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  1. mazza

    Msport model

    You will get used to it eventually and think how nice it looks
  2. mazza

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    I will keep looking for one, hopefully one with the right spec will turn up. I nearly bought a E60 but glad i waited as i really like the interior of the F10.
  3. mazza

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    E39Touring you have a point about the tax reasons and the market was flooded with diesels but most drivers i speak to are obsessed with the extra 10 mpg diesels will do and i was talking to a colleage the other day who was trading his car in and spending another 4k to upgrade to a diesel to save £100 a year! Thats the kind of logic people have.
  4. mazza

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    Yeah i really hope so but it seems that the majority of drivers love the diesels and dont care about the environment as long as they can get the cheapest motoring they can. Even worse is when you get drivers removing DPFs!! The diesel craze wont change much unless manufacturers stop offering them to the public. If they actually get round to banning diesels in the major cities then things will start to change. Im certainly not buying a diesel even if i can get 1000 mpg!!
  5. mazza

    2001 E39 M5

    What!!! £9750??? You are joking! Its too cheap. Car looks amazing! Good luck hope you don't regret selling
  6. mazza

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    Yes i have driven a 530d and i was annoyed how smooth it was as i always said i would never drive a diesel haha Amazing car! And it made a really nice sound!
  7. mazza

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    I might just go for the 4 cylinder model but need to drive it first to compare
  8. mazza

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    What year the Adaptive damping control introduced?
  9. mazza

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    Fair comment on it being a heavy car and shouldnt want to watch the mpg but its going to be a daily doing a minimum of 300 miles a week and i like a safe car. I have a weekend car for fun. I dont want another diesel and its why the 528i in i6 or i4 is an option for me. Ive seen some higher mileage 523i going for around 8k so the saving on initial purchase should compensate for the mpg. Im surprised at theig that your car being an SE doesnt ride smooth!! My cousin has a 520d sport 2012 on 18s and it rides firm but not bad at all.
  10. mazza

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    Im liking what i read!! So the 4 cylinder may do a few more mpg say 45? And i have been looking and the cheapest i can find is around 15k, a N53 is around 11k.
  11. mazza

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    Thanks for the info, is it possible to get a steady 40mpg on a long highway drive?
  12. Hi chaps Anyone on here have a petrol F10 528i N53, 528i N20 or 520i N20? Any comments on how these engines compare and what kind of MPG are they capable of and how the inline 6 compares to the 4 cylinder regards driving character and smoothness Thanks
  13. mazza

    Lower Fender Liner Trim Set

    This is totally unbelievable!! - Have i shifted into a parallel universe or something?? I just called Cotswold and 2 other BMW dealers and the price for one of these it £220 !!!! Im also missing the rubber strips so dont know how much that would be? Looked everywhere!! Even the breakers haven got any
  14. mazza

    BMW 528i Sport £1500!!!! SOLD!

    Now reduced to £1500!!
  15. mazza

    Wanted E60 530i Sport

    Welcome to the forum RT05!! Good luck on finding a petrol E60 530, nearly all members on here have diesels and i would think around 80% of E60s were diesels, ive also been looking for a while but its not easy to find the right colour spec etc. Theres a couple of manual 6 speeds on Autotrader when i last looked but i think they had over 100k miles.