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  1. E39mad

    CD-43 Radio CD unit for E34/E36/E32 RARE

    These are great head units - I got one a couple of years ago - the amp is so much better than the std or most aftermarket stereos. GLWTS
  2. Post should have said outside of normal servicing. Servicing can be cheap even at BMW - a value oil and filter change is on the cards next month at £129 - I change the cabin filters myself saving £80 in total. Brake fluid is being done by an Indy as BMW want £100 for this.
  3. Our 520d Touring is 9 years old this December and has 67000 miles on the clock. No major issues to report. Don't run a warranty and repairs outside or normal servicing have cost less than £500 in over 5 years. No timing chain issues here but I change the oil in between the recommended servicing and run mostly on V Power fuel. Am lucky enough to have Comfort Seats which are electric memory with lumbar and they are brilliant seats. 18" summer wheels run ordinary tyres whilst the winters are 17" run flats and the ride is good to acceptable on both.
  4. E39mad

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Not a good week! Good luck with the rebuild.
  5. E39mad

    Time to move on.

    Don't be a stranger and keep us updated on your new motor. I really like the two tone interior - good choice sir!
  6. E39mad

    E38 750i

    Thread resurrection here! A good friend and client is about put his E38 SWB 750i up for sale. It's a prefacelift in Biarritz Blue with 18" style 32's. 85000 miles with full service history and is in superb condition. Will be one of the best out there. Trying to get some pics and is looking for £6995 ono - Based in Cheshire
  7. E39mad

    Convertible Care

    Sounds great - got any pics yet? It's amazing how much crud comes out of the roof despite it looking clean! I am told if you just want to seal the roof the Autoglym product may better but Renovo is the better cleaner. It didn't bother me as mine is rarely if ever in the rain.
  8. E39mad

    E36 328i Mtec Convertible

    Not updated this for ages. In the last four years not much else has been needed other than servicing. The horrid front lights were changed for OEM's. The stereo amp had blown and the pixels gone. Wanted to keep a factory look so got a CD43 unit which has a far better amp for the HK speakers. The rear diffuser was pitted beyond correctional repair so was painted last year. Car has been performing superbly and did a great round trip to Le Mans last summer. Pic from Gawsworth Show May 2017 amongst other Bimmers:
  9. E39mad

    Convertible Care

    Renovo do some excellent cleaners and products Mick. That's what I used when I got the 328i - the cleaner was brilliant and you could see the green coming off when you washed the hood which wasn't apparent otherwise. I cleaned the roof three times, then re-dyed it, then sealed it. 6 years later it's still looking great albeit it's a garage queen! You can buy all 3 as a kit. Here is the fleabay link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renovo-BLACK-Reviver-Kit-Soft-top-Canvas-Cleaner-Reviver-Ultra-Proofer-500ml/260870711705?epid=6017021779&hash=item3cbd1b2999:g:RKwAAOxy43FRaABT Thought I had some pics on here within this thread:
  10. E39mad

    F11 Buying Advice Needed Please

    The M Sport Plus package option had the widescreen nav with Harmon Kardon sound system plus 19" alloys. These could be added individually but were collectively cheaper as a package. LCi cars added Nav (business), power boot, and xenons as std.
  11. E39mad

    Is my car G30 or G31

    G30 is the one you don't want and G31 is the correct version to have However the correct answer is the G30 is the saloon and G31 is the touring
  12. That's a clean garage!
  13. Looks like a great and well kept example - one of the best Sport touring colours too (my 525d Sport touring was silver ) Good luck with it.
  14. E39mad

    BMW M135i

    Make sure you take it on a good test drive down some challenging roads. By all accounts they bounce around at speed like a pogo stick on steroids so can be difficult to drive quickly. Birds Garage have sorted it out with proper dampers and LSD if needed but clearly they cost - see Autocar online for details. I love them by the way (well the facelift ones )
  15. E39mad

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    Now I don't have an issue with people speeding on say 50/60/70 limit roads when conditions permit but speeding in a 30 limit is a not clever whatever the state of the traffic - it's 30 because it's built up and kids, pedestrians etc are likely to be around. It's people doing 35 or 40 in a 30 limit that bring on the nanny state of driving that we all fear and the speeders will be the one complaining the most when the powers that be change things to stop it.