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  1. E39mad

    F10 525d 3.0 v F01 730d

    I'd give the F01 a miss over an F10 - they never had a great press nor following from owners . The latest 7 series however (pre-facelift) is a superb motor car and becoming cheap although needs to be a lot cheaper before I'd jump
  2. If that's the case then it appears to be a good buy.
  3. It has the additional dot on the mileage readout - usually a sign that it's been clocked. Other than the leather looks good though: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-BMW-525i-SPORT-AUTO-TOURING-LOW-MILEAGE-LOVELY-CAR-MOT-OCTOBER-2020/383369472345?hash=item594299e959:g:3-kAAOSwL05eHMrk
  4. E39mad

    E32 B12 Alpina

    Been trying to sell it for about 18 months ... says everything
  5. E39mad

    Anyone swapped an E39 M5 for a Golf Gti?

    I'd have an M140i over a Golf and take it to Birds Garage for an LSD and suspension mods
  6. That's good value imho - was thinking it would be more than £15000 with that mileage. Fabulous car.
  7. E36 328i - saloons/tourings are cheaper than coupe/convertibles but equally as fun!
  8. E39mad

    F10? Honest Appraisal

    It's fun when the sun comes out and yes still quick enough:
  9. E39mad

    Big Bmw fan unexpectedly gets back in a 5

    Welcome along. Fellow SE owner here. They look like 19" style 331's to me - good looking and rare wheel.
  10. E39mad

    F10? Honest Appraisal

    Not really, I'm not into tech so not bothered about expensive additional options that can go wrong. Attitude to motoring is different as there so many cars on the road and I am now in my early 50's so comfort is more important than driving hard. I'm lucky enough to have a 328i E36 in the garage so I can maintain some straight six sounds!
  11. E39mad

    F10? Honest Appraisal

    I had E39s for 10 years and have had the F11 for 6 years. The F10/11 doesn't get under your skin like the E39 does. It does not ride/handle as well as the E39 and the steering is bit lifeless (like most modern cars) but overall The F11 is a better and for us a more reliable car. The F11 is something to admire rather than enthuse about like you would in an E39. Oh and it's a much much bigger car!
  12. E39mad

    New (to me) G31

    Welcome along - plenty of us from the North West on here.
  13. E39mad

    E39 530i Sport Touring Manual

    I thought there were 5 speed manuals in all 6 cylinder cars and 535i - thought only the 540i had the 6 speed manual. Edit: I see they have changed the add - yesterday they were claiming it was a six speed manual!!
  14. Welcome to the forum. Difficult dilemma and only one you can decide on really. VDC cars do not have M Sport suspension and ride slightly higher (Adaptive Drive the same - as is basically VDC with added hydraulic antiroll bars). I'm not sure reducing the size of the alloys will solve your issue completely although should notice a little improvement. Having said that apparently the sweet spot for these cars is VDC with 18" alloys. Good luck
  15. E39mad

    2 days in and enjoying it!

    Congratulations on the new motor. Love the colour - nice to have one that's different from the rest.