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  1. know-dice

    Battery charger thing for when installing XHP

    Get yourself a computer server PSU maybe like a HP DPS-600PB or this - HP-ProLiant-750W-PSU-Power-Supply can be modded to give 13.5 volts... My version: PDF here may help - Charger_Mod-Up 2.pdf I should say that these server PSU are good for at least 40Amps
  2. High spec but basic Air Con... Looks very good if you are REALLY going to be able to stand a tractor engine after your 6 pot...
  3. You don't see the exterior when you are driving it It's the 239,000 Miles that's a bit of a killer (if it's all motorway with replacement engine & turbo then not too bad) & the down market SAT Nav....
  4. Actually, I was thinking more of a break in the wiring loom at the hinge...
  5. It's a bitch to fix, so don't get fobbed off. Some light reading: BMW E61 tailgate wires.pdf BMW E61 Tailgate Wiring Repair.pdf
  6. Are E6x really more unreliable than the F1x series - I don't know Was the "new" engine a full engine or just the block, pistons and crank? What about the injectors & swirl flaps? Torque converter and gearbox?
  7. 239,000 miles - I don't think so... Might have a newish engine, but everything else will be on the way out...
  8. Yes, even if it's a Volvo...
  9. Regardless of what you get... it is mandatory to post pictures
  10. Not M Sport But has NBT with Pro-Nav
  11. I guess you don't want an E61 530i ? 2010 with 76,000 miles Might be selling mine if I can find a G31 540i with the right spec (and price)...
  12. Some documents that maybe of interest: 2008_LCI_Detailed_Changes.pdf BMW-Fastfacts_April08.pdf
  13. know-dice

    After Market Reverse Cameras

    As it's a diesel, interference that changes with engine speed is surely going to be either alternator or injector solenoids, rather than hot monitoring of the reversing lights. So, is it pickup of some sort on the long video cable? I'm not sure how you would test for that Have you got access to an oscilloscope?
  14. know-dice

    After Market Reverse Cameras

    Does the frequency of the banding alter when you rev the engine? I think these things have a 220uF output capacitor in them, might be worth doubling that by adding a second one (220uf 25v) directly across the feed to the camera. And a question for me.... What's the best way to get the original handle out without damaging the paintwork?
  15. know-dice

    After Market Reverse Cameras

    For anyone else reading this topic... A whole range of handle cameras here - Car-Reverse-CCD-Rear-View-Camera-For-BMW-E82-E88-E84-E90-E91-E92-E93-E60-E61 And a couple of other files that may help with the wiring: BMW E61 Tailgate Wiring Repair.pdf bmw E61 tailgate wires.pdf