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    F11 sound upgrade

    Hi Paul, Have a look through this specialist who make upgrade packages that fit and work very well indeed - https://audiofile-incar.co.uk/audio-upgrades/bmw-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-and-x-series Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    Wheel Refurb

    Hi, Just around the corner from me! Monty's wheels & tyres I've used and known him for ages now, he's still operating having come out of a couple business premises, by being a mobile business now - still see him in the van zipping around sometimes! The refurb process will be the same any reputable specialist doing the job properly, the 'specific' aspect will be getting the OEM code /Paint name for the finish. If you absolutely must have the original, do speak to these guys who may be able to find, or ideally already have the information https://www.alloywheelsdirect.net/alpina_alloys Once you have that, I think they're able to supply but maybe direct to a wheel refurbishment specialist rather than retail. If none of the above proves fruitful, drop me a line as I have a good contact who may have more information and I can ask him - partly due to him recently refurbishing his Alpine C01's and me possibly likely refinishing my C01's ! I have a good few excellent refurbishment specialists around here and a bit futher afield, whereabouts are you located? Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    faulty MID exchange ?

    Hi Amebb, More research is key here ! There's differences between the MID panel depending on options chosen when new for the Audio system. Just a 'very' quick search shows me 3 different MID units, differences with the top right button being marked as 'Audio' another with 'Audio & DSP' and another MID with no middle button. You'll need to look at your car, determine the build date, determine if your car has DSP or not, determine if your MID doesn't have a middle button. Then look to realoem etc and put in your cars build date and filter through for the config that matches your car and look at the MID part number and make a note of the revision number. Then, cross reference that where equivalent model/revision numbers are listed as compatible and then purchase one that 'ideally' is exactly the same as yours or on that list of compatible numbers. If your car has DSP and you put in a non 'DSP' button MID, then it'll perhaps not work anymore etc and the other permuatations. There's been threads on various BMW forums where owners have swapped in MID panels and not noticed a difference in buttons and found issues. Similarly, there may be ways of making things work if a different MID panel is used, but I've not read into those threads too much. In short, double check first before you buy ! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    ebay and vat.

    Yes, I think there should be a big rush of Brexit supporters looking to start new businesses and there'll be lots of UK based sellers offering more products and services that we had whilst part of the EU. That rush of incorporations should be happening now!... We'll likely not get a persons name or if there is, they'll be setup for the flack! Yes we've taken control and the whole VAT mess/situation is a result of it. 'Hopefully' now that we can set our own laws, the government will resolve it so that businesses can trade more freely It's all early days, coming up to the 1st quarter ending as Independent UK, lets see what more improvements come our way as a country .. I'm sure I can hear those new companies being formed... Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    Innovadrive NXG-39 & Kenwood DMX-125DAB - Combo Deal

    Bumpety Bump !
  6. Hi, I have a Kenwood DMX-125DAB and NXG-39 for sale. The head unit is a current model from Kenwood and is their entry level shallow depth unit in the range. Still a very well specified unit for the price level and perfect for those who may not have a smartphone or would like a head unit to work without having one connected etc. Full details and features run down here on Kenwood's website https://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/car/nav_mm/mm/DMX125DAB/ I purchased this unit for the sole reason to test fit into the NXG-39 I have available for E39 owners. It turns out the 'nose' of the head unit is an annoying 1mm too tall to fit through the aperture and thus, that 1mm amount of material needs to be filed down to make the clearance. It took me about 10 minutes to do this. Pictures of it within the NXG-39 just after filing; The fit is snug once the 1mm is filed off. The unit still has the protective film on the screen and is now back in it's original box with all supplied accessories. I've not fitted this at all so I don't have installed pictures, however to give an idea of how it'll look in an E39 dash please take a look at this thread; The NXXG-39 is a brand new, unused item in this offer £399 delivered to UK mainland addresses. International and higher cost UK locations please get in touch for an accurate shipped amount. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    Innovadrive NXG-39 & Parrot Asteroid Smart - Combo Deal

