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  1. e34m525i

    Recaro seat option in Alpina B10s

    I’ve often thought about them! I think there the same as these Audi ones but with more padding under the leather but essentially the same seat imo, I was looking to make some fit but then ended up with m5 seats and kept it oem here’s a link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193448449761
  2. e34m525i

    Fitting E38 wheels

    Think I’ve got a spare set of 15mm spacers if interested?
  3. e34m525i

    Fitting E38 wheels

    With 15mm ones on std suspension 265/35/18 on rear won’t rub, mine is very low and 255 was fine for me, but 265 would have just fit but I’d have had rubbing issues every time the suspension was compressed over bumps so wasn’t safe imo! if your planning on lowering I’d stick 255s on, if leaving stock 265s will be fine
  4. e34m525i

    Fitting E38 wheels

    I lowered mine and had 15mm all round, front was fine, but the rear with a 265 I couldn’t get away with, so I went 255 and just cleared it with 15mm all round, unfortunately had a flat on one of the 255 and could only get 265 on the day as replacement, so had to take the rears off, I think with a 5-10mm shim would do the job to get them out as far as possible with no rubbing, but happy for now just having fronts spaced as the fronts always looked a little lost in the arch to me, but no so much with rears, I also run 245/40/18 at front too, so 15mm is no issue
  5. e34m525i

    GTE Seats

    Classic recaros are really sought after these days, and hard to get, if there as tidy as they look maybe worth £200 upwards to the right buyer, I’d list em on eBay after lockdown for collection and I bet you’d be surprised what they’d fetch as I bet if you searched now you wouldn’t find many more examples for sale
  6. e34m525i


    It’s mad all of it, I’ve bought stuff mainly to feed the kids like a couple of extra bags of frozen chips and dippers and stuff they’d be disappointed if we couldn’t get, they love pasta and the sauces etc, there only 2 and 4, went in tescos the other day and the wife had been aldi a few days earlier, and Jesus it’s scary, I’m 36 and I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I’m thinking partly if you can’t beat them join them, but on the other hand it’s just barmy And I’ve morals and feel really sorry for the people who can’t get out and get stuff and if I bought extra I didn’t need and there was in need I’d happily re distribute to who did!, and I’ve got 4 toilet rolls in my house at present, I’ll see if I can get a pack tomorrow, baby wipes and nappies are hard to get hold of, but again we’ve a pack of pampers with around 40 in, but the lad loves a good shit so I’ll need more of them in a week or so! peoples mentality is silly, while in Tesco I saw someone leaving with like 16 rolls x 6 packs just that in trolly piled up, for me that’s just absolute greed, 16 roll pack would last us at least 2 weeks I imagine (wife does main shop so I’m not 100% on it!) I overhead and old couple saying “I don’t know why the shelves are all empty it’s odd etc” they genuinely mustn’t have know what’s even going on, partly it’s the internet and the media, the other half is just pure stupidity, then there’s the fear and I guess it just spirals out of control and this is what we end up with. anyway crazy times, and hope we all get though these though times coming ok!
  7. e34m525i

    MS42 Remap & EWS Delete

    Dts tuning, I’ve had a couple from them and there plug and play with good maps, have one on my current 530i and it’s made the drivability characterises much nicer
  8. If oem how much for cam/crank sensors? As I could do with a spare pair for mind especially the cam one was mines getting weak
  9. e34m525i

    lpg or diesel

    Also just to add my 530i was converted at around 90k miles so it’s done 100k running lpg 540i was converted around 130k so there’s another 130k done my other 540i has 205k on and still wouldn’t hesitate to put lpg on lol
  10. e34m525i

    lpg or diesel

    I’ve got 3 e39s and 2 of them are running lpg, 530i sport auto 195k miles running a brc kit with flash lube 90 miles to £10 not trying or driving with mpg in mind at all 540i/6 touring 265k miles running omvl dream xxi 80 miles to £10 not trying or driving with mpg in mind at all bought both already converted id never have a petrol only car again! I’ve had issues with misfires on lpg during ownership, coil packs suffer as a result of the strain on ignition system as gas is harder to ignite than petrol, I do the lpg filters my self every year, also found just use copper single electrode ngk plugs and change them every 8k to keep tip top, had more issues with the iridium expensive lpg branded plugs, in my experience simple works! in total I’ve replaced 3 coil packs between the 14 cylinders of a combined time of 8 years so not bad ive another 540i sport auto I’ll be getting converted when funds allow as I’ll be selling my 530i lpg when that’s ready but currently needs a new box hence me hanging on the 530! had e34 lpg before these, Not had a derv 39 so can’t really comment on that, but there’s nothing better than running my estate that sounds like a mustang and keeps up with most things, and it’s a cheap to run as a focus!
  11. I’d agree put back to std form, 2k should be achievable, there isn’t many 530i sport manuals left out of the 524 built, theres 186 left on toad with 90 been sorned off road, so there’s a good 5 autos for every manual at present as years go buy I guess it’ll be sort after having the biggest engine for rack and pinion steering e39 and with a manual box will always be generally higher value than the auto counterpart.
  12. e34m525i

    M54b30 ticking noise when idling.

    Check the disa valve as they give a random rattle/tick when the flap as come of it just makes noise etc
  13. Lol! Either way £9 a set can’t pass up on savings like that, I doubt they’ll warp if callipers are in good shape and decent enough pads are used, cheapest I could find online via eBay is around £36 a set for unbranded ones so £72 vs £18 for 2 sets of mintex I’m willing to give em a chance!
  14. Yeah i saw it on facebook earlier and also gaz told me too, thought I’d share on here also lol
  15. Must be a mistake, but I’ve just ordered 2 pairs delivered for £18.24! good to have in stock and can’t pass up on savings like that! get on it!!!