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  1. e34m525i

    E39 530i sport dsc error 108 sn-control

    Mine was down to low brake fluid one of the hoses was weeping and that resulted in the abs light on the dashboard along with the error code, after replacement it’s been fine ever since
  2. I've scanned my dsc with inpa after the dsc light and red handbrake light came on the other day randomly, after the scan I got error 108 sn-control I've never had this before so I'm unsure of what it could be, I checked all other modules and found no faults other than instrument cluster break fluid level error I topped the brake fluid up and the error has gone for now but I think it'll more than likely return Has anyone had this error or knownthe reason behind it as it's unclear to me what the actual fault is Thanks for any help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Looks rough but low miles and owners for the year! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/bmw-540i-e34-touring-spares-or-repairs-/224628361154?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  4. e34m525i

    Mid panel drama

    So my mid pixles were dead, I couldn’t be bothered doing the repair ribbon stuff, as I just want it in for another year or so and then I’m going to put a decent android install in, so I bought a good used replacement one and the pixles are spot on! anyway I noticed when I removed the volume knob on the replacement the Allen screw is missing so although the unit is working well, if I latch it into the dash I see no way of ever getting it out in the future! anyone know of another way it can be removed if there’s no screw? Only I’ve informed the seller and he’s been cool so far but I’m not gonna put it in my dash unless I know a sure way I can remove it again!
  5. e34m525i

    Lcm coding advice

    My lcm 4b packed in (xenon issued car with self levelling lights) anyway got a replacement lcm out of one of my other cars as I had a spare 3 and the car I question didn’t have the light sensor so whilst the 4 defo has the option for that I decided to use that, however the new lcm I’m using is for manual level aim, as I understand it manual lcm have extra components within the lcm for the roller wheel on the dash to function where as the self level has it’s own control system anyway I’ve put the lcm in and coded it up in nts and it’s working great no faults and operating well, apart from the self level headlights, I’ve been into pa soft after using nts to see if the coding had ticked the xenon light option and it all looks ok, however the lights don’t seem to be auto adjusting, so just wondered if there was a way to code this function back in or will I need an auto level labelled lcm? I read that it can be coded to a manual but manual can’t be coded to an auto one if that’s correct id just like to know what program and option I need to enable to get it tip top!
  6. e34m525i

    Lcm coding advice

    I don’t believe the lcm4 auto will control a manual car from other discussions I’ve read as it doesn’t have the extra gear inside to operate the wheel on the dash for the levelling however I could be wrong! its coded up fine, used expert 4.0.1 profile no issues no errors, did the vin and millage first as usual in bmw scanner etc it’s just the lights when I push down on the car the lights are not moving or levelling as they should, but the coding looks fine, the old lcm despite it lighting up lights with ignition off didn’t have this issue
  7. e34m525i

    Lcm coding advice

    I’ve done the nts coding and when checked in pa soft all the correct coding is there, I thought when coding the lcm even tho it was issued for man could be used for auto lwr as the car has a separate lwr module for the self levelling.
  8. e34m525i

    Lcm coding advice

    That’s the thing I’m attempting a man lcm into an auto lwr levelling car, it’s coded in nts well no errors, and works as it should But I’m pretty certain at present the lcm isn’t acting on the self levelling set up, so just wondered if there were anyways after coding to further get this going or if the man lcm cannot get coded to work the auto lwr, I’ve read you can go man ecu on auto but never auto on man as the lcm doesn't have the components to drive the wheel to adjust the lights on manual cars as only lcm man have that but usually the man part gets disabled and the lcm just goes through the auto separate lwr module, but in my case it looks like it hadn’t so just need to know how to code that last bit in!
  9. more than likely with a set of turbines on it!
  10. e34m525i

    Alternative seats for an e39.

    Nothing bolts up to the e39 other than e38 seats unfortunately but stuff can be modded to fit like any other car setup, recaros from Audi or another make would go nice in a e39
  11. e34m525i

    Alternative seats for an e39.

