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  1. Clavurion

    Retaining spring for Brake wear sensor

    That one is missing the metal clip. Take it back and get a new one.
  2. Clavurion

    Retaining spring for Brake wear sensor

    The sensor just sits in the notch of the pad. I'm no sure what spring you are talking about.
  3. Clavurion

    Retaining spring for Brake wear sensor

    The clip should always come with the sensor.
  4. Clavurion

    Retaining spring for Brake wear sensor

    The clip is not sold separately, it comes with the sensor.
  5. Clavurion


    This typical problem is only on post 9/98 models. Earlier version ABS modules fail very rarely.
  6. Clavurion

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    Or you can remove other hoses on the connection piece if other connections have normal suction. Then put swirl flap or EGR hose on the clogged one and use a one functioning normally for turbo. Just bear in mind that the tallest connector has the largest bore hole and is reserved for engine mounts.
  7. Clavurion

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    The vacuum solenoid for turbo is after vacuum reservoir near turbo. The solenoid under intake manifold you are talking about is likely the one for EGR valve. If there is no vacuum on the distribution piece on that connector going to turbo it's likely clogged by a part of perished tube. On the connector piece there is a narrow surge. First try to suck it open and if needed try a needle or similar.
  8. Clavurion

    E60 530d loss of power

    Difficult to say about DPF if we don't even know what code it's showing. It should regenerate even with failed glow plugs if other factors are OK. The usual culprit is failed thermostats because regeneration requires coolant temp >75 C.
  9. Clavurion

    E60 530d loss of power

    You can see and hear it from above. What code it's showing for DPF?
  10. Clavurion

    New Thermostats

    For EGR stat Behr/Mahle is the same as original. For main stat there are no identical after market parts available. So main stat as original BMW part.
  11. Clavurion

    E60 530d loss of power

    Have you checked the codes? This kind of problem can be caused by failing turbo servo actuator or jamming VNT vanes. When the problem occurs stop the vehicle and check if the rod from actuator to turbo vanes is moving when you turn on ignition.
  12. Clavurion

    What oil for diff and manual gearbox

    For manual gearbox I would only use the original MTF-LT2. For differential Castrol SAF-XO / Syntrax Long Life 75W-90 is the same as original.
  13. Clavurion

    e39 touring to coil springs

    I see no point changing cluster for this. It has to be coded anyways. Coding this equipment change is quite easy with NCS.
  14. I was only talking about that KLED feature when talking about only LM needed coding. Better to code all modules when you add 235. It doesn't take that much time with NCS.