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  1. DennisCooper

    E34 540i Touring modified

    Hi Rado16V All good here, keeping busy and staying as safe as possible ! It might be the same car? both are LHD ! that said the one I referenced has the US side markers which do look good I think ! I bought brand new Type 3 non racing 18's for my car in 99 - my wallet is still hurting from that haha! but they looked fantastic when on, ive only got a few pics of it back then, my mileage/usage was alot and car was often dirty within a day or two after cleaning ! Space is the problem for me, else I'd have 3/4 more cars ! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

    Hi, That may well be a contributory factor ! Perhaps look in the E60 section to see if the BT module can be purchased separately and swapped over? I'm not too knowledgeble on the E60/2004 and later stuff Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    Double DIN facia attachment

    Hi, The were a couple of fascia/fitting kits back from that kind of time, I'd sell them here on the forum too! those got discontinued and it's the ones you purchased that are around but miss out this piece to make the install work well ! Every now and again, on ebay, some old new stock comes up and seem to be priced around £100. I designed the NXG-39 to make fitting easy as well as looking close to OEM as well as there's a good number of E39 owners who wouldn't know how to DIY and would have to pay a car audio installer to fabricate something which would be perhaps 2+ hours of charges? then another hour's worth to fit and connect up the head unit etc. Add those typical costs up and it quickly ramps up! Sounds like you can DIY ! so you'll be ok soon ! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    How to: Aftermarket stereo and sub install

    Hi, Waitee - As I say, if you're happy with how it sound, then it's all that matters! I'm coming from the view that if you were to ask any of the UK's reputable and experienced car audio dealers/installarers and car audio enthusiasts, it'd never be suggested or recommended to have co-axials in the doors like that. If you've piggybacked the oem tweeters onto the Sony speaker inputs, then you'll have higher frequencies from them and the ones playing to your knee! It is recommended to 'try' and get a good frequency response/balance in the car and an EQ can/will help of course. For the most part, going to that level will be done by car audio enthusiasts looking for excellent Sound Staging/Imaging from the chosen higher end speaker systems used (2/3 Way components) and the style of the door builds used to house them to provide that excellent Frequency dispersion and 'tuned' via an EQ etc. It's something you 'might' look at in the future, or may not if you stay happy with the performance as is ! For car audio, tuning and getting the install right is significantly different to setting up a concert hall ! BMW's are well build and solid, and it's a little harder to get the installation just right if looking for a SQ orientated install. For the doors, then the ideal, tried and tested route is to ditch the oem plastic pods and if you want the stealth look, to then fabricate solid baffles that allow a chosen speaker to play much better/cleaner as there'd be minimal/zero flexing. You'd not run 'big' power to the cabin speakers and similarly, you'd generally not be running below 50Hz perhaps, so you won't get big/large rattles. 60/75 W RMS is very useable and for those wanting a more higher output and SQ orientated level, then 90-110/120 W RMS can be done once tuned and setup well. Others who don't have to have stealth looks, will do custom door builds which then significantly improve the performance again ! Andyrt200 - When I had my E34 back in 1999, I was very tempted to go with kick panel builds like those! I recall (vaguely) the speakers I wanted were just that little bit beyond my budget considering all the other items I'd purchased for the car both mechanically/styling and audio wise !! I ended up going with DLS R5A's (Have them in my E39 as well!) in the OEM locations and the tweeters custom mounted under the dash grille at a custom angle to improve the imaging/sound stage. My rear subwoofer enclosure was similar to yours for about 4/5 months as prior to that, I had a quite compact enclosure using two Kicker Solo Baric 12s but facing outwards. I had it setup for my preferences of excellent SQ primarily and with some adjustments via my Electronic EQ I could dial in the 'big bass' when I wanted to go for that kind of performance ! My writeup for what I did in my E34 is in the audio section too! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

    Hi, You'll most likely find that the latest mobile phones will have 'less' full compatibility with older Bluetooth electronics and in this case, something designed/made 10/11+ years ago. Although BT does have backward support, in practice it can present issues like this. That's not to say it's always the case though! Take a look at the Note Ultra and see if there's any options within the BT settings/configuration, I'm not speaking from experience here, just that the latest phones have newer BT functionality like 'LE' and also being Version 5 of Bluetooth, there 'might' be compatibility issues with older version of BT etc. If that all fails all I can think of is to perhaps look to an aftermarket integration type unit that will 'connect' to the OEM audio and that will support & connect to the new Note 20. Edit - added that to ask BMW if there's a software update for the car's audio as well? maybe that could be something which could resolve? Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    Double DIN facia attachment

