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  1. 19” staggered M parallel style 37 alloys - perfect E39 Fitment - £1100 2 x 8.5J ET 15 - CB 74.1 2 x 10J ET 20 - CB 74.1 Wheels come with m badges and centre caps as pics. Still new in their boxes. Pictures show the condition and they have never been fitted to tyres. These are aftermarket alloys, BMW never made a 19” M Parallel. They're boxed up with rim protectors ready to go, You can either collect yourself or arrange a courier to collect. Wheels are in Cornwall.
  2. Tobyio

    M Parallels E39 Fitment

    After a staggered set of e39 fitment 18" m paras if anyone is thinking of selling? thanks
  3. just did a vcheck and it only gives last 5 of vin
  4. Tobyio

    E39 SOLD

    Is the car as your profile location in southend on sea? thanks
  5. so nice, must have had a fortune spent on it!
  6. Tobyio

    E34 M5

    pretty sure it was floating around on ebay for ages at around 18k
  7. https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/1991-bmw-m5--e34 sold for £9200.. bargain?
  8. anyone know if secondary air pump (SAP) is a potential big issue?
  9. seems they're banking on respray and individual to add some ££££
  10. https://www.barons-auctions.com/view-lot/2526/for-sale-at-barons-auctions-2002-bmw-e39-m5-individual Is this car known to anyone here? lovely spec just seems odd to respray then sell maybe?
  11. Tobyio

    BMW E34 M5 18 Parallels

    After a set of genuine E34 M5 18" parallels please, think ET 20 and ET 22 Thanks
  12. Tobyio

    E34 M5 vs E39 M5

    I know its not a great question as i really need to drive one to know myself but would people who have driven both say Id be underwhelmed having driven a E39 M5 if i jumped into and drove a E34 M5 3.8 6 speed? Does the 200kg lighter weight of the E34 notice compared to the E39? Thanks
  13. Tobyio

    Advice please viewing a E34 M5

    Thanks so much, great advice. such a great forum
  14. Tobyio

    Advice please viewing a E34 M5

    Thanks for all the replies so far, appreciate the great comments.