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  1. DennisCooper

    Plastic sheds

    Hi, These 'sheds' aren't lightweight flimsy things, I'd estimate it weighs perhaps 80-100KG. I took a very quick picture so you can't make out the inch or so thick base, but structurally it's very solid and robust. I had the builders who were doing the work back in 2008'ish to build this up for me and took them perhaps 3-4 hours one afternoon. For us, it's absolutely worth the money we paid for it, in every aspect. It's given zero issues, has not needed any maintenance, hasn't deformed/de-shaped, no leaks etc. The only thing that's deteriorate is the the metal part of the slide lock has rusted. We added the two solar powered LED lights on the side and drilled into the plastic, given there's no metal, theres no worry about rust and any liquid seepage that rusts either. As ever, good/excellent quality usually outlasts cheaper inferior products by many years! out of shot in the garden we also have a very heavy slate topped garden table, also from Costco and purchased around the same time as the shed. The only thing wrong with that is 2 of the small slate squares have become a little loose. So it's a big +1 from me for the Costco range of Sheds and garden furniture. Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    Plastic sheds

    Hi, +1 For the ones in Costco. We've had 2 since around 2005, the first one went for the sole reason we had some building work done a couple years later and the space it was on was needed. Once all done, we purchased another larger one and it's been there ever since. Excellent quality, zero maintenance and has lasted extremely well. One we have is just over 2x2m Whenever this one does wear out, will absolutely get another from Costco Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    Thinkware F770 Hardwire

    Wish they'd hurry up and invent the titanium replacement spine ! Car is away right now having work and maintenance done so not able to drive anywhere ! Once it's back, I'll need to have my dashcam installed too - but will most likely have CAS/Team SPB or John Kleis do it ! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    Thinkware F770 Hardwire

    Evaluating about doing installs again! Just need to watch out for my lower back pain.. Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    cable for alpine head unit

    Hi S, Do a search on ebay for 'E39 5M Extension' there'll be a number of results come back at £35-45. Which Alpine unit are you installing ?! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    Looking to view this E39 M5 - bad idea?

    Hi, As per above and as I always say (along with many others) that no matter how good a car looks on an advert and pictures, it's absolutely vital to look and check things over close up in real life. It's only then you can evaluate if a car is a good, decent example or bit of a bad/rubbish one and correlates with the asking price etc. When it comes to M5's the above is of course true still and within the enthusiast circles, there's more knowledge of areas and things to check for etc, so arm yourself (if you havenn't already) with that information and check the car over against those aspects. Over the last few years, there's been an increase in asking prices for M5's and a significant proportion hanging around for months on end and in some cases, over a year - unsold. There's others that start off with high asking prices and get price cuts every few weeks or months sometimes as much as £5/6K + before they don't appear in listings anymore. They've either sold or the owners have decided to keep them. Many examples nowadays with asking price of £7-10K have mileages usually from 120-130K up to 170K or thereabouts, so I'd say check the usual high cost aspects of maintaining an S62 engine/drivetrain have been addressed in the history (VANOS, shell bearings etc). If there's no evidence within the history file, then consider the costs in the short/medium term future if the rest of the car is nice and you do purchase it. Good luck ! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    Whats my e39 540i worth

    Hi, Some good comments and aspects above to consider. It's a very small market nowadays for any E39, they're very old cars and the general car buying public in the UK won't really be interested. This leaves you the slim enthusiast and semi enthusiast market and that's sub divided again between those who want a daily/workhorse type of car and those who are more enthusiastic and want a much better condition/spec/maintained example. Unfortunately, given how the UK car buying mindset is, then it's an even slimmer section who would want/look at a modified car and slimmer again for an 'Imported' car. Write an excellent, fully detailed advert with lots of excellent clear high quality photographs and a price you'd want for it and see what the response is like. You'll most likely need to drop the asking price at intervals you are happy with until it sells. On top of all that, the market and general outlook isn't so good currently and many people aren't spending on big ticket items. Good luck with the sale though and hopefully an enthusiast looking for such an example will purchase quickly ! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    E39 and superchargers

    Hi, Do keep in mind that it's not 'just' adding the Power in the form of Supercharging you'll need to do. The brakes will need to uprated to match & perform the increased power and given you'll most likely use the power quite often, a suspension upgrade would also be good to do. MStyle list a VF supercharger kit for £4800 and it's another £925 if you have them fit it. Add the cost of you rebuilding the engine so that it's in as best condition as possible you'll need to add to the costs. Some good brakes/pads, lines etc (not a BBK) I'd say would be another £300+ and a decent suspension setup between £500-800 depending if you go Spring/Shocks or Coilovers. Give or take, this idea is perhaps £6500-7K + https://www.mstyle.co.uk/bmw-5-series/e39/tuning/superchargers/vf-engineering/vf-engineering-supercharger-system-for-e39-525i.html Many will say it's not worth it on a 525i but that comes down to your own wants/requirements and it makes more sense if the car is a long term keeper. An alternative would be going normally aspirated and upgrading aspects like what the high end BMW tuners did to 'base' BMW's. Camshafts, work done to the cylinder blocks etc etc can be done to give increased power and most likely cost a significant amount less than going forced induction. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    E39 audio upgrade

    Hi Barry, I'll assume it'll be one of the Prima DSP amplifiers? ! Audison make some excellent products and I have some custom E39 SQ orientated 3 way door builds that I'm considering putting in a 3 way Audison component set. I'll speak to Carl at some point about that ! Yes, you are 'too far' in now ! Cost in keeping the OEM modules working and the add on items you need to get excellent audio performance, but once it's all in, working and tuned/setup, it will sound great ! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    Face lift head unit

    Hi, Which head unit are you referring to? there's different ones. Generally, the retrofitting of the audio setups has varying levels of complexity, the higher setups being more complex to retrofit. Depending on what setup the pre-facelift car is, then the level of complexity will vary again. If you can be more specific, then it'll be easier to give more detailed info and any aspects to work out /watch for. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    E39 audio upgrade

    Hi Barry, Just remembered this solution from Alpine ! https://www.alpine.co.uk/p/Products/dsp-amplifiers/pdp-e800dsp List price seems to be around the £1000 level but discounted to £789 here - https://audiovisualworld.co.uk/alpine-pdp-e800dsp-8-channel-digital-dsp-amplifier-with-full-app-control.html The best price I can do is £730 delivered (pending stock level check) so a subtantial amount less compared to those tiny Mosconi's ! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    E39 fitting single din head unit.

