter queries

    If you have a Windows 10 laptop or Android phone, buy a £15 DCAN cable from eBay and then install this: https://www.xhpflashtool.com/ You can use the free version to read your gearbox adaptations. That will tell you if it's screwed or not.
  9. edd_jedi

    Should It stay or should it go lol

    Yep I'm a big fan of MV2s as well, I took CSL's off my old Z4 to put MV2s on instead. They may not be the best looking wheel but they are certainly not bad looking, the ride is nice and as above the tyres are reasonable (I paid about £130 each for Pirrelli's all round on mine.) All I hear about Spiders is they crack easily, can't be doing with that. I agree that you don't want to waste all the money you have spent on it, it just seems that doing such huge mileage you need to weigh up the costs of consumables - fuel, tyres, oil, brakes etc. Plus the odd unpexpected bill. No matter how lucky or careful you are, you will at least be doing a set of tyres every year, several services, and a big whack on fuel. You could make a considerable saving on all of those by driving a smaller, more economical car. So really what you have to weigh up is are you prepared to spend x £1000s a year on wear and tear to drive a BMW every day.
  10. edd_jedi

    Should It stay or should it go lol

    Keep it as a weekend car?
  11. edd_jedi

    Should It stay or should it go lol

    OK makes sense, I don't think an old car is up to that kind of mileage, even if you are so if the job or location can't change, get yourself a brand new Kia with unlimited meilage and 7 year warranty or something. You must be spending a fortune on fuel too, these old cars will barely do 35MPG, you could easily double that in a newer more economical car. Doing 40k miles a year in a big thirsty 10+ year old BMW is never going to be cost effective I'm afraid.
  12. edd_jedi

    Should It stay or should it go lol

    Well as above doing your kind of mileage there aren't many options that won't cost you a fortune, you can pretty much choose between maintaining an older car or buying/leasing a new one at greater initial cost but lower maintenance. Out of interest why so many miles, would it not be more cost effective to move closer to where you work or get a new job?
  13. edd_jedi

    Should It stay or should it go lol

    Doing nearly 1000 miles a week in pretty much any car is going to result in big and regular bills. You might be better off buying or leasing a brand new car with included servicing and a warranty doing that kind of mileage. You could get a brand new 5 series for about £500 a month, probably not far off what you're spending currently! Unfortunately there's a reason why people call old executive cars money pits - they are! I have done a lot of the work you have mentioned above on mine, but I only do about 5k a year so it's all been spread out over the last four years.
  14. It should do, mine does. I think it's a setting on the phone rather than on the CarPlay unit.
  15. I don't have factory USB so perhaps you can confirm, but my understanding is because it has both USB and AUX as input options, you cannot select 'AUX' in iDrive unless there is a cable plugged into the connector, it will be greyed out. That seems to be how it distinguishes between USB and AUX.