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    Rear tyres

    Hi, Different tyres have different compounds for different applications and also, within each type of application, there's different 'Treadwear' characteristics. You've not said which model of tyre you've been using. Look on the side of the tyre you'll see a 'Treadwear' number and the higher it is, the more 'hard wearing' the compound of the rubber and thus, the more usage/miles you'll get from them. There's all sorts of other dynamics for asking this, driving style, if you often drive on poorly maintained roads, your suspension geometry and the condition of your suspension components etc. Price of tyres does not mean the more expensive they are the longer they'll last. For a long time I've used Federal SS595's on my car and they were awesome for tyre wear, I did well over 30K miles on my initial set and subsequent ones have lasted 20K+ miles before going with a set of wheels I've sold and still having 5mm + of tread left. I did look at the Falken FK452's as they were a more well known brand and a similar price but many reports came back, like what Duncan mentions and 15K miles tops was the feedback. Kumho KU31's also get mentioned for longetivity. Also, other characteristics like grip and road noise etc were all well above average for these tyres. You need to spend some time looking around at the right tyres for you and the budget you wish to spend. Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    E39 M5 - Highest UK priced example?!

    Hi, Is this the highest asking price E39 M5 in the UK currently?! 45,300 miles and £48,000. How long will it take to actually sell ?! http://specialistcarsltd.co.uk/autos/bmw-m5/ Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    E39 Alpina D10

    Hi, It's been listed up quite a number of times now and each time it fails to sell and there's a gap between it being listed up again... Am I right in thinking that if indeed it was a new import to the UK in 2007, it'd have still been given an 07 or 57 number plate? There's definitely something a little 'off' about it! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    OBC confusion.

    Hi Duncan, A quick look in the E39 How to & Useful guide sticky shows this OBC retrofit PDF - I don't 'look' too much at the OEM audio modules, but I'm vaguely under the impression that you'll need to get a new loom section, new cluster and fit those those in. I 'think' there might be coding involved, but I'm not sure. Some more research for you of course and this bit should start you off ! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    Sport gear knob

    Hi, Were you able to choose the different emblem/badge to the item listed on the ebay page? The one in your picture looks better with the ///M logo! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    What are you listening to?

    Hi, You've outdone yourself there Mr Yokozuna with these last two posts! could almost forgive you for all the other crap you post Been listening to Paul Kalkbrenner for a few years now, really like his sound and production! Standout track for me is Gebrunn Gebrunn, but like a lot of his other tracks.. The video for Tomorrowland is excellent too ! I'm really loving the recent Tale of Us Renaissance Remix of Energy 52's Cafe Del Mar ! other's are also fantastic too, that Harp interlude, wow!! ...may have to get myself over for the next festival ! I've just been listening to this, tuned up the Sub level and volume too I used to love playing this track when I had TWO 18 inch Earthquake subwoofers in my E30 around 97/98 ! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Hi, I'm looking for any damaged and otherwise non usable genuine Style 65/E39 M5 wheels. Front or rears, barrel or lip damage/cracks/buckles is fine. Please get in touch if you have any lying around, good price paid! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    Android headunits

    Hi 530nm, The situation with these cheap chinese head unit's is pretty much the same it's been over the last decade or so they've been available, and that is that it's a gamble as if you get a unit that arrives working and remains working longer term, or, you get one which has issues ranging from niggly to dead on arrival. Such units then seem to get worse over time and new issues/problems present themselves. Support and help is very limited to non existent from the supplying dealer/bedroom seller and electronically, they're low grade/generic electronics that otherwise would've been used in cheap tablet PC's. There's 'reviews' from those who've purchased over all the BMW forums, and they range from quite a number of owners who are happy to those who are very angry. I've known personally a few of the UK based companies who have tried previously to sell units here with a full UK warranty and trying to operate under UK consumer law. Each one now either doesn't sell them or have shut operating completely. If good quality for build and sound doesn't matter to you, you just want to use something in the car, not overly concerned with getting good after sales care / support, then perhaps take a gamble on one of these chinese units. The best place in the UK now to get one is via this company - https://audiotechdirect.com/pba-bm8839b-android-8-after-market-radio-for-bmw-e39-e53/ If you do get issues, at least they're in the UK and should offer you a replacement/refund etc. I'd suggest to remove the existing oem audio in the car and use new high quality speakers with a new head unit that you get, it's more of a headache if you want to try and 'patch' the new head unit into the existing OEM amplifier if you have one and/or the oem speakers which are mediocre at best and also the wrong impedance. Overall, my recommendation would be to spend a little more and get something like the just announced Kenwood DMX7018DABS unit which has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay built in, DABS digital radio, shallow depth so easy to fit without having to cut the cabin airbox, as well as being high quality in every aspect with local reputable dealers/installers. If you have any more questions about the 'high quality' route, feel free to drop me a PM to discuss if you like. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    Wanted - Any damaged/scrap OEM Style 65 M5 wheels

