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  1. Interesting to see that adapter. My old E39 M5 had the Comms pack (so V50 phone) from the factory, but the guy who owned it before me converted to bluetooth. He was a braver man than I as he just hacked the existing wiring onto a plug that fit in the ULF and wrapped it all in insulation tape. To be fair in my 3 years of ownership it didn't skip a beat. Not sure what gen the ULF was he fitted, but do recall I had some issues with it not getting on with the first iPhone so I swapped it for a 13th gen (which I actually sold on eBay last week) and it all worked well then. I also removed the TM switch/dial and replaced with cup holders, never bothered removing the TM unit from the boot. e39 cup holders aren't that useful, but anything is better than a defunct teletext look-a-like TMC screen
  2. PeterNem

    Finally got a few snaps of the new car

    Sorry to buck the trend... but the pre facelift models are looking really dated now. The facelift version (even though the tweaks were minor) looks a lot fresher with it's more modern design cues like Celis lights and angel eyes. Not sure if they've already been done at some point previously. They must have been - that definitely isn't shadow chrome.
  3. PeterNem

    Got rid of my M5...

    Old one had Nav, Sun protection glass, was Sterling Grey with black leather. 2001 with ~140k miles. New car was up at 33850 and managed to get a grand knocked off it and 6250 for my car (which I was happy with as it was a bit above the "good condition" book price).
  4. PeterNem

    MK4 DVD and maps for my E39 M5

    Shame you didn't see my post on Piston Heads a few weeks ago. I recently traded my e39 M5 in. It had Mk3 Nav from factory but I upgraded it to Mk4 a couple of years ago. I put a post up asking if anyone wanted to meet and swap units (so they could see it working etc), plus a bit of cash my way. Was hoping for around £100. Got the run around off one guy and a derisory offer ("Oh, I thought you just meant a straight swap" and then "£50 then") off another. Decided in the end to not bother so let it go with the Mk4 still in.
  5. PeterNem

    The M5 "Index" and insurance

    At 26 I managed to insure my E39 M5 (with an SP50 conviction and 4 points), living just inside the M25, 6 years NCB for £950. This was through A-Plan with an annual mileage of 8,000 and Business Use included on top of SD & P. Now a year older, with an E60 M5 and also have my younger partner on the policy... A-Plan didn't want to know but managed to sort it out for about £1500 with Admiral Group. Same mileage, Business cover etc.
  6. PeterNem

    Got rid of my M5...

    But luckily replaced it with another! Traded in my 2001 E39 for this: 2008 E60 M5, Silverstone II with Extended Black Merino Leather. 42,000 miles. 19" M Double-spoke style 167M alloy wheels Bluetooth phone prep + telematics BMW Assist BMW Assist online portal Extended Voice Control System Hi-Fi system LOGIC7 Professional High-beam Assistant M Multi-functional Seats (Front) Sun protection glass TV Function USB audio interface DAB Radio Had it a week and am over the moon with it. Feels so much fresher than the E39 and I'm loving the new gadgets. The engine note is absolutely perfect, has some really nice induction noise stock that the previous M5 was really lacking.
  7. PeterNem

    To all the newbies :-)

    Afraid so Welcome!
  8. PeterNem

    Wee bit of info

    What was the dealer price on this? I need a new one, got one off ebay cheap and it doesn't work (I know my car isn't at fault as a known good one off a friends' car works fine!).
  9. PeterNem

    E39 M5 First impressions...

    Now I'm in Germany http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p276/endeeci/Nurburgring%20Easter%202008/P1040093.jpg
  10. PeterNem

    E39 M5 First impressions...

    Nope, I've been in Lincolnshire for the weekend!
  11. PeterNem

    E39 M5 First impressions...

    Much much better than expected. On a cruise only a few mpg worse than my 530i auto, I guess keeping it in 6th and still having a bit of grunt helps. Consump. 1 is my average since I got it, Consump 2 was from my 200ish mile drive last night (mix of M25 rush hour, high speed motorway and A road and a bit around town).
  12. PeterNem

    E39 M5 First impressions...

    I'm from St Albans, so no, but not a million miles away! I just sold my previous car (530i), but to a guy I know locally.
  13. PeterNem

    E39 M5 First impressions...

    Last changed hands in 2004! Pretty sure the exhaust is OEM, I had just used a bit of metal polish on it to get it a bit shinier as it had loads of crap baked on!
  14. PeterNem

    E39 M5 First impressions...

    Reg ends "HZK" if it's of any interest! (The previous owner has it around 4 years...)
  15. PeterNem

    E39 M5 First impressions...

    I got my M5 Saturday morning. Wow! What an amazing car. Driving it has such a feel good factor! I'm struggling to get over how effortlessly it accelerates from almost any engine speed, the torqueyness of the engine makes it a joy to drive even at lower speeds. Got my first commute in it tomorrow (50 miles each way), will be interesting to see how I get on with it in the traffic having come from an auto and to see what my fuel consumption is like!! Met up with a few friends for some pics today... It's filthy here... I'd only cleaned and polished it 30 minutes earlier From left to right... S2000, 530i, My M5, 330D