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  1. MiniDan

    Post your previous cars

    Right, here is the list so far. Be warned, its a long list! Austin Mini Mayfair Vauxhall Corsa Rover Mini 35 LE (Still own) BL Mini Clubman Wolsey Hornet MkII BMW Mini Cooper Ford Escort TD Nissan 100NX Triumph Dolomite 1850HL VW Jetta (Still own) VW Golf MkII BL Mini 1000 BMW 520i SE VW Beetle 1303 Mazda RX7 Peugeot 205 GTi Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Limited Audi 100 Avant cc VW Polo BL Mini Clubman (Still own) VW Golf Mk3 Driver Jaguar XJ40 3.2S Land Rover Series IIa (Still own) Saab 9000 Griffin (Still own) Ford Fiesta Quartz Skoda Estelle 120L BMW 525i SE (Brought about a week ago) Tryed to add photos but some of them are too bug. Will resize tomorrow and post them up.
  2. MiniDan

    Beemas and Bikes ?

    Had 3 bikes so far. '70 BSA Bantam B175 '88 Honda VF500F2 ...and my current bike '89 Honda CB125TD. Only passed my CBT a year ago. I'm dying to do my full test but I just don't have the cash at the minute. Soon as I do I'm thinking of getting an 80's BMW R45.
  3. MiniDan

    Should I buy a SAAB?!

    they are great when they dont have a Vauxhall engine in them... this is where the rot set in, IMHO. What are the symptoms Dan? Your quite right, the weak link in it all is the GM V6. It very slowly ground to a halt just off the motorway. RAC looked at it and diagnosed the fuel pump. Changed that but it wouldn't run right. It would be fine for 30 seconds and then run rough as a bears arse. Guessing its the air flow meter gone but my mate who's got the car at his garage has tryed two and is now waiting for a tech2 diagnostic machine to turn up.
  4. MiniDan

    Should I buy a SAAB?!

    I've got a 9000 currently. Its a 3litre V6 Griffin and its fantastic. Well, if it wasn't broke it would be. Its been off the road for 10 months now with an unknown problem. Saabs are great cars, but a nightmare when the go wrong!
  5. MiniDan

    E34 prices

    Paid £400 for my first 520 and my 525 I got last week was £300
  6. MiniDan

    Which fuel guage is lying?

    Hi guys, Just brought another E34 after my old 520 was killed by an E36 M3 about a year ago. I picked up this 525 on Thu, driving back on the motorway doing 70 the dashboard went off, so I tapped it and it started working again. Very slowly the fuel guage on the dash dropped from half a tank into the red, so I pulled over to get some fuel. It went back upto a quarter and very slowly started making its way down to the red again. I pressed the range button on the trip computer and it said there was 200miles left. Today, I went out in it and drove about and it did the same thing. Put some more fuel in and there is 240miles on the range but the guage just falls from half. When you turn the car off and back on again it will go from the red back upto half (at the min) and drop again on tickover. Any idea which one is right and how I can fix this? SWMBO has stated that I will loose something vital if she runs out of petrol. Cheers.
  7. MiniDan

    Won't start

    It's a '89 520i SE. Yea, its got an immobiliser, standard BMW one (the one that you plug the earphone jack looking think into) but I'm guessing it's working normally.
  8. MiniDan

    Won't start

    Forgot to add, just after it was running yesterday, it started up off the key straight away. Just tryed it again now and nothing.
  9. MiniDan

    Won't start

    Hi all Got a bit of a problem with my E34. It won't start off the key. It doesn't even try and turn he starter. Lights are dimming, so its trying. But... it will start after a push. Only has to go about 5 foot and it will fire straight up with no problems. I'm thinking the starter motor is knackered, but any other thoughts anyone? Cheers
  10. MiniDan


    My brother seen it the other day... said the same thing. What I want to know is (haven't seen it and my brother didn't mention it, so sorry in advance if it is answered) how did it become an alien/preditor thing? I know at the end of AvP it comes out like it, but how come it mutated? Aliens coming out of humans are just plain aliens, so why the change? PS. They've been showing the Alien and Preditor films on Film4 over the past few weeks and they still are for a bit IIRC
  11. MiniDan

    kiddy fights

    31! Bring 'em on!
  12. MiniDan

    Film 5

    There was an E34 in Layer Cake. or was it an E32?
  13. MiniDan

    Engine troubles

    Quick update on this, I cleaned out the ICV (was a bit dirty inside) checked the leads (all fine) and started it up. Note: I have misplaced my sparkplug puller so haven't checked them yet, but will be replacing them anyway very soon when I do the service. Anyway, started it up and it sounded better, although still very tapperty. Let it run for about 20mins as the battery was flat and it was running a lot better (not as tapperty, but I'd expect that as the oil would be warm) until I revved it. I was standing on drivers side leaning over pressing the throatle and a very quick/sharp blast of white smoke/air shot out of the right hand side (closest to the bulkhead). Any idea's what it was? I have recently had the inlet/outlet gaskets done (not by me, but a friend of mine that owns a garage) and new heat deflectors fitted as the old ones were knackered. Cheers guys
  14. MiniDan

    Cars you've owned

    '84 Austin Mini Mayfair '94 Vauxhall Corsa '94 Rover Mini 35 LE (Still own) '76 BL Mini Clubman '01 BMW Mini Cooper '94 Ford Escort '92 Nissan 100NX '78 Triumph Dolomite 1850HL '90 VW Jetta '90 VW Golf MkII '78 BL Mini 1000 '89 BMW 520i SE (Still own) '73 VW Beetle 1303 (Still own) '88 Mazda RX7 Gen2. (Still own) '85 Peugeot 205 GTi '94 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Limited '85 Audi 100 Avant cc (Still own) '96 VW Polo (Still own) Could put pictures of all of them up, but think of the bandwidth
  15. MiniDan

    This is a lucky man

    Thats crazy! Lucky bugger. Same thing happened to my friends mom in a Mini. The lorry's vinyl side just kinda moulded round the car. She walked away without a scratch, but luckly it was empty, would have been a different story if it was loaded.