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  1. Philip Cork

    E39 Touring Roof lip spoiler

    Thank you for replies and will pm Gstarr there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Philip Cork

    E39 Touring Roof lip spoiler

    Looking for a genuine OEM lip spoiler that fits onto the rear tailgate I have seen plenty of fibreglass ones on eBay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Philip Cork

    blistein b8 = intrax essential

    Have the same set up B8/intrax on my M5 after lots of good reviews on M5 boards and is slightly firmer than OEM with better road handling
  4. Philip Cork

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally picked up a set of original 19" BBS wheels today that belonged to a previous member here few years ago and recently refurbed with Nu Luk including new bolts.
  5. Dont talk to me! First month I picked up M5 and ordered complete new titanium interior trim from main dealer to replace old/scratched ones.....madness!
  6. Nearly all M5's suffer from blistering on the shadow line trim How much were the parts approx from main dealer? Looking to do mine next month
  7. Philip Cork

    M5 (E39) Brakes

    I have mine fitted about a year now on the M5 and got brackets originally from Fritz. I am member in Ireland on BMW driver and as far as I know there is only about 3 M5's with the same set up.
  8. Philip Cork

    E39 Finned Diffuser

    Just fitted rear carbon diffuser, roof spoiler and lip spoiler to my M5 from Schiedmann Parts are good quality finish but the rear diffuser needs a little filling on the screw tabs in order to fit flush. The tabs will click in across the centre alright.
  9. Philip Cork

    Whats my car worth - selling options

    Currently in same situation with full S62 engine rebuild, Bilstein B8 dampers, Intrax springs, FMU back boxes, Supersprint X pipe, E92 BMW front Performence brake kit with carriers from Fritz and every bushing/control arms etc replaced with Febi/Lemforder and 130k miles Upside I have a buyer who contacted me directly from project diary online that I maintained over 3 years so fingers crossed it works out.
  10. What is the difference in design between rogue and Supersprint x pipe? Currently running FMU boxes with Supersprint x pipe on my M and looking to go down headers road next. Love the FMU's which are more American V8 rumble but I do have slight drone at 2k. While bearable for me daily, it would be nice to bring it down
  11. Philip Cork

    Fitted new exhausts last weekend

    I was in Dublin over the weekend and called to my mate Martin who has E39 M5 with Supersprint X pipe like mine but has Supersprint back boxes instead. My M5 is on the left and Martins on the right Here is a quick comparison video Which sounds better?
  12. Philip Cork

    E39 M5 mpg

    I have never seen high 20's in the M5 and best long haul journeys in 6th is 24 mpg max and around town 14-16mpg. I always say to people who ask what MPG M5 does.....go buy a 530d!
  13. Philip Cork

    Fitted new exhausts last weekend

    No offence at all sholtby! Prob cheaper with muffler delete alright but all down to personal choice. Either way it makes V8 S62 sound alot better!
  14. Philip Cork

    Fitted new exhausts last weekend

    Based in the states and tell Michael you were talking to me The first set up when the exhausts were launched http://www.fluidmotorunion.com/sections/projects/bmw-projects/garys-e39-m5
  15. Philip Cork

    Fitted new exhausts last weekend

    After reading Performence BMW few months back with the feature on Fluid Motor Union's new E39 M5 exhausts, emailed Michael and ordered a set to Ireland. Picked up Supersprint X Pipe from CA and got everything fitted with Souhans in Meath. Quick video after fitting