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  1. whiskychaser


    My information is that three weeks after you have had the first injection, you have an 80% chance of dodging a bullet. It rather knocks any counter-arguments into a cocked hat
  2. Throttle butterfly sticking?
  3. whiskychaser

    Any Snow pictures please?

    Woodhead this morning. Am told that one down the road has jackknifed. Tears of nostalgia as the theme for the Hovis ad plays in the background...
  4. UK fishermen are halting exports to the EU. 700 trucks have been turned away from ports in what is a very quiet week. Stena is cancelling ferries due to lack of demand. DPD has suspended European services. Even Percy Pig can't make it across the Irish sea. Cue D:Ream?
  5. 'Customers in Europe hit by post-Brexit charges when buying from the UK': https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/07/customers-europe-hit-by-post-brexit-charges-buying-from-uk?fbclid=IwAR09YspKb2HxeqA0UWaNxAVkpBUGq9f-cdBy_qHPPzE_4KwAKX5ZIcrJXDo
  6. In the interests of balance, it is only right that we should recognise a Brexit success story. 'Global Britain is also about continuing to uphold our values of liberal democracy and our heartfelt commitment to international rule of law - values for which we are respected world over'(D Raab 13.1.20). So we have done a deal with Turkey. Nice one, lads
  7. Keliuss, £390 is the personal allowance limit. £135 is the value below which HMRC will not charge duty on commercial importations. There are not supposed to be any tariffs between the UK and the EU. As far as personal allowances are concerned, that still stands for N Ireland but not for Great Britain. Your caution about sourcing goods in the UK mainland seems well founded. It is to be hoped that the six trucks which were turned away from Holyhead because they did not have the correct customs references is not a sign of things to come
  8. They have been keeping statistics for years. Brand new and other grades will be classified differently
  9. The £390 is a personal allowance for goods (other than tobacco or alcohol) coming into Great Britain. If you are bringing them into N Ireland from the EU, you do not have to declare them or pay duty or tax on them. https://www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods/arriving-in-northern-ireland HMRC will have a very good idea what goods are worth. They really like seizing vehicles when stuff is not declared too
  10. Just to cheer you up further, if you bring in something worth £400, you will not pay duty on the £10 difference but on the whole value. Didn't somebody say there were no tariffs or non-tarrif barriers when exporting to or importing from the EU...?
  11. whiskychaser

    Happy New Year 2021

    Yeah! Good riddance to 2020. Live long and prosper
  12. whiskychaser

    Sabine Schmidt

    Perhaps not as famous as Doro Pesch, she is still one of those larger than life German ladies. Reminds me a lot of one of my cousins - she would challenge you to arm wrestle and probably win. Put my best wishes up with Steve's
  13. whiskychaser

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Trump won. Patel is vindicated. Dom is working from home. Bangor (NI) will not have a problem with bangers. All is right with the world
  14. whiskychaser

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Yes, it was tongue in cheek. Hence the reference to blowing your drink down your nose when you read it. Saw nothing wrong with you picking up the ball and running with it. Of course I am aware why the photo and caption are in poor taste I have only heard of one confirmed case too though I am told there may be around 500 more under investigation. Even that is not enough to change the outcome but it does not prevent the Trump camp from claiming that there have been voting irregularities
  15. whiskychaser

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    I didn't find Sharkfan's comments aggressive or belittling. If I had, I would have responded accordingly. That said, the spirit of your response is much appreciated. Not sure this is particularly tasteful but it does seem to confirm the Republican viewpoint I mentioned: