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  1. e34m525i

    E39 540i Touring for sale

    Cool that it’s back in the forum again!
  2. I have 2 of these available in garage that I forgot I had, I don’t have any use for them now as I’ve a manual, hard to find! £75 delivered each
  3. e34m525i

    Wanted E34 525i sport back box

    Prob cheaper to have a stainless system made up with a note of your choice than replacing with oem
  4. e34m525i

    Nearside (LHS) Facelift Xenon Headlight

    I’ve got a spare oem angel eye and bulb holder assembly here if needed testing and works
  5. e34m525i

    e39 540 gearbox cooler pipes

    Are they same on 530i as I have a set here off one of them
  6. e34m525i

    Oil filter housing gasket issues

    Fixed, used my original housing as it’s straight after checking and no visible cracks etc, torqued the bolts with genuine gasket to 22nm and so far not a drop, I was told elring are an oem gasket, but after this for jobs that are so crucial to the cars running in terms of leaks ill only be going to the dealer! Used aftermarket for loads of stuff and had no issues, gasket that was leaking looked fine no pinch marks and came out in the housing as I installed it, really don’t know why it leaked unless I just got a bad apple and couldn’t see it, but for Anyone looking to attempt it I’d advise dealer gasket and triple check the torque of the bolts after torquing them up, as I found they had a tiny bit more to click after the first time i hit them all at 22nm. glad the drama of the tap leak is over!
  7. e34m525i

    Oil filter housing gasket issues

    Got another gasket this time from the dealer, also some new o rings for sump dipstick and crush washers for banjo bolts just to eliminate it, also another filter housing just to rule the one I have on a present out, of that doesn’t cure it then it must be coming from the sump gasket at that point I’ll give up!
  8. Swapped the gasket for a new elring one, it all came apart fairly well, went back together just as well, the locating dowels on the block were fine, both surfaces were cleaned and gasket properly seated in the housing, as the oil was over due a change and I had the filter out anyway it made sense to drop the oil and give it a service so did the above and upon firing the car up I have a leak that is really very bad it’s like a constant drip, it doesn’t look to be from the filter housing but can’t rule it out as there was still some residual oil from changing the gasket down the front of the block anyone else experienced this after doing the job? My only thoughts at this point could be if it’s another filter housing leak that the housing is warped or cracked perhaps? I’ve got a spare housing so I’m going to attempt the job again to rule this out, one question I have in regards to that is will I need another elring gasket or can I reuse this one as it has 0 miles on it! thanks for any help.
  9. After doing my own cars and converting mine to amber, and having some spare time I am looking to offer a service to replace broken headlight adjusters, and can also convert to amber for extra cost. I’ve had a few e39s with dead adjusters and have generally always replaced the lights, only for it to happen again and as this time it was xenons I decided to take the plunge and have a go, after doing a few sets I thought maybe others could use this service too! As most headlights these days have broken adjusters I’ve found, and new units are just far too expensive! heres the pics of how my ambers turned out, The cost for the replacement adjusters (with adjusters included) would be £50 per set, these can be mailed to me or dropped off and collected later the same day. (Postage paid both ways buy the service user) this service would only be available on lights from pre 05/2002 as after that the lenses need cutting off And it all gets rather complexed!
  10. e34m525i

    Diff input/output flange compatibility

    Upon double checking the 545i uses a 215k/220k diff (same size casing as our e39 540i/530d diffs) on the e60 545i they come in a 3.38 so it may well be possible to swap the internals over and make e39 into 3.38 ill continue research and see what I find!
  11. e34m525i

    Diff input/output flange compatibility

    The 3.15 in the 215 casing that the 540i/530d used are Very rare they were a reduced final drive option, they came standard on USA sport spec cars but for UK people there’s none about! i also want rid of the 2.81 on my 540i, options are import a 3.15 from the USA, or go for m5 lsd 3.15 however that’s best part of 1k some of the later cars e60/e90 also had 215k casing diffs and did have better ratios so it may be possible to get the inner parts like crown wheeL and pinion and swap them into the e39 casing, I think they had like 3.23, 3.15, and possibly 3.46 on offer, this is a far is I’ve got in my research of looking to get a better ratio!
  12. e34m525i

    E39 525i/528i/530i/535i/540i wanted

    I think that’s what your going to generally get tho these days unless your willing to go for something like dan suggested, the jap imports are generally the best you’ll find. other option if I was you is buy something that is mechanically great and have the sills and other work sorted, as long as the jack points are ok then the rest can be tidied up for reasonable money, but just for reference I’ve seen cars that have looked totally clean round arches and sill ends and still had really corroded and in one case collapsed jacking points! most of the UK cars are suffering from this and if keeping for the long haul it’s going to be a bill that needs to be paid regardless imo.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193604646575 could be a cool project that one!
  14. e34m525i

    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    Looks mint that, but the boot badge really needs re positioning as just looking at it then really wound me up!!
  15. e34m525i

    Interesting 850csi on eBay

    The bonnet appears to be a rare and genuine alpina item, I can’t imagine there being too many of them around so that’s a cool upgrade! would be a stunning car built, I think the seller needs to get it back together and it could really bring home a fair amount then, it looks like all the hard stuff is done seems silly to list it as it sits now! https://www.carscoops.com/2020/01/gorgeous-1993-alpina-b12-5-7-coupe-with-manual-box-is-the-ultimate-e31-8-series/