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  1. 540v8

    E34 540i/6T again

    Good to see your still attempting to own every 540i touring in the country.... :)
  2. If right offer for it all comes along most prob would sell everything I own, dont want to split up bits as will get left with pile of bits at end... main thing is it's not costing me at mo sitting in garage....
  3. Well its two years since I last posted on this, am shamed to say nothing has happened since last post... sits in garage surround by parts and in bits on axle stands... Life takes funny turns sometimes and the car has taken a very much back seat and looks to be like that for many more months to come... not sure what future holds for the old girl... will see.
  4. 540v8

    Electric headrest switches (back)

    Two connectors for rear headrest switchs
  5. 540v8

    Birds eye maple trim

    Much like me, there is never too much you cannot know about the e34...
  6. 540v8

    Electric headrest switches (back)

    What rear seat style you got fitted..? Have the wiring loom for the two seater with breadbin set up with electric head rests and heated seats that can take picture of if any help... Will just have to wait while recover from flu / sickness bug I have..
  7. In end part supplied to me was 64118391234. Hope of help
  8. 540v8

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    They have most of The e34 spares stock In uk...! If all fails think have one from a m5 in parts box... will have to check..
  9. 540v8

    245 45 zr 18 avon tyre

    Purchased a tyre as a spare for set, but really did not take much notice when purchased and found wrong size to what stated in listing and too much time had gone by when noted. Part worn avon tyre, nearly new... will update with thread depth 245 45 zr 18 See pictures, more can be provided £40
  10. Rear blinds from e38 and e39. NO MOTORS just blinds Offers
  11. 540v8

    e34 boot undermat

    Rear boot carpet under mat. Collecting dust offers...
  12. Removed from my e34 while upgrading pdc system Loom only no sensors or control box. £20
  13. 540v8

    e38 over mats

    Purchased these from ebay when had a e38... never fitted Check pictures to make sure correct for your car. From swb e38 was told £30