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  1. crash.uk


    the front window is down
  2. crash.uk

    au revoir

    it was with a heavy heart today i sold my 5. had it for 10 years, in and out the garage a bit in those years. i know i will miss her, but being in London, it doesn't make financial sense anymore to have a big motor next year sees the arrival of the ULEZ, thereafter sees the expansion of the LEZ i hope one day to return to the marque, or perhaps my children may adieu forum 5, thanks for all the helpful advice your members have passed onto me over the years. Crash
  3. crash.uk

    stalling isues

    good advice will make sure my conscience is clear before selling
  4. crash.uk

    stalling isues

    forgot to mention its a 520i auto petrol
  5. crash.uk

    stalling isues

    hi everyone i have had a few stalling issues with the old girl. driving along she stalled, a few days later she did it again. a few days after that she stalled and went into limp mode or emergency mode as some people might call it. mechanic scanned and thought it might be gear box related, booked in to specialist and they said nothing to do with that i should mention the car is an automatic by the way. back to my local garage and they have now noticed the 'air intake pipe' is perishing is letting air by. this is now changed, did an 80 mile trip today and the car is now faultless. i wonder if anyone has similar issues or perhaps can suggest what else might require changing/servicing/ would be much appreciated as i am selling the car soon and would like to rectify any issues. thanks (by the way this is not a plug to sell, i will pay the contribution when decided.)
  6. it is an awesome car, didn't want to just hijack the post. good luck with the new motor mate
  7. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    sounds good. will definitely keep an eye on their site.
  8. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    sure, he quoted me £100.00 for the cluster and charged me £20.00 for removal and re-fitting, . i drove there in the car. it took about two hours, so i took the bus into Enfiled. hope that helps how did you come across the imported 5?
  9. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    pixels are back, yay there was also a bulb blown for the cluster, so i have to go back and get this sorted. but as its just a matter of popping the cluster in and out ,it shouldn't take long. also fitted is a blue tooth and small amp. i think the amp makes the sound clearer, s i am definitely happy. as said carphonics is a top guy,. i also would recommend him. on another note he was saying a lot of 5s are coming in from japan atm. there is a shortage in the UK apparently.
  10. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    car is booked in with carphonics on saturday. going to do the cluster pixels, add bluetooth and maybe an amp to boost the tiny speakers that come in a 5 thereafter maybe a head unit upgrade or repair will update once it is all done as i am in north london it makes sense to go there. enjoying the feedback. cheers all
  11. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    that is some great feedback people. i will defo look at carphonics will look into bbs further also.
  12. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    hi all, i am sure this is a common occurence. i have a 2002 e39 auto, pixels from the dash are slowly going, can anyone recommend somewhere who can rectify this? i am north london. i have been told that a company called BBA Reman do a pick up, repair and deliver back service, has anyone used them? also have abs pump sensor issues going on so that will need sorting out together cheers all.
  13. crash.uk

    2001 e39 m5 (facelift) sold

    hi, i am looking or someone to repair missing pixels on my e39 dash. based in london, can you recommend anyone? cheers
  14. crash.uk

    2002 BMW E39 525d SE registered April 2002

    hi mate, on a different note, i noticed you had an aftermarket radio. which make was it and would you recommend it, or other brand/model cheers Crash
  15. crash.uk

    My E39 M5

    drooling, wish i had a drive