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    Mazi reacted to jake13 in Coronavirus/Covid19   
    All the same to me. This is not a Third-World Banana Republic, we have pretty good intelligence and think-tank community. I have already posted Event 201 video (October 2019) which highlights shortcomings and recommendations for a pandemic like this. The issue is not the virus, but what liberties we will have to further surrender. CCP is not the society I want to live in.
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    Mazi got a reaction from BarryM in Its time.....   
    All done including a vanos refresh (arse crack still seeping blood)
    Bearing were in really good shape as expected with minor wear
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    Mazi reacted to DepthHoar in How would you value an E39 M5   
    You're right, I've noticed that, too. There's a lot of pent up demand caused by the restrictions of the Covid lockdown. Plus people still have money in their pockets due to the government's 'free money' furlough payments. But once all that ends, what then? That's why I mentioned it was the calm before the storm.
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    Mazi reacted to DepthHoar in How would you value an E39 M5   
    If you're thinking of selling I'd do so sharpish. It's the calm before the storm at the moment. Once the full economic effects of Covid are unleashed it'll almost certainly mean discretionary purchases will decline. And buying a high performance, expensive to maintain car is definitely a discretionary purchase.  
    There's likely to be a fair number of  'distress' sales of nice cars at lower prices, where the owner needs to unload due to a drastic change in financial circumstances and reduced job prospects. 
    Great if you're a prospective buyer though! Although anyone looking to buy would do well to wait for the full effects of the recession to kick in since there's likely to be a better choice of good cars at lower prices.
    Hate to be the messenger of doom but things will be getting a whole lot worse before they get better. If you've been keeping up with the news it's been difficult to miss the indicators of the forthcoming recession.
    Wookie: Your's looks like a great car. Any chance you could hang on to it, at least until the economy picks up again?
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    Mazi got a reaction from coupe king in Strange carpet   
    Anyone seen carpets like this in an 8 series?
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    Mazi reacted to gbrownings in Headlights - professional refurb and clean   
    Tried the 3M headlight restorer myself a few years ago, but C- results. Finally got someone in who knew what they were doing.  Hadn't realised quite how bad they were until I saw the before and after (left and right).   They also gave it a proper clean - scrubbed up pretty well for an old girl, I reckon.


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    Mazi reacted to AbidK in E39 M5 BMW Group Classic Headquarter Trip   
    Late May would work for me. fasting prior to That so would be difficult mid May.
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    Mazi got a reaction from Carl-e34 in Battery dead   
    OK just been informed its 2 years which is pretty poor given Bosch do 3 years on their entry level batteries.
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    Mazi reacted to DennisCooper in BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice   
    The original LM's had a machined/diamond cut then lacquered lip, so if you want to be 'OEM' then you need to get that done. Problem there is that perhaps 12-18 months later, it's likely the surface of the lacquer will crack to the extent you'll get the moisture through and the finish will get that spidery/milky look, and you'll be in the same position again.
    Your second line is confusing. 
    If you polish the lips to bare metal, you'll get that absolutely awesome shine as the aluminium used is high quality and comes up looking beautiful. 
    If you powder coat the lips which will give you a very tough finish that will last a long time, you'll never get anywhere near the shine and mirror finish of bare metal polishing. Any powder coat with 'chrome' in the name of it doesn't look anywhere close to genuine chrome and/or a mirror polish level type finish. 
    The latter option will also just look like BBS imitation wheels ie, nothing special at all. 
    What you need to do is have the lips polished to bare metal and then have a ceramic coating applied to protect it and keep oxidization away. You'll then get the fantastic looks only genuine LM's provide and not have to polish the lips every 3/4 days. I'd also suggest painting the centres as you can get a very smooth finish. Powder coating the centres will also give you a tough finish but it suffers from the 'orange peel' effect. How good a powder coater is, the quality of powder coat used also plays a part but it's also governed by the style of the centre's. If there's large portions of surfaces of the face, then powder coat can cover well when in the oven and finish to a smooth finish with only minimal orange peel effect. A wheel with little spoke surface area is harder to do and to do with little orange peel effect and LM's have little surface area of the spokes. 
    Final choice is up to you, the last set of LM's I sold the buyer wanted diamond cut lips with lacquer and powder coated centres;

    The right of the 3 spokes shown, just before the spoke splits to two there's a circular 'flaw' showing, this is a air bubble that's popped whilst in the oven and the molten powder coat. 

    In this pic of the face, the lower right lug nut hole, you can see the orange peel effect just above it and in the spoke next to it. 

