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  1. e34m525i

    E39 540i/6 touring

    It’s got issues yes lol! But there hard to find now the last couple that have sold earlier in the year have fetched just shy of 2k and one went for around 2.4k both had been off the road for a fair time and the one that sold for more was a cat d/c and really looked like it needed more work than this one, whilst it would take a fair amount of work to get it respectable again it would be nice to see another one kept on the road. realistically it’ll likely end up as a gearbox donor and be broken up for spares, the boxes as there’s no rebuild kit is the main value of the car really but with there around 20 left and 7 e34 versions and only 6 e39 sport versions it leaves less than 35 v8 manual rwd estates left to choose from, as far as I’m aware it was only bmw that offered this combo in the 540i as all the mercs were autos and all the Audi’s 4wd etc, granted a v8 rwd manual estate isn’t everyone’s favourite recipe, but suits my needs very well!
  2. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123839588341 needs some work but has the makings of a nice car, I’ve spoken to the owner a few times on another group/forum, he’s got a few other projects and hasn’t the time to sort this one out, the car was running, but now isn’t getting fuel it’s been stood for a few years so he thinks the pumps packed in etc Be cool if someone could save it as there thin in the ground now
  3. e34m525i

    m54b30 life span

    Yeah they will go to silly miles I've got 540i/6 touring 260k 540i sport saloon 205k (gearbox has gone to be fair but when that’s fixed it’ll no doubt do another 100k!) 530i sport auto 180k I think the rule is service and replace the cooling system every so often, ccv etc and they’ll just keep going it’s only when neglected that these things will get tired other wise I’d say there pretty much bullet proof
  4. e34m525i

    E39 mats

    I’ve got a set of genuine black ones here
  5. e34m525i

    m54b30 life span

    Glad to hear the engines still going strong mate! The engine came out of “Gazza’s” wife’s old 530i sport, he now has a 540i (still active on this forum) it’s a nice config you have in that car and is worth putting the money into imo, as your still running on your 2.5 drive line it’ll be nippier than any other 530i due to it having the better diff ratio!
  6. e34m525i

    Diff Change 530i

    What was the diff you were fitting removed from?
  7. No gearknob As I used a leather sport manual one when this was in my car last, has the odd sign of age I’ve pictured defects but generally it’s in decent condition And is not one of the common trim sets to find £80 Collected from WA9 or £90 delivered
  8. Need these to finish my facelift conversion, any one have a pair of inners? If there dull I can polish them up, but tidy ones would be favourable! anyone got any?
  9. Looking further at pics rear bumper looks warped as it has hump in middle! Sills showing lots of signs of rott, there’s likely the need for 2 replacement sills on that in near future, nice spec and the colour is stunning but to ask any more than 1500-2000 is dreaming, as if this was a titan silver sport, personally I’d see it as a breaker with the many niggles it has adding up to a big headache! colour is the only thing likely to save it from been parted out! Theres some nice sports out there around the 3-3.5k mark, 540i sport in this colour may have got him what he was after but with no v8 4K is never going to happen!
  10. e34m525i

    E28 M5 Barons Auction

    The way it’s written makes out the interior has been re done, and in all fairness it looks pretty worn and leather on dash is dented here n there, stunning car but not exactly as there making it out to be in the description!
  11. e34m525i

    E39 M5 2002

    I’d be interested in the plate! A bit off topic of the sale of the car but if you would consider selling I’d be interested
  12. Turns out prefacelift seat switches work fine with facelift seats, I had a loose Wire, now that’s fixed they heat up with no issues!
  13. e34m525i

    1998 E39 540i/6 Touring orient blue

    Looked into the m factory ones but there more expensive, my plan was to get a used 540i/530d diff and swap the ratio to 3:15 or a little higher, and install the racing diffs locker in it, should be a fair bit cheaper that way and they are supposed to work really well. ive got inpa if you need rear lowering I’m in St. Helens. If you fancy nipping down I can do it, not done my own yet but when I’ve done it I’ll happily sort yours and can also code other stuff in like us ambers and alarm beeps etc, the m5 arb is a bolt on mod no messing needed to mount it just goes on I’ve been told. my suspensions been in garage for months, I’ll do the rear myself but don’t fancy fighting the fronts free from the hub as there the 21 year old originals and will be stubborn to say the least in wanting to come free after 255k! will look so much better when there on!
  14. e34m525i

    1998 E39 540i/6 Touring orient blue

    It’s come a fair way from the beige interior and rough exterior! Full sport spec cosmetically now m5 front seats retrofitted and heating works too! hydro dipped interior trims storm motorwerks gearknob and handbrake added just got another 12 month mot next on the list is bilstien b12 kit ready to go on rear subframe bushes most suspension arms to be replaced and poly bushed m5 rear arb ready to go on m5 front arb (need one if anyone has one!) and finally looking into installing a lsd on a budget from racingdiffs.