    Hi NF, Are the ones you have damaged/scrap ? if so, I'd be very interested. If they're ones which after a good refinish would be worthwhile to sell on, then I do have a potential buyer ! I'm only interested in damaged/scrap ones that are useless or not worth trying to repair. Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    Cool Runnings: E39 M5 thermostat 'O' rings learning curve

    Hi DepthHoar, As per above, that's an excellent writeup and very very useful for M5 owners indeed! I'm sure knowledge of this thread and your information will filter through to plenty of owners over time and, assuming you are on M5board as well, it'll help those guys too as well as the rest of the examples over the rest of the world! I'll be sure to reference this post if/when I hear of anyone having issues or needing to know all about the M5 thermostat issue! Thank you for this thread/knowledge Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper


    Hi Buster, I've always declared my modifications on my cars and I know that many many enthusiasts do as well. Of course, there's going to be a percentage who decide not to and if/when time comes to claim and they're found out, it's 'problematic'. One quote I'll always remember as one of my best friends is a lawyer and used to work in one of the major the car insurance brands in the UK "I'll find any reason from a legal standpoint in a customers policy and claim to refuse a pay out". If your idea does work out, could you perhaps put up a guide on what to do, where to get the DG 'made' and costing levels for the work to be done please?! Once you also have sound deadening installed, it will be very hush indeed! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. Hi, One of the very best E39 M5's on the planet is now available in a auction format with no reserve! 2002 model, LHD, Titanium Silver/Heritage Black leather, Stored in a controlled environment, serviced regularly, leather regularly fed, all books, accessories, original shipping sticker & PDI sticker, service history records. Unregistered. Guide Price - £107,000 - £139,000. Might be too high mileage for some! I'm sure there's an M5 out there somewhere that has never even had it's engine started and trailered to it's storage and any servicing garage ! https://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/2002-bmw-m5/ Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    Trouble finding a auto box

    Hi Ian, Look in the parts & breakers section, respected and well regarded forum member 'Tims' has just listed a manual 99 530 for breaking! Check with him all the bits are correct/fit and I'm sure he'll do you a deal ! I went to 5 Spd manual recently and much happier ! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Hi, Erv77 - My response above is based on the fact this is the 'Technical' section of the forum and I do prefer to give as much info as possible in case you might not be aware of potential issues. I should have included that if you do decide to stay on OEM ride height, you'll likely not have to roll or pull your arches for clearance - unless your suspension is very worn. Dan - Relax, remember discussion is encouraged Cheers, Dennis!
  15. Hi, As per above from Dan. However, the rear style 95 wheels are very heavy around 17/18 KG each so your ride/handling will be negatively affected and due to the added significant weight, your suspension components/bushes would wear faster. The 'ideal' is to go with lighter than OEM/Stock wheels, so there's less unsprung weight. You might not notice the difference or maybe you will. Also, without lowering, and on 19's, the car will 'look like' it's sitting too high. This is the optical illusion given by the lower profile tyres. If you don't mind how it looks, then fine, however, it won't look 'right' or 'cohesive' with the car's body shape/proportions. Here's a side view of my Touring, I'm lowered all around by about 30mm; That's on level ground as well. The style 95's are a concave type wheel centre and so 'suits' better on a lowered car and given the 'soft' concavity, it matches the E39's softer design aesthetic. I'd say overall though, look for better, lighter wheels than these style 95's. Cheers, Dennis!
  16. DennisCooper

    Painting chrome trim

    Hi, Similar to Sharkfan, I had my Touring's fading silver trim wrapped in gloss black vinyl back in early 2008 and it still looks great, zero peeling, fading or shrinkage! Each side was done within about 35 minutes and I also had the door plastic side panels wrapped as well. Additionally, I had the inner door card top silver strips wrapped too. Cheers, Dennis!
  17. DennisCooper

    Pre and Post Facelift Interior Question!!

    Hi Clavurion, I've sold and moved on a number of E39 interiors, and some of them on the front door panels did have the panel that 'flipped' open when the airbag deployed and other's didn't. I don't have any front panels now in my storage, but definitely remember seeing two different ones for this aspect. Motor84 - more research is required ! Cheers, Dennis!
  18. DennisCooper

    Pre and Post Facelift Interior Question!!

