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  1. know-dice

    BMW E61 Rear fog lights as drl

    Don't do it... Rear fog lights should only be on when there is no one behind you !!! They limit the ability of those following you see your brake lights.
  2. BMW part number - CIC Front Panel 65839206067 from E60, E61, E63 & E64 I think it's mostly used in all markets
  3. Some Pics... Full Spec NBT: Screen from E90 fitted in E6x frame: And loom - I will wire the Mic/Mics in twin screened FST All I need now is one of these at a reasonable price...
  4. Hi Dennis, It's either the NBT or cheap Chinese Android and we know what you think about those... I'm well across bimmerforums and cartechnology... just didn't source a facia panel at the time
  5. Last post on this topic was from Dennis Cooper 7th Jan 2016 I have only just got around to looking at fitting this kit, so how did everybody else get on with it? I have stripped down the original loom and made it properly with soldered joints and heat-shrink so much neater. Where I'm stuck is getting hold of a CIC facial panel to control this as my existing M-ASK panel although it has the same type of red connector doesn't work (this was to be expected). Anywho, how did everybody else progress with this?
  6. As per title I need to find a CIC facia panel BMW part number 6583 9206067 this is so I can finish my M-ASK to NBT conversion started 5 years ago Many thanks....
  7. know-dice

    E60 noob - M-Ask or CCC question

    A picture of your dash could help. I have a 2010 E61 with M-ASK 2, business NAV, single slot for Map DVD CD changer in glove box. Think that the CCC is higher than the M-ASK so have you got a cubby tray just above the ash tray?
  8. know-dice

    ISTA-D on Mac OS

    I only have an E61 so ISTA-D & ISTA-P are fine for me. What did you intend to do with this, diagnostics or programming & coding?
  9. know-dice

    ISTA-D on Mac OS

    As far as I know: Standard Tools - INPA, NCSExpert, WINFKP mostly E series tools Rheingold - Should include F Series software - in Rheingold/PSdZ/data/psdzdata/mainseries sub-directory. May also include E Series software - should also include a third party loader like Beemerboy88 ISTA-P Loader !!!. SP Datens - data update for E Series is probably already included with Rheingold so this could just be an update. Might be worth considering ESYS also how are you going to connect to your car?
  10. know-dice

    Rubber / foam strip thingy on front

    Be careful... seems like some Ebay sellers are selling the bracket separately from the seals.... This one seems!!! to include everything - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-NEW-GENUINE-E60-E61-2003-2010-BUMPER-BONNET-SEAL-SUPPORTING-LEDGE-7063835/201569114441?epid=1209337195&hash=item2eee749949:g:t~EAAOSw3mpXHxoU
  11. know-dice

    Rubber / foam strip thingy on front

    I think that part mounts on the bonnet 31 here - https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=PU92-EUR-03-2010-E61N-BMW-530i&diagId=41_1471#51767138584
  12. know-dice

    Rubber / foam strip thingy on front

    Supporting Ledge BMW Part number 51117063835 For sale on the Bay of E @ about £20 , sometimes you find that the dealer price is not too unreasonable (worth checking)
  13. know-dice

    E61 Rear Movement at Speed

    What tyres are you using?
  14. know-dice

    Rubber / foam strip thingy on front

    Looks like it comes as part of 14 here - https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=PU92-EUR-03-2010-E61N-BMW-530i&diagId=51_6345
  15. know-dice

    Quick Ques. about ITool )Radar & Esys, Dr Gini??

    Some other software to add to your arsenal - BMW ISTA-P loader & EasyConnect I never could get on with DIS I use an ICOM and find IToolRadar useful to know what state the ICOM thinks its in...