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  1. e34m525i

    New Car added - V8 540i

    Stunning transformation looks incredible now! So much nicer than the car it used to be when it was totally pre facelift spec. True sport conversion!
  2. Other usual one is intake boot and icv elbow etc
  3. Here’s a link to a pic of the said bung/cap mine was split and was causing bad idle https://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1074573&page=3&amp=1
  4. Does sound like an airleak, have you checked the bungs on the back of intake manifold? As they often fall to bits and can cause this
  5. e34m525i

    E39 Remove Tailgate

    I’ve done this a few ways, first was removing the star shaped nuts and the bits for the glass and remove the door and glass from the hinge, took months of adjusting to get it to sit right, the other option (for removal if breaking etc) unto the 4 nuts for each hinge and under headlining remove the 4 bolts that hold the balls on for the struts and the hole tailgate will come out in one slab, much easier for re installation, wish I’d have done mine that way!
  6. e34m525i

    E39 525i tourer - Jap import

    64k is a huge amount of money for most people (even those who have it!) sadly I’m not one that has that kind of cash! If I was I’d buy that in a heartbeat! Rare thing that! Don’t know what the e34 market is like these days, but is it likely to fetch that much?
  7. e34m525i

    Style 42 pair of 17” 8j et20 £120

    Also don’t mind splitting them and selling as singles if anyone wants a spare
  8. In good shape, no cracks or buckles, dish edges could do with a polish up, centres are in great shape with no corroding usual flakey bits! tidy wheels considering the state most are in these days, £120 for the pair collected or I can courier them at buyers expense located in St. Helens
  9. I’ve currently got 3 e39s, I like the look of the 60 now it’s ageing, I’ve got a set of e63 218 19” wheels that is the main motivator for me thinking about an e60 purchase! in real world what’s people’s experiences with them for rust and general issues, I’m considering a 530/535d, I know about the gearbox issues, swirl flaps, turbos, and pumps that go etc, I’ve heard I drive can be temperamental although I’ve never used it experienced it to date, any thing major to look out for? I guess there similar to e39 fir the usual bushing wear etc any tips that that could help me find a decent one would be good also considering petrol models too, m54 used on early ones, how do the later engines compare? thanks for any tips/help
  10. e34m525i

    WANTED - Knackered e39 Facelift Headlight

    I’ve got a pair here that need new adjusters and polishing, started sanding them but didn’t finish lol
  11. e34m525i

    E39 525i tourer - Jap import

    Stunning that!
  12. e34m525i

    Car and Classic on Chris Harris' E34 "M5"

    I loved my e34 525i sport, it was estimated around 200 bhp as it had a good few mods like BBTb decat and chip, went really well and was polly bushed everywhere, b12 kit, and the lsd really made the car fun, it was very useable power and I really miss the car now it’s gone! ive had a few v8s and a couple of e39s etc but this was the best handling and most fun car I owned. No no rocket ship and certainly no v8 torque but hit a nice country road and it was great fun!
  13. e34m525i

    E34 M5

    Shame its been left out to the elements so long I don’t think I’ve ever seen rott that bad it’s spread everywhere!
  14. e34m525i

    e39 touring to coil springs

    If you need the faults resetting I’ve got inpa here if you wanna nip round can sort it etc
  15. e34m525i

    Wntd: Tailgate Black plastic plugs E39 Touring

    Same going on with mine I’ve 3 e39s none are perfect but eventually I’ll keep my 540i/6 t and 540i sport and sell my 530i annoyingly I’ve put more money into the 530i sport as I’ve had it longer but the v8 is always gonna win me over! So I’ll likley have to go through the “replace everything rubber stage I’ve already done on that with the other two! They get you to a point where your ready to give up and sell but I just can’t seen to do it hence keeping them all!