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  1. With the e39 I change the projectors out for modern awesome ones! Should be possible to convert e34 into a nice mini d2s based projector and then they’d have modern day type output
  2. e34m525i

    Titan silver e39 bonnet and grille.

    Got some near new black grilles here if of any interest
  3. e34m525i

    New to me 540i Touring

    Just out of curiosity what do these dent people charge as some of my cars have little dents I’d like to get out not counted them but I bet if I tried I could prob find 22 myself lol
  4. e34m525i

    My 2002 530i Techno-Violet Refurb Project

    I’m in St. Helens mate
  5. e34m525i

    My 2002 530i Techno-Violet Refurb Project

    Pm sent we can get these sorted without breaking the bank!
  6. e34m525i

    Xenon Light Bulb Replacement

    Can’t go wrong with them for the price! Great bulbs
  7. e34m525i

    Xenon Light Bulb Replacement

    Yeah that looks good to me you want the light hot spot central to the cut off tip, relative to the oem set up, your diagram looks correct but when there lit up you’ll get the feel for it, light up the frame on the car like the guy does in the vid with the oem set up before you remove projector, take a pic on your phone and then after aim for a similar position, aslong at its central and hot spot is on the tip of the cut off they’ll be fine
  8. e34m525i

    Xenon Light Bulb Replacement

    You have to align the tip of the cut off with the high beam, here’s a rough guide taken from the retrofit labs guide, the rotation of the projector will be fine as your using the oem mounting points so it will fit horizontally fine, you tweak the projector on the rubbers to get it to sit how it should, I’d recommend lighting it up with the old projector still in so you can get a datum for where it should be in terms off the cut off relative to the high beam and then replicate that with the new one, this is why when you first mount the projector in the frame you don’t want it it too close as there can be a few mm of adjustment and if there’s no gap you loose that zone of tweak ability etc Now comes the most important part of the install: aiming the projector relative to the high beam reflector. Once you install the light frame in the headlight, this is impossible to do. It’s super important to get it right now! Rig up a way to power both the high and low beam at the same time. I used a car battery and some jumper cables to do this. Go somewhere dark where you can see the beam produced by the lights (I used my back yard, with the lights shining on the trees 100+ feet out). Tighten / loosen the correct nuts on the projector to align it correctly with the high beam. For those who don’t know, you want the high beam centered over the step in the cutoff, with the majority of the light coming in just above the cutoff. Too low and you’ll illuminate the road close to your car more than the distance. Too high and you’ll just be lighting up the trees. https://retrofitlab.com/blogs/news/bmw-e39-bi-xenon-retrofit-guide
  9. e34m525i

    TATechnix suspension - Just how bad is it?

    I’ve got ta tech sport dampers (not coilovers) along with eibach springs on my e39, they were bought as a cheap fix as my oem sport ones were leaking and pretty much doing nothing there ok but the ride is crap compared to oem sport shocks, they feel very under damped on rough roads it’s crashy, I wouldn’t buy them again, however on a nice smooth road there ok and car handles well enough on them but just not worth the compromise imo. cant really argue for the price tho but your getting what you pay for
  10. e34m525i

    Xenon Light Bulb Replacement

    I thought the g5 ones pcd was well out as in none of holes lines up, good to know that 2 of the 4 will, I guess a bit of plate could be drilled and used to align the others up! I wonder how they compare to the evo xr? I’d imagine there pretty similar
  11. e34m525i

    Xenon Light Bulb Replacement

    I thought the same emailed them as they do loads of projectors but evo lhd only, they do the Hella g5 ones in rhd oddly, I asked them if they could produce rhd evo and they said they wouldn’t do it, not sure why tho as imagine there would be a good market for a cheaper alternative
  12. e34m525i

    Xenon Light Bulb Replacement

    It’s a shame as on the China sites you can pick evo xr 2.0 up for £40ish and there just as good! But the problem is there all lhd and no one will supply rhd from the sellers I’ve messaged ive thought about buying lhd ones and dremel the cut off flat but as it’s a curved cut off plate I’m not sure how that would turn out in the end! But it would be a hell of a saving if it actually worked, I’ve spoken to guys in the USA who have used them and there rated just as good as the morimoto stuff too. Just gutting that there not available in rhd I suppose as there hugely mass produced the Chinese are happy with the lhd market as us rhd owners are just a small minority not worth bothering with!
  13. e34m525i

    Xenon Light Bulb Replacement

    The cotton rings are all pretty much the same you can get amber switch back ones but I’ve never used them as it’s not really my thing as I prefer the white, the closet you get it to sit is better but leave a gap until you’ve aligned it to the high, a small couple of mom gap is fine but the main thing is it’s aligned to the high. i personally wouldn’t bother will ali adjusters as the plastic oem ones usually last 10-15 years and I’d imagine by then if they did break the lenses would need doing again anyway along with prob pitted projectors, so the costs of the ali part (around 50-70 last time I looked) doesn’t really justify huge huge hike in price I guess to me! as for the evo brands, I personally believe they’ll all be made in the same factory somewhere in China, the retrofit labs Aharon ones ive used have been very good I presume there just the same ones as morimoto.
  14. e34m525i

    Xenon Light Bulb Replacement

    Easiest way is to get a cheap tap and dye kit, I got mine off amazon around £30 and all you need to do is grind the washers off and then cut the thread almost all the way down the post the get some m4 nuts and use the original ones too with some washers and retain the original rubbers so you can have some play, but when you put them into the frames leave a good 3-4mm before you tweak the rubbers up as the projector may foul the frame and stop the adjustment to the high beam alignment etc