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  1. DennisCooper

    Jap E39 Audio system

    Hi Mazi! As discussed with you recently, you are at a crossroads - pun intended! If you 'don't' want to start changing looms as you mentioned, you'll have to trawl through the forums, check the link I sent the other day and talk to those who've 'made' it work to an extent (there'll be no GPS option) with some new part looms made up, option changing in menu's etc. If you go through the work to remove the existing Japanese spec loom and replace with a non Jap one, then you can purchase the Mk4 GPS unit, BM54 units, not sure if the monitor is different, but for sakes of this thread, assume it is and you need a non Jap one etc and then connect those up and then hope they work and keep on fixing the various problems with them as they inevitably crop up. Bluetooth you'll need more spend to get the Bluebus which is really the only solution going forward (ie no point fitting the old OEM modules anymore) You could then also keep the Jap stuff and add the Grom unit Final option is to remove the Jap modules and fit a good aftermarket high quality head unit. When you sell the car (or if!) just swap back out again. Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    E39 replacing oem with old school?

    Hi Terry, I 'get it' on why you'd want your vintage and sentimental hifi ! I scrimped and saved for that Alpine 7618R head unit back in the day, I'd had some excellent other head units from the likes of Pioneer/Kenwood/Clarion/Blaupunkt and whilst there were fans of units from each of those, I was always wanting another top end Alpine. I 'should' have saved up some more and got the CD Tuner 7909L as that unit has gone down in car audio hall of fame as one of the very best head units ever produced! When it came to my E39, I was sorely tempted to re-fit some of my older/classic car audio equipment and it'd have made for a fantastic combination. Then I evaluated things like heat dissipation, space and storage loss, power and performance and overhaul and refurbishment costs and I .. sold it all off and went for new, modern, much more capable, better sounding and efficient. When I get more space to keep cars, I want to do the audio setup I did in my E34 but with a modern angle on it instead., unless I get a 7090L for a reasonable price for what they are nowadays ! Home hi-fi I 'exitted' just prior to potentially going to the 'next level' up - so circa £1000 per component deck level ! It helped I had a good friend at Denon UK back then and I got lots of decks at fantastic discount levels so when that ended when he moved on, plus that I was more into the Car Audio side, I sold it all off. Nowadays, it's Sonos all over the house. I'm tempted to have 'my own' setup in my room and go with perhaps a REL Storm sub, and a mix of KEF speakers (or similar) and perhaps Cambridge Audio / Cyrus components. The only remaining Jap stuff I have is the usual, Technics SL-D2 turntable from 1979, used to practice at a beginner level with slip mats/scratching on that ! thinking of getting an Ortofon cartridge and 'bringing it back' out of storage - I've got a good new contact in my storage space building who has literally 10's of thousands of records in his unit and we talk regularly ! Update this thread once you get the Sony installed and working etc with your review and thoughts ! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    E39 replacing oem with old school?

    Hi Terry, Looks like the Sony is a single DIN head unit and yes, you could fit that in and then run a cable to the rear of the car to connect the CD Changer unit up. There are various E39 single DIN fitting kits via sellers on ebay/amazon, these are basic and you may still need to fabricate something to hold the unit in place securely. BMW used to make a Single DIN fascia but that was discontinued many years ago and very very, very rarely come up for sale. I've only ever sold a handful of them. If your E39 had a radio/cassette type OEM unit, then the wiring is already in the dash area so perhaps only an adaptor cable/ISO connector would be needed. The OEM speakers were mediocre at best, when new and have a specific impedance, so I'd suggest upgrading them to entry level/mid level range aftermarket speakers. Tapes you say? ! Some of the 1990's legendary car audio head units are still in demand today and some owners still use them in certain period correct cars/audio builds ! I've still got plenty of cassettes including the Metal MA-XG's above (Maxells/That's/TDK etc and mainly Chrome Position ones but I sold off my home audio equipment many years ago now. Most of my music from then is on CD and I've 'sort of' moved on from Vinyl/Cassettes but still love hearing a great quality 'vintage' setup with analogue sources! For the car, a USB stick holds so much more of my 'classic' music from those years/decades than what a disk changer does and I've ripped quite a bit of my collection from CD to lossless audio files, so my extensive library will soon be all but a few scrolls and screen prods away. I'd suggest doing something similar in terms of this convenience as no doubt you'll be on the road somewhere and you'll 'REALLY' want a specific CD and track and realize it's not in the cd changer ! also, from a technical point of view, electronic components deteriorate with age so the head unit from the mid to late 90s will be performing 'less' than when new due to this. If the unit has been serviced and overhauled with new components etc then audio performance will be close to when new, however, it's only the high(er) value head units from those times that have had this done ( I still want 'back' my Alpine 7618R and 7832 units!) and I doubt the Sony you reference would have had such love lavished on it! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    E39 530i Touring Individual Manual

