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  1. ALPINA5

    Wheel Refurb

    Hi Dennis I am near Heathrow too. I have seen some very inconsistent work and I would just like to get them done right first time.
  2. ALPINA5

    Wheel Refurb

    Can anybody recommend someone who can refurb my softlines to original spec please? (full treatment, dipped etc) I last got a set done years and years ago through a firm called Montys in Iver but I cant remember where they sent them. Thanks in advance
  3. ALPINA5

    530d Turbo Upgrade

    Thank you, I will get grinding
  4. ALPINA5

    530d Turbo Upgrade

    Thanks, I have got the manifold from a late e46, seems to be the same part number as the e60 one, do you think it will work?
  5. ALPINA5

    530d Turbo Upgrade

    I need some help please. I have tried fitting a GT2260 turbo to my 184 530d and I am having clearance issues with the engine mount. I can see that the later cars (mine is an early car) have different part numbers for the engine mount brackets, will this solve the problem? Has anyone else encountered this and what has been the solution please? Thanks in advance
  6. ALPINA5

    e39 M5 Rear calipers

    Need a set of M5 rear calipers please. Thanks in advance
  7. ALPINA5


    Who was watching Splash on BBC2? See the e28! Hot or what Cirrus isn't it?
  8. ALPINA5

    Whats your favorite e34 colour ?

    As per below or Calypso
  9. ALPINA5

    530D Jealousy

    Some are quieter than others, I have had a Lexus owner and Audi TDi owner in mine who were both surprised mine was a diesel whereas there is no mistaking the fact my mates 535d is a diesel. Maybe the brand of oil or how it was run in has something to do with it.
  10. ALPINA5

    Angel eye headlight bulb

    A simple and obvious question for some. My car has halogen angel eyes and I need headlight bulbs, does anyone know which ones they are please? Thanks in advance.
  11. ALPINA5

    e39 530d alternator

    Hi Need a 150a alternator for an e39 530d please, 150amp. Possibly from an early X5 too. Thanks
  12. ALPINA5

    e38 or e39 Servo & Master Cylinder please

    Thanks for checking Tim. I think they are mostly if not all on pre-facelift cars. e38's & e39's. Any joy with the other parts I need?
  13. Looks quite clean and unmolested, would like to see it put back on the road.
  14. Bought my 530d in March 2010 for £1600, She has never let me down. This is what has been been changed, I do all of the work myself. Front Bumper, rear bumper, Intercooler, Fan, A/C Compressor, Water pump, thermostat, alternator, starter motor, clutch, flywheel, propshaft (rebuilt), front arms, discs and calipers, shocks, springs, top mounts, anti-roll bars(front and rear), fuel lines, brake lines, windscreen, doors, boot, bonnet, boot, wings, ecu, locks, steering wheel, wheels tyres, headlining, seats, door cards, headlights, rear lights, stereo system and speakers, battery, wiper rack,
  15. ALPINA5

    e38 or e39 Servo & Master Cylinder please

    Hi I believe the DSC equipped master cylinders have 3 outlets. I also need a passenger door in Aspen silver for a facelift e38 and a front bumper trim where the washer jet sits for the driver side in Orient blue please? Thanks