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  1. Hi, A set of the now rare to find 19 inch M Parallel replicas that were refinished before collection by a customer earlier today. The wheels prior to the work had the usual very flaky original lacquer that had also faded/yellowed somewhat and the blackened with age moisture and dirt that had got under the cracks of the lacquer. Thankfully, there was very little kerb rash and no bends/buckles. They'd not been previously refinished as still had various stickers on the barrels and the distinctive mold indentations to the rear of the wheel structure. The finish when these wheels are new is a painted centre with machined/diamond cut lip with lacquer over the whole wheel - lips and barrels. Before; Wheels were stripped and blasted and the customer's requirement was a silver powdercoat for the wheel centres and the lips hand mirror polished. The result looks fantastic! After; Given the relatively short period that lacquers last in the UK due to the damp climate, then leaving the lips bare means nothing to flake off and deteriorate. The lips need a quick 2/3 minutes per wheel, using metal polish every few days to look like they are here, which beats having wheels that look grotty as they deteriorate over time - see the before pics! I'll be getting pictures when they're fitted up to the new owners E39 soon Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    Connected drive or alternatives

    Hi, The official BMW updates are genuine, and guaranteed to work. All others are counterfeit, so you don't know what you'll get. There's plenty of people who've used the counterfeit option and seemingly been ok. However, if/when issues occur, you'll most likely not get much in the way of help/support. Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    widescreen navswap for 2004 E60 530d

    Hi Stu78, I suggest looking in the E60/1 sections of this and other forums as I'm sure it's been asked before. I'm not entirely sure on what needs to be done to have it done, but I'm thinking it's not a quick easy swap type of job, it'll be more involved. I think for the full screen to be in use, you'd need to change out/upgrade the navigation computer as well, but don't quote me on that. Buying the items would be a case of looking on ebay for the parts you'd need or a car that needs breaking for parts. Do update here with how you get on with this please! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    Spare Wheel

    Hi, It'a not the diameter of the wheel that matters, as mentioned above, it's the rolling radius that does. I've had a 19 inch wheel as my spare and left it with a 245/35/19 tyre which is a front tyre sizing. If a issue occurs on a rear wheel, then the RR is within tolerances with that size tyre on the rear. The 19" spare fits no problem at all, however this is in a Touring, I'm not sure if in a Saloon the wheel well is smaller? I'd have doubted that though. Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    Buying an e39 M5.

    Hi Wakey, One of the relative 'handful' of very low miled examples you have tucked away It's the same mileage as another one I know of tucked away in a heated garage as well! that one being a facelift and Silver. Are you looking to sell yours 'soon' or is this a quick example pic of part of your collection ?! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    E39 530i AEGAN

    Hi, Those aren't AC Schnitzer mirrors and agreed, they don't suit the E39 at all. The wheels have had the inner barrels/spokes painted/powdercoated black and then machined/diamond cut. Looks well kept and low miled if of course 100% genuine and it's at £3005 bid level with just under 4 days to go! I also agree that the line 'selling for a friend' makes alarm bells begin to ring .. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    E39 Black alpine amp problems

    Hi Qasim, Not quite understanding all you've mentioned, Have you connected the new head unit to the OEM amplifier in the back of the car? if so, how? Have you installed the new head unit so it powers the OEM speakers directly? If you can clarify what's installed now and how you've wired things up, that'll help. A quick guess is that your wiring, somewhere is incorrect. Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    these chinese radios on ebay