    This combo deal is now Sold. Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi, I have a Parrot Asteroid Smart and NXG-39 fascia/fitting kit combo for sale. The head unit was the first fully featured shallow depth double DIN head unit from a respected and high quality brand to come onto the market back in 2013. Due to the shallow depth, it meant it could be fitted into an E39 (and E46, E38/E53 etc) without needing to cut/modify the airbox. The result is a flush fit to the dash shape and contours. The unit has worked fantastically well in the time I've had it, the last 18+ months it's been out of my car whilst I had a respray & mechanical overhaul done. I did a writeup of the install and the link is here with plenty of pictures & discussion; Also included in this deal is a NXG-39 fascia fascia and mounting solution to give a very close to OEM look in the dash of your E39. Full details and pictures here The NXG-39 is a brand new unused item in this offer The head unit will come with all it's original accessories and box etc. In excellent condition, no marks or scratches on the screen and no other negative physical aspects. £389 delivered to UK mainland addresses. International and higher cost UK locations please get in touch for an accurate shipped amount. A few more pictures; Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    ebay and vat.

    Hi Stressed, On the flipside - there's been a Free Trade Deal done with Japan, also India as well so it won't be long now for the sunny uplands to arrive and there'll be massive growth now that the UK is free from the shackles of the EU! There's going to be a scrum of Brexiters rushing to setup new companies to take advantage of the new opportunities and lots of well paid jobs to be created! According to Rees Mogg, the benefits of the above may be felt in about 50 years, so plenty to look forward to Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    Buying old beemers in Germany

    Hi, Now with the change to UK VAT and importation aspects, it'll be interesting to see what changes will be the case for personally importing a vehicle to the UK. May well be no changes ? Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    ebay and vat.

    Hi, As per above from Stressed. In short, It's now the same thing as if anyone personally or commercially imported from outside the EU so the 'deal' enjoyed by the UK ended on 1st January. It's not just 'ebay' but every company or think of it as 'nationally' or 'governmental level' .It's causing businesses in the UK facing significant cost increases and also sellers abroad who are businesses deciding they can't be bothered with the UK market. More and more people who otherwise didn't/haven't been keeping up with the news about Brexit and it's effects are now beginning to find their purchase they didn't think twice about previously now have the extra costs/hassle involved and aren't happy about it. 'Hopefully' the UK government will discuss and make better arrangements in the future to make things easier/less costly. Quite when or even if that happens is anyones guess Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    2003 E39 535iA Sport

    Hi Sandip, Long time no see mate! Hope you and yours are keeping well, good and safe! Changing to another E39 ? or a later 5 series ?! Hopefully the car will sell for you soon Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    Royal Steering Wheels

    Hi, +1 from me as well for Jack! Around 2010'ish and prior to him creating 'Royal Steering Wheels' I had him do a couple SMG steering wheels and the results were less than good. Had a good few meetings to discuss his operation and part of that was that I leant him my OEM CSL steering wheel so that he could improve the quality to be as close/the same as that. A short while later, that was achieved and RSW was created soon after and he's done a great job over the years for doing BMW steering wheels (as well as plenty other brands too) For the refinishing of the trim pieces, then there is an enthusiast with an M3 who refurbishes them to an excellent standard using a proper automotive grade paint I believe. I need to re-do my CSL wheel and so will have Jack do the retrim and the other enthusiast do the trim set. I'll get his details and with his permission post here; Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    Small claims court, consequential losses, faulty car parts.

