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  1. Hi, Duncan - I'd much rather spend 10-15 mins every few days making them look fantastic compared to most likely having to refurbish every 12/18 months or so! Obviously, depending on usage that timeframe would vary, but when I had my Hartge Nova 5's done initially once the OEM lacquer was pierced and that my car is daily used, I didn't want to have to refinish again 'relatively' quickly. I absolutely hate washing/polishing and doing all the car detail stuff, so 10-15 mins was enough for me! quite often the car's bodywork would be dirty but I made sure the wheels looked awesome !! Got a few more sets of my wheels to polish up in the same way now Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    E28 in Mission Impossible - Fallout

    Hi, If you watch and listen, you'll catch when they say that the car was indeed an E28 M5 ! The Mission Impossible films have a massive budget so they could afford any of the ones for sale out there easily. I'd have thought, they'd have purchased a mid range condition car rather than a concourse one, but there again, they'd have trashed a concourse one if they had to ! Think of all the other cars in all action movies, the manufacturers do love working with film studios to provide cars as it helps with marketing and branding. Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    Connected drive or alternatives

    Hi, The official BMW updates are genuine, and guaranteed to work. All others are counterfeit, so you don't know what you'll get. There's plenty of people who've used the counterfeit option and seemingly been ok. However, if/when issues occur, you'll most likely not get much in the way of help/support. Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    widescreen navswap for 2004 E60 530d

    Hi Stu78, I suggest looking in the E60/1 sections of this and other forums as I'm sure it's been asked before. I'm not entirely sure on what needs to be done to have it done, but I'm thinking it's not a quick easy swap type of job, it'll be more involved. I think for the full screen to be in use, you'd need to change out/upgrade the navigation computer as well, but don't quote me on that. Buying the items would be a case of looking on ebay for the parts you'd need or a car that needs breaking for parts. Do update here with how you get on with this please! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    Spare Wheel

    Hi, It'a not the diameter of the wheel that matters, as mentioned above, it's the rolling radius that does. I've had a 19 inch wheel as my spare and left it with a 245/35/19 tyre which is a front tyre sizing. If a issue occurs on a rear wheel, then the RR is within tolerances with that size tyre on the rear. The 19" spare fits no problem at all, however this is in a Touring, I'm not sure if in a Saloon the wheel well is smaller? I'd have doubted that though. Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    Buying an e39 M5.

    Hi Wakey, One of the relative 'handful' of very low miled examples you have tucked away It's the same mileage as another one I know of tucked away in a heated garage as well! that one being a facelift and Silver. Are you looking to sell yours 'soon' or is this a quick example pic of part of your collection ?! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    E39 530i AEGAN

    Hi, Those aren't AC Schnitzer mirrors and agreed, they don't suit the E39 at all. The wheels have had the inner barrels/spokes painted/powdercoated black and then machined/diamond cut. Looks well kept and low miled if of course 100% genuine and it's at £3005 bid level with just under 4 days to go! I also agree that the line 'selling for a friend' makes alarm bells begin to ring .. Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi, A set of the now rare to find 19 inch M Parallel replicas that were refinished before collection by a customer earlier today. The wheels prior to the work had the usual very flaky original lacquer that had also faded/yellowed somewhat and the blackened with age moisture and dirt that had got under the cracks of the lacquer. Thankfully, there was very little kerb rash and no bends/buckles. They'd not been previously refinished as still had various stickers on the barrels and the distinctive mold indentations to the rear of the wheel structure. The finish when these wheels are new is a painted centre with machined/diamond cut lip with lacquer over the whole wheel - lips and barrels. Before; Wheels were stripped and blasted and the customer's requirement was a silver powdercoat for the wheel centres and the lips hand mirror polished. The result looks fantastic! After; Given the relatively short period that lacquers last in the UK due to the damp climate, then leaving the lips bare means nothing to flake off and deteriorate. The lips need a quick 2/3 minutes per wheel, using metal polish every few days to look like they are here, which beats having wheels that look grotty as they deteriorate over time - see the before pics! I'll be getting pictures when they're fitted up to the new owners E39 soon Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    E39 Black alpine amp problems

    Hi Qasim, Not quite understanding all you've mentioned, Have you connected the new head unit to the OEM amplifier in the back of the car? if so, how? Have you installed the new head unit so it powers the OEM speakers directly? If you can clarify what's installed now and how you've wired things up, that'll help. A quick guess is that your wiring, somewhere is incorrect. Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    these chinese radios on ebay

    This being your main concern, then it's a head unit from the established high quality brands is what you'd be best considering. Andyrt200 - At least your unit had some years use ! many others have their units lifespan of just months before things become unusable or error prone etc. That said, a handful have fully working units for a number of years - it's all a gamble really! There are various options you could go for from what you've said, take a look at the Kenwood DMX-110BT for instance, about £145 from a few Ebay sellers who also have bricks and mortar shops in the UK, it has a Reverse camera AV input and subwoofer RCA preouts (I'll assume with level control in the user interface - I've not physically used one as yet) Dan 1979 - Perhaps the same head unit for you ? BT hands free phone and Audio Streaming profiles built in. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    E39 M5 Wanted

    Hi rbond9, Details, Pictures, initial thoughts of the M5 you purchased?!! Assuming of course, you did purchase an M5?!! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    E39 possibly from the bill tv show?

    Hi, It's got Cloth Sport Seats by the looks of it ! Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    M sport/ sport

    Hi, Hoping this work out well for you Duncan! what an absolute joke from the 'insurance' company/broker/underwriters.... Nealpina - Wiki articles are good, but can be somewhat flawed. When you see the two words 'Sport Package' then that's much more commonly used in the USA for their market. In the UK, the reference to the earlier pre-facelift cars usually is 'SE' or 'Sport' Also, 'M Sport' for the E39, wasn't used by BMW UK in their sales brochures. Following on, the '540i M Sport' was a limited edition run in the USA and Canada for the 2003 model year only and in high demand in both countries due to limited examples being made that are genuine - they call it 'Title' in the USA and perhaps the equivalent to our V5's, the model will be listed as a '540i M Sport' if it's not there, then it wasn't a genuine example. Due to the demand for these examples, enthusiasts will fly across the country in the hope of picking up a genuine one that's also in excellent condition and sometimes sell for more than an M5 of similar miles/condition etc. The UK didn't get that edition as run out models, we got the Champagne 1/2 and Aegean examples - of which there's no mention of in the wiki E39 page im looking at - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_5_Series_(E39) Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    Innovadrive NXG-39 / OEM look Double DIN Fascia

    Hi zukgod1, I'll drop you a PM here to arrange all details and I can dispatch your order to you rightaway! Cheers, Dennis!