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  1. know-dice

    DAB+ for Australia

    Has anyone got the Service Manual for this unit?
  2. know-dice

    Issues connecting the car to the computer via cable

    Have you checked EDIABAS.ini should have line - Interface = STD:OBD I find the EasyConnect Utility quite handy for changing these files.
  3. know-dice

    com port new inpa kline cable cannot connect

    Have you used "Device Manager" within Windows to check which Com port Windows thinks you are connecting to? Then set Com port in INPA by editing file - (typically) C:/EDIABAS\Bin\odb.ini
  4. know-dice

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    Always worth ringing your local BMW dealer...you never know
  5. know-dice

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    On RealOEM - https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DD42-EUR-05-1998-E39-BMW-523i&diagId=84_1211 84508369459 Antenna radiator D-NETZ 80MM Not sure is 80mm is correct one though...
  6. know-dice

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    And just to upset you guys...what about considering fitting a ULF which will give you Bluetooth and rip out all the old stuff
  7. know-dice

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    Worth noting that the SIM card should go in to the module at the back (over the rear wheel arch) rather than in the armrest bit.
  8. know-dice

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    Agreed, what Dan says - simples to coin a phrase
  9. know-dice

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    Is this what you need?
  10. know-dice

    DAB+ for Australia

    I have several of the Keystone modules (not on Monkey board) is anyone wants them... We use the Silicon Labs Si4684 in one of our products, but it's mounted on a large PCB and not suitable for automotive use
  11. know-dice

    Thames Valley Diag Software Support

    I "should" be able to do that...if it's still a problem PM me...
  12. That should be UNUSED cat litter
  13. know-dice

    Torch Socket

    Or you could use one of these - BMW Auxiliary Power Adapter But, they are as rare as hen's teeth. Used to be about $10 but trending @ $200 on the Bay of E BMW part number 82 11 0 004 073
  14. know-dice

    e39 touring one side lower than the other.

    What error code this time?
  15. know-dice

    M5 smg

    I don't know about SMG, but first port of call for BMW parts is Real OEM http://realoem.com/