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  1. I've been asked by a guy who's doing my graphics for my new business, to get his E36 328i sport coupe running again after 3 years of being sat in the garage. I have put the plugs back in ( he left them out after attempting to change them), put 2 gallons of fresh fuel in, charged the battery, it turns over lovely, but it will NOT catch, in any way. It sounds like a lack of fuel, took the plugs back out, no smell of fuel at all. I also can't get the car to arm or disarm will the alarm, (it has those crappy separate fobs BMW did) one of them I have put new batteries in, the other lights up ok. I have checked the fuses, the fuel pump makes a noise when the ignition is turned on. Theres a lock on the alarm sounder whether the its turned to on or off makes no difference the car still turns over but won't catch. Any ideas as to the problem, i'm set on it being the alarm but stuck where to start diagnosing...??? My next plan was to pop a fuel hose off and turn it over just to make sure there was no fuel getting to it. Thanks Jonesy
  2. Jonesy525isport

    523i touring Lambda

    Rang cotswold Today, as per usual excellant srvice. He advised me that the CCV valve on the bottom of the inlet blocks for a past time. Also ordered bmw rocker cover gasket and all associated pipes. all for just over £150.00
  3. Jonesy525isport

    523i touring Lambda

    TheEnd - I had a leak on the rocker cover gasket so I replaced it and it was still leaking. So I took the breahter pipe and put it into a catch tank that I have strapped into the engine bay, as the pipe that goes to the inlet manifold appeared to be blocked with crap. i'll try getting that pipe from BMW first and fixing that before doing the sensors. Along with a genuine rocker cover gasket. Thanks for your input much appreciated! you might have saved me some dolla and more importantly my time! Joneys
  4. Jonesy525isport

    523i touring Lambda

    I took my E39 touring for its MOT today, whilst waiting I noticed that the tester had been giving it a fast idle for quite some time. He reckons the lambda sensor (s) are gone. This would also explain me struggling to get more than 19mpg! I've found some new ones on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4d02729aeb Am I right in thinking I can fit these to the exhasut and the manifold? or are there different ones for each? I've checked and theres one on my manifold and one by the cats. My plan is to change the manifold for a stainless one (again off of ebay) as my brother did this and it made a noticeable differene, And then get the nut for the exhaust one and get my brother to weld on a new nut, if I can get the sensor out. thanks AJ
  5. Jonesy525isport

    rocker cover gasket not sealing

    When I bought my E39 523i I saw that the rocker cover gasket was leaking, No problem replaced this on my e34 525i sport, and it sealed first time. I buy a new seal kit from GSF on ebay, fit it and thing nothing of it. Few days later I can smell oil, open the bonnett to a cloud of smoke, right. So I remove the whole lot again clean it all down and re- fit it. a few days later.... Cloud of smoke again, so I remove it all again, this time I spot a bit of old seal which has gone brittle either end of where the 2 plugs seals go, so I remove these and think that must of been it, being covered in oil and black I wouldn't have seen it Just got back from filling up and it appears its still leaking around the plug holes:( Are there any breahter pipes I can check as it has to be sealing right this time, as i think its being pushed out by pressure. the oil only seems to come out when I have used kickdown a few times too any help much appreciated as i'm about to set fire to this f**cking thing! Jonesy.
  6. Jonesy525isport

    523i Electrical probs - radio won't turn off

    Thanks mate, I remember researching the night I first had the problems and that was one of the things, thanks for reminding me i'll look into a new one
  7. When I first got the car (first evening) the battery went dead but just before it did it threw up loads of electrical problems. A new battery sorted all of the electrical problems, and a few days later the cd player also started working, this was a few weeks ago. I took it to Bath today to do a job, working perfect until I get in it to go home....... The radio won't do as its told, via the face or the steering wheel, after 5 minutes of shouting at it & tapping it, I repeatedly tapped the down volume on the wheel and the sound went down. Between the bath and bristol the radio starts behaving itself. Stopped off in bristol on the way home to do a 2 minute job (caulk up some trunking from yesterday) and i'm back to square one, but this time nothing will work. i've tried : Getting out locking the car via, key and lock on the door. tapping the face button on the wheel. also the central locking didn't seem to want to work on the key sometimes today. any Ideas guys??? I thought it might be water related but its rained shitloads before and no problems!! any help would be greatfull cheers Jonesy.
  8. Jonesy525isport

    cd player not working e39 touring

    Not it was genuine Cd, tried more than one. guess i'm just going to have to get a new unit
  9. Jonesy525isport

    cd player not working e39 touring

    Evening gents, I've got the built in Cd head unit on my E39 (no cd changer), but it won't play a CD.. It will take one, and when I try and fast foward a track you can occasionally hear a bit of the track. The radio functions fine btw. any ideas?? cheers Jonesy
  10. Jonesy525isport

    5 series brakes that I can't cook...

    530d's got the 324mm brakes too i believe
  11. Jonesy525isport

    5 series brakes that I can't cook...

    Ah right I see. staring to get quite busy wit work now, if it keeps going like this i'll be looking at and e61 next. see how the next few months pan out. ill get some use out of whats left first
  12. Jonesy525isport

    5 series brakes that I can't cook...

    Thats the rears...?? I might look at putting 530d front brakes on the front, after all the 530 has about another 10 bhp and a slightly heavier engine, so basically the same car.
  13. Jonesy525isport

    5 series brakes that I can't cook...

    Cheers gents. I had green stuff on my E34 front and back and cooked them quite easily. I don't think they do yellow's for the 523i?? If I fit 530d brakes with yellows, will the standard MC be alright with the bigger brakes? thanks Jonesy
  14. Jonesy525isport

    Tyres, your experiences......

    With regard to tyres, I think they should be treated the same as brakes... you wouldn't buy cheap ones... would you?? Cheap tyres on decent cars such as BMW's always make the ABS WAY!!! oversensative. I have Nexens on my 523i at the front (they came with it) ABS kicks in really easy Personally I like Continentals, Good Years, Falken's & Michelins
  15. Jonesy525isport

    5 series brakes that I can't cook...

    When I had my previous e34 525i sport the main downfall was always the brakes, they never held up for very long whilst having a blast on a back road. Now I have an e39 523i touring its the same case, I slowed down from a reasonable speed a few times, a few miles apart and the pedal started to go funny. My car has decent thickness pads all round, virtually new on the front (but their autoequipe... crap). What pad setup can I go for that will give a really good cold bite around town etc and still lets me lean on them when I want to press on? I dont want fancy discs, but im going to add braided hoses, decent fluid, and maybe replace the discs for good quality plain ones... thanks Jonesy.