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  1. Clavurion

    sounds like non stop little motor behind dashboard

    Normally that fan is so silent that you can't hear it. You can take the panel apart and clean the insides and fan blades of all the dust accumulated there. Then maybe one drop of fine lubricating oil on the fan axle.
  2. Clavurion

    Strange click/tick from front of engine.

    Vibration damper one possibility.
  3. Clavurion

    530d auto box upgrades?

    So what are the actual symptoms? Has it ever had oil changes or other maintenance in its life?
  4. Clavurion

    530D Low running temperature

    Behr = Mahle. Behr is part of Mahle group.
  5. Clavurion

    530D Low running temperature

    Original main stat is made in Austria. There are none after market main stats made in Austria available. Same goes to Behr/Mahle as there main stat is that same made in Italy crap like most after market.
  6. Clavurion

    Rear Permanent Power inverter

    Does that device actually work with direct voltage and has a power supply in between?
  7. Clavurion

    530D Low running temperature

    Original main thermostat is not available as after market part. EGR thermostat is Behr/Mahle. With manual there is no gearbox heat exchanger.
  8. Clavurion

    Overheating Warning! But at what temp?

    On N47 engines temp sensor failure is quite typical.
  9. Clavurion

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Sounds really cheap because just the core (CHRA) made by a reputable company like Melett costs about the same. Did you ask if VNT settings on that turbo are adjusted on a proper flow bench?
  10. Clavurion

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    For brand new Garrett I've used this company. www.turbolader.net
  11. Clavurion

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    530d turbo is actually 2556. That would be the easiest option and should get you somewhere near 230-240 hp. Fuel injectors would be the next limiting factor.
  12. Clavurion

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Personally I would fit 2260 unmodified because as a hybrid it will wake up much slower and to gain potential of a hybrid 2260 would mean going to CP3 HP pump and all associated parts of the newer HP system. If one want's to go all in I would first start with changing the engine to 3 litre M57.
  13. Clavurion

    EWS removal - Any issues/gotchya's ?

    Why not retrofit/code original alarm system and get a separate tracking system if you are after one.
  14. Clavurion

    Help Identifying Rare / Individual Color Option

    AFAIK domino alcantara has not been produced any more for some years. And that's shame because it is a great material.
  15. Clavurion

    Help Identifying Rare / Individual Color Option

    Isn't that cloth domino alcantara?