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  1. DennisCooper

    Help with stereo upgrade to hifi e60

    Hi Fiezo, You might want to also post this in the E60/1 sub section as well as only a relative few members look at this section. Also, perhaps contact these guys - https://www.cartronics.co.uk/ You may need to provide more info on your car and what was installed at factory to double check what you are trying to do can be done or, if it needs some tweaks, or possibly can't be done. Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    instrument cluster replace

    Hi, A +1 recommendation for AK Speedo from me. Excellent communications, quick turnaround and exactly what was required ! http://www.akspeedo.com/ Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    E34 M5 Touring - 1995/M 3.8

    Hi Richard, I'm sure the owner will be looking for more than £35K as every owner for all interesting cars will want as high an amount as possible. Seems by trying to sell at a fixed price hasn't come through for what was previously liked/wanted for a sale, so the auction style of selling will give it's actual selling price It's a fantastic example aside from the few detractors, and I'm sure the UK based potential owners who've always wanted one and with the cash for such an example will be watching and bidding over the next few days ! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi, For those wanting one, it's time to get the bids in ! https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1995-bmw-e34-m5-touring As ever, a good way of seeing what actual selling prices are for interesting, well kept and maintained examples of many cars out there. The Collecting Cars site and setup definitely seems to be where such examples are sold and subsequent follow ups confirm the cars are indeed as described. I'm guessing £30-35K or thereabouts for this example! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    Innovadrive NXG-39 / OEM look Double DIN Fascia

    Hi, Adamhearn - Agreed! These cars are at an age now where some spend could be needed in order to keep them running very well ! Just done a stack of aspects to mine ! Joey530i - Hopefully you do find a well kept and great example soon, they are out there so it's a question of finding one ! If you look on page 2 of this thread, I've listed the shallow depth head units that are available and many have Apple CarPlay. You can check the various brands websites for more information and features lists for each. As for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, there's not many on the market as yet, they're just beginning to become available and currently, they're USA specific models. The Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX for instance, so this would need to be imported if you want Wireless Apple CarPlay now. In forthcoming range updates by all the brands, I'm sure more models with wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay will become available. Just a few little bits of things need doing to my car and then I'll fit in the Alpine iLX-W650 I've just had delivered. Currently, I'm fine with a wired connection to the head unit. Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    Best double din for e39

    Hi Joey, That is the now long discontinued (2011/12 i think it was) Connects2 solution that was around back then. It was sturdy, well made and included an aluminium 'frame' piece that securely affixed to the dash pieces and onto which the fascia clipped into tightly and well. There's 'some' old stock sometimes listed on ebay at around £99 sometimes. There's other kits which have a similar looking fascia piece but are flimsier and the kit they're in doesn't have the aluminium frame so needs a bit more work/faff to affix more securely and those are priced aroudn £25/50+. I've designed, developed and now manufacture an OEM level quality, close to OEM fascia & fitting kit combined solution and it's in the thread just below this one you've bumped up ! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Hi, Steve Van Hool - when it first occured in 2006, there wasn't as much information, experience and knowledge and I did ask a good number of automatic gearbox specialists that were also more trade level and the information I got from numerous places at the time was that the gearboxes would have a life of 'around' 150K miles, so I felt a bit lucky I got an extra 22K out of mine! No idea if the Police had the unit reconditioned, however knowing the member who used to post here and who worked at a Police vehicle preparation centre, I think if a gearbox had given up whilst on active service time, it'd have had a new complete unit under wrannty or whatever service care level was in place for them. All I got when I purchased the car was the service booklet with a stamp every 2 months or so, but no paperwork showing what had been changed etc, which apparently is how it is with Police vehicles when they're decommissioned and sold off. Over the last 14 years, more experience and knowledge about these gearboxes has become available and more widely known and there's more specialists who can recondition them properly. I was told at the time, that once done all would be good, it seems that knowledge now is that a service should be carried out every few years and I think that also means a change of the oil. I must admit, after I had it remapped, I couldn't tell any difference during gearshifts even when driving spiritedly which I often did/do. Dbcrd - As per above and I'm sure there's more places out there doing less than good work. Whatever you do, don't take your car (if it comes to it!) to Automatic Man in Acton!! Get it over to Martin Hind at Dartford Transmissions 4004 - I'm glad it's worked out too! £4500/5K or so for the 2 autobox bulds and then to convert to manual is enough ! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    E39 540i manual

