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  1. DennisCooper

    2013 F11 Pro Media scratched screen

    Hi, I think you'll be limited to replacing the screen to a non scratched/much less scratched item so either brand new or a well looked after used item, or, you can remove the existing screen and I believe use an agent to remove the anti glare coating which then removes all those light level scratches. You can then get a universal anti glare stick on screen, cut to size and apply over the top. I'm not sure what 'agent' is needed to remove the oem anti glare coating though, I know i've seen references to products in other forum posts so perhaps have a search out for those Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    E39 M5 - Oxford Green

    Hi, Like yourself, I like to follow the M5 market quite closely and would concur that there's plenty of examples out there with ambitious asking prices especially when even in pictures posted on Ebay/AutoTrader you can see plenty of flaws! Good thing with this forum and others, when enthusiasts go to view examples, they'll often post up about why they walked away from purchasing - the usual aspect of the seller not quite disclosing everything about a car and then subsequently being seen in real life ! The silverstone example from months back at £20K with an advert making it look like a fantastic example and then 'reported' back on and subsequently seen at £16K a short while later. Not sure if it's still around or got sold in the end. From that, it's well know there's only a relatively small amount of 'excellent' condition examples out there and those tend to be held onto, or, sell very quickly at semi high(er) asking prices to realistic selling prices. A good mate just sold his Black example, advert is in the FS section here, and overall I think it was listed for 2-3 weeks, the asking price was reasonable and the condition, which is THE most important aspect of these cars was similarly fantastic. In the absence of a Oxford Green example coming up anytime soon (lets hope one does turn up next week!) I'd say look past any other examples colour. Look at the condition of the car as a matter of total importance. If a great condition LMB example comes along, then go for it - a vinyl wrap is easily sorted out later! Some years ago now, a often met enthusast I'd meet at the Ace Cafe monthly BMW night event had his; It was in excellent condition, well looked after and a weekend enjoyment car! Haven't seen him for some years now, I think he works abroad and I'm not sure if he's stored the car or sold it Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    E39 M5 - Oxford Green

    Hi, I'd say you 'might' get lucky, but asking for a specific colour for an M5 that had very few examples will invariably mean you'll be disappointed! Asking the same with a specific interior colour/style of the leather increases the risk of disappointment! There again, one might turn up next week ! Then it's the usual aspect of if the car is in excellent/great/decent/ok/rubbish shape ! If one doesn't turn up, I'd say find the best example mechanically and cosmetically as you can and in due course factor in the cost of a respray or good vinyl wrap and a retrim of the leather or re-dying the existing set. At least this way, you'd get an M5 looking the way you'd want it ! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi Duncan, Not imported from France, only from the USA, however a quick search shows the main criteria is there's no tax if the car is over 6 months old and done more than 6K kms - https://mycarimport.co.uk/import-process/importing-a-car-from-france-to-the-uk/ I'm not sure of 'which tax' this refers to without delving deeper! Once it's at the UK border, it'll be the same as importing from anywhere else - here's the guidelines on that - https://mycarimport.co.uk/services/uk-customs/ Overall it shouldn't be overly complex, except of course there may be other aspects since 1st Jan 2021 ! Hope it's something really nice ! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    E39 Touring catch up

    Hi Andy, I remember having my install done to my then E34 back in 2001 and I think we've discussed before that I was tempted to do kick panel builds like you did, but in the end I didn't go for it. Sounded very good for what I wanted and my equipment choice at the time! - was a mix of DLS, Kicker, Earthquake and Phoenix Gold! As I say, so long as the E39 sounds good to you now, that's all that matters! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    E39 Touring catch up

    Hi Andy, Nice update there ! There's a few aspects to the audio that I'd suggest would be 'best practice' in order to 'maximise' the audio improvement Vs money/time/effort ratio! however so long as you are happy with how it sounds then it's all good! There's a couple aspects to my Touring that other's have gone onto to have on their examples - always a nice feeling to be a trend setter in this regard ! I'm working on more similar upgrades too ! 420HP out of a 335i is excellent power ! for now I'm happy with my E39 Touring's 275HP or so! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    Headlight adjusters service

    Hi Dermot, I'm 99% sure that's for a pair of headlamps ! I'll let e34m525i confirm 100% though ! In due course, I'll be sending him a set of headlamps I have lying around here to make lovely again and put on my car ! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    E39 touring - sound deadening

