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  1. Clavurion

    E39 525i ABS Codes 5A 58 & 5C

    The only problem is that many of the refurbishing firms can't repair this pre-charge pump supply problem on the module. I would contact https://www.actronics.co.uk/ Unfortunately the price of new units has almost doubled in a few years.
  2. Clavurion

    E39 525i ABS Codes 5A 58 & 5C

    You can test pressure sensor with diagnostics by reading pressure value from DSC module. Then you can try direct voltage to pre-charge pump to test it. But most likely this problem is caused by failed DSC module. https://www.pss-autosoft.net/diagrams/bmw/release/en/zinfo/FMH0102FP-3450-005C.htm
  3. Clavurion

    M sport/ sport

    When you say that BMW changed something are you again talking about BMW AG (German main office) or BMW UK?
  4. Clavurion

    Key fob battery died, alarm keeps going off.

    I think E60 remote won't work so it would not help in this case.
  5. Clavurion

    M sport/ sport

    I would refrase that almost every other European market called it M-sport and BMW UK wanted to call it as Sport. In Germany it was M-technic. If I use VIN decoder and check the specs of my own E39 it says 337 M Sports package.
  6. Clavurion

    Key fob battery died, alarm keeps going off.

    Sounds like the correct sync procedure. With proper diagnostics you could still see if antenna amplifier is getting any signal from remote. And like suggested before any 100% working remote would narrow the options. Of course you could do it the other way and test if your remote is able to sync on another E39.
  7. Clavurion

    E39 M57 Auxiliary Belts

    The most usual fail is to route the belt under the lowest guide pulley below alternator. This will cause the pulley support to break quite soon.
  8. Clavurion

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    I've seen one case where a failed DDE component caused unable diagnostics. Voltage on OBD pin 7 was near 0 V and pin 8 was normal battery voltage. When DDE was disconnected all other diagnostics worked normally. So in your case it must have been something else on that chip which made diagnostic connection purely to DDE disabled.
  9. Clavurion

    Key fob battery died, alarm keeps going off.

    Good question. If the vehicle can be started and the alarm goes off eventually I think if should not prevent remote sync. Though AFAIK this kind of situation is not mentioned on BMW documents. I doubt that disconnecting battery would do any good because disconnecting itself triggers the alarm and the siren has its own internal backup battery.
  10. Clavurion

    Key fob battery died, alarm keeps going off.

    You will need a working remote to disarm the alarm if it was initially activated with remote (locking the last time the remote worked). It's a coding option if alarm is activated/unactivated with only remote or both remote and door lock barrel. On UK models only remote option coded. This can be changed with for example NCS if needed so the lock barrel will also work for alarm. If possible try to get hold on to any 100% working diamond style remote which can be from any another vehicle (remote is not vehicle specific). Then try the remote sync with that remote. Are you sure you have used the correct sequence on sync?
  11. Clavurion

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    But didn't you say that diagnostics to all other modules including EGS was working normally, just no connection to DDE? If the component was shorted to ground it would kill all diagnostics because pins 7+8 are connected on diagnostic interface. Diagnostic line needs voltage >2 V.
  12. Clavurion

    Coding 2nd Hand Light Control Module

    Indeed. Halogen manual aim control won't work with that LCM, because it's missing components for that job.
  13. Clavurion

    How to start/shutoff a car remotely via sms?

    The relays would bypass all contacts on ignition switch. EWS would need modding or EWS chip from the key always present near ignition switch antenna.
  14. Clavurion

    How to start/shutoff a car remotely via sms?

    You would need some sturdy relays (contactor) to bypass ignition switch. 540i would be a little simpler because it has automatic start feature where you don't have to hold ignition in start position while cranking.
  15. Clavurion

    Glow plugs again...

    Or again the voltage supply wire to control module.