    Hi, If it was 100,000 miles less and the rest of the car was impeccable, no scuffs/rust bubbles & beginnings of rust/corrosion, then asking £8K 'might' have his phone ring. This car will either hang around for ages at this asking price, or there'll be a few price reductions over the coming weeks and couple months and then it'll not be listed anymore when the seller agrees an actual sale price of perhaps £4500/5K. Or, someone will buy it regardless at £9500 ! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    Aftermarket wheels and centre bore

    Hi Marc, Centre Bore is no issue as per above, just use the correct spigot rings to reduce the CB of the wheels to the 74.1mm of the E39 hubs. The rings fit over the hub and the wheels just go over the top of them - you need to ensure you have the exact outer diameter to mach the CB of the actual wheels themselves. The ones you have referenced are most likely replica's so the detail most likely isn't on the back of the wheels and you might need to measure precisely. The wheels you've referenced, whats the offsets of them? ideally, they'll be ET15-25 which is E39 offset friendly and would then just simply fit straight on. If they're perhaps ET35/40/43 then those will be a 3 series fitment and will need you to spend more on spacers and extended wheel bolts. Also, ensure the PCD of the wheels is 5x120, don't believe what the seller says, look for the detail on the back of the wheels. Lastly, would they look good on an SE, that's open to debate! I'd also have thought finding a set of style 49's shouldn't be too hard ! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Hi Duncan! Obviously, here we're going to be biased and I'll get that bit out of the way first - keep and run the E39! Like everyone, I, you and most of us on here have had a look around to see what else we could get, especially after seeing nice examples on the road and in other internet pictures/forums etc. For me, for my daily I'd not mind an F11 530d manual, I don't mind a base spec car at all as I'd add what I want and modify. After we had the 2009 E70 X5 3.0d Sport in the family fleet, I'd not mind one of those either but no manual option I believe or if there is, they're very rare. Then I take a look around at the 2004 onwards cars from all the brands and I'm still finding that potential running costs for when it comes to repairing the essential electronic modules/diagnostics/reconditioning them and to a lesser extent the mechanical parts/bits just puts me off. There are now more places with more knowledge and experience of looking after these aspects and thus, some of those costs in general have reduced a good proportion over the last few years so It's a balance of looking at common failures and evaluating the cost levels to fix/repair/change. We have 2 Skoda Octavia estates for our business duties, cheap to run and essentially are a VW with a Skoda badge stuck on, would have gone with the 'Superb' but this sized car suits what we need it for. Sounds like you do need more space so if the Superb is indeed a little more better built than the Octavia, then I'm sure a recent example would suit you fine. The drive is perfectly fine for what it is, so as long as when you are doing family related driving and don't need to experience driving dynamics and handling, they'd be absolutely fine. Way back in 2005 for a stop gap of perhaps 8/10 months as I was looking for a larger estate to accomodate my then growing Puppy, I had the business 2001 Volvo V40 Sport estate. A great car again for what it was. What annoyed me about that engine was a specific pipe that connected somewhere to somewhere around the Turbo unit. With no warning it'd fail and 'pop off' and the only way to resolve would be to change the part. It was perhaps 6/7 inches long and in a specific shape, no aftermarket replacements (at the time, not sure about now) and main dealer part only at ... £125+VAT. Over that time it popped off 3 times! and it was 'just one of those things' according to the dealer and others with the same car who also reported it on the web. Else, Volvo's I'm sure have other/their own quirks like any car irrespective of brand/model. From that, evaluate what you want, narrow down to a shortlist and check out as many of the common issues problems to see if fixes/repairs costs are more agreeable for you, then...... Keep the Touring! Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    E39 530i Sapphire Black (GBS Project)