    Hi, All the existing E39 'budget' fitting kits are missing the 'frame' piece to clip onto. Way back in 2010/11 there was an excellent quality full kit from Connects2 which crucially came with that frame piece so the fascia could securely attach to it. Unfortunately, it was discontinued back then too and ever since, all the ones you see on ebay/amazon don't have it. You'll need to now fabricate something to fit into the dash area that then allows this fascia to securely clip onto. The 'OEM' frame piece won't be suitable as it's specifically shaped/thickness so the clips on this fascia won't/don't fit or clip to it. The Alpine iLX-700 is a fantastic quality unit and capable of some excellent sound quality and performance! here's what it looks like in the NXG-39 fascia/fitting kit I provide: With this solution, the fitting kit is incorporated, so there'd be no need for you waste time/effort/money fabricating something and you'll not have to contribute to your household's swear jar either Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    How to: Aftermarket stereo and sub install

    Hi Waitee - Nice writeup for your install. As mentioned in your build thread (I think), co-axial speakers in the front aren't a best practice choice as the high frequencies will be 'directed' or 'playing' towards your knee. The ideal is to have tweeters placed higher up and for a nice 'stage 1' upgrade for many E39 owners, the OEM location in the window corner is perfect. The results are that the 'soundstage/imaging' will be 'lifted' and playing towards your ears much better and gives the desired results of music sounding natural, accurate, open and engaging'. Of course, if how you have your's sounds good to you, then all good - doesn't matter what anyone else thinks/says! Ideally, you'd change the oem plastic enclosures to more solid baffles as that'll allow aftermarket speakers to 'play' better too by using the door cavity as an 'enclosure'. The OEM pods are made for the OEM speakers and by using those with aftermarket speakers, you get more of an emphasis on midrange frequencies due to the internal volume of the pods being meant for the OEM speakers. I used to have one of those fascias as well, the well made and complete with an aluminium fitting frame one from Connects2. With that one, there's was no need to glue anything. Looks like you've been able to utilise the oem fitting frame, many current E39 fascias can't use it! A few E39 owners back in from 10+ years ago did the underseat powered subwoofer placed in exactly the same place as you've done too, a quick unclip and taking wires off meant it was easy to remove/refit and provides a simple way to 'add some bass' ! 832ark - As per above, I'd recommend using component 2 way speakers for the front and to replace the oem plastic pods, it does depend on 'how well' you like your music reproduced and performing in the car of course, but 98% plus owners will go this route instead of co-axial speakers as explained as to why above. Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi, From the Pistonheads site - https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10915517?cId=11155308&cId=10448246&cId=10915517 Another example of a really poor advert pictures and not such a great description either! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    The holy grail of genuine Alpina alloys?

    Hi, greenelekta - We all have regrets of various car related things we've done/not done in the past! Zackpl - Agreed, there's various enthusiasts wanting these wheels!, just very very few on this forum unfortunately. Bumbaclut - Don't worry, even though both listings have ended, it's due to one set selling and for close to the amended asking price of £4.5K and the other set still being around .. for now! I'm in semi regular contact with the seller and he has a number of rare sets of wheels for sale along with some nice project cars and parts etc, so in due course I'll hope I can put some pictures up once his project(s) get completed Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper


    Hi, Dark Blue cloth isn't really desirable for E39 enthusiasts, so if you were to replace with a Black Leather perhaps and put your Blue set up for sale, interest would be minimal. If it was a Sport seats interior and also with the rear child booster seats, you'd get a good bit more interest ! There's perhaps a good number of E39's running around with a dark blue interior, but in general terms, it won't be many. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    E34 540i Touring modified

    Hi Rado, Hope you are well, good & safe! Will soon catch up with you as you're round the corner ! I think the owner of this one also looked and was wow'ed by this example! I do miss my E34 and once I'm able to, I want another.. just so happens there's a 2 owner (last since 1996'ish) Alpine White E34 in Iver I'd like! He says he'll call me when he's ready to sell! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Hi Liam, Nice to see you are back in the forum and posting! Life and family does get busy and I'm in a similar'ish situation with some of my car plans ! Also, it's the E39 fitment, 19 inch ACS Type 2 or 3 non racing which are the holy grail to want/find! - I recently sourced and sold a set to an owner over in California who'd been looking for a few years and needless to say, he's over the moon! A set of the 18's in correct E39 fitment has just come up for sale as well! The 2 piece Type 3 Racing in 19" are relatively rare but it's the 3 piece Type 2 19" Racing that are gold dust to find! I have a few sets of ACS wheels on my wishlist, but there's others I want with a higher priority ! Hopefully you'll have more time for your E39 - Keep it!!, and always enjoyed reading your posts from a few years back and hope to in the future ! Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Perhaps they will, perhaps they won't. There's currently still millions of those who support/love him although I suspect that once he doesn't have the presidential protection around him anymore, the various people he owes money to will begin to close in on him and likely lawsuits will happen. Perhaps a big bulk of his support base will finally realize they supported an evil, nasty guy and will turn on him. Hopefully by then, Chump will have multiple indictments and be facing some more property in the shape of an 8x10ft prison cell. Cheers, Dennis!