    The effect is a little more noticeable in this pic - look at the light reflection on the top two spoke splits

    Similar to the above, orange peel effect on the spoke inner area.
    Here's the diamond cut lips

    The set you are looking at 'could be' this very set (most likely isn't though!) , so if you go diamond cut/lacquer lip and powder coat centres, it won't be too long before you'll need to re-finish them again. 
    Go for bare metal polish lips with a protective coating and painted centres for the best finish.
    Cheers, Dennis!
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    Mazi got a reaction from JASON530D in Diesel vs. Petrol   
    Legal??? Could not care less if people gut the DPF!
    The government brainwashed everyone to buy diesel and we followed like sheeple. Measuring emisions by CO2 only was a con!
    Now diesel is going to be phased out in favour of hybrids and electric cars which will be powered by electricity generated by burning fossil fuels.
    All nonsense!!!!!!
    Buy a V8 if you can afford to run it and be done with it.
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    Mazi got a reaction from Gus Alpine e60 in Easy Peasy DPF Regeneration After Install   
    My 3210 gets signal in the Outer Hebrides!
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    Mazi got a reaction from Carl-e34 in Just picked this up. 61000 miles   
    Not an E38 7 series.......

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    Mazi got a reaction from Carl-e34 in Just picked this up. 61000 miles   
    Not an E38 7 series.......

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    Mazi got a reaction from Carl-e34 in Just picked this up. 61000 miles   
    Not an E38 7 series.......

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    Mazi got a reaction from Carl-e34 in Just picked this up. 61000 miles   
    Not an E38 7 series.......

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    Mazi got a reaction from Carl-e34 in Just picked this up. 61000 miles   
    Not an E38 7 series.......

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    Mazi reacted to FIVE-OH in Should i convert to manual   
    For me, not so long ago it would be manual all day long. However with the years going by I'm drawing more and more towards fully automatic transmission for a daily runner.
    I was seriously keen on that manual e60 545 touring that was on here a few weeks back, but for the first time the diy gear option whilst still appealing kinda did not feel the correct choice at that time for that particular motor. I've still got two other manual keeper BMW's, so a third one to my mind again whilst desirable was not really necessary for my needs.
    In regards to the OP's original question, if the car is in good overall condition and the intention is to keep it, I would just have the gearbox rebuilt or obtain a rebuilt replacement. I would expect a full manual conversion to work out to at least 2/3rds or more of the cost of a decent auto box rebuild. I don't think there would be that much in it unless your doing the work yourself.
    Good luck with it either way going forward.
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    Mazi got a reaction from Essex boy in Aegean Blue E39 M5 - For sale at a dealer   
    That is a lovely car. 
    The seller is asking a premium for the rarer colour combo IMO. 
    I would say it would shift at £16995-£18995. Its looks a tad strong at todays prices but will it be in a couple of years?
    If the mileage was even 10k less then it would be more appealing.
    I was offered £13500 for my car on this forum a couple of years ago and was tempted but I wouldnt sell mine for £16k now but mine is 1 previous owner and FBMWSH. 
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    Mazi got a reaction from TrM5 in Shadow Chrome. Who are the best?   
    You could have a small powder coating operation do a decent job.
    Lepsons are hard to beat. I had my m paras diamond cut so no actual experience of shadow chrome from them 
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    Mazi reacted to kobayashi in BMW E39 M5 Rod Bearing & Chain Guides   
    Bear in mind that it is only a tiny percentage of cars that have had big end failures. £3k is a lot to spend 'just in case'. If you have bits of chain tensioner in your sump or the slightest knock then I'd go ahead but a relatively low mileage car with no issues? I'm not sure I'd be going down that route. Have you addressed all the other E39 problem areas? Suspension bushes/springs/dampers, rust etc? £3k goes a fair way towards sorting out those problems. 
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    Mazi reacted to NWJW in Hey - Ive got a classic!   
    As I said, time will tell, but, I have a sneaky suspicion you maybe right.......
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    Mazi got a reaction from NWJW in Hey - Ive got a classic!   
    Or I could just be talking bollox, time will tell.........
    Indeed you are. Sorry, just saying. 
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    Mazi got a reaction from red35 in M54 or M52TU?   
    No right or wrong answer. If the late 530i came with 6 speeder from the late E46 330i I might be persuaded but prefer the auto.
    Its more in keeping with character of the car I think. 
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    Mazi got a reaction from red35 in M54 or M52TU?   
    I have had both 528i Sport and 530i Sport, both in auto form though.
    Not a huge performance difference. Just buy the best example you can.
    528i Sport will be even harder to find due to less produced.
    Remember the Sport trim was only introduced in 1999 and the 528i was replaced by the 530i in 2000.
    They suit the autobox in my opinion.
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    Mazi got a reaction from mobilejo in My 540iX M Sport finally arrived!   
    very very nice. Is it a V8?