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  1. Thanks, can I have some more close up pictures please? Also, I believe it's a straight swap onto my facelift E53 X5, do you know?
  2. Dan.

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    Not sure, I think it's an E36 drift car in the making. This picture was taken by my mate the day before I picked it up.
  3. Dan.

    My 2 e39's

    What happened to the touring @jones73?
  4. Dan.

    Intake manifold DIY

    Did you get this sorted?
  5. Dan.

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    My new to me E53 X5 3.0d Sport. Picked it up yesterday. Always wanted one, this was a mate's and I couldn't say no.
  6. Still got the steering wheel?
  7. Dan.

    Back after a while...

    Hi all, not been around for a few years. Just agreed to buy an E53 3.0d Sport, probably won't pick it up for a week or so. Know its not strictly a 5er but this is the first place I thought of looking for more info.
  8. Dan.

    Piper's E39 530d Sport

    Tidy motor there Piper
  9. Dan.

    E39 HIDs and Fixings

    Always, where in West Mids are you? I'm 10 mins from Jct 7 M5 if you wanted to collect
  10. Dan.

    E39 HIDs and Fixings

    Yes, if gen lights then the holes are there for mounting the brackets. I think they are 6k white, not sure if they say on them, I will check later. They are white though with only the slightest hint of blue at some angles.
  11. Dan.

    My 2 e39's

    Looking good
  12. Dan.

    E39 HIDs and Fixings

    Yes, I had them in my 2000 pre-facelift with facelift lights. Even removed these and fitted normal bulbs for MOT
  13. Dan.

    In memory of Donut

    Signed, too late for Donut even if it might not have made any difference
  14. Dan.

    RIP Donut

    Just heard via text, very sad news.