    Is the new owner a member here by any chance ?! Catch you up soon Mark and once I get my Touring with a few more bits done.. Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    The 'Options' codes may have that description 'M Pack Accessory Kit' (which incidentally is different to 'M Sport'), but it's not what the 'model' is called! BMW did not name any E39's for the UK market as 'M Sport' models As you haven't been able to confirm if it's a fully converted ACS5 model, I'd suspect your car is actually a 535i in Imola Red onto which a previous owner purchased (lots of) ACS items and had them fitted. Seems that over the years and ownership, some items were taken off again and hence why you want to buy items to fit back/include. GPS solution - It was a system made by VDO Dayton, not 'tomtom'. Ractrack Suspension option - this is an option on a friends E39 M5 I've wanted a set of the Type 2 19" Racing wheels that you have on your car for a few years now. E39 fitment ones are very very rare and there's a significant number of owners who are highly keen on buying a set ! These wheels are still on my list to have for my collection, but I've recently purchased a few other sets I've always wanted ! I had my ACS mirrors on from around 2008 to 2019, I really liked how they looked! I love the digital display ACS manual gearknob I fitted a couple years back! I don't think there's anything else from ACS for the E39 that I want on my car, other brand products are on (or in my goodies storage or will be sourced!) Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    Hi the DocACSV8, As stated previously, the only place that'll know will be BMW themselves. However, that won't be 100% accurate if AC Schnitzer themselves now don't hold historic data on how many cars they made with the official model designation. AC Schnitzer were a racing team with BMW's and made products for road cars and have very close links to BMW's R&D department as they develop their products with them. All the people 'claiming' they have an E39 'M Sport' in the UK are wrong, both deliberately and unintentionally such is the power of internet forum and facebook misinformation. There's lots of similar when it comes to our cars, the vast majority who want to change their trim sets for instance want 'Piano Black' ones, which don't exist as OEM from BMW. They were High Gloss Black as the official name and are also a metallic finish and not plain black like a true Piano black would be. However many times someone will say 'it's high gloss black' - another mention of it will say 'piano black wanted for an E39' and thus, it's the same with 'M Sport' for the E39 in the UK, BMW never called UK E39's M Sport. Like the other high end BMW tuners - Hartge, Racing Dynamics, Hamann, Breyton and to an extent Alpina, each has various 'styling' options which look fantastic and others which ... don't. For instance the ACS front 'flippers' and the Lattice grille I don't think look good, but other ACS items I think do. It's the same with the other brands items as well and why I've cherry picked the items from them all that I like. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    E39 M5

