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  1. ZippyUK

    To those NOT at Le Mans...

    Thinking about doing both next year, Classic and 24hr especially with Ford making a return
  2. ZippyUK

    New Toy

    Picked it up Tuesday, last time i had a bike was 22 years.
  3. ZippyUK

    My new arrival...

  4. ZippyUK

    Do BMW want to sell parts?

    I have not really had a problem with Woods either.
  5. Development for the E34's successor began in early 1989, internally known as "Entwicklung 39" and ended in 1995. The final design by Joji Nagashima was selected in June 1992 and later frozen for production under new design chief Chris Bangle. With design selection in 1992, the series development phase began and took 39 months till start of production. The domestic German design patent was filed on April 20, 1994, utilizing an E39 prototype. The first pilot production models were built in February 1995, with full-scale production starting later in the year. Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_5_Series_(E39)
  6. ZippyUK

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Car MOT today, passed after a temp repair, good old rust, believe it or not drop link rubber split on the front, and was told put some tape round it and it will pass. Now where's Piper need a piece cut out for proper repair.
  7. ZippyUK

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced o/s/r drop link, lovely job NOT!!!. Lucky i had a decent socket set and a couple of wobbly bars, plus big lever to stop lower ball socket from turning as i could not get on the flats with a spanner as someone previous had put the washer the wrong side. Hope that makes sense. Finished of Shadowline kit, fitted rear bumper corners with PDC holes thanks to Jay_w for them. Front door inner window trims fitted as well.
  8. ZippyUK

    New HGV speed limits

    Best thing i have done as well, Poole-Birmingham 26 pallets off load, reload a few stacks of empty trays and pallets and drive back
  9. ZippyUK

    New HGV speed limits

    About time, although it will not stop the got to get in front the truck muppet's, at any cost. Tosco's!!!! Well i expect them to still be doing 40, along with Wincanski, Maratimeski amongst few. I for sure will be doing 50, obviously this cant be done on all A roads, so subject to conditions.
  10. ZippyUK

    I'd like your opinions on a dispute please!

    Knew i should have bought the plate, but spent too much at the time on other bits
  11. ZippyUK

    V8 Engine Swap?

    If the money came along i would love to turn my Tourer into an M5 Tourer
  12. ZippyUK

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Managed to order set of Genuine black floors mats from my local Stealer's for my 523 Tourer, was showing 1 set left at warehouse, thought they were not available any more. Happy days
  13. ZippyUK

    My first little mod - 528i E39

    One of the best mods I have done as well Still got rear bumper trims to do, still trying to source with PDC holes