    This being your main concern, then it's a head unit from the established high quality brands is what you'd be best considering. Andyrt200 - At least your unit had some years use ! many others have their units lifespan of just months before things become unusable or error prone etc. That said, a handful have fully working units for a number of years - it's all a gamble really! There are various options you could go for from what you've said, take a look at the Kenwood DMX-110BT for instance, about £145 from a few Ebay sellers who also have bricks and mortar shops in the UK, it has a Reverse camera AV input and subwoofer RCA preouts (I'll assume with level control in the user interface - I've not physically used one as yet) Dan 1979 - Perhaps the same head unit for you ? BT hands free phone and Audio Streaming profiles built in. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Hi, Having a clearout of my little used electronics so this bundle is up for sale. Purchased for a couple of specific reasons - indoor short 30sec-1min videos and indoor still images to highlight various aspects also contained in the videos. This hasn't been used outside nor in any sporting or extreme environments. As such, the condition is absolutely excellent! no scratches/breakages/scuffs etc as 98% of the time was used with the protective case. The stabilizer is excellent to use and really helps with keeping footage smooth during capture. There's lots of accessories in the bundle and can be seen in the pictures. Lots of holders/fixings/body straps. This is one of the accessories bundles available on Ebay and the quality is excellent for being aftermarket products to enhance the Go Pro. In addition, there's a small bendable tripod and an extendable holder, extra sticky pads, spare cover doors etc. The Stabilizer has a spare pair of batteries that are unused and still in their shrink wrapping - a couple charges/discharges should see them properly usable. Included is a Toshiba 16GB Micro SD card and a Lexar 32GB one, Class 10 & 4 for high speed transfer ratings to help with the capturing of footage faster. Price - £145 delivered to mainland UK. For delivery areas with increased charges & abroad, get in touch with details and I can get shipping quotes at very reasonable prices. Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    E39 M5 Wanted

    Hi rbond9, Details, Pictures, initial thoughts of the M5 you purchased?!! Assuming of course, you did purchase an M5?!! Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    E39 possibly from the bill tv show?

    Hi, It's got Cloth Sport Seats by the looks of it ! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    M sport/ sport

    Hi, Hoping this work out well for you Duncan! what an absolute joke from the 'insurance' company/broker/underwriters.... Nealpina - Wiki articles are good, but can be somewhat flawed. When you see the two words 'Sport Package' then that's much more commonly used in the USA for their market. In the UK, the reference to the earlier pre-facelift cars usually is 'SE' or 'Sport' Also, 'M Sport' for the E39, wasn't used by BMW UK in their sales brochures. Following on, the '540i M Sport' was a limited edition run in the USA and Canada for the 2003 model year only and in high demand in both countries due to limited examples being made that are genuine - they call it 'Title' in the USA and perhaps the equivalent to our V5's, the model will be listed as a '540i M Sport' if it's not there, then it wasn't a genuine example. Due to the demand for these examples, enthusiasts will fly across the country in the hope of picking up a genuine one that's also in excellent condition and sometimes sell for more than an M5 of similar miles/condition etc. The UK didn't get that edition as run out models, we got the Champagne 1/2 and Aegean examples - of which there's no mention of in the wiki E39 page im looking at - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_5_Series_(E39) Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    Innovadrive NXG-39 / OEM look Double DIN Fascia

