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  1. Evening girls and boys....need an answer please PDQ to my following quandary. Filled this morning from 1/4 tank to full (it's an M5 what else am I going to do) and the fuel gauge still read 1/4 tank and has slowly dropped to almost empty in the last 60 miles. I (finally) got into the hidden menu #06 which is reporting **.** for the right sender unit. Tried a #02 binnacle reset and no change. She's also reporting a "3ffh" error which I assume is something typically BMW for "hey guys....that part is f**ked; take it to a stealer where they'll happily offload a wad of cash from your bank account" I'm less fussed about the fuel quantity...I know how much I get from a tank and I can run on the Trip Computer till I get another part. But the computer says there's 6 miles left in the tank and I don't know if the ECU is going to shut the engine down when she gets to Zero. So considering I am 30 miles from work, 120 miles from home and a pending 6:30am start in the morning from the sticks back to civilisation; with 6 miles left in the tank according to the onboard computer....am I going to be stopping prematurely or will she continue to run?
  2. Hoopyfrood

    E60 CCC/DVD playing up....

    This might be just the disc (I've yet to check properly) but the DVD is spitting the disc out more often reporting a read error. Now the chances are it's probably the disc and it's more common in the morning when the disc and drive are cool. But on the off chance it's more likely to be the drive or even the CCC itself then I might need to consider options .... of which I can see 3, near in mind I work in and around the capital and I rely on the twat-nav though in the beemer to be fair, it's hit and miss at the best of times.... 1) Replace, same outdated antiquated system with bloody awful satnav system (BM really balls up with this over the years, ffs go Google please BM). Cheapest option though hardly the best option considering its 12 years old. 2) Replace with CIC, better system, some faffing around and headache but an improvement. Need to buy kit from Lithuania (if I remember rightly). Might prove challenging and will cost a min of £1k. 3) Find something else completely. There's big moves in the industry towards integrated systems and Android/Google are certainly going the right way helped with applets like WAZE and other systems on the side. But I've not found anything that can fit without a lot of trial and error and taking half the car apart. Does anyone know any different? So over to the experts. ....what would be best and are there alternatives?
  3. Hoopyfrood

    E60 M5 with a big scare

    Well a very brief big scare anyway. .... Started the beast after it sat for a week and she threw an EML warning and reported she was in "reduced power" mode which I soon figured out was limp home mode. Anyway, very quick initial scare relented quite quickly when it was followed up with a few other random messages pointing towards a low voltage issue. Let her warm up, shut her down and restarted with no issues so it's the usual "pick random crap from the computers and throw at the owner mode" that seems to be a favourite trick for BMWs. The battery is reasonably newish (couple of years anyway) so I'm not expecting perfection but I was debating the use of a battery conditioner. I do though have a small issue and that's access as I only have street parking. Any tips and product suggestions that might be employed? And is there such a thing as a portable battery conditioners that could be used to keep the battery in good fettle? What do others owners do?
  4. Hoopyfrood

    E39 M5 market

    I have to go with the consensus. I was debating getting an E39 over an E60 though I had a change of heart. E39s though are on the increase price wise for low mileage excellent examples in the right colour (yours is right for me) with a wallet full of history. Yours (once those niggles are sorted) ticks 2 of the 3 boxes, the mileage being the big one that can't be addressed; so it's going to have to have something real special about her to make her stand out to a prospective buyer. But I think your biggest issue is that I sense uncertainty in the economy, people are easing off unnecessary spending and are starting to tread water and watching the pennies. The pool of prospective buyers for such kit is small to start with and I suspect it is getting smaller as we speak.
  5. Hoopyfrood

    2005 M5 E60 ABS

    Multiple electrical gremlins firing off at random, usually when starting and/or cold tends to point towards battery issues. Considering the weather at present, cold weather brings these home a little quicker as the battery is under more pressure at this time of year. There will be others on here who could advise you better on technical matters but I've always erred towards manufacturer's batteries if changing, and get them fitted by a BMW expert as the battery (apparently) needs to be coded to the vehicle to work properly. As a footnote, I did find that if jump starting a bigger car (my previous being E65 730d) just trying to jump from the terminals under the bonnet wasn't enough with a standard booster pack, I needed to jump on the battery as well to "wake up" the computers. Otherwise she'd turn over (lacking enthusiasm) but not fire.
  6. Hoopyfrood