    Hi, This is on my todo list for my Touring as well. I purposely didn't use any sound deadening mats in my audio build, partly due to keeping the install 'simple' and to show how well built the E39 is in terms of structural rigidity. The downside to this is that at motorway speeds and the intrusion of road/wind/tyre noise, it can be more intrusive to the level it'll affect the sub bass output. One way to resolve is to use a more powerful RMS amplifier, but then that still leaves the same amount of noise/sound intrusion. A more efficient solution is to suppress that noise intrusion. 'Ideally' the complete boot area, the side of the body panels and the wheel well along with the floor pan, doors and roof would be covered. The net result of all that would be a 'VERY' hushed interior - A few E39's and other BMW's where audio installs have been done, this complete level of sound proofing has been done and it's lovely to drive and have much reduced noise levels, even before the audio is switched on! However, goingf to this extent is a much more intense job and of course increases expense. May well be better to do the boot area and see how that feels and it it's enough, then a completed job! Many people online will mention using regular sheets of bitumen that's used in the construction industry but I'd not recommend it - it's not automotive grade so the material, the adhesive aren't focused to an automotive interior in aspects like temperature and humidity tolerances/performance. Those who went ahead anyway, would find on hotter days, the adhesive would 'bleed' and being very sticky would get everywhere and cause problems, sheets woild then peel off a little as corners would dry out etc. Colder days would see the material be more rigid and to the point the sheet would unstick from the panel. Much better and recommended to use specifically formulated car audio sound deadening sheets/material. In addition to the the above products, there's plenty more choices from the ebay seller 'Sound Deadening Shop' and their bricks and mortar shop in Oxfordshire (I'm fairly sure they'll retail from there, but im not 100% on this) Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    How to persuade dealer to collect faulty car

    Hi Thanks for the update ! As you've already had those initial separate works done, you can ask for them to be repaid to you and inform them given they've accepted they'll refund you on the basis of rejection due to not fit for purpose, that either they come collect the car or that you'll add the cost of it to the amount needing to be refunded to you. If they make a fuss, just inform them it'll be taken to a legal level to reclaim the costs due to their negligent sale. Make sure you put everything in writing to them and ask for a response by letter as well so that there's a written trail of communications. Let us know how everything goes ! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    BMW Independants - e39 specialists - West London?

    Hi, Birds are a couple miles from me as well, you'll get excellent service and knowledge there! I'd suggest BMR Performance in Crawley as well, the owner is a member here and he and his team are very familiar with the more interesting and sought after BMW's from the various era's too. Speak to Barry about your requirements and I'm sure he'll come back to you with explanations and quotes of what will be done with the issues on your car. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    How to persuade dealer to collect faulty car

