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  1. themanstan

    SuperDave RIP

    My condolences to the family. A great loss.
  2. themanstan

    Food porn with sexy detailed descriptions

    Making PAELLA on the BBQ!
  3. themanstan

    Any IT or computer savvy people on here?

    What Nealpina said, check the OS version, if it is 64-bit then you can increase the amount of RAM. The maximum support for this model is 16GB, it only has 2 slots, and the memory fit type depends on the form factor.
  4. themanstan

    BMW E39 535i Project - £200

    +1 on air con drain
  5. themanstan

    Brake Light Burnout

    So had a brake light go on the offside, so replaced the bulb... nothing, swapped over bulbs holders offside still didn't work, so not a bulb issue... Quick google and there were suggestions of a bad loom... In fact, the bulb must have blown in a slightly spectacular fashion as part of the cluster had melted over the contacts preventing the bulb holder from making a circuit... Whipped off the cluster, filed off the burnt plastic, all working.
  6. themanstan

    Winter and summer rims

    if you lucky you can pick up set of turbines with winters already on... like i did for £100...
  7. themanstan

    E34 Saloon Roof Racks - anyone had them ?

    Poop.... found a 2010 thule guide where E34s are still listed, unless anyone else has tried 951s (they are considered universal for rain gutter) they recommend the expensive footpack 369. https://www.yumpu.com/it/document/view/3918902/thule-fit-guide-2010-globalparts However, Amazon has it at half price £30 free delivery! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thule-369-THULE-Universal-Joint/dp/B0001HAC28 1 left !
  8. themanstan

    E34 Saloon Roof Racks - anyone had them ?

    Where are you based Flying Banana? If you not too far or if i'm passing your way in the not too distant future we can do a "suck it and see" experiment!
  9. themanstan

    E34 Saloon Roof Racks - anyone had them ?

    Thule 951 FootPacks, Thule GB website doesn't have the E34 in their search engine for roof racks anymore. https://www.stresni-nosice.cz/128626-thule-9517122.html Says it does, lets see what e60neindanke has to say. 951.pdf
  10. themanstan

    E34 Saloon Roof Racks - anyone had them ?

    I think I have a set of footpacks the Thule for E34, e60neindanke can confirm the part number he is using. I'll check at home, unused in box and report back with parts numbers. If they are the right ones, happy to send for £10+postage. You'd just need the right square bars to with them (76X series) . Stan
  11. themanstan

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    I had been using Falken HS 439s for the 18" parallels in winter, but a puncture made me consider the alternative of separate winter sets. I'd bought a set of turbines which came with winters back in 2015 and they got their first proper use this year in Birmingham... worth every penny of £100 spent, less than getting a new tyre! YouTube
  12. themanstan

    An ideal way to get rid of that E39. (and other old crap)

    1:26 the Ford Ka with the Ply Roll cage
  13. Opie Oils are doing a deal on 5W30 LL FST code: EDGE20 £53 for 8L delivered
  14. themanstan

    Jump cables 400 amps for 850 CCA 3 Litres Diesel

    What he means is boosting to get started (proper jump start) or using the donor vehicles to provide all the amps. In this heat you won't need anywhere near 850A, as that is cold cranking i.e. when -20'C. These will be fine for an easy start if you are boosting... if the engine doesn't want to fire don't keep cranking... These are likely too light duty for a completely flat battery.
  15. themanstan

    So... What have you achieved this week

    Have you not seen a box of Scott's Porridge Oats? The "Hitler salute" is a traditional Scots manoeuvre when balancing a ball on your shoulder... the one on the Scott's porridge being a pifling little thing in comparison to what Dan has shouldered... I'm guessing Dan doesn't even have control of his arm... it just does it! I wonder if my son Adam hasn't got some Scot's blood in him... he's been continuing to ask for and eat a bowl of hot porridge in the morning despite all the heat...