    Hi CB987, That example has now sold and I think at or just under £10k. It's that waiting game currently, could take many months and even years for the 'one' you want to pop up, or you might get lucky and it'll come up for sale next week ! A more modified M5 came up a few weeks ago at £16k and within a few days dropped to £12K, some more 'comments' and then it was then sold for .. £6K! the new owner is going about putting it back to oem now. As ever, asking prices are all inflated currently for the low end and middle range examples and also, for some of the much better condition examples as well as ones you just have to laugh at where big obvious flaws are visible in pictures and asking prices are £30K plus. The 'very' best examples are selling at high selling price levels, but those examples are far and few between currently ! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    Hi ThedocACSV8 - The 'sellers' who've listed their cars in those adverts on ebay, have done so incorrectly as they've not done their homework ! BMW UK marketed their cars in dealerships using official marketing channels and adverts and no UK spec E39 had the model designation 'M Sport'. For your car, I think you can lookup the VIN number and it corresponds to the official 'build' of the car and one of it's sections is the model name and another is the code relating to any 'options' ticked. Can you check if 'M Pack' appears anywhere? Edit - I posted and saw your last response. I'd say perhaps speak to Rossiters who are the UK representatives to see if you can find any history to your 'full build - ACS5' example. This way, you'll perhaps know exactly how it was ordered when new and all the information about it. If it is a ACS5 build, then it'll be perhaps either the only one or perhaps one of a handful in the UK. I know over the years you've looked for various bits to put back onto the car and some items are incredibly rare to find. Since your posts a few years ago, I've picked up a few more genuine ACS parts for mine - I still need to fit the lower rear diffuser but have now also got the foglamp inserts and have changed to a manual gearbox so have fitted the ACS digital display manual gearknob: I've also got the ACS leather stubby manual gearknob and I have the Type 2 Racing wheels in 19", the Type 3 non Racing in 19" and the Type 3 Racing in 19 or 20" wheel sets on my list to add to my collection still ! Lastly, the pictures i referenced were just to show the colour, wasn't intending to specifically show a ACS5 model ! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    Hi, The only 'Accurate' information source is BMW. The 'how many left' and ebay sites etc aren't accurate. For the 'UK' market, the E39 didn't get the model designation 'M Sport'. Other country markets, the E39 did have some models with the designation 'M Sport'. The DocACSV8 - If your car is a 'genuine' AC Schnitzer car it'd have has the model designation 'S5' so were listed as 'ACS5' variants and usually had performance, suspension, exhaust and styling upgrades as a complete 'package' car. Very, very few examples made and if your's is one, then I think it'll show on the V5/logbook. Via BMW dealers, anyone could buy the genuine ACS parts they wished to then fit/install to their own cars. I did this back in 1999'ish, I purchased Type 2 18" wheels, the stubby leather gearknob and E34 sepcific side stripe kit. There's 'lots' of E39's (and other BMW's) out there where owners think they have a AC Schnitzer conveted 'ACS5' car, but actually, haven't. You'll need to research to see if your's is one! Imola is indeed a lovely colour and suits the E39 very well and why every model had examples with the colour ! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    Genuine Hartge (OZ) Alloy wheels 17x8.5 ET13

    Hi Mark, You should have kept em ! Retrobeemer - I'm also biased ! Once I have the space again, I'd like a few choice BMW's to have and one will be another E34 and I'll 'update' similar mods I did to my 95 525i Sport I had way back in 1999-2005. It was AC Schnitzer wheels and bits mainly so might go the same or use one of my various Hartge sets ! I'd want one in Alpine White and there's an early E34 example a couple miles away the owner has had since like 1995 that he's agreed to call me when selling! Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    The state of roads these days

    Hi, It's so infuriating when this happens and also similarly infuriating when having to go through the many hoops to try and claim for the damage. To start you off; The Procedure to claim pointers; https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/pothole-claims/ https://www.theaa.com/breakdown-cover/advice/pothole-damage-how-to-claim https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-do-i-report-a-pothole-and-claim-compensation-abaJj0n6mEar You could claim on your car insurance, however a 'claim' will be logged on your record. Some people say 'it wont make a difference' however, in that sick mess called 'insurance algorithms' they'll mark you as a 'higher risk' for making the claim. I'd personally suggest not to claim from your car insurance, but it's your call ! The future - this situation can happen anytime, anywhere to any wheel. The difference is in the quality and strength of the wheel. The damage in your pic is heavy, but seems 95% of the wheels integrity has remained intact and didn't disintegrate completely. A lower quality or entry level branded wheel may have deformed more than this and an unbranded replica type wheel perhaps would have split./cracked/disintegrated completely which at any speed is much more potentially dangerous. Going the other way, then higher quality and stronger wheels may have had less extensive damage and possibly not have broken the seal of the tyre to the wheel. I had similar happen to me in terms of getting one of my Hartge sets refinished and I opted for a diamond cut but no lacquer lip. Looked spectacular until 4 weeks later going over a larger pot'crater' all four wheel lips deformed but crucially didn't break the seal and I drove home - this is the horror I saw These wheels are made using the cast method and like the OEM wheels, use high quality and grade materials, production methods and post manufactrure processes. A step up from such wheels are Flow Formed wheels and Forged wheels, which are stronger and more resistant to road bumps/potholes/road undulations. Ideally, you'd get higher quality and stronger wheels, the most expensive route for sure but also the one that offers you the most peace of mind. Get another OEM wheel, perhaps the most popular route you could go down, just keep in mind finding one that hasn't also been similarly knocked/bumped/buckled I'd suggest not getting lower quality / unbranded replica type wheels. I still have that damaged set and I'm most likely going to cut the centres out and make wall clocks from them! If you do decide to look around for alternatives, these could make their way on your car if you like ! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    To all the newbies :-)

