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  1. know-dice

    DAB+ for Australia

    I have several of the Keystone modules (not on Monkey board) is anyone wants them... We use the Silicon Labs Si4684 in one of our products, but it's mounted on a large PCB and not suitable for automotive use
  2. know-dice

    Thames Valley Diag Software Support

    I "should" be able to do that...if it's still a problem PM me...
  3. That should be UNUSED cat litter
  4. know-dice

    Torch Socket

    Or you could use one of these - BMW Auxiliary Power Adapter But, they are as rare as hen's teeth. Used to be about $10 but trending @ $200 on the Bay of E BMW part number 82 11 0 004 073
  5. know-dice

    e39 touring one side lower than the other.

    What error code this time?
  6. know-dice

    M5 smg

    I don't know about SMG, but first port of call for BMW parts is Real OEM http://realoem.com/
  7. know-dice

    E39 touring subframe bushings tool rental

    Sorry, never got the message In any case I sold the tool a while ago when I got my E61
  8. That engine certainly sounds a bit "gruff" and tappy... I have a 2010 530i @ 48,000 miles and my engine certainly sounds much smoother than that. I haven't noticed a "wollowly" back end, just a bit "skippy" especially on the cooler weather, which I put down to the Bridgestone RE050 run flats. BTW my car has an N52N !!! - work that one out? It's also an auto 6 speed, and in Sports mode takes off like a scolded cat....:-)
  9. know-dice


    For the F range for serious programming or coding it's either E-Sys or ISTA-D/ISTA-P have a wander over here - Another coding site.... It depends what you want to do as there are other programs like Carly for BMW, or Torque on Android.
  10. know-dice

    Current INPA version

    Ok, thanks. Just got myself an ICOM A2 [clone]
  11. know-dice

    Easydis 200.100 error

    I never got on with DIS and virtual machines What about trying something like Dr Gini here - Dr Gini Or ISTA-D & ISTA-P - ISTA-P Loader All work natively in Windoze...
  12. know-dice

    Current INPA version

    Hi Jimmy, What is the current version of INPA that you are shipping? Thanks
  13. know-dice

    Run flat tyres to standard tyres on E61

    6 days to go, lets see what it ends up at...
  14. know-dice

    Run flat tyres to standard tyres on E61

    These people are good for brand new space saver + jack http://www.alloywheelsdirect.net/option/bmw_spare_wheel_kits £159 for E60/61 Cheaper than EBay...
  15. know-dice

    E61 Headlights - Brighter please!

    Baus should be able to do some really good halos...