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  1. know-dice

    E39 Touring air suspension (again)

    Yes... Item 01 here - https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DS62-EUR-05-2002-E39-BMW-530i&diagId=33_0530
  2. know-dice

    Reverse Gong Coding

    It's always worth documenting these things as much as possible for future reference... Can you detail which modules in which you had to change these settings?
  3. know-dice

    Reverse Gong Coding

    Was that because the "Gong" was pointing to the HiFi rather than the physical gong.... Very good that you got it fixed
  4. SOLD... Connects to MOST optical bus, the GROM-MST3P acts as a virtual CD or MP3 changer USB port accepting any USB stick/drive, Android car integration via USB 2, EXT ports for iPod/iPhone (with GROM compatible iPod connector cable, which is sold separately), Bluetooth & Aux-Input and provides access and control to the music stored on those devices. - Ability to listen to songs in car on USB mass storage device (such as flash drive) or Android phone (using free AALinQ app from Google® Play Store). - Ability to control music from car stereo or steering wheel buttons. - Folders on the USB drives are mapped to an individual “Disc” button on car stereo’s dashboard. Playlists on Android phone are mapped to discs. Browsing by Album, Artist, Genre is available on BMW iDrive stereos. - Number of “discs” limited to the car stereo (up to 99 on select stereos). - Last listened song position within the playlist is remembered and time position is restored upon ignition cycle. Suitable for the following BMW vehicles with the Media Oriented System Transport (M.O.S.T.) fibre optic audio system: 1 Series E82 (2004-2011) 3 Series E90 / E92 (2006-2010) 5 Series E60 (2004-2010) X5 E70 (2007-2013) Z4 (2009-2010) BMW Mini (2006-2010) Supplied with Bluetooth adapter and Mic. I used this in my E61 with MASK until I replaced this with an NBT. All my music is saved to FLAC and this played perfectly from USB stick using the MST3 If your car doesn't already have a CD changer then this will need to be coded for your car.
  5. know-dice

    Reverse Gong Coding

    Might be worth checking the PDC module. There is an option to set "Tone Generator via entertainment or via buzzer" - TONGEBER On my E61 LCI PDC sounds come from entertainment system I guess it's the same on a 2004 car.
  6. know-dice

    Reverse Gong Coding

    I think it's in CCC_APP Shows as " REVERSE_GONG " in NCS Dummy
  7. Don't think that you are going to get very far with this.... His profile shows Last visited "November 7, 2016"
  8. know-dice

    Diesel brake servo.. Please read!

    My car is a 530i with no dip stick Will order one of those from the EBay link and investigate over the weekend. Many thanks for you help though.
  9. know-dice

    Diesel brake servo.. Please read!

    Many thanks for that - cheap as chips Did you cut the vacuum pipe close to the servo?
  10. know-dice

    Diesel brake servo.. Please read!

    I have the same problem - hard pedal in the morning... Do you have a Mercedes part number or link to supplier. Thanks
  11. For those of us suffering excessive battery discharge...Page 216 onwards of this Advanced Vehicle Diagnosis - 07-2013.pdf could be helpful
  12. know-dice

    Gear lever joy stick

    You need to change the module below as well, this style gear lever doesn't fit on the standard GWS
  13. know-dice

    Looking to buy e60 LCI

    I think my car was meant to end up in Hong Kong so that probably explains why it has a N52N....
  14. know-dice

    Looking to buy e60 LCI

    E60/61 LCI will be N52 or N53 I have a 2010 E61 LCI with a N52N - work that one out?
  15. Even more strange - the link to E61 530i is actually a 525d and left hand drive ?