    Hi, For £140 it's not worth it. You've already identified what will happen, the seller will say they've refunded you as good will and their legal side will ask you to then prove the consequential losses were incurred as a direct result of fitting the part. You'll then need to spend alot more money proving that aspect. I tried the same with my last auto gear box rebuild. It was done and over a period of a year, there were 8/9 failures leaving me stranded on the road and all the upheaval associated. I put a claim through my credit card company and duly started the procedure. Initially, to ask for the garage to rectify once and for all, to then ask for a refund,. Went through those stages and it got to the point that I had to prove the repair was ineffective/wrong. I'd have to have it inspected by another gearbox specialist and that would have cost me £600 ish for them to drop the gearbox, inspect it and write a report with faults found. A manual gearbox kit came up for £700 so I bit the bullet and went for the conversion. Dropped the case with the credit card company. If you ever want an auto gearbox reconditioning done, take it to Martin Hind at Dartford Transmissions, and Don't take it to the place in Acton called Automatic Man! So it's up to you in how much you wish to spend to prove the part caused the issues/losses you are claiming for. Cheers, Dennis!
  15. DennisCooper

    E39 Bruyere Club wood trim

    Hi Rob, I have a full set of Club Bruyere in my goodies storage. It's the only trim set I have that's not in excellent/pristine condition. It has cracks in the lacquer layer only on some of the pieces, and I think someone with the capability could sand down and apply new lacquer layers to bring back to excellent. Apart from those, the trim set is in good condition, no chippings of the corners, no warped or bent pieces etc. There's one enthusiast who's been indicating he's interested in the set but hasn't committed as yet until he removes the trim set he has to P/X with me. I've just sent him a message and if he's still not ready/not decided, then they'll be available. I'll update here once I know and can perhaps progress at that point. Cheers, Dennis!
  16. DennisCooper

    Car storage suggestions? (Hampshire/Sussex)

    Hi Sinner, I'm sure you were in Bern Switzerland most of the time anyway?! I'll drop a message to a good friend who has a dedicated vehicle storage location in the Reading area if you like? Good to hear you've got another job to start ! Cheers, Dennis!
  17. DennisCooper

    android head unit

    Hi, It's not possible to tell via a forum post, it might be a hardware issue, it might be a software issue. Try re-setting the unit and setting it back up to see if that works (I'm assuming there's a re-set button?) check the software settings to see if you have anything enabled to prevent WiFi/Bluetooth from working, airplane mode/only show preferred networks/ device filtering etc. You could contact the seller/manufacturer for help to see what they suggest. Cheers, Dennis!
  18. Hi, I'd say it''d be more of an insight for you to look at Mercedes and Jaguar forums/groups etc to find out about common issues and ownership experiences etc so that you can make a decision. May well be a couple of members here who've owned them as well of course! Cheers, Dennis!
  19. Hi Roofer, Keep the insults coming ! Cheers, Dennis!
  20. DennisCooper

    Removing the E39, M5 badge

    Hi, As per above to remove the bootlid badge. Will you also be changing the front door external trims to the plain ones without the M5 badge too? a small number of M5's were specified with the badge delete and I think that also included the door side trims leaving just the Mirrors and Exhaust as the main visual giveaways of an M5. Cheers, Dennis!
  21. DennisCooper

    Incoming ... E61 M5

    Hi Inkiboo! Time to update your details to reflect your car fleet! you sold the E39 M5 a good few years back now! I know you prefer keeping as close to OEM as possible, but any subtle/well suited mods to this example?! Congrats as well on the purchase! .. has it got a Red interior?! Cheers, Dennis!
  22. DennisCooper

    SIM replacement???

