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  1. E39mad

    E39 540i

    Seats look like they've done a lot more than 72k miles
  2. E39mad

    F10 550i

    Great spec especially with adaptive drive. Stick a 518d badge on the back and annoy a few people
  3. E39mad

    Time for a change?

    I realise not a BMW but my father has a 3.0 V6 diesel Audi A4 Allroad - my parents are both 83. It has a higher ride height than a standard Avant, great build quality and is big enough but not too big!! He changed his latest model Q5 to this and didn't get on with the SUV. You still get four wheel drive. Just make sure it has the extras you want. I'm not sure they make the V6 diesel any more but there is a fast petrol version. Similar cars are the Volvo Cross Country estate versions of the V60 V90. I prefer the look of these over an SUV and will be faster/more efficient.
  4. Agree that's very strong money especially from a none AUC trader. Other than 19"s, wide screen professional nav, it's not well specced. Service history needs looking into - last one was over 3 years ago according to the screen. That's a £17 - £18k car imho
  5. E39mad

    Thinking about ditching Run Flats

    I used to have 18" summers and changed to none run flats about 5 or 6 years ago to Michellin. I also had 17" run flat winters at that time. Now I just run the 17"'s with Michelin Cross Climate none rft's. Wouldn't go back to rft's at all - not enough give in the side wall and I don't have damper control to soften up the suspension. Not had a puncture in all that time and if I do and the tyre gunk/inflator doesn't work I'll get recovered.
  6. Worst job on what should be such a simple task. I cannot believe how stupid and difficult the fitting is. The E39 was a matter of seconds under the bonnet in comparison. I managed one side but failed on the other when I replaced both and went to halfrauds for them to fit it.
  7. Car went through the MOT today and had the lower suspension arm replaced as was an advisory last year. Done less than 5000 miles since the last MOT. Car is now 10 years old and done almost 78000 miles. This year over and above general servicing and MOT it has cost me £290 in repairs - I replaced the EGR valve as the car was hunting at low revs and the suspension arm. It's worth about £7k now on a private sale but as it remains so reliable I shall be keeping it especially as would need to add £20k to replace. Plan for the new year is a gearbox oil change. It remains more reliable than the E39 I had over a similar period and as a long distance car it is just brilliant.
  8. E39mad

    Educate me!

    Probably the biggest spec 520i ever produced but it's massively expensive even for a BMW dealer - you can get a similar mileage G31 with adaptive dampers for that money. Ultimately it is a soon to be 6 year old 520i. Been for sale for about 2 months with no price reduction.
  9. That Tim is just fabulous - what a machine. I bet it's a bit of a handful when the roads are greasy!!
  10. E39mad

    Educate me!

    If I was looking for another one I would choose this option over any other. But then I am over 50 now and our roads here are rubbish so comfort is more important than driving around on your door handles! Problem is there are very cars with this box ticked. I run an SE on 17" none run flats and have optional Comfort Seats and the ride is acceptable without being outstanding. You may prefer a firmer ride and an M Sport so 18" is your minimum wheel size.
  11. E39mad

    Educate me!

    Not sure about a guide that has all the info but here is a basic for you Dunc: Issues: Self levelling suspension airbags split on F11. Springs can break on the F10. Depending upon age/mileage I'd like to see proof of replacement. The aircon condenser can fail due to stone chips. Check it has ice cold a/c or been recently replaced. Specs: Upon launch all had leather seats and advanced aircon (except 520d which had a more basic aircon). Heated seats, xenons and nav packages were all options. Stop/start appeared late 2011 iirc Facelift (lci) cars built from July 2013 had more standard spec added: heated seats, business nav, Xenons, power boot on the F11. Desirable options depending on your requirements: VDC (damper control), head up display, memory seats (Comfort even better), upgraded sound system. Personally I'd avoid 19" wheels unless your roads are smooth your area or you have VDC. Runflats can add a "harshness" to the ride.
  12. E39mad

    7-seat MPV views and opinions

    We like the idea of a PHEV and tried a Mini Countryman for 48 hours which is exactly the same system as the 2 Active Tourer Hybrid. Unless your round trip journeys are less than 14 miles I think you will be extremely disappointed with the package. It never did anything more than 14 miles on a full charge with us and even less in the cold (was about 6 degrees). Once the petrol engine kicks in you are carrying around all the extra weight of batteries of drivetrain. We averaged just over 40mpg and did no round trip journeys of more than 18 miles and I reckon a std 1.5 petrol will be just as efficient and is also cheaper to buy and less complicated. I don't know how the F30 330e operates in the real world. I know that the latest Phevs in the X5 and G21 are extremely impressive. Technology has moved very quickly in these machines.
  13. E39mad

    F10 535i

    Great kit - looks like blue to me not Carbon Black. Comfort seats and VDC together a great but desirable option. Just a shame no folding rear seats.
  14. E39mad

    JIA Jensen FF 'Interceptor'

    My dad had two Interceptors bought around 1989/90 and sold 6 years later. One was a MkIII convertible. Blue with only 24000 miles - bought for £25000 and sold for same amount - you can put a one in front of those numbers now!! The other was an FF and a very unusual one. It was at the time the only MkIV FF in the world. That is had a complete rebuild by the West Bromwich factory in the 1980's. It was white with blue leather and a German doctor paid about £40000 for the complete rebuild including a new 5.7 litre Chrysler V8 and gearbox. It was RHD and brought back on a low loader. Again paid same money as the vert and sold for the same and is now worth a small house. I drove the FF to Tatton Show in the early 1990's - man that bonnet was long. Great looking GT cars but were prone to overheating if you pushed them.
  15. E39mad

    Next car?

    If you want comfort over anything else in the 5 and 6 get one with adaptive suspension and comfort seats plus avoid large wheels. I think 18" max for the G31 rather than 19" or 20". You can get the M Sport with 18" wheels on the 520d. The 6 is a bigger car iirc and generally come with more standard kit (sunroof and memory seats). I know you can have adaptive suspension on the X3 but don't think comfort seats are available so it's adding lumbar support to sports seats. Audi A6 - I don't know much about them but by all accounts avoid S-Line models which are notorious for rock hard suspension. My father has a current generation A4 Allroad 3.0 V6 diesel and it is a brilliantly made car. I like the Tiguan as a shape but never driven one. Not sure the powertrain/gearbox combinations are up to BMW standards and economy suffers on the more powerful models. Diesel should not be a problem for you if you are doing one motorway run a week. Nice conundrum to have - let us know how you get on.