    Hi GBS, Better late than never ! Great selection of equipment and I'm sure Amar has done a great job for a great quality install ! Hoping to zip over to see him soon too ! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. Hi 4004, A thread bump here ! To update, the place that did the gearbox rebuild 2014/15 refused to accept liability citing things like the gearbox is old and because I'd added amplifiers that might be causing issues with the gearbox 'controllers/sensors' I forget what he was claiming. Over the course of a year or so my car went back to them 8/9 times a couple times at 10 mph, and one time on a flatbed I had them pay for. Kept refusing it was their fault, so I got the credit card company involved. After some discussion they agreed to refund me £900 or so of the £1450 odd I paid and it would be the end of the matter! so me without a functioning car/gearbox and £500 less of the amount paid! I declined naturally. Came to the point they weren't prepared to do anything more and the credit card company kept saying to give the car back for them to attempt to resolve! to move it forward the CC company asked I have the gearbox independently inspected which would have cost me a further £500+ for another gearbox place to drop it out, open it up and take a look around. Thankfully, esteemed forum sponsor Jimmy had his low miled 5 Spd manual kit come up for sale so I snapped it up and had him fit it. The CC company were just going through the motions of trying to resolve so I ended the case, bit the bullet and paid that money which would have gone for an inspection of the gearbox to Jimmy (and a bit more for extra work!!) and he did a fantastic job in converting me to 5 spd manual Very happy as now I don't have any more auto box concerns any more for the long term - 2 rebuilds was enough for me! I've since gone ahead and uprated to the E60 turbo route and remap so I'm perhaps at around 275/280 HP and an increased torque figure, don't care how much all I know is the car feels awesome for mid range acceleration and punch ! For all your auto transmission needs, speak to Martin Hind at Dartford Transmissions - I sort of wish I found him when I had those issues with the silly place but also glad I didn't as I might not have purchased the 5 spd kit! A few more modifications have also found their way onto the car and there's more to come Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    Innovadrive NXG-39 / OEM look Double DIN Fascia

    Hi, I've just had an update that a Pioneer head unit that is suitably short depth has been released by them, but seems its a USA model/release currently ; Pioneer short body - https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/DMH-W4660NEX Right up to date with features and specification with both wired and Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which I suspect more head units will go with over the next couple years. USA pricing is around $600, so anyone looking to import one in I'd estimate it'd cost around the £680/700 level landed with all taxes/duty/shipping and clearance fees paid. I've had a number of people asking if Pioneer have a suitably short depth head unit and they are the last brand to have short enough depth units for the E39 (and E46/E38/E53 etc). Lets hope Pioneer UK decide to release a UK version ! **This unit is 1mm too tall to fit into the NXG-39's aperture like the Kenwood DMX125DAB mentioned earlier in the thread. The quick resolution is mentioned earlier, to file off 1mm of material of the NXG-39, about 10 minutes or so to do it! ** Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    Radio switches off every 25-30 mins

    Hi, I was thinking you may have had the monitor/satnav setup which has a separate amplifier in the back of the car and this symptom is synonymous with that setup. It's possible this setup you have also has the separate amplifier in the back of the car, can you check? if so, the signal to keep it switched on isn't there/getting through, so you'd need to do more fault finding at that point to see which module is causing it. If there's no separate amplifier, then there's a fault within this unit in the dash. Cheers, Dennis!
  15. DennisCooper

    Radio switches off every 25-30 mins

    Hi, Do you have the OEM head unit? if so, which one? The reason the OEM setups switch off after this kind of time period is due to a signal to the amplifier not being sent out due to a fault. If you have an aftermarket head unit, then you'll need to re-check your connections as sounds as though something is loose or wrongly connected or perhaps wrong guage power cable used. Cheers, Dennis!