    Hi, I'd suggest asking this in the G30/1 section as I'm sure those share the same audio/infotainment setups and there'd be more owners in that section who'd be able to confirm either way. Also, nip into your local BMW dealer to find out/ask as well ! Cheers, Dennis!
  23. DennisCooper

    E61 with individual audio, looking to get CIC

    Hi Inkiboo, Speak to Cartronics in Byfleet - https://www.cartronics.co.uk/ They do list BMW retrofits, so hopefully they can do what you need Cheers, Dennis!
  24. Hi Karl, When our family business was importing on a significant scale from China, our target market was the entry to mid level for consumers. The prestige/high end of the market wasn't worth trying to challenge/be a part of. Our network of 55 independent local dealers were very happy to have the products we imported in their premises. We used to deal with the top 20 Chinese manufacturers directly, no agents or middlemen - we'd do deal with the factory owners themselves. After a short while, we decided to kick out 15 of those and only deal with the top 5. Those 15 cried, ALOT, but we stuck to it and it was a great business decision for us, our dealers and thus, end customers in the general public. So 'profit' was a factor for everyone in the supply chain. The economic slowdown of 2008 meant things slowed and we 'downsized' that business and moved to another different sector altogether. Didn't need the 24,000 Sq Ft warehouse anymore and we had to say goodbye to around 35 staff. If you work well, closely with good Chinese manufacturers, they often reciprocate in the interests of business, to the point those top 5 purchased houses in the UK near to us for their staff, quality was already great and it improved with that collaboration. Whenever those owners are in the UK nowadays, we still meet up for dinner. On the flip side, there's plenty of other Chinese manufacturers and their owners who even back then (2005-2010) wouldn't bother with the small and not on their radar UK market. If we did talk more to them at the Canton Trade Fair, they'd simply increase the price for anyone looking to import to the UK. When we were working closely with our suppliers/manufacturers, prices reduced given the business relationship that we nurtured. A free trade deal is only worthwhile when actual people and their businesses agree to deal with each other to take advantage of any concessions within the FTA. More recently, China has been feeling the effects of the global slowdown and the increased effects of that since CV19 came about. The UK also left the EU and is now a 'relatively' small independent country with 'troubling' financial outlook over the next few years at the very least. There'll be a 'shift' in businesses in the UK of course who are and will be able to trade with China and other nations, but they're now got an even harder time of it as the massive EU market is now longer or, much harder to access. Can you also provide a link to the reports from reputable, independent research has been carried out to support this view ? the way it was made out in the tabloids and from the prominent Brexit politicians and supporters is that there was a 'big' difference in pay etc. The reports I've seen and published indicate it's a relatively small change in various industry sectors only that had this. On the flip side, the higher end of various other sectors didn't have this at all and over the last few decades, salaries increased and often, by quite a lot. The Brexit Politicians were often saying they want to bring high paying, high value, professional candidates to the UK once we were independent, so this 'blaming' of EU workers won't hold true. Some of my extended family abroad who are Specialists, Consultants, Professors in the Medical sector have come here to evaluate if they'd like to move here and join the NHS with the view of some to open Private Practices too within their specialties. They've all decided to give the UK a miss and go to other countries. Of course, some will still come here and the UK has made 'fast track' Visas to try and entice them, it remains to be seen how many do actually come over to the newly independent UK. I'd also suggest, based on the published reports about the effects of EU migration and pay in certain sectors, that most employers didn't deliberately lower pay and conditions - perhaps 'some' did though to which it's shame on them. As per above. Which industry sectors experienced a significant drop in pay/conditions due to EU migrant workers ? This was mentioned alot 'it'll take time for the benefits of Brexit to appear'. When you ask those prominent Brexit politicians what those benefits are and an loose timeframe, both natural questions to ask, there's no good responses. It was Jacob Rees Mogg who mentioned it may be 50 years before the UK sees the benefits of Brexit! he didn't really mentioned 'what' those benefits would or could be either. Same with Nigel Farrage, very very little on substance. I recall him when he was on his LBC show proclaiming 'I can safely say theres at least 10 countries around the world away from the EU who are literally banging our doors down for a free trade