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  1. Lovely and rare colour - strong money considering the work that needs doing. Poor add for someone who has had "lots" of them. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1352213
  2. My F11's aircon has stopped working as it appears to have a gas leak. Bearing in mind my car is over 8 years old with 68000 miles has anyone managed to get BMW to pay for a new one or contribute heavily? Was there an "unofficial" recall to sort these out? Many thanks
  3. E39mad

    E39 mileage register

    Been done elsewhere and could do one for the other E cars too. All you do is copy the latest list put your mileage in the correct order, lowest mileage at the top then username and car - I'm betting on Raymonds being at the end! I'll start: 70250 E39mad 525d
  4. Lots of threads on these - have replaced it twice in the past. First time I removed the glove box lid, 2nd time managed to do it without dismantling the car. This thread may assist:
  5. E39mad

    Techno Alpina B10 V8S

    Lovely colour and car - just a shame about the grey leather as was never a fan of it.
  6. Tanzanite is a lovely colour - congrats on the new wheels.
  7. I know why it's expensive - he says it has a 6 speed autobox
  8. E39mad

    Late BMW F10 530i / D or Audi A6?

    Be careful Mark if the Lexus has the CVT gearbox - they apparently are the weak link in a very good car. I think the hybrids use them but straight petrols do not. Audi - avoid S Line models as they are not comfortable. My father has a 2017 A4 Avant Allroad Sport 3 litre diesel and it is an extremely good and comfortable car - so much so that I have my eye on it should he decide to change. I find our F10 a little large especially down country lanes and now that one of the kids has flown the nest. I am steering towards an E39 size car for my next one which for me provides the perfect combination of size refinement and agility. If you are looking at Mazda 6 you may as well look at a Mondeo (awaits being flamed...lol). Two friends have late ones and they are brilliant at what they do for not a lot of money. A really nice drive.
  9. E39mad

    My first ever BMW - 530xd Touring

    Sounds like a great spec - congratulations
  10. E39mad

    Sat nav issues

    No Sat Nav on mine either - does not bother me as Google maps is way better. I understand the early F10/11 satnav could not put in a full postcode as you could not put in the last letter making it almost utterly useless!!
  11. E39mad

    Dusted off for the summer

    Taxed the vert and went out for a blast yesterday. It's great to wind that straight six up with a fantastic manual gearbox....more sunny days please. 2nd pic is an official advert from the the 90's
  12. E39mad

    BMW 530D 65 PLATE 3.5K OPTIONAL EXTRAS - £15,495

    More pictures and a price should help
  13. E39mad

    Petrol or diesel

    Your query relates to DPF issues and I think since the F10 models there have been very few if any issues notified on these cars.
  14. E39mad

    BREAKING 1995 318iS M Technic

    Flippin eck - looks like it could do with a good dose of Patio Magic!!
  15. E39mad

    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    A little anecdote following the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh: 1989 Cowes Week, have finished college and I am crew on the main boat in picture Fraggle. Our fleet started 10 minutes behind the Sigma 38 fleet one of which was helmed by HRH. Our boats were quicker and we would usually pass their fleet on the first downwind leg. There were some gobby guys in our fleet and one shouted over when passing HRH on the first spinnaker leg: "Oi Stavros....don't gybe in my effing water" to which there was an immediate retort from Prince Phillip who didn't even turn to look at the offender "It's my wife's water and I can gybe where I bloody well like" RIP
  16. Renault 25 - used to see loads of those in the early 80's My dad had an Opel Record in 1978 - before his E23 728 VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia's - you could buy them easily in the 1980's - Ghia's are extremely rare now.
  17. E39mad


    Welcome - another fellow 5 and E36 owner here.
  18. E39mad

    word of warning

    Was the new battery coded to the car or just installed?
  19. E39mad

    Not a BMW sorry.

    A friend has just bought the XC60 hybrid. What engine is in yours? Great review here of 10000 miles in an X5 hybrid (not that I can afford one)
  20. E39mad

    Murray Walker - RIP

    97 laps is a good race! One of my childhood faves gone and one that got me into watching many forms of motorsport. I remember his rally cross commentary as much as F1. RIP Murray.
  21. House prices continue to rise due to no return at the banks and people not wanting inflation to ruin their savings. Stocks and shares are volatile. BTL investors are already disadvantaged over a private buyer with higher stamp duty, CGT on sale, and removal of tax deductions on mortgage interest for higher rate tax payers. If the govt make it very difficult for investors who is going to house all those wanting to rent when there is no supply as the govt/local authorities don't build houses for the masses to rent anymore. Supply is the key word here. Prices will carry on going up until supply reaches demand which is unlikely to happen. New houses (plus infrastructure: roads, schools etc) are needed in tens of thousands. We have the space just not the will to do it.
  22. I pay £238 fully comp on the 520d - full no claims, early 50's in Cheshire
  23. E39mad

    F11 550i

    One has turned up today on the trader - I'll bet this is the one that was for sale on here but now has a £4k premium https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202102279541711?postcode=sk105qt&sort=relevance&include-delivery-option=on&year-to=2021&radius=1501&body-type=Estate&make=BMW&model=5 SERIES&aggregatedTrim=550i V8&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&page=1
  24. Never heard of the colour Moive Grey before even as an individual colour - wonder if they made that one up!!
  25. The majority of the time the Ctek is used for the E36 vert which does not hit the streets from late October until April. Std 12 volt battery and used the RECOND on this last week.