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  1. E39mad

    Finally a new daily of F11 flavour

    Congratulations. Great looking car. Blue suits the F11 well.....but I am slightly biased!!
  2. E39mad

    E39 ALPINA Touring, Send

    Could be @sharkfan What colour was it. IIRC his is Grey.
  3. Welcome. I own a late 2010 F11 520d and it has been superbly reliable - currently on 81500 miles. Family owned from new. Not run an extended warranty and the additional cost over regular servicing in parts and labour over 8 years has been less than £1500. I do not know of any specific updates in production from March 2011 that could make the car more reliable. The common weak point in all of them can be the N47 engine and it's timing chain which is at the back of the engine and prone to stretching or even snapping. The number of cases are miniscule in comparison to the number of cars out there but it can happen. A comprehensive service history and even better additional intermittent oil changes (which I have done on ours) might give some piece of mind. Bear in mind that the manual car will be hard to sell and the reverse gear linkage is a known weak point. The 8 speed auto suits the car superbly and is just if not more efficient. Good luck.
  4. Rare options those active seats and sunroof
  5. F11 is 11 years old - fresh MOT with no advisories. Another great years motoring from the old estate. Other than a std service it purely had a gearbox flush and oil change at a ZF gearbox specialists.
  6. E39mad

    £100k 5 series

    Lovely car. However a new Alpina B5 estate will set you back over £110k.
  7. E39mad

    E38 728i Concourse Project

    I do like an E38 - a friend of mine has a SWB pre-facelift 750i with about 50000 miles on the clock. Shame it's brown though...lol
  8. E39mad

    E39 530i

    I saw this add and though what a joker. The advert is also extremely poor. No mention of history nor preventative maintenance that you would want. Firstly the ASKING price is about £13000 - £15000 too high. Secondly where is there £10000 of extras on that car - I can see about £4000 at best - 18" alloys, leather, widescreen nav. It may have xenons but there is never that amount of options. No heated or electric seats etc etc
  9. E39mad

    Style 32’s (SOLD)

    Thanks. I'll let him know and PM if want to take it any further.
  10. E39mad

    Style 32’s (SOLD)

    Are these still available? Asking for a friend with an E38. Would you be able to pack them up if a courier was arranged to collect?
  11. Good plan - do you have the facility to flush the gearbox? Had mine done at an auto transmission specialist - they state that about 1/3 of the oil remains in the box after draining hence the requirement for it to be flushed to clear out all of the old oil.
  12. Load rating is 100W This is an none run flat tyre that came off my fathers 3 litre Audi but also suitable for BMW. It's done about 3500 miles and is in excellent condition with no punctures or repairs. Reason for sale is that the car is now on all season tyres and this tyre is too good to bin. Collection near Macclesfield Cheshire or can courier for additional charge. These sell for £150 each so £50 is a bargain. Can send pictures if you PM your email address.
  13. E39mad

    Road Tax

    I think road tax will become extremely expensive when the govt can't get tax revenue from the sale of petrol and diesel once they have pushed us all into electric vehicles. Either that or there will be tolls on the roads.
  14. Hi Marc I'll look through what I have remaining and send you a PM later today with the info. Thanks