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  1. E39mad

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    That colour will do your OCD over polishing no good at all
  2. E39mad

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    Great looking motor that Dan - congratulations. Is it Imperial Blue or Black? Whatever it is I like the contract with Oyster/black leather and comfort seats (same as my car!) and I like the wheels too.
  3. E39mad

    Time to move the 328i on?

    I think I've decided to keep it for the time being and take stock of the fleet once the house build is done and we know more about my wife's condition. In the meantime I've seen that E36 M3 verts with similar miles and condition are now north of £16000. In a coupe an M3 is understandable but not necessary in a vert imho where there is a little more flex and speed isn't everything in top down driving. You get enough sensation with a sonorous 2.8 straight six.
  4. E39mad

    Time to move the 328i on?

    I'd put it up for around £8000 Rich. It had a new quality roof last year at over £1000, not that the old one leaked but the stitching on the outside was starting to go and the back window had a small crack in it. Also wanted a blue roof over a black one The genuine Alpina alloys with excellent Goodyear tyres are worth a £1000. It's not showroom but it is one of the best E36's out there according to Darren Paul (BMW independent in Bredbury).
  5. E39mad

    Time to move the 328i on?

    Thanks Duncan. It's not costing much to keep - insurance is £140 a year, tax is £150pa and MOT including servicing averages out at about £200pa. It probably gains that much in value each year. We don't really need the money. I don't think we'd replace at present. The Fiesta only did 1500 miles last year and the 520d is due to do about 3000. We need to keep the Fiesta for our son and daughter to drive (son is already learning). Maybe until we are in the new house and we know whether Mrs Mad will be rid of this long covid and back in work (currently no commuting into Manchester) will we take stock. I think one car that could replace the 520d and 328i would be the most sensible thing but who wants to sensible when you are only here once!!
  6. The E36 convertible went through it's MOT this week with only 350 miles added overall and now sits around 86500 miles. A new house being built in our garden and Mrs Mad is still off work with long covid so doesn't drive it. It's a garage queen which is only used between May and October. We have owned the car since 2013 and spent a lot of time and money getting it to the excellent condition for it's age that it is now. Prices have risen especially for a 328i with genuine factory manual Sport like this one. Wrong time of year probably but considering our options.
  7. I wouldn't worry. I cannot remember any reports of F10/11 dpf problems which could have been an issue with the previous generation. Did BMW change the way it generates to stop them getting clogged up.
  8. Had an oil & filter change and brake fluid change at the Indy. Last oil was May 2020 and only done 5000 miles in that time but I like to change it every year. Car now just short of 80000 miles. Rear brake pads say 3000 miles left but Indy says the pads are half worn. Had this last time in that the idrive/sensor keeps changing the distance left - so much so there was another 10000 miles in them before changing.
  9. E39mad

    Photos of the 3 Pre LCI Grills

    You have a lot of grilles The chrome is a no for me on white car so one of the other two. Quite like the look of the Cerium.
  10. E39mad

    Swirl flaps ?

    My 525d manual definitely did not have swirl flaps. My understanding is that the pre-facelift 530d's with the 184bhp engine also did not have the swirl flaps.
  11. I never understand a plate that tells people what car it is as those who are interested should already know. Anyway maybe of interest to someone with an E34 https://dvlatimedauction.co.uk/auction/B240/E34BMW
  12. E39mad

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    Yep the E36 reminds me of what BMW's used to be - a straight six sonorous petrol with communicative steering in small agile package - where did it all go wrong ...lol Off to Oulton Park in it this weekend to watch some vintage car racing!
  13. E39mad

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    Hi Rich I really like the look of the F06 and has to be the best looking BM of the last 10 years. If I didn't need an estate (dog and wife with long covid requiring a scooter atm) I'd be all over one. Cheers Rupert
  14. E39mad

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    Wow - some wonderful cars there - the E26 is my favourite as I sat in one as an 11 year in old in Blue Bell Wilmslow back in 1979. Also have a soft spot for the E24 as my dad had a 1982 628csi then a 1984 635csi. My dad also had an E23 728 E32 735i amongst the E12 525 E34s an E39 540i and an E65 735i. I wonder where I got my BMW lust from!! The E38 Alpina is also epic - remember seeing it years ago at a Cat and Fiddle meeting. I am sure there is an E32 or two on here also. Hoping some have an E30 out there or even an E21 amongst the 3 series guys. An E3 or an E9 would be epic but never seen any on here.
  15. E39mad

    Low mileage B10 V8S.

    It says the following at the bottom of the listing: For people information on the previous auction the car was bid up to £17750, when the buyer came to pay he decided he wanted to do an inspection and test drive which is not how these auctions work, he then wanted to bid for the car, so we decided to relist the car for previous bidders to buy and enjoy, please come and view the car before bidding to avoid any problems later, any inspection is welcome but not after the auction has finished