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  1. I'll have a think and get back to you, breaking the old girl has only come about in the last couple of days, i'll come up with a list of stuff, but she's has some really cool bits, original e34 touring roof bars, original detachable tow bar. I didn't want to cut a inspection hatch for the towbar so got a second bumper for towing instead lol oh and electric leather recaros
  2. Sadly yes, ive not been using her for a few years, she's been in dry storage but ive got to move out of the unit and don't have anywhere to keep her now. The pump has started leaking and I know the fuel and brake lines came up as an advisory a few years ago,i had plans of running a crazy petrol engine in the future but the storage thing has put pay to that.
  3. I've got all the Above,as I'm probably breaking my tourer soon,suspension is pi springs with fully adjustable Spax shocks. Location is Suffolk
  4. tommy

    E34 Passenger Rear Door

    I've got one in silver,as I recall it's mint with no rust, doors complete not just a shell if your interested? Location Suffolk
  5. tommy

    34ers 2014 car plans

    For me 2014 will sadly be the year i part company with the tourer
  6. tommy

    Pictures of E34's please

    cheers James, the indicators are smoked, the lights were a DIY job lol.
  7. tommy

    Pictures of E34's please

    A couple of the tourer
  8. tommy

    2013 Calendar Winners

    This might be what you were after http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/33627-tommys-tourer-the-story-so-far/#entry347277
  9. Not much really, currently running a tad lower nowadays due to new suspension, Also got a full stainless/d-cat system,chipped it back in 2010 other than that she's still the same
  10. tommy

    OBC retrofit not working in TDS

    Not sure if this like will be of any help, i fitted one to my tds about 4 years ago, here is the old link to the post with a couple of pics, http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/17346-obc-coding-plug/ All I had to do was solder a few pins inside the obc to accept the coding plug, it’s been working fine ever since I remember having to make a couple of pins live too but that was about it.
  11. tommy

    Almo's E39 Touring

    That’s going to look hard as nails, really like the direction clean and low. I was looking at those rota grid's myself for the tourer about a year ago, awesome looking wheels, but decided to stick with what ive got for now as its the practical daily driver I’m not suppose to modify The last practical daily now lives the garage under a dust cover only comming out on nice days
  12. That tourer look's awesome,i need it on my drive!
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