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  1. e34m525i

    E34 540 - left bank not firing

    I had an odd one on my m60 try unplugging the inlet temp sensor as mine would be fine from cold and as it warmed up it would start loosing cylinders on left bank and then shut it down, unplugging the air inlet temp sensor resolved the issue, I replaced sensor and all was good again
  2. e34m525i

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    Yeah there plug and play, you can get the gear and worm for you mirrors tho for a cheap fix, as the gears strip overtime but are easy enough to swap over, the ones in m5 reps have also stripped, Ive been told the majority of the reps are lhd so the angles are a tad off you have to adjust the mirrors to max angle for correct view, there usable but it did annoy me sometimes, they were on a car I broke I’ve not fired them to any of my other cars yet as they’ll need painting first, on a plus point they look great tho!
  3. e34m525i

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    I’ve got some fake ones, they don’t have bmw marked anywhere on them, another give away is reps are usually oriented for lhd mine are anyway!
  4. e34m525i

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Transition in progress!
  5. Includes a,b,c pillars, lights, grab handes, sun visors, and all the screw covering clips etc, complete kit in good condition £75 collected from St. Helens, also have a full black sports leather interior, and a grey heated leather sports interior for anyone looking for one!
  6. In good condition both heated front seats work great, no rips or major wear after a good clean they’ll come up even better. I also have the full black sport headlining for the roof available at extra cost:
  7. e34m525i

    E39 Touring Air Compressor Woes

    If you need a compressor I’ve got s few in garage that could be had cheap enough lol, I get the odd occasional self level inactive message but I think mine is down to level sensor playing up or wiring, as it’s only when damp but ride hight looks ok at all times.
  8. I’ve I’ve got inpa here in St. Helens if you need to lower the rear or for any other uses pa soft/ncs ecpert, coding etc
  9. e34m525i

    2002 BMW e39 530d Sport - Manual

    Stunning and nice spec I’m sure this won’t hang about long, glwts
  10. e34m525i

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    The grey stuff is easily changed unlike the beige cars! My touring was beige from roof to carpets including all seatbelts and pretty much everything bar door handles and steering cowling! i changed it all to black, looks much better, all this would need is seats, plastics and door cards, carpets and it’s all black then, not a big job if it annoyed the buyer enough to do, However the grey do look better in the flesh I bet!
  11. e34m525i

    BMW E39 535i Project - £200

    Could this just be water from body exhaust condensation dripping after it’s moved etc?
  12. Thank you very much mate, you’ll be kept up to date with it’s progress and will be a great project!
  13. Massive e39 and 540i enthusiast here! Pm sent I’d love this as a project and have most of the parts to put it right, perfect pair 540i/6t and 540i auto! I’d love a chance at getting this back up to scratch and daily it (ounce I’ve lpg converted it!)
  14. M5 prop, shafts and diff can fetch £750 gearbox £1000 engine £400 if it was mine I wouldn’t be accepting less than 2k just for it’s parts value, tempted to buy it just for the diff and sell the rest on!