    Hi zukgod1, I'll drop you a PM here to arrange all details and I can dispatch your order to you rightaway! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the first custom manufactured solution from Innovadrive for BMW E39 owners! The BMW E39 5 series OEM audio systems and packages have become outdated in recent years due to the fast paced nature of the car audio and electronics industry. Many owners have faced the dilemma of wanting to upgrade their cars to have the latest audio and safety features, but have been reluctant to lose the aesthetics within the dashboard. This issue has now been resolved with a new solution which combines the best of both worlds - the very latest technology and an OEM look ! The Innovadrive NXG-39 is a combination fascia and fitting kit allowing a double DIN head unit to be installed whilst maintaining the design aesthetic of the sought after OEM 16:9 monitor fitted to some E39's optioned at the factory. Features & Highlights * Combined fascia & fitting kit - Designed primarily for the latest generation of shallow depth head units the NXG-39 is a single piece solution. No extra fitting kits are required to be purchased and installed, additionally, the existing mounting holes in the dash pieces are utilized to securely mount it. The fitting process reqires a modest level of technical knowledge in order remove/refit the car's cabin trim and to make mounting holes on the fascia's inner mounting panels. The locations of those holes would be determined by whichever head unit is chosen. * Design - Close resemblance to the OEM button and rotary knob sizing, shape and press feel to match the OEM 16:9 monitor. The rest of the design has been proportionally altered whilst cleverly maintaining OEM styling and aesthetics to suit the fitment of a larger double DIN head unit. Dimmable backlighting when connected to the cars loom is integrated along with a close resemblence to the car's original dash backlight colour. The laser etching for the characters and symbols is extremely precise as would be expected at this level of quality. The full cycle of design, CAD modeling, prototyping, manufacturing and finishing has all been in partnership with UK based automotive manufacturing specialists. Innovadrive's close involvement with each of these stages maintains very high quality standards and are similarly trusted by some of the worlds most famous marques such as Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce etc. * Strength & Resilience - An over engineered design results in an extremely sturdy item using the correct automotive grade materials and components throughout. Japanese (Matsushita) soft press buttons and LED's are specified for the PCB and the overall design of the electronics components. The fascia's strength is derived using CAD modeling where the best levels of strength were acheived for the entire piece taking into account technical characteristics of the actual material and moulding process. * Automotive grade finishing - The specific automotive interior paint used to give a very high quality and robust finish has a light texture feel to it and is found in some of the worlds finest automobile manufacturers vehicles. Technical characteristics include excellent levels of UV, temperature and humidity resistance along with common contaminants often found in cars from different climates around the globe. * Future development - A 'phase' 2 which is currently in initial stages of R&D - the button symbols and characters can be changed to custom choices as the PCB can recognise which button has been pressed. A separate control/interface unit can interpret those and can then subsequently be used to control other aftermarket products/features such as, heated seats, massaging seats, air ride controllers, TPMS systems etc. The development process will also evaluate the potential to relocate the OEM ASC, DSC, Sport, Window Blind switches. Price: £239 inc UK delivery. Please get in touch if your location is in a higher delivery charge location or international for a customised shipping quote. LAUNCH OFFER - 15% off for the first five BMW5 Gold Members ! (Please reply below to this thread with your name) Pictures: NXG-39 & Parrot Asteroid Smart installed in my own car NXG-39 & Alpine iLX-700 installed in an M5 FAQ's * Q - Can I fit a standard depth double DIN head unit? A - Absolutely! Just the modification to the cars airbox to make the space needed for the extra depth of the head unit is required to be done. Due to the strength of the NXG-39 design, there's no extra expense to get a fitting kit to hold the deeper head unit in place. * Q - What do the buttons do? A - The buttons and rotary knob detail are for aesthetic purposes in order to give as best an OEM look to the fascia as possible. The minimum design specification was to have the buttons as backlit, dimmable and pressable. Future development and options means that the button caps can be swapped and the PCB connected to an interface unit to which specific aftermarket products can be connected and controlled. Innovadrive is currently developing these elements! * Q - Can I fit my own screen panel and make use of the buttons the way I want? A - Definitely! with the NXG-39, you can choose which hardware you'd like to fit giving flexibility to any personal projects you may have in mind. * Q - Why aren't there any fixing holes on the inner panels? A - Due to the myriad of head units, screens and other modular displays available and their differing fixing mount locations too many pre-made holes would need to be incorporated into those fixing panels. * Q - Is the material easily drillable to make holes when installing? A - Yes, using a good sharp drill bit means only modest pressure and spin speed is needed when using a small drill. * Q - When I switch the car lights on but the head unit is off, do the buttons illuminate? A - Yes! When connected to the correct panel illumination wire in the cars wiring loom. The intensity can also be varied by using the car's dimming wheel. Cheers, Dennis!
  15. DennisCooper

    M sport/ sport

    Hi Duncan, There's various adverts on the Facebook E39 groups and I'm sure I've seen a few 530d Touring Sport ads in the last few weeks? Perhaps take a look there? I'm now a person who really, REALLY doesn't like insurance companies, but it's a mandatory requirement but always heavily heavily biased in their favour. I really hope you get the info and the payout that's closer to market value of your car - I think you've got to fight it each stage though Wish you well mate ! Cheers, Dennis!
  16. DennisCooper