    Hi A / oxfordgreenmetallic, You're familiar I know of this one and the owner, however it's on SORN and for 4 years now no MOT, so fits in with the last time I spoke with him You already know the one I'll get next! Hopefully catch you up at a get together/event soon ! Cheers, Dennis !
  13. DennisCooper

    E39 530d gearbox

    Hi, As per above, get the car to a reputable auto gearbox specialist and I'd also highly recommend Dartford Transmissions and speak to Martin who owns it and runs an E39 himself ! Owners from around the UK have their cars transported to him when their auto gearbox fails. At that point he'll be able to look/check the gearbox and advise you of what's happened and price up the cost to fix/repair and at that point you can evaluate. This 'topic' has come up on the forums for many years now, and it's become a case now really for 'most' auto gearbox E39's as to 'when' the gearbox will fail rather than 'if' it will fail. That's not to say they 'all' will ! over the years, many owners have reported 300K plus miles on the original auto gearbox both with and without gearbox 'services/oil changes etc' too. Other owners have reported their's failed at 70K miles and again, with and without gearbox services (over time). I myself went through the cost of 2 rebuilds and then the same sort of cost to then convert to manual, so I know full well at the frustration levels here! Good luck that it's not too bad ! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    BMW E39 Aegean Blue Edition 530iA Sport

    Hi, I'd say to look at asking prices of other similar E39's of the 530i model both SE and Sport specified ones and any Aegean editions for sale and evaluate how much you'd like to ask for yours. To help, perhaps look at ebay completed listings for Aegean editions too and any historic adverts recently via search engines. From what you describe, you've done a good bit of maintenance to the car and over the years you've had it, which is desirable nowadays with serious potential buyers. Also, crucial aspects like bodywork, any rust/corrosion and overall condition will be of high interest to such buyers. Detractors will be the the close to 200K mileage and the 'higher' risk of the auto gearbox giving up 'soon' but helping you there is the gearbox oil/filter change. I'd suggest writing up a good clear advert with all the relevant information about the car, along with a excellent set of clear, good exterior and interior pictures and if you can some underside ones too. Any potential buyers at a higher asking price will want to see and find out as much about the car before picking up the phone to you ! Cheers, Dennis!
  15. Hi VelvetMonkey, For me, I agree with you for the 'feel' and 'driving dynamics' of the (my) E39 (530d Touring) although I've changed mine with modifications to get to how it is and performs now ! I couldn't have a 'standard' E39 in comparison, so uprated brakes and suspension modifications make up most of how more dynamic my car feels. I also do and have 'modernised' in terms of the audio head unit and features/functions, soon the headlamps will go from a 'phase 1' upgrade to HID's over to custom Bi-Xenon's and I do also want to change the windscreen washers to E60 ones (I think it's those!) which give a better spray pattern/coverage. I've changed to E38 Sport Contour seats as I get lower back pain, unfortunately over the last 18 months, I've hardly driven the car to be able to tell if the seats are really good/suit my lower back, if it turns out they don't, I'll sell them on. So 'choice' changes to modernise the car and it's becomes an absolutely fantastic car to have and run in today's world of modern cars and the reason why I and many hundreds of thousands of E30 owners worldwide don't wish to move to a newer car (for the most part!) and want to run the E39 for as long into the future as possible. I'd suggest upgrading to an E39 longer term for you and keep a lookout for a good example, such as Moderator 'Splondike' (Mark) who's selling is fantastically well maintained and classy modified 530i Touring Manual ! Cheers, Dennis!