    Hi, At this stage, I'd say it currently, your word against theirs. The dealer is currently thinking 'they just didnt like the car and just want to return it and don't want to pay for the return'. They've currently asked you to bring the car back so that they can begin to look at it and discern what's wrong. So, if you were to lodge a claim with your credit card company/instigate proceedings, then one of the first things you'll be asked to do is to allow the dealer to rectify the issues and thus, for that to happen, you'd be asked to take the car to them. In your individual case, it doesn't matter if you were 1/10/100 miles away, you'd have to take the car back to them to begin looking into the issues. The only way from a claims perspective would be if you were to have the car inspected locally, at your costs and it was then proved the faults existed when the car was sold, you could then insist on the supplying dealer to collect the car or, if you take it to them, add the costs of taking the car to them to your claim against them. It's seemingly going to be bit of a headache for you though as if they do indeed turn out to be more of unreliable dealer, they'll simply ask for proof the faults lay in the car when you purchased it / say the faults have developed after it was purchased. You'll need to look at any warranty the car has or, indeed exercise consumer law routes once you've read up on your rights and how to go about putting them into practice correctly. Stressed - Section 75 of the Consumer/Credit Card Act is a good thing for sure, but it's a fallacy to think it'll 'automatically' work in your favour - You need to go through the complete process and prove things along the way. Similar to the above and in condensed form, I had my E39 auto gearbox rebuilt in 2007 and all was fine till 2016 and it failed again. Same place rebuilt it and over the course of 2016, the gearbox failed 8/9 times leaving me stranded each time. The reconditoning place refused to admit liability, offered every excuse under the sun to say something 'else' was causing the issue from old parts of the gearbox that aren't changed/overhauled in a rebuild, to faulty pipes to the oil cooler to also trying to blame wiring for my amplifiers causing the gearbox to fail. They wouldn't refund, so I began a claim through my credit card provider. They asked me initially to send the car back so they could have a look, I protested it'd been back 8/9 times already, but, they wouldn't have it, so I had them after much pushing, collect the car and some days later, collected it and about 500 yards after driving away, it failed again! Let the car with them and continued the claim. Next was a full report was required from another gearbox specialist to prove the work had been done poorly, I rang around for quotes and it'd been at least half a days worth of charges, testing time and putting it all back again - so circa £600/700 that I'd have to pay. As I was thinking, a manual gearbox conversion kit came up for £750 so I asked if they'd remove the faulty gearbox and convert to 5 spd and I'd settle for that - the gearbox place had the audacity to say they'd want to charge full rates for the conversion (another £7/800 or so) AND keep my old faulty gearbox! Going back to the CC company, they were saying to proceed with them, they needed the independent inspection report and nothing else. I just collected my car from the gearbox place, sent it up to a trusted forum Sponsor 'Cable Shack' and Jimmy did me the conversion. I dropped the CC company claim. I believe with chargebacks, there'll be a similar procedure to follow i.e you can't just say 'the other party are rubbish, I want my money back' and get the money rightaway (some years ago, this is what used to happen ! and as a business, it's annoying when certain customers who knew that loophole would order a bit of kit from us for £700-1000+ and then a few days later ring their bank and just say 'I had bad service' and they'd take the money from our account immediately ! naturally, we never saw our item back either and to do so, we would have had to get our solicitors involved etc. Thankfully, it was rare but over the course of one financial year it happened a good 15/20 times! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    GY F1s vs Michelin PS4s

    Hi, Have you compared the tyre noise ratings for each given this is a concern for you? If not, compare those. If they're rated the same you can continue comparing them side by side and in that case, would you be using the tyres closer to their levels of ability? PS4's are often found being used on M3/M5's for instance, if you drive spiritedly then look at aspects like treadwear indicator and reviews for grip and handling. If none of these really apply then choose the tyre you feel most comfy wit with respect to treadwear, price as they're both fantastic/premium quality tyres Cheers, Dennis!
  13. Hi, Farage quits.. again ! https://news.sky.com/story/nigel-farage-steps-down-as-reform-uk-leader-after-saying-he-has-achieved-his-lifes-work-12238504 quits after 'achieving his lifes work' He's now a youtuber so will continue complaining about stuff and not really achieving anything .. hopefully he'll fade away over time too, as Brexit realities begin to be felt by more of the population... Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    E39 Car Tax Increases - Impact?

    Hi SARP, Yes, given Porsche are within the VW family, they've been developing synthetic fuels and want to begin large scale production next year and ramp that up in following years - https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry-news/porsche-begin-producing-synthetic-fuels-2022 Maybe there's a way that the political and masses element will go electric and the enthusiasts will have access to the synthetic fuels ? Cheers, Dennis!
  15. DennisCooper

    E39 Car Tax Increases - Impact?

    Hopefully the batteries can be swapped out for new ones ! that said, the R&D for battery tech is moving fast and 'almost' at the stage where range anxiety won't be an issue and with strides in energy production, the current carbon footprint of making the cars and batteries can be significantly reduced Synthetic fuels could be a way forward to keep fossil fuel cars running for longer and much more cleanly. I'm hoping that becomes cheap enough to produce and of course sell at retail level so that the small but enthusiast driven 'classic cars and interesting cars' segment can continue to run such cars. I suspect however, in other countries it'll be cheaper and the UK government will jack the price up with taxes. In general, since about 1998/9 , just over 20 years ago, the price of petrol has doubled, given the push for reduction of greenhouse emissions reduction has ramped up in recent years with worldwide agreements signed etc, I think for the UK, the ratcheting up of mandatory motoring costs will happen in a much shorter timeframe - won't just be petrol, it'll be VED, insurance tax hikes for fossil fueled cars, Per day road use charging in many towns as as well as cities, and most likely increased Tax rates on fossil fueled specific car parts as well as MOT costs. Better start applying for a well paid part time (or full time!) job or open up a well paying business Cheers, Dennis!