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  1. whiskychaser

    Identify socket

    Looks like the plug for the cruise control module. On early cars they put it in the e-box. On later ones it is behind the left floor speaker
  2. whiskychaser

    Time flies...

    Someone's birthday?
  3. whiskychaser

    Matrix Sign - Freight to EU

    Spotted this today. Not just locally but in the North West and Midlands: 'Freight to EU. Papers may change 1 Nov. Please check' It is worse than 'report of incident'. That just means they think there might be one but can't be bothered to find out. Perhaps it should have an image of a bloke with his finger against his nose. Because it doesn't tell you what to check or with whom. Maybe it means check you have double sandwiches and a clean pair of underpants if you venture anywhere near a port or airport?
  4. whiskychaser

    Stripped Torx Head

    Not familiar with the F10 or where that bit lives. But things I would try : A different torx socket if you have one. Give it a whack to make sure if is home fully. You might just be lucky and get enough grip to shift it Shock it. That means one sharp blow with the hammer - not beat it to a pulp. Then put a dent in the head with a punch and drive it round with same Cut a groove in it so you can use a flat headed screwdriver. Use the next size up of torx or even allen key socket. Hammer it into the head of the screw* File flats on the screw and try again with small mole grips * Probably my first choice.
  5. whiskychaser

    New car quiz time....

    Somebody won while I was still thinking about it lol Good thing I didn't say Smart Car
  6. whiskychaser

    New car quiz time....

    Audi S3?
  7. whiskychaser

    New car quiz time....

    Nissan Juke?
  8. whiskychaser

    Relays missing car not starting

    Going back to your question about relays, have you checked that the DME and fuel pump relays are present in the e-box and that they are working?
  9. whiskychaser

    Endoscope Smart Cam.

    I have two. One plugs into the mobile phone and the other into a laptop. Neither of them were cheap but frankly, they are both pants. They don't give out enough light to see the dark places you want to reach. And they don't focus. Not sure what the ECP one does but you want it to cover those as a minimum. It would also be handy if the scope knew which way is up
  10. whiskychaser

    INPA Dual Boot Install

    Run one of them as a virtual hard drive?
  11. whiskychaser

    E34 Not Starting

    If it were an auto, you would be getting 'trans program' in the cluster or, as you have a 520i, the gear symbol. That is because the TCM needs at least 9V. If it doesn't get that, you get the warning and it goes in limp mode. The fusible link will be 80amp and normally supplies power to the fuse boxes. A crack is quite common. It is very hard to see but the result is reduced or no voltage. In which case, nothing much is going to work. I think you might find it difficult to get an exact replacement but could try something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-Heavy-Duty-Inline-Fuse-Holder-with-80amp-strip-fuse-/391479471730 If you have a low value fuse in your tool box, you could always connect that across the fusible link to test if you now get battery voltage at pin 30 of the relays.
  12. whiskychaser

    E34 Not Starting

    The red wire that runs from the B+ terminal to the e-box is pretty thick. Are you able to identify it? If so, disconnect it at the e-box end, put your meter red probe on it and the black one on ground. (The nuts on top of the shock turret are usually a good ground) You should get battery voltage but that will also rule out if something in the e-box is dragging it down. If you only get 4v, disconnect it at the B+ terminal as well and ohm the cable out. It is possible that the round rings on that cable look fine but they are not making a connection PS. The car is a manual isn't it?
  13. I seem to recall reading that it had the best soft top chassis at the time. Perhaps they meant for driving over cobbles
  14. Had a Saab 93 convertible. Roof would go up or down at the touch of a button. I did wonder what would happen when the motors got a bit tired though. Fine round town but noisy on the motorway, even with the top up. At high speed the soft top would lift giving you extra head room. I'd rather have a sunroof. Fresh air and sunshine if you want it without being wind swept. And you can carry 3m lengths of timber or copper pipe
  15. https://www.classiccarratings.com/auction-results/ford-cortina-mk3-pick-up-1976--31st-january-2015-6542 Never saw a MK III pickup let alone a MKI or MKII. P100 is the model number I was trying to remember