    E60 M5 with unknown back box

    Evening guys. ..... Throwing myself again onto the wisdom of this forum I need some guidelines on the back box on my newly acquired E60 (yep....I got myself a good un). She's got an unidentified aftermarket back box which sounds absolutely awesome (especially when on song) BUT.....its a little bit boomy especially around 900-1000rpm, idle speed, to the point that it gives the wife a headache. ....and that subsequently means I then get a headache too.:D I can certainly live with it beyond tick over, it's just those times sitting at the lights and in cues of traffic. So. ....options and/or suggestions please?
  7. Hoopyfrood

    Choosing an E60 M5

    Yeah, I just found that out. ...ouch. That's considerably greater than my insurance so it's a bit of a punt. Five years of ownership and that's the value of the car again. Could get an F10 for that......or a Tesla A damned good mechanic and a few thousand in the bank earning interest as an emergency slush fund might be a better option. Thankfully it's an option I can consider; and I've never had much faith in warranty agreements at the best of times.
  8. Hoopyfrood

    Choosing an E60 M5

    Does it not need a full BMWSH before they'll accept this?
  9. Hoopyfrood

    Choosing an E60 M5

    I agree with you all, few things I've noted: 1) There's a lot out their with a patchy history or ones with part BMWSH and I'm avoiding them like the plague. I really don't understand how someone can genuinely "loose" a service book to a £65k+ car. These are all about history. 2) There are very few left with a full BMW warranty left (1 on ebay as I write this) so they are rarer than hen's teeth. In lieu of finding one with a warranty I'm scrutinising history for clutches, throttle actuators and work on the SMG. 3) I will be using my local stealer for history on cars. Do BMW still have that central system where you could get everything they know about the car based on the chassis number? 4) I've noticed at least one car not originally bought through a UK dealer, but was first supplied by a German dealer. Do we have a definite list of chassis numbers for these? I know the E39 started with the same 2 letters. ....dunno about the E60s
  10. Hoopyfrood

    Choosing an E60 M5

    I'm going for the beasty. I've driven a couple and I figure its going to take weeks, at least one set of tyres and several tank loads of BPs finest to figure out the SMG properly but I've decided to opt for one over an E39. But I'm not rushing off desparate for V10 nirvana and I'm reading everything I can, get appraisals and do my homework as I want to enjoy this experience rather than spend time and money watching someone else fix it. Good quality 55/56 models are around £13k-£15k whereas the face lifts are booking around £16k-£18k . These tend to have reasonable to good history, early models may well have had the clutch and SMG sorted recently, later models clutch replacements, mileage around 80k to 100k. Question is, does the post face lift models offer more for the extra £2k-£3k or am I better off keeping the extra wonga in the bank for a rainy day (or worse) and getting an early model (all other things considered equal)? Is there a noticeable improvement in reliability, maintenence, residuals etc between the 2?
  11. Hoopyfrood

    Choice dilemma. ... E39 or E60

    Background I've an E65 730d with 165k on the dial and she's getting to that point where the smallest of issues are now starting to mount up due to the hard life she's had so it's time to pass her on whilst I still have a little value left in her (£2.5k to £3k). I've done galactic mileage on her but that's about to drastically reduce as I'm moving closer to The Smoke and a fair amount of the shortened community is now going to fall to a 2-wheeled vellocipede except in the depths of winter or when the mood takes me. Need & Common Sense I still need a 5 seater, 3 kids plus the other half means I have to accommodate though probably not great distances and I've been looking at either a direct replacement F01 730d or 740d up to a 2012/2013 tops or a 530d-535d. Descent ones hold their value between £13k-£16k though you can pick up a 7 Series for less than the equiv 5 series which is daft. But..... You can kinda guess where this is going. .... I've had an E39 M5 in the past. I had to let her go to a good home to support a business and the ex-wife, both of which have gone but the memories of the Le Man blue beasty with the trimmings are lingering and I've half a mind to say "f**k it" and get another one as I'll not get the chance again. A decent one is practical enough to meet the needs, bit heavy on juice but then my fuel bill is huge anyway and is about to fall and I've a friendly garage who could keep her reasonably supported without hemorrhaging cash. ......but now an E60 could come into the equation because they are just about in budget. ...and that's got 2 more cylinders and 100+ horses to boot. I've been measuring up the pro's and con's but still can't decide. The E39 certainly looks better in my opinion, more presence on the road, can't mistake it for anything else but really good ones are getting harder to find. They'll be an appreciating classic but parts are getting harder to find. Its a practical beast but is 100 horses down on its cousin and you will know when you pull up next to an E60 that you might have made the wrong call. But the E60 is a fickle thoroughbred, bargain-bucket examples will wipe out the bank account and she's not a looker compared to the E39......but she'll be newer, quicker, bits still available though expensive and she's got those fancy toys that I like including the old heads up, trick fancy box and that all important cache of joining the 500 bhp club. I can't decide. ....so I throw the floor open to those more knowledgeable and experienced on this thorny choice. You've got a budget of £3k trade-in, a couple of thousand on top and the rest on tick but some cash to keep either maintained though not liberally. ....what would you do?
  12. It's actually worse than some realise. The T-Charge is applied to any vehicle that is considered polluting whilst travelling inside of the uLEZ which is currently the same as the CCZ inside the city, and will be applied to all vehicles from October this year. Polluting vehicles will be any diesel below Euro-6 (roughly older than 2015 vehicles) and Euro-4 petrol vehicles (est 2009, 2007 for motorbikes). However. ..... The uLEZ limits now coming into force are expected to be adopted and applied to the whole of the current LEZ in 2021, that's pretty much everywhere inside the M25. After recent court battles going against the government regarding air pollution, other cities will be required to tackle the issue and London may well be used as an example for other authorities around the country. Expect to see this issue growing and becoming more of a concern.
  13. Hoopyfrood