    Audi recaros are also an option but require subframes etc to fit but there similar to the seats Found in the alpina b10 that has factory recaros M5 seats are also a nice upgrade but pricy these days
  12. e34m525i

    530i cats

    With where they cats are at the bottom of the manifold it’s unlikely they’ll go to effort although you never know! But it’s much more work than the usual victims like jazz and Prius
  13. e34m525i

    e39 sport

    Still have my offerings available if interested lol
  14. e34m525i

    Headlight adjuster saga and thanks to a member

    No probs mate and thanks for the kind comments, and it was decent luck the dpd one turned up today a week late, so at least it wasn’t a total loss! if anyone else fancies adjusters doing and or lenses or even lighting projector upgrades/cotton rings etc just pm for info or if anyone fancies having a go them selves happy to help and advise etc.
  15. e34m525i

    E39 530I Sport

    I’ve got a 530i sport saloon on Lpg I used as a daily for the last 5 years, only reason I’m selling it is I’ve 4 e39s and offloading this and a 530d sport toruing, nothing really wrong with it bar it needing a prop shaft centre bearing as it has a rattle under Heavy load, had the exhaust flange sorted as it it was blowing on March mot, 200k miles but still a decent car and will be priced under 2k, sills are still solid enough to jack on and haven’t been advised for an mot. so cheaper ones are out there I guess but for something sub 100k the asking prices will be high and firm due to scarcity and values on the up.
  16. e34m525i

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The evo xr are tough to get in rhd the only place I’ve been able to find them rhd is retrofit labs, pricy but they do the job very well!
  17. e34m525i

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    How much were the re done reflectors mate? I get asked when I do light build if I could re do the oem ones but usually put a set of evo xr 2.0 in as I’ve never been able to find the oem ones and there not cheap to have re chromed!
  18. e34m525i

    BMW E39 530D 2001 - 96 E39 540ibrakes.

    This happened to me, I got a really good deal on discs from euros and stocked up on a few pairs as I’ve 4 e39s! Went to put a set of 324mm on my 98 540i the original disc is slightly offset differently, the callipers are identical it’s the carrier that needed swapping as it fouled the facelift disc, swapped the carriers for 530i ones and no problems, worth noting that there are 2 variants of the 324mm discs, and the pre facelift are more expensive than the later ones so well Worth pre facelift v8 owners getting a pair of facelift carriers to use the cheaper discs
  19. Yeah all the ones I’ve done for people putting evo xr s in have all had it really even the oem xenons, most of the time the mirror is pitted dull and flaking, halogens tend to be worse too, as they get worse with age people put hotter bulbs in like cheap hid and that just finishes them off so much better when they have new projectors!
  20. mate these the Hella g5 variant types? The evo xr is based on the e55 mounting set up but I’ve heard great things about the hella copies, I used a 9006 splitter for the highs and just cut one of the ends off to go to the shutter it’s the neatest way of doing I could find, I’ve also never bothered trying to get the xenon to power on trigger for full beam just the h7 in that case but when dipped are on that shutter will turn night into day!
  21. I would use the DJ auto lenses there pricy compared to some but are a nice fit, the cheaper ones also fit very well but you don’t get the silver corners with them so if your corners are pitted it’s a shame to go to all the effort and not replace the silver bits as the the projectors, there evo xr 2.0 bought from retrofit labs, great projector, if you wanted any tips or advice I’m more than happy to assist and advise people building there own sets as well as building sets for people who don’t fancy taking it on. when cutting the old ones out be super careful in prying they lens out after the cut, the casing isn’t always as strong as it looks and breaks up, also ensure all the old permaseal is gone from the channel as it appears permaseal is the one thing butyl won’t stick too, it’s very very time consuming but is defo diy able
  22. I can open any year lights although post 05/02 are much more labour intensive due to the amount of cutting and prying of the old lens out then removing the tiger seal like sealent! if anyone’s interested in a build or even just adjusters pm me, I can build them to whatever specs you want or just do an oem refresh can also do the adjusters on the later ones without opening them up, done through back, again very time consuming and fiddly! But that starts for £75 a pair, they can be dropped off or posted to me, good way to save a set of lights if there pointing at the floor now tho!