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  1. E39mad

    White alpine g31

    Welcome - fine looking car you have there
  2. E39mad

    RIP Niki Lauda

    A remarkable man. Given the last rights after his crash in 1976 then raced 40 days later and won the championship the following year.
  3. E39mad

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    Congratulations. They are great long distance machines. See you have the rare Oyster/Oyster interior combo.
  4. Well started the job this morning following the excellent link above and have been flummoxed by the hex screw at the front (1 min 45 secs into the video) Despite spraying with GT86 and leaving to penetrate the screw just will not budge as appears fused to the metal bracket so think it's off to the indy for this one!
  5. Thanks all. I have purchased a new Nissens from fleabay for £110 and will attempt to fit myself.
  6. E39mad

    What are you currently drinking...?

    Festivale! Our small town holds the biggest volunteer run festival in the UK every 4 to 5 years - big top on the recreation ground with a beer tent to the side with great local real ales. Off to see Oasish and a Pink Floyd tribute act over the next few weeks. Sat outside the tent last night listening to Roxy Music with ale, port and whiskey!
  7. E39mad

    Which engine to choose when buying

    I do not worry about the chain in my early N47 - it does not rattle and has had additional oil changes to the recommended. Over 90% of 5 series sold were the 520d and there are some chains that have snapped but in comparison to the number of cars out there I would say the percentage is very small indeed. The reason it is mentioned a lot is that it is a pain (and can be expensive) to fix as the chain is at the back of the engine and the engine has to be taken out to work on.
  8. Pretty sure my early F11 does not automatically release the parking brake - it stays put and dings at you with the release the parking brake (you prat) message
  9. E39mad

    A Trip Up North

    Kirby Longsdale is lovely. Trough of Bowland is far nicer than Blackpool which I personally would avoid - better going to Southport or Lytham St Annes if want to see the coast. Arnside is not too far off the M6 in south Cumbria and does not have the traffic issues of the nearby lake district.
  10. My F11's aircon has stopped working as it appears to have a gas leak. Bearing in mind my car is over 8 years old with 68000 miles has anyone managed to get BMW to pay for a new one or contribute heavily? Was there an "unofficial" recall to sort these out? Many thanks
  11. E39mad

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Recent trip in the F11. New oil, air and fuel filter may have helped - it's a 520d with no stop/start or eco pro. One up and a full tank of V power when set off.
  12. E39mad

    SuperDave RIP

    Extremely sorry to hear the news. RIP SuperDave
  13. E39mad

    Line of duty

    I don't think Hastings is H but we will see. Made some stupid mistakes which assists in trying to make him look guilty. I believe McQueen is known to Hastings (called her Lisa) which has me wondering where she fits into all this. Like there is another covert investigation going on that no-one else within AC12 is privy to.
  14. E39mad

    M sport/ sport

    Do you have an original brochure you can copy and show them? It's clear in there as what was available!
  15. E39mad

    M sport/ sport

    This is BMW UK marketing dept that over the years have confused everyone. I do not know what badges/names are used in other countries.