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  1. Hi Mate, can you PM me if your read this - Thanks!

  2. Bishy

    petrol head girl-V10

    High on production value but was boring!.....was waiting for her to do power slides or really give it some but instead she looked like she was crapping herself when she put her foot down, fit bird mind and an awesome car! lol
  3. Bloody hell! caused some damage to the bike but least they didnt get away with it.......love the way they are waving bars around but dont use them! tossers. Interesting to watch
  4. Got my car the Saturday night before Gaydon and not had chance to wash it yet! been silly busy and work or it's been raining!!. Anyway took a couple of quick snaps!. Still waiting to put my own plate on but not got the retention cert back yetor the V5 etc!. Looks pretty shiny Snow foam (no foaming Lance just the hose pipe one) just when it was ready to rinse, does foam up a bit better normaly. Pipes was like this when I got it!!, just a quick going over with wheels cleaner Wheels really pop in the sun!!!.......my new wheels turned up at work today! well the rears have anyway! oh well. __________________
  5. Bishy

    Dodgy car dealer?!

    Mate if it carries on i've found a fair bit of info on him, where he lives, what he does for a living, what car he drives, reg number, even pics of him etc.....so next time he txt's me i'll send back a pic of him!.....should freak him out!. Getting fed up with it, dont know what I can do about it really other than ignore it?!
  6. Bishy

    Dodgy car dealer?!

    To to it off the idiot that told me about this has been hastling me, via text and making stupid offers on my ebay item and getting other people to! as they are all from the same area!.
  7. Bishy

    Dodgy car dealer?!

    Defo very dodgy!!, selling ex write offs etc also by all accounts but not telling people!. hate scum like this!.
  8. Bishy

    Dodgy car dealer?!

    Yea caught me in a bad mood! lol
  9. Bishy

    Dodgy car dealer?!

    Yea I cant understand it either but then I guess some people are easily fooled! I only spotted it as the first numpty who called about my 330 when it was for sale, text me over the weekend asking if it was still for sale, told him it had sold, was taken off e-bay and marked as sold on pistonheads!. then he text me asking loads of questions about if id sold the hardtop, wind deflector etc etc ignored them in the end!. Then I get a txt today asking for the guy who bought my car off me's number??!!. I rang him and ask WTF he was playing at? and why the hell he wanted his number?!, he said was wondering if he would sell it to me!. I wasnt happy to say the least and told him that he'd missed out as he offered me silly money and was just a cock and to bloody leave it!. Anyway he then goes on to tell me that the cars on autotrader!!......so I looked and there it was, same pics same spec but 90k on the clock (mine had 48k) and it was up for £5691! (mine was up for 8k) so if the guy that phoned me thinks that its the same car and that I sold it for 5k ish then he's dafter than I thought!!
  10. Bishy

    Dodgy car dealer?!

    The 330 convertible, just noticed that he's taken the pics off now! lol.
  11. Bishy

    Dodgy car dealer?!

    Some of you might recognise one of the cars that they have for sale?? Looks like they are a bunch of con artists, called them and asked if the car in the ad was the acutual car swore blind that it was, googled them and it makes interesting reading!. Guess to be honest there is nothing you can do about people using you pictures as they are posted on the net for anybody to see. But then trying to pass something off as something it isnt and trying to scam people is not on!. http://www.unitedmot...1960/united.htm What I found on the net; My Review of Unique Cars: My only suggestion to anyone considering buying a car from these guys is DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS DEALER. Currently they operate under 2 trading names , unique cars and united motors. They are over aggressive rude when it comes to sales. They make false promises and tell lot of lies. If you ask for a test drive, they will get you to put #200 deposit for a test drive (Never seen this anywhere else). They will get you to sign a paper for test drive. However if you don't read carefully before signing, you would actually end up signing into a contract which says this 200 deposit is towards the car and not towards the test drive. And if you decide not to buy this car then this deposit is not refundable. This is a big con. They never tell you this and always insist that this deposit is towards the test drive. The car that they sold me had a major fault, requiring repair worth 400. When I went to take the delivery of the car, after paying the deposit the day before, I noticed the fault and informed them about it. However they refused to repair it and said I will not get any refund now if i decide not to buy the car. My only advise to you all is STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS, DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM
  12. Bishy

    Gaydone -Photos

    Starting to think that I went to a different show! so many cars that I didnt see! , was to hot and knackered I think lol. Great pics guys
  13. Bishy

    e38 fail

    Now that's funny!!! SS lol
  14. Bishy

    Sorry....Not a 5,but Z4M R......

    Black grilles and red centre caps?!.................other than that looks spanking mate lol