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  1. Currently on 73500 miles but it's 9 years old next month
  2. Got a quote from this outfit: cost of a service inc oil and the new sump pan ( filter ) would be £255 plus vat , however some people like to have a flush and filter that guarantees to change all of the fluid , that would cost about £100 plus vat approx. Does that seem reasonable?
  3. 9 year old 520d here. Other than routine servicing, tyres and brakes the additional costs of repairs during the 6 years outside warranty have been £720 or £120 a year including labour. Items were: 2 x rear suspension airbags New aircon condensor New side light control unit Items I fixed myself were blocked washer bottle and fuses for 12 volt socket. I would say it is up there with the most reliable cars ever owned.
  4. The full one year AUC is probably worthy around £1200 or more. Some people may value that.
  5. I thought Champagne II's came with Poplar wood trim not Kodiak Silver as per the ad That's strong money - I'd baulk at £10k never mind £13k
  6. E39mad

    Buying used F11. Where to start?

    VDC is a rare option and one that is great to have as you can adjust the dampers to suit the road conditions - not heard of any issues with this option. The 535d in Hull is a well specced car - won't see many with those options together.
  7. E39mad

    Buying used F11. Where to start?

    Ride height is greater on an SE or Luxury model. M Sport models are lowered but can have deleted M Sport Suspension or VDC (variable damper control) both of which are rare but provide a greater ride height. Make sure you are happy with the seats - depending on your preference lumbar support can be a must. Comfort Seats are the ultimate and come with memory for both front seats
  8. E39mad

    E39 530i touring

    Yes my Sport Touring was silver - really suited the car well.
  9. E39mad

    E39 530i touring

    Like the exterior colour - possibly the best std colour in a Sport Touring Not a fan of grey leather and no heated seats!
  10. E39mad

    4 x 18" Style 328 Alloys - SOLD

    SOLD to a forum member.
  11. E39mad

    4 x 18" Style 328 Alloys - SOLD

    Hi Discopete Have sent you a PM
  12. E39mad

    4 x 18" Style 328 Alloys - SOLD

    Need these gone now - would consider sensible offers.
  13. E39mad

    17" BMW 236 Wheels on F11

    Yes they should fit. You can buy my square set 18"s genuine alloys for a £1000 less!!
  14. E39mad

    Unicorn E39 M5 maybe?

    It's gorgeous. Shame the lights and the camera seem to show it as almost orange. Imola red is beautiful in the metal and natural daylight and much much darker than it appears on here.
  15. Cross Climates are all weather tyres rather than full winters. I run Dunlop SP 225/55/17 full winters and they have been superb. In the 2nd "beast from the east" in March 2018 I drove back from Cardiff without a hiccup with the M5 having snow on all lanes. We live in the foothills of Peak District on a steep driveway - I would not be without them. They are brilliant also in the cold and wet with much better stopping distances and overall grip. I have a set of genuine 18" alloys for sale at present if anyone is after a set of wheels to put winters on - only £360.