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  1. DennisCooper


    Hi, Speak to Enda at End Tuning. He occasionally posts here, met him at a meetup in Birmingham a few years ago too. You'll get good advice and definitely a thumbs up for a quality re-map for your car. I personally wouldn't go with a generic remap. As you are a 520i, the remap will be more for responsiveness and feel, the removal of flat spots in the rev range which is better more efficient fueling and if you choose, you can have the rev limiter raised a couple hundred RPM. You'll perhaps gain a few more HP and lb/ft of torque but these are more secondary benefits on a smaller petrol engine. https://www.endtuning.com/ Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    DAB Radio - Should This Work In My E39??

    Hi, As per Ray above, except he meant 'FM'. The DAB+ unit will have a range of frequencies it'll 'transmit on' so choose one that isn't the same as an actual FM radio station in use, lets say it's 88.9 FM. In the car, you tune and save a present to 88.9 and that 'station' will pick up whatever the DAB+ unit is tuned to on the DAB+ list. I think the included instruction book may be a bit 'vague' ! Not sure if the DAB+ unit can be connected to a DAB antenna (doubt it) so I'd imagine performance may be somewhat hit and miss, but depends on how strong the DAB+ signal is in the areas you drive around in most often. Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Hi, Drop Fancywide an email/call them to ask what they think about which aftermarket exhausts fit either directly or with minimal work/modifying. They might have a list given the example on their product page has a quad tailpipe. Chances are, any of the high quality exhausts will fit with some level of work. The Meisterschaft's have the 'big(ger)' OEM style boxes and the Eisenmann's I believe have more of a lower profile rectangular shaped boxes. This system also goes 'around' the existing spare wheel well and you most likely will getaway with making small changes to the battery compartment metal give the room for the pipe to fit through/up nicely. To better pull off the look of the Fancywide, you'd need similar level/more aggressive styling on your car, else it just looks out of place on a more standard looking E39. If you are in the UK, then factor in the shipping, Import Duty, VAT and clearance fees costs on top of the US Dollar prices. I think Fanywide will be the same, but I can't remember if they're European or from outside the EU. Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    Alpina Wheel Caps

    Hi CB, You'll most likely have more interest on Alpinaregister or perhaps one of the Alpina facebook groups. These will be for specific Alpina wheel sets as well, if there's a part number on the back of each, mention that so that those looking for specific ones will know which ones yours are. Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    545i Coilover help?!!!

    Hi, The 545i is a V8 engine variant and the 535i is an inline 6 cylinder. The spring rates will be different between the two. When choosing suspension, choose the right kit that's been developed and rated for the car it's to go on. Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    Something strange about this M5...

    Hi, There's lots and lots of bad, terrible and totally crap adverts for cars - happens all the time. Keep in mind, 90% + of the driving public are NOT car enthusiasts and that includes owners of the fast stuff and exotica - they just have big bank balances to own and run such a car. Enthusiasts will pick over issues on any potential purchase and wonder what the 'history' was/is. For comparison, a mate of mine who is very busy with his family business 7 days a week did have an F10 M5 in this colour a couple years ago. His business is in the waste disposal sector and he used the M5 as his everyday runabout - the Bentley and Porsche etc were at home for when he wasn't working! I'd not be surprised if his F10 M5 was 'worn' out in specific areas like this example. He did look after the car and it would go back to BMW whenever required and he'd just use the courtesy car for a few days. As ever, any used vehicle needs to be checked out, just because there's 'odd' wear or issues, doesn't mean the rest of the car is bad as is often mentioned online. Always go to view a potential car to buy! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    Fitting E38 wheels

    Hi Pricey, By putting on 20mm spacers, you'll create an effective offset of 0 and 2. That's pretty aggressive and you'll need to pay particular attention to how much you lower by and the shape of the tyre sidewall as some tyres are more 'square' and others more 'rounded'. Given the arch will be very close to the tyre edges/side profiles, you'll need to also run suspension that'll be suitably stiff to prevent the tyre from touching the arch. You've got a couple choices 1. Use the spacer/adaptors to run the wheels but don't lower just yet. 2. Have the wheel centre bore's machined to 74.1mm and fit them without spacers so you can see/judge how much lower you want to run to then choose the route of how to lower. At oem SE ride height, you'll not get arch rubbing, unless the suspension is tired and sagging as it were. Lastly, that last pic you posted on FB will send you to hell ! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    Breaking E46 316ti compact

