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  1. e34m525i

    Headlight adjusters service

    Anyone need there’s doing? I’m doing them through the back very fiddly process but no cutting damaging or baking, done loads of sets now with great results! I’m in St. Helens people can drop them off £75 and I can give a set of courtesy lights to drive round on why there repaired (also removed and re fitted free) or you can mail them into me for £75 plus £10 return postage Better alternative than replacing for another used unit that will eventually go the same way!
  2. e34m525i

    Used Springs 3 off 535i £20

    Do you by anychance have the top mount Assembly?
  3. e34m525i

    Polybush kits

    They were great up unti the car was broken for spares in 2014, but never had any issues with the poly bushes! Unfortunately the car was hit and the front was badly damaged so it was parted out, Shame as I really miss that car.
  4. Hi mate do you have a pre 06/02 dated angel eye facelift headlight? I need the passenger side, condition of adjuster and lens not important the worse the condition the better! i tried to pm but it’s saying you can’t accept messages at present?
  5. e34m525i

    Metal headlight adjusters

    The new plastic ones I think are of better material than the originals, they should see 20 years of use!
  6. e34m525i

    Metal headlight adjusters

    I’m in St. Helens mate, work in Manchester so if you cross paths with any of those I could take them off you in person but failing that you can post them into me if need be
  7. e34m525i

    Metal headlight adjusters

    I’m now offering a mail in adjuster service (plastic but lifetime warranty from me) £85 including return postage, no cutting no baking I do them through the back, your headlights will be returned exactly as they were only with functioning adjusters!! if you local £75 for drop off service fast turn around times too! pm if interested
  8. Offering a service to put new adjusters in any e39 facelift headlight of any age, method used is to replace the adjusters through the back, so the lamp is not cut or baked it’s as it was prior to the adjustment replacement only with perfect adjusters £85 including return postage or £75 if you can drop them off and pick them up. includes a lifetime Warranty on the adjusters when complete, the replacement adjusters are plastic of much better quality than the oem ones were! located in St. Helens Merseyside but again can be a mail in service if needed, and also fast turn around times.
  9. e34m525i

    Angel eyes LED MOT fail

    I’ve a set of oem bulbs here if you need them?
  10. e34m525i

    Memory seat switches and motors

    I have some e39 stuff if that’s compatible?
  11. e34m525i

    E39 540i Touring for sale

    Cool that it’s back in the forum again!
  12. I have 2 of these available in garage that I forgot I had, I don’t have any use for them now as I’ve a manual, hard to find! £75 delivered each
  13. e34m525i

    Wanted E34 525i sport back box

    Prob cheaper to have a stainless system made up with a note of your choice than replacing with oem