    these chinese radios on ebay

    Hi, Plenty of people have purchased them. Every BMW forum has many threads where purchasers have posted up their experience with them. Some get good, longer term fully working units and many/most others have issues/problems/niggles. It's a gamble really so comes down to how 'lucky' you are feeling. Have a look around on this forum and other UK/USA ones and any others which are centric to another country/language if are from there etc. Cheers, Dennis!
  17. Hi Stu, Here's what you are looking for in order to research and understand what you'll need to buy and then modify/change etc. http://pibus.info/ If you like/want to tinker and change things software, hardware and configurations etc then this route is for you and it's one of the 'variants' of doing a 'Car PC' when it comes to potential head unit/audio upgrades. There are replacement TFT panels for around £120 or so, fitting/swapping if you have to have someone do it is of course extra as it is very tedious if you've not done it previously. I'd estimate, being very careful and very thorough, you could DIY swap to the new TFT panel in about 3/4 hours with a couple biscuit breaks and to include the inevitable got the procedure wrong during re-assembly and having to go back a number of steps to re-do them correctly. Good luck with it and please do update here if you do go the Pi-Bus route ! Cheers, Dennis!
  18. Hi Pzero, Now that your E39 monitor is gone, it's hard to take pics showing it worked along with getting the radio display/CD/Display/Intravee Display etc so you could say all modules working. To help deter idiots on ebay and other platforms, get a UV pen and mark the items so to prevent said idiots doing a swapsy return. The TV module will be from earlier versions than the Mk4 so limited appeal for that as analogue signals ended years ago. Cheers, Dennis!
  19. DennisCooper

    Kenwood 7018DMX dimming

    Hi Qasim, Hopefully it gets resolved, but it is possible it's a quirk from the BMW dimming setup Cheers, Dennis!
  20. DennisCooper

    Lovely Looking 735 (E23?) 1985/86

    Hi, One of my earliest aspects of anything BMW was being in New York in 1986 at 13/14 years old, and seeing/climbing into my uncles then spanking new Alpine White/Oxblood leather 735i ! Busy time for the family as was attending a wedding so the car was in constant use driving about collecting more extended family flying in, picking up stuff for preparations so cruising around Queens/Manhattan/Brooklyn in the car was awesome ! Lots of excellent examples in drier/sunnier climates around the world but rare here due to our damp climate so great to see a well kept UK example ! Cheers, Dennis!
  21. DennisCooper

    Replace iDrive screen with double DIN unit E60

    Hi Action Slacks, Keep this thread updated with whichever route you do take ?! There's more E60 OEM audio posts cropping up where owners are either having issues or want to upgrade functionality etc etc so more alternatives/choices would be good to know about! Cheers, Dennis!
  22. DennisCooper

    Kenwood 7018DMX dimming

    Hi, Good news that there's a fix from Kenwood! The 7018 unit from them has reports of usability issues so I'd say Kenwood are aware and the software side of things should be fixed and a firmware update released. Cheers, Dennis!
  23. Hi, The modules you mention don't need coding and likely will be purchased by someone looking to replace a faulty unit. The Mk4 DVD based GPS computers are the ones everyone wants, the older Mk3 isn't in demand and has much lower asking prices. The Monitor, if a proper E39 unit will be in demand so price that accordingly. Too many ebay sellers put the E53 monitor for sale and say fits E39 which is does, but the viewing angle is incorrect, the E38 monitor is also the same but viewing angles are much better/closer to the E39 one. The KCA-420i and Intravee should move quite quickly for you. The BM54 amplifier unit should also sell and if you are capable/confident, then removing the satnav loom/GPS antennas/fixing brackets etc could all be taken out and put with a 'package' to sell on. Generally, much less E39 owners purchase the OEM complete kit like this due to the work involved in fitting it all and then being at 'oem' levels of functions, so perhaps better to try and sell individually. Cheers, Dennis!
  24. DennisCooper

    E60 alloy wheel colour question

    Hi Rory, This is the first mention I've read that MV2 wheels were offered in Black as an option from factory. I suspect the previous owner might have had the wheels done black by a BMW dealer and now 'thinks' it was 'genuine/factory'. Overall, it's not a showstopper, speak to a reputable and experienced wheel refinishing specialist as in both paint and powdercoat, there's literally 100's of 'blacks' possible and you can perhaps choose one that you like better than what you have now. If it's a more glossy type, ask for examples of 'Liquid black' or 'hyper black'. That all said, I fall on the side that think most black wheels don't look good on standard/run of the mill type cars so I'd say look to greys/anthracite/charcoal type 'darker' colours so that your wheels don't look like dustbin lids/steel wheels! As you are in Devon, a franchise I'd recommend and have/still use is the Wheel Specialist. The nearest to you looks like Weston Super Mare and Bournemouth locations https://www.thewheelspecialist.co.uk/locations/ Cheers, Dennis!