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  1. And if you have LCI with brake energy regeneration (with equipment CO2 package) the battery is only charged upto 80% capacity. This can be coded out if you prefer to keep the battery in better condition.
  2. There's also slight a difference depending if the vehicle has regular lead acid or AGM battery.
  3. https://5series.net/forums/attachments/e60-discussion-2/147571d1426694953-e60-start-problem-rough-idling-bmw-voltage-supply-bus-systems.pdf
  4. Isn't the sensor part itself the same but intake side has a wire with connector and exhaust side has connector directly on the sensor housing. Intake 12147539172 Exhaust 12147518628 .
  5. Clavurion

    Ignition switch?

    Have you already done the sunvisor vanity mirror test if that provokes strange behaviour?
  6. The difficulty of removing voltage regulator depends if you have dynamic drive and/or active steering with tandem pump which comes in the way to access voltage regulator without removing alternator.
  7. Clavurion

    Swivelling Towbar Problem

    Use direct voltage on the motor and drive the system a notch back from the end point.
  8. Clavurion

    Diversity wires

    Yes, the same wires also work as the antennas. The picture is from another chassis but works the same on virtually any modern BMW.
  9. Not on these newer vehicles with IBS and BSD controlled alternator.
  10. Or it can also be failed vibration damper and alternator is not spinning as fast as it should. Check how it behaves on idle when you turn on heavy consumers.
  11. Clavurion

    Diversity wires

    That comes from rear glass demister wires which also works as the antenna. That's very difficult to repair and usually means that the rear glass has to be renewed.
  12. Clavurion

    Front brake pipe after ABS module

    It could work but you would have to adjust the pressure constantly just above atmospheric. Otherwise you will loose masses of fluid while doing the job.
  13. Clavurion

    Front brake pipe after ABS module

    Press brake pedal a few cm down and lock it there with block of wood against front seat. This will block the return to reservoir from main cylinder. Still there is a chance that some air gets to hydraulic block and bleeding needs to be done with aid from diagnostics to activate pre-charge pump and block valves.
  14. Clavurion

    Effin' Autodoc

    Or if you paid with Paypal make the dispute directly to Paypal now that you have done your share directly with the seller.
  15. Clavurion

    Swivelling Towbar Problem

    I would never use any drill to drive the mechanism. Even with lowest setting a small battery drill can produce more torque than the cable axle can handle. You can drive the mechanism with its own motor with direct voltage from a 12 V battery. Just make sure you disconnect immediately when the end point is reached.
  16. Clavurion

    Bavsound Stage 1 with e39 base audio?

    Like you said base audio does not have rear tweeters but otherwise those speakers will fit. Base audio is also lacking front midrange speaker but that isn't even included in that set.
  17. Clavurion

    BMW E39 530D 2003. Fault code 1470

    Worn turbo compressor blades and/or guide vanes sticking causing overboost situation and limp mode.
  18. Clavurion

    have i a dpf, or cat or both

    Realoem does not separate this with VIN. It will show both part variants referring to EU3 or EU4 version. Vin decoder will show if it's EU3 or EU4.
  19. Clavurion

    have i a dpf, or cat or both

    If you have throttle valve it's EU4 and had DPF from the factory.
  20. Clavurion

    have i a dpf, or cat or both

    Another difference is throttle valve before EGR valve on versions with DPF.
  21. BMW only offers the same part for SE and M-sport. For some odd reason the customer has to do the cutting on different M-sport edge.
  22. Clavurion

    Tackling a blocked DPF.. (520d)

    DPF's also have rare metals just less than cats. I just sold my removed DPF from E53 3.0d for 100€ to recycling company. My friend had 110€ for his E61 LCI 530d DPF, just DPF taken out of the housing and cat left alone. https://katmetal.fi/catalyst-recycling/ .
  23. Clavurion

    Fuses EFi - 5 on 525d and 530d

  24. Clavurion

    Fuses EFi - 5 on 525d and 530d

    I don't understand. What kind of resolution and size screen? The schematics you can zoom in/out with mouse scroller.