deal' .. then didn't mention any. The UK has indeed signed a 'new' FTA with Japan and not a 'rollover' of existing agreements. It's worth an extra 0.07% of UK GDP. I'd have thought if it was worth 5-10% it'd be a lucrative and fantastic FTA and a benefit of Brexit the whole country could look forward to. If the much talked of US FTA was worth maybe 10-15/20%, then that would be similar. I do understand a country would want to have the power to govern itself, and from that point of view, I can see why some of the population voted for Brexit. I can't see any other solid and progressively beneficial benefits apart from that. I also fully agree, the way the EU has behaved with the vaccine debacle hasn't been good. In a similar vein, the way China treats some of it's minorities is nothing short of genocide and yet currently leave voters aren't calling for not dealing with them (nor are those who voted to remain either). There's more talk of Scotland wishing to leave the UK and rejoin/remain a part of the EU, Wales may ask the same - if Ireland can have a special setup, then the Scots and Welsh can/will ask the same too. The UK government is flip flopping as more of the realities of Brexit become apparent from the 'last second' deal that was signed, which we all know isn't very good overall as well. All we can do now is 'hope' things don't deteriorate too badly for the UK. Cheers, Dennis!
  25. Hi Paddy, Who exactly was offering lower wages? That's right, it's businesses here in the UK, the drivers from other countries came here and filled the jobs. You should be directing your anger to the companies and their bosses who decided to pay a lower wage. If British Drivers turned their noses up at the pay on offer, that's their fault. Same with the other sectors where this is mentioned, the workers from the EU didn't come over and then say, oh don't pay us £13p/h, pay us £8 p/h ! Agreed - There will be some sectors of industry and specific businesses / companies who'll do well as the effects of Brexit begin to further impact the UK. For instance, those involved in Artificial Intelligence seemingly can look forward to increased and rapid growth. The UK's Apples industry is also predicted to have a major boost due to Brexit as well. However, there's the aspect where many other sectors won't fare as good and the least damage may well be something along the lines of earnings reductions both for business owners and staff that work for them to the worst where businesses aren't viable any more and thus close completely. Kayser - Although we were busy when my family business was importing, we got to around 25/27 containers a month, so not near to your level ! From your post, it's a shame that one of your facilities will have to close and the jobs that'll be lost as a result as well as a reduction in the company you work at/own in order to keep an operational presence. The UK has set it's own rules now and due to that, it's become harder to import/export with the EU. All we can do now is 'hope' that the UK makes changes to make it easier to continue trading with the massive market we've just left and on our doorstep. Karl - Good luck to you in your business! You mention that 72% of your components are UK sourced so the remaining 28% need to be imported in. If there's issues/cost rises/availability problems will your business be able to get alternatives in order to keep trading? I assume it will and most likely at higher and increased costs by you having to perhaps personally import in from suppliers/manufacturers based aroudn the globe. You'll perhaps have to hope that such a solution will allow you to get the components you need at the volume you need and at a suitable price that you'll be able to absorb the costs of. Chances are likely you'll need to increase your prices to cover those costs (if not, then great, you can offer the same price to your customers but you'll have a reduced margin), and that runs the risk of cancelled/reduced sales longer term. For those who's businesses likely won't be able to absorb the increased costs when relying on imported goods, as per above, they can only 'hope' the UK now as an independent nation, makes it easier to trade with the worlds largest trading block on our doorstep. How long would you ask such companies to keep 'hoping' for ? Once the medical effects of C19 recede, the population gets vaccinated etc and more people can move about again, there will be a 'bounceback' fiscally for the UK as a whole. Those companies that've been able to weather the storm will begin to move back to what will be the 'new' normal and 'hopefully' continue to operate with none/minimal job losses etc. There'll likely to be a lot of commercial space available as many companies make more of a change to home working and thus need a smaller commercial space (or none at all) . It's at that point that the UK will be able to see where it stands and begin to recover from the economic hit of C19 and then tackle the 'Brexit' related issues. One thing I'd like to ask leave voters is; what are their thoughts about having left the EU, that the UK has asked to join the CPTPP? Would they be in support of this? Cheers, Dennis!