    Hi Perhaps it was an option on earlier cars? or part of a package or something. What does remain is fact that some doorcards don't have the pop out panel and others do. I think it's most likely that by a certain time in the model run, front door airbags were standard equipment and I'd suspect facelift models all had the door airbags. Cheers, Dennis!
  19. DennisCooper


    Hi With enough money, time and effort, you can do anything you want ! this project is the same! however, going this route isn't going to be as efficient as it could be or, by going a different route/method to achieve what you'd like. With the time, money and effort expended to do this idea properly and effectively, it'd be much more efficient all round to remove the seats and carpeting and install sound deadening material to the floorpan, door skin internals, roof panel and the boot panels/floor. The end result will make the car quieter than DG alone as well. Once you source a good OEM DG kit and install that, you'll have one very hushed E39 indeed! If you are intent on doing the DIY DG route, you've got plenty of aspects to consider; 1. The glass must be of automotive grade and quality. This is for getting an optically flat panel, so no viewing distortions and also for safety related requirements. 2. If you try to sandwich two OEM single glazing panels, you'll need to test for that optically flat property and also test for weight and thickness. I think the OEM motor, fittings, space and any trim are suitably widened and the motor has more power capacity for the added weight. If the combined weight of those OEM single panels is more than the OEM DG unit, then you'll need to see if you can test/modify the OEM upgraded motors to take the extra weight. 3. You'll need to test for safety aspects in the event of an accident. Automotive glass has the characteristics of being able to be shattered relatively easily if needed to gain access in such a scenario. If your DIY DG hinders or prevents that, it'd be a major concern. 4. You'll need to tell your insurance of the change, so if it turns out all is ok and can be shattered easily when needed, they'll ensure your cover isn't negated/cancelled due to non disclosure. 5. You'll need a specific vehicle glass manufacturer to do this for you and it's likely they'll want to do it properly and design, prototype and test a complete solution rather than try a DIY 'glue them together' type approach. I don't think your regular domestic glass/DG supplier has the knowledge or capacity to what you want. On ebay, look for a listing for 'Silent Coat' and the bulk pack of 40 sheets. Each of those is 37.5 x 27 cm in size and costs £80. I'd say perhaps 2/3 of these should be enough to cover all those areas I mentioned above. It's one of my projects to do as well on my Touring ! Cheers, Dennis!
  20. DennisCooper

    Pre and Post Facelift Interior Question!!

    Hi, POF is incorrect! There's no difference in sizing/shape between Saloon and Touring door cards. The issue you will find is pre-facelift and facelift. The facelift front door cards had an airbag behind and the panel next to the armrest will have the word 'Airbag' embossed into the leather/cloth. In the event of an incident, the panel easily gets pushed out by the deploying airbag. In pre-facelift door cards, the panel is solid, so if you put those in, then in an incident the airbag will not be able to push the panel out. You'll need to search for facelift doorcards/complete interior. Cheers, Dennis!
  21. DennisCooper

    AC Schnitzer 18" type II what to do?

    Hi Liam, As per above from Cableguy and Dan, if you do list them take those pointers on board. What are the actual widths of the wheels? depending on that, you'll know if you have the 'usual' set, the rarer set or the very rare sets. The 8.5" all round sets come up 'relatively' often across various forums and selling platforms. The 8.5" F and 9.5" R are harder to find and have a higher asking price. I think it's the 8.5" F and 10" R which are the really rare set and those are the ones which have the highest asking prices and all depending on finish colour and quality. Also, what offsets are your wheels? again, depending on that, desirability rises for certain ones and usually, found on those 10" rear ones - I think ET18 possibly ET21.5 Back in 1999, I purchased a new set of genuine type 3 non Racing and had them on my then E34 525i Sport and I loved how they looked. Only had a couple sets of ACS wheels since then which I've moved on. There's a few specific sets I want to add to my collection.. but are 19/20 inch. Pricing is harder for genuine Tuner brand wheels but as per Cableguy's ballparks, to ask £1200/£1500, your's will have to be those ultra rare 10" Rear wheel sets. If not, then your asking price will need to be lower. You get a greater chance of higher asking price and selling prices if you advertise on wheel specific forums and especially if you have the really sought after spec ones! I'd suggest keeping them until you can have them refinished and on your car. Congratulations on the news of the two new arrivals! Twin's feature quite often in amongst my close, extended and circle of friends too ! .. You might want to start to look for a X7 when it comes out !! Cheers, Dennis!
  22. DennisCooper

