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  1. DennisCooper

    Ipod interface problems

    Hi, I'd suggest looking through the E60/1 section here and on other forums and cross referencing exactly which audio modules you have in your car, their revision numbers and part numbers so you can check about what functionality is built in, if it can be upgraded in anyway etc, or if you may need to purchase aftermarket add on equipment to get the functions you'd want to have. You'll have to then ensure what you've purchased is compatible, ensure the iPod is at a level of firmware that's supported too etc. There are some more experienced guys on that sub section so do post there and you'll perhaps get more useful and relevant info etc for you to try. Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    Want better music service on my E53 2001 via Bluetooth

    Hi, Which OEM head unit/audio setup do you have in the X5? if OEM, how did you get music to play via Bluetooth to the oem setup? what level of sound quality would you like to have ideally? what's your current anticipated budget ? Depending on these and a few more questions, there's a few potential ways forward for you. Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    And another e34 M5 Touring!

    Hi, If I had the cash and really wanted one of these, I'd pay £60 grand if it had 15K miles on it and the rest of it checked out as original, genuine and in fantastic condition & desirable spec. This example has 115K miles though ... I met the owner many times in years gone by as he lives 2 miles away and his yard was chock full of interesting, rare and lovely BMW's and seriously was just about to purchase the E34 Alpina Bi Turbo he had there back in 1999/2000'ish. I wonder how many of those interesting BMW's are now left in his yard! P - Good luck with the sale! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    Creation of the BMW Touring

    Hi, I missed out by a short amount in the mid 90's getting an E30 Touring which was the very very rare 2 door version. It was in Alpine White and had the earlier MTEC 1 bodykit on. That car along with a £7K E30 M3 I was offered around that time are a couple of the cars I still regret not actually purchasing ! I want to keep my current E39 Touring as long as possible and if I can add another car to the collection, on my shortlist is an E61 M5 or an F11 (a pity there's no M5 in this generation!). If the E30 2 door Touring that a certain mate has in his collection comes up for sale, I might have to pull the stops out for it ! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    E30 325i just sold for over 51K at auction

    Hi, Those lamenting that it didn't get used and has been and most likely will be tucked away unused needn't worry too much ! There were around 2.43 million E30's made, so common as muck still, the vast majority of those did and are being used, so it's always possible to buy one of those and drive it ! Nothing wrong with garage queen cars and the very best examples will eventually get sold for big money to those with pockets deep enough to purchase. Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    Curve TVs

    Hi Nealpina, The short answer is nowhere near as many consumers opted to purchase curved (and 3D) TV sets as what was hoped around the globe over the last few years. I've seen experimental 3D TV at CES 2012 that didn't need the glasses and that was impressive, but at the time could only be successfully implemented on a 24 inch max screen. Given the lack of interest in 3D TV, it doesn't look like that will come to market for a good while yet as I'm sure by now they can implement it on much larger screens. 3D TV recently was perhaps the 2nd large attempt to see if consumers wanted it at home and curved I think was the first attempt. In the future, both might get re-booted as an idea again to see if they catch on at that point. I'd say curved screens once in large 70-75 inch and larger sizing can be done they'll re-attempt with the idea of it being 'mini iMax' for the home. 3D tv getting a reboot for non glasses requirement and in even larger screen sizing maybe. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    SOLD E39 M5 Heritage Caramel leather Seats & Door Cards SOLD

    Hi, I knew this would sell relatively quickly for you ! Are you breaking the rest of the car or was it just you fancied a different interior ?! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    Suspension Options

    Hi D, I went with Martin at MS Motorsport, they're a site sponsor over on M3cutters and excellent service to ensure I got the correct kit for mine. The 3/4 week lead time turned into about 6 as KW are (were) apparently flat out on orders, but that wasn't an issue for me. My kit is each corner and came to around £840 delivered I think it was. I'm most likely going to Black Boots in Chesham once my car is back with me for the full setup of the KW's - https://blackboots.co.uk/. I did consider the BC racing's and that later I could have them converted for a full Air Ride setup, but for now, I'm doing coilovers and will evaluate Air Ride later. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    Suspension Options