    Hi Tim, Thanks - will keep this in mind as I have another spoiler in the bodyshop to try a couple ideas. If they turn out to be a bit pants, I'll be in touch ! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    Hi Loadmaster, Hire cars can be relatively abused examples so a auto transmission that felt woolly and lethargic is perhaps to be expected with a heightened disappointment after coming out of your 540i for a week or two ! Hi Duncan, Agreed they're built to a price, I'd say most US Ford/Chrysler/GM and domestic brand cars are the same build quality level as UK / Euro entry and mid level brand cars. Whenever I am USA side, I do ask the hire place if I can get into a normal Dodge Charger or Malibu and it's only once they didn't have any and given I was only in that one city for 3 days, I took a compact sized car, I think it was a Focus. Overall, I think I've about 15-20K miles driving distance in the US and perhaps 60-70% of it on Interstates. The Malibu's and Chargers have been very pleasant cars to drive and haven't thought they feel particularly 'low rent'. Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    Breaking E46 316ti compact

    Hi Tim, Hope you are well and good and staying as safe as possible ! How much for the rear lip spoiler please?! Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    The build quality of all modern USA cars is absolutely fine and it's an old, out dated myth to think they're poor fit and finish. Lets not mention any more about Chump. As for pricing, then yes, domestically in the USA, the cars are cheap and look like more of a bargain when UK enthusiasts look at list prices over there. Obviously, once imported in, the equivalent cost to have a car here makes it considerably more expensive than what a US customer would pay in equivalence. With our exchange rates much lower than they used to be, the pricing differential and end cost to a UK customer is significantly more expensive too. Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    Hi Old Johnny - As per above and your own research and requirements, do consider and evaluate this and similar V8 E63 6 series as when they are looked after and maintained well, they are indeed good/great cars. Like any larger BMW the engine'drivetrain and electronics are all complex so it comes down to ongoing running costs in keeping everything running well. 740mick - Me and Bro have had 2 2003 F150 Harley Davidson Anniversary Edition's trucks now! first we imported in from Texas when it was around 5 months old and kept it 7/8 years and the second was 2015'ish and only held onto that for just under a year as wanted to free up cash for business investment purposes. There's some excellent USA vehicle choices if you want something interesting and a good section of the enthusiast car market here for USA stuff - definitely consider something ! First one - Second one - Lowered the suspension on the 1st within a few months of having it and it drove and felt much better, was toying with the option to change the exhaust but even in standard form, the exhaust note was great, never got around to it in the end! The second one we lowered right away as already had the kit on order just after purchasing and waiting to collect it and also put the 24'S on too! Will get something from the US again at some point in the future. What kind of car/truck are you thinking about ? Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    BMW E39 M5

    Hi Nabz, Just catching up on this one - £15K winning bid. The website and those operating it as well as the level of cars that are listed and auctioned do seem to be at the better end of the market. I daresay that closer inspections will reveal 'some' issues and aspects to remedy/fix, but similarly, a lot less of them compared to some similar asking price examples that frankly wouldn't get anyone ringing at half their asking prices! I'd agree with Jameswb as well, it's the 'condition' of these cars which is the most important aspect to consider when looking to purchase. You've then got to go view various examples as already mentioned and then make a choice/decision once it's determined there's no mismatched roof colours or worn out seats etc etc ! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    e39 M5 Headers

    Hi Alex, Not to worry! it's Sunday evening Nowadays, there's multiple potential choices; 1. Russ Fellowes 2. Evolve 3. SuperSprint Each have different characteristics due to design differences and have been discussed extensively on m5board.com. Russ Fellowes is perhaps the cheapest option however he's very busy and there'll be a significant lead time to delivery and he expressly mentions no group buys. Evolve's design is their own and developed in conjunction with SuperSprint. Give them a call for pricing and availability, I'm not too sure if they'd offer any group buy discounts etc. SuperSprint's design is their own and they recently did a group buy on M5board for both LHD and RHD options. The LHD takers relatively quickly got to the 20 needed to progress with the discounted price. The RHD needed 5 I think it was and there were no takers. Once you combine the headers with a full system and the options for the Cats, you'll release a substantial amount of extra power. I guess you can do each segment in stages to help spread the cost and decide how loud etc you'd want the sound to be and make changes if you need. You may hear about Van Mannen headers and he stopped producing his versions a good number of years ago now. Over in the US, 'Jedders Headers' are LHD only and he's not likely to develop any RHD ones. Cheers, Dennis!