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  1. E39mad

    New G31

    Welcome along. Spec and pictures will be demanded.
  2. Does the new house have a charging point for the Duracell Jay? BTW I quite like the i3 - is it a new one or one of the older ones with a petrol back up, Range Extender iirc
  3. E39mad

    Harrys Garage

    He does drive the X5 Phev a Golf Gti, a £4000 Merc SL600 and various Alfas. There is however a clear leaning towards expensive fast motors. Just like the way he presents.
  4. E39mad

    Harrys Garage

    Anyone else a fan of his. Only got into his channel recently but really enjoy his videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIB5XXHNAWWzTOw6guIMYCg
  5. E39mad


    Quite like it bar the Audi autobox selector. The V8 is the one to have by most accounts.
  6. That made me laugh Jay. Nope not rich but hope to be more comfortably off when sell the bigger house and move into the smaller new one - should we get through all this!
  7. E39mad

    F11 550i!!

    It's there to remind you that BMW says you should upgrade your car
  8. I work from home so not much change for me. Walk the dog twice a day - visit one of the great freehouses for some real ale. Mowed the lawn on Tuesday. Have got the F11 and E36 to detail. Got all the kit already. Got loads of documents to burn which are now over 7 years old. Need clear out the annex before demolition and the start of the build of our new house.
  9. E39mad

    F11 550i!!

    It might be rare but that's a load of money for an 85k mile car. They were discontinued in the UK before LCi I seem to remember than even BMW dealers struggle to fix issues with these cars due to the low numbers (although is the same engine in the 650i and 750i) Save yourself a fortune and buy a 535i instead.
  10. E39mad

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    Memory Comfort Seats Ability to average over 50mpg in a big heavy estate Long distance comfort
  11. For new boots and alignment done. Only on 17"s but hit a pot hole the other night and the tyre ballooned so off with all the RFT winters and now on with none run flat Michellin Cross Climates. Was supposed to go to South Wales tonight (about 200 miles) but the rugby got cancelled so only done a mile on them!!
  12. E39mad

    F10 525d coil spring

    We had a snapped spring on our Fiesta last week which is almost 9 years old. Was told by my local mechanic not drive it as they can cause more damage if they drop into brake pipes etc especially if they are the oval shaped springs. Luckily our fix was below £100
  13. E39mad

    Washer jets gone weedy

    I managed to get to the tank about 18 months ago after no water coming through. It's a bit of pain to get to but worth it as once out the filter had completely gunked up. I used to use expensive (non BMW) washer fluid and now I just use their own - don't want to do that job again!!
  14. Done this job a few times on the touring - usually happens when Mrs Mad puts something metal across the top of the 12v socket like keys etc. She's been told and hasn't happened for a few years. I became an expert in replacing the fuse without dismantling the glove box.
  15. E39mad

    E39 540i Sport Auto £5000

    Shame it has the grey leather - stone green leather with the Slate Green was a great combo. Also no heated seats! It's on Car and Classic asking £5000 so may take less. A bit of a clean up and a set of OEM Style 37's and it would look great.