    Buying advice please...

    Stickies on buying guides might help...been following a couple of threads on buying an E60/E61 but they've kinda meandered off topic a bit. I've had 4xE39s but I've been away from BMWs for a while but now I'm back but my needs have changed. I'm looking at an E60 520d to 530d. Diesel is a must here, mileage is a lot (about 30k+ per year) and it won't be coming down any time soon. It's mostly country backroads, a little urban when heading to London and mostly duel-carriageways and fast A'roads. MPG is going to be a big issue but according to various sites (inc AutoTrader) there is little difference between the Combined MPG on a 520 verses a 530. Whatever I get is going to die in my possession, I'll be running it for 5 years, poss more if it's still up to the job so that's 150,000 at least. Residuals are therefore not an issue, reliability will be. I have 3 munchkins under the age of 10 who regularly get shuttled from the now-ex to mine and back every other weekend (400+ miles) with the g/f in attendance on occasion. I'll be doing the majority of the service work myself to keep costs down. Prefer an auto as I spend a lot of my miles heading to North London so less manual cog-swapping on the North Circular is desirable. Budget is tight, as little as possible up to a max of £7k. I accept this is going to be difficult but I'm up for a challenge. So questions... - What I am I going to be looking for when doing my "interested tyre kicking" impression. What's hot on the no-no list? - In reality, is there a big difference in MPG between a 520d and a 530d? - Do you think it's better to get a low mileage, paying the premium, or a high mileage and check that the major issues have already been done? - Sealed for life gearboxes...still an issue? - Because residuals ain't an issue, I was pondering a CatD. Assuming it's not a cowboy nailing bits together how difficult are E60s to repair and what's going to be obviously signs of a botched job (say the SRS battery isolators etc) and has anyone got any experience of CatD cars? - I've calculated that my but will be in the seat for 6 months in total over the 5 years (based on an av. 45 mph...) which is a long time so toys are a must to keep my little mind amused. Specs do seemed t have changed a little with the introduction of I-Drive....what am I looking for on the 'poota? Any other advice? Craig...
  14. Hoopyfrood

    Advice Plz....what to do!

    nah - it is the gasket....all the water's gone and its lost compression on 2 cylinders at least, maybe 3. The water being spit out was also anti-freeze so that aint condensation!!! I was more curious as to the gearbox, if its completely knackered it about £1,500 to replace so add the gasket set and thats £2k just for the parts. If its a £250 fix then thats an (almost) economical repair and maybe worth doing; then chopping it in quickly against a something a tad more fuel friendly. I guess I'm moving into the breakers business then......get your dibs in for bits now!
  15. Hoopyfrood

    Advice Plz....what to do!

    OK, very long story short... E39 540i 99' 145k miles on the clock. Parked the car up about 6 weeks back because the gearbox felt like it was playing up a little. Slightly hesitant to decide what gear it needed when pulling away from a standing start, worse when cold and not to bad when it was warm and the fault was pretty intermittent so I wasn't overly worried about it but felt that it would best to be looked at. Came to start the car up last week with my mechanic friend and she really didn't like it. Turns out to be a weeping head gasket (probably on the right bank) spitting what little water was left through the exhaust, rough running and generally not good. Stopped immediatly and now pondering what to do.... The issue of course is that of the cost of repair(s) verses the value. Currently money is tight due to a pending divorce so what little is left is no doubt going to her - Car Value trade is approx £1,500 and £2,500 max private sale - Gasket parts are approx £450 (not inc labour) - Gearbox COULD be between £250 and £1,500 If you were in this situation, what would you do?!?