    Hi D! I've gone for KW V1's but as you know, I've not got SLS on my car so it's an all round kit that I need. I've not had coilovers previously, but will be having them properly setup as mentioned by Dan. Reasons I went for KW's is the quality level and that I wanted to use a pre-set kit given the many E39 and other BMW owners I've met who have KW's and who are avid track day drivers as well as those who used their car's daily with them too. I've not heard much in terms of negative experiences, except for the odd few, which is to be expected of any such kit and brand. I want a 'benchmark' as it were for the suspension with relation to the different sets of wheel sets I'll be running in 19 & 20 inch sizing and if over some time I feel I do want the ability to adjust ride stiffness, I'll get a set of BC Racing's at that point. It's a pity KW don't do their V2 range for the E39 Touring else, I'd perhaps had gone for those, pending I didn't get any of the issues Dan got with seized units! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    Radio/Nav fix for 2002 Jap inport

    Hi Jared, Thanks for the kind words and the discussion so far via the PM's ! There are options as you can see from the above and you'll need to evaluate the route to take Vs the overall cost of initial purchase and install along with the potential longer term costs if you do decide to retrofit the OEM modules and use the 'add on' type solutions such as the GROM etc. The quote from OCR will most likely be for a higher end head unit, but was it 'only' the install of the head unit/fascia & labour ? or does it include some upgraded speakers etc as well? I'm about to install the Kenwood DMX125DAB head unit as it's £159 at Halfords and for the next week or so, there's another 10% off making it around £146. With the NXG-39 for an OEM look you'd still have a decent amount left over for a good set of entry level 5.25 inch component speakers for the front and some £40-60 co-axials on the back shelf and a decent entry level amplifier! I'll respond back to your PM soon, it's Diwali weekend for me and we've got a lot of friends and family coming over ! Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    Short shifter?

    Hi, I've just had the 545i OEM parts option fitted so looking forward to feeling what it's like once I have my car back from a lot more maintenance aspects. I won't be using the OEM weigted gearknob so hoping the feel of the change is still going to be as worthwhile as many who have done it say it is. I will at a later point most likely swap in a weighted OEM gearknob to experience the difference and make a long term choice from there. The unbranded aftermarket solutions like this one, get mixed reviews which is to be expected, so will depend on the driver themselves and which gearknobs are used etc. Some who have gone this route report they're happy, some say they've become happier once using a different gearknob and others hate it and have removed it and put back the OEM one. Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    2003 E39 - upgrade NAV. unit

    Hi Stu, From what you mention in both your points and taking it literally, there's no solution for you. The OEM satnav setup can't run Android Apps natively or within it's electronics. You could do some hacks/internal electronic component changes and 'display' what's on your phone on the OEM screen but it'd be an in depth project and require you to do those changes/install and configure the parts/PCB's needed which will mean some DIY expertise and knowledge of what to fit/install/connect etc. If none of that appeals or is an option at all, then looking at your second point of not wanting to remove/replace trim and carpet etc to install wires, then there's no products for you. If you are then willing to do some wire installing and as your car is OEM Satnav equipped, then if you want a new head unit you'll need to run the 5M harness extension wire from the back to the front dash area and these are around £40/55 or so. Once installed, you could fit a high quality, reliable, recognised brand head unit or run one of the low quality, prone to issues/problems chinese replacement type units. As you've mentioned you've not been able to get on with head units and fascia's/fitting kits, then that leaves the Chinese unit route and those sometimes also have physical fitment problems/issues as well. You already know the route I'd recommend - a premium brand head unit that has Android Auto /Apple Carplay on board already but this time have it fitted by a reputable installer so that you have a full after sales care channel for support/warranty should you need it. For a short period, I'm about to install the Kenwood DMX125DABS unit into my car as it's £159 at Halfords currently but down to £146 with the current promotion for 8 days or so. I won't use the DAB function either, I've been using Tune In on my phone and Bluetooth Audio streaming for any radio listening I do for 5/6+ years now. Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    Wanted 2x rear 19” parallels 9.5

    Hi, A very, very long shot indeed! I've not seen any listings at any point for just the 9.5 rear wheels with the deep lip (might've been some over the years somewhere!) There's one set available now, need a refurb as they're in poor cosmetic condition, with tyres (rear ones are the wrong size for an E39) at £1200. Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    E39 interior choices.

    Yes! The brand is called 'ROK Straps' - http://www.rok-straps.com/index.html Certainly does feel a very well made, strong item for sure ! Cheers, Dennis!
  15. DennisCooper

    Rather lovely E60 Alpina lookalike

    Hi, A deluded seller ! It has an Alpina bodykit and a rear bootlid badge with an Alpina logo on it, which I'm fairly sure Alpina don't offer on their cars. The custom exhaust has Alpina style tailpipes and that's as far as the 'lookalike' description can be pushed to. Rado16v - You need to increase your knowledge a tad! Cheers, Dennis!