    Std. E39 5.25" door/saloon parcel shelf speakers

    Hi, Plenty of brands and their research teams know technically what is needed etc, it's just that in the USA many BMW owners actually purchased them whereas in other markets around the world, they didn't. It's pretty much as simple as that. Although BSW had interest as well as certain actual other country dealers, the UK was not one of them. I looked into representing them as well, but pricing levels mean that sales would have been less than miniscule. Boston Acoustics made a component set that worked well with the BMW systems, however they went out of business some years ago, so to find a set of their specific model's is very hard now. Other brands which make direct fit, impedance matched upgrade systems don't cover the old E39. You'll need to research harder as no E46 came with underseat subwoofers from the factory - if you had something there, it was aftermarket. Unless one of the brands like Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, MB Quart, Gladen, MTX and perhaps a handful of others have recently announced they do an E39 set ? ... if you find anything, please update this thread! Cheers. Dennis!
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    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    Hi, The original LM's had a machined/diamond cut then lacquered lip, so if you want to be 'OEM' then you need to get that done. Problem there is that perhaps 12-18 months later, it's likely the surface of the lacquer will crack to the extent you'll get the moisture through and the finish will get that spidery/milky look, and you'll be in the same position again. Your second line is confusing. If you polish the lips to bare metal, you'll get that absolutely awesome shine as the aluminium used is high quality and comes up looking beautiful. If you powder coat the lips which will give you a very tough finish that will last a long time, you'll never get anywhere near the shine and mirror finish of bare metal polishing. Any powder coat with 'chrome' in the name of it doesn't look anywhere close to genuine chrome and/or a mirror polish level type finish. The latter option will also just look like BBS imitation wheels ie, nothing special at all. What you need to do is have the lips polished to bare metal and then have a ceramic coating applied to protect it and keep oxidization away. You'll then get the fantastic looks only genuine LM's provide and not have to polish the lips every 3/4 days. I'd also suggest painting the centres as you can get a very smooth finish. Powder coating the centres will also give you a tough finish but it suffers from the 'orange peel' effect. How good a powder coater is, the quality of powder coat used also plays a part but it's also governed by the style of the centre's. If there's large portions of surfaces of the face, then powder coat can cover well when in the oven and finish to a smooth finish with only minimal orange peel effect. A wheel with little spoke surface area is harder to do and to do with little orange peel effect and LM's have little surface area of the spokes. Final choice is up to you, the last set of LM's I sold the buyer wanted diamond cut lips with lacquer and powder coated centres; The right of the 3 spokes shown, just before the spoke splits to two there's a circular 'flaw' showing, this is a air bubble that's popped whilst in the oven and the molten powder coat. In this pic of the face, the lower right lug nut hole, you can see the orange peel effect just above it and in the spoke next to it. The effect is a little more noticeable in this pic - look at the light reflection on the top two spoke splits Similar to the above, orange peel effect on the spoke inner area. Here's the diamond cut lips The set you are looking at 'could be' this very set (most likely isn't though!) , so if you go diamond cut/lacquer lip and powder coat centres, it won't be too long before you'll need to re-finish them again. Go for bare metal polish lips with a protective coating and painted centres for the best finish. Cheers, Dennis!
  24. DennisCooper

    Std. E39 5.25" door/saloon parcel shelf speakers

    Hi, Unfortunately, there's very little choice for impedance matched, substantially better sounding speaker upgrades for the E39 if wanting to keep the OEM head unit/audio modules. The aftermarket industry standard of 4 ohm components and co-axial speakers will provide an output if connected to the oem head unit/modules, but won't sound as good as they could. There's a handful' of aftermarket, high quality speaker model sets that had better impedance characteristics that were able to have been connected to the oem head unit/modules but have long been discontinued. You could try to find a set but you may be waiting for a very long time. By far the most popular direct fit, impedance matched and high quality upgrade speakers are the ones from BSW. They are a USA based company and previously would send their products out to the UK/Overseas but I believe they stopped that about a year ago. Part of the reason is that they get plenty of sales over there but very little demand from the UK . This was down to cost as even when the exchange rate was better, they'd come in at around £400 landed in the UK at your door inclusive of all taxes/duties and shipping. Now the exchange rate has worsened, that price would perhaps be around £440+. You'd need to have someone in the USA buy and have them delivered and then get them sent to you in the UK. (I've not looked on their website for some time so it 'might've' changed back ?) So, or what you mention, that's the only option I know of that's been proven to work properly with the oem audio and give a substantial increase in sound quality with many many USA guys who also only want as close to OEM have reported back on the US forums. The other way I can think of is to buy a good quality small and decent RMS power output 4 channel amplifier and connect that to the speaker outputs of the oem audio. You could then buy any of the 4 ohm aftermarket quality speaker sets and I'd say spend as much as you can on the front components set and perhaps £30-50 on the rear co-axials. I'd say to get the budget £20 E39 MDF baffles on ebay and use them to replace the oem plastic pods in the front doors as the upgraded speakers will play and perform much better. Cheers, Dennis!