    Hi, As Dan mentions, the OEM single DIN fascia piece is extremely rare to find nowadays, I've only ever sold 2 of them and one was to Dan that he pictures in his build thread linked above. They're sturdy and strong as you'd expect them to be. The aftermarket ones are made using much thinner plastic and aren't as sturdy and robust, but will get the job done. There 'might' be some better build quality with the ones costing £30-55 compared to the £12-20 ones, I've not really bothered to take a look! Depending on your DIY skills, here's another option; This was done by a BMW5 member some years ago now and it's a nice variation! I'd say also to choose a single DIN head unit that has Bluetooth Phone Calling and Audio Streaming built in to simplify installation and complexity. I've not seen any single DIN head units that have Apple Carplay and Android Auto, but the various top quality brands have their single DIN head units that will support an IOS or Android Smartphone. If DAB reception is a requirement, then some of the higher end models have DAB tuner's built in and to take advantage, you'd need to install a DAB antenna and the ideal location is on the roof of the car. The internal window mount ones can have less performance. My suggestion would be to get a unit which doesn't have DAB and if you're smartphone plan has a healthy amount of included data, to use the free app called 'TuneIN' and stream via bluetooth, your main favourite radio stations as almost all nowadays broadcast on the internet. Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    Touring Air Ride kit

    Hi Deepan, I'm considered the aspect of being able to raise and lower my suspension but not for 'looks' but for my driveway angle, sometimes having to go on roads that are very bad and to clear some speed bumps that are funnier shaped and heights to others. Air Ride has been the obvious choice and I've considered the usual brands and their systems. You do remember my Touring is springs/shocks all round and coilovers have been my favoured choice and 2nd was to have custom springs made up by D Faulkner and to go with either OEM Sport shocks or Eibach & similar, I know these omit the ride height control. The air ride kit I'd want would be with full electronic management but I'm not so keen on the fitted price tag even with some trade discount ! I've gone for the KW V1's and they'll be on the car soon along with renewed suspension components where required. Some years ago, a USA based company Fortune Auto made custom coilovers for the E39 Touring and also offered 'Air Cups' which were little units to add to the coilover and with a charge of air from a compressor would simply 'lift' the suspension by 1 or 2 inches. Another button would release and the ride height would go back to normal. They then discontinued making anything for the E39! However, the good guys at Driftworks have the same kind of product now! So I'm thinking later to add this to my KW's - https://www.driftworks.com/stanceparts-air-cup-lift-kit-for-coilover-suspension.html The base kit is £640 and an additional pair of Air Cups are an extra £250 when purchased with the primary kit. Fitting would be extra of course, but from their video, it seems relatively straightforward. I had a quick call with them a week or so ago and seems it should work with the KW's I've just got but will need to check further. I want as small a tank (and compressor) as possible as I want to keep a 5th spare wheel. Consider converting your Touring to springs/shocks all round and possibly go this route ? Also, forum member 'Richyx' has just DIY installed full air ride on his 540i Touring so he'll know about installation aspects, I don't think he kept any of the OEM bags/compressor etc. Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    E39 audio upgrade

    Hi Barry, There's only a handful of high quality brand 8 channel amplifiers, the Mosconi as mentioned, Helix and JL Audio do them as well with prices from £580 to £1400 - https://www.bassjunkies.com/amplifiers/8-channel.html . If physical space is also a concern then it's unlikely any of these will fit either. The only thing I can think of is to get two four channel small amplifiers and use those? The one I'm thinking of specifically is this one - http://www.teamspb.co.uk/Mosconi-Gladen-D2-100-4dsp-p/mosconid2100.4dsp.htm . These are the smallest dedicated amplifiers I've seen so far, the smaller units being the 'power pack' add on types. The Bluebus does look great and will allow those keeping the OEM system and not going the setup design you are, to have future smartphones work along with the Intravee features. Richard's support is indeed excellent and hopefully, the guy making the Bluebus will offer the same level of support for his product - time will tell of course I like to give big thumbs up and respect for enthusiast like them who make products for our cars at high quality levels ! Cheers, Dennis!
  15. DennisCooper

    Restoring bright window trim.

    Hi, I went the vinyl wrap route back in 2008'ish and very happy at how quick and straightforward the job was, no mess either and the two sides were done in around 35-40 minutes. I went for the then best available correct automotive exterior grade vinyl and it's still on today with zero peeling or shrinking etc. Gloss black and also did the inner door card top silver strip as well Side shot of the car Some trims are a little out of shape as they were recently removed for a respray so most likely going to get another silver set and do the same job again. Nowadays the chrome vinyl is available, it's expensive stuff so ensure you get a quote from a higher end vinyl wrap specialist to do the job if this is the route you want to take. Many will say to have a bodyshop paint your existing trims which is another route of course and then the option for them (or you to DIY) the plasti-dip route or use the self adhesive shadowline tape. Cheers, Dennis!