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  1. StevieMillar

    E60/E61 M5 Front Wheel(s) Style 166M

    I’m looking for one or two E60/E61 M5 Style 166M front wheels, tyres not important, does anyone have any they don’t need?
  2. That E23 sold at ACA recently - https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/results/results-from-saturday-24th-august-2019/1986-bmw-e32-735i-se-auto/
  3. StevieMillar

    E23 735i Auto Reseda Green - 18,000 miles

    This one sold at Silverstone Auctions recently - https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/view/content/257482/full/1/257491
  4. StevieMillar

    Wanted - E61 Genuine BMW Rubber Floor Mats

    Does anyone have a set of genuine BMW rubber floor mats for my RHD E61? I have a boot liner but no front or rear footwell mats though. These are NLA from BMW, there seems to be plenty of LHD sets available though!! Thanks
  5. StevieMillar

    Modified M1 for auction interesting!

    My comment was based on the market values of M1s and how this one was sold at a relatively low price in comparison. The lighting wasn't great in the auction hall so it was hard to see the details that you have highlighted in your photos taken outside in the daylight. I hope the buyer does something constructive with it.
  6. StevieMillar

    Modified M1 for auction interesting!

    I watched it go through the auction at Essen, only reached 135K Euros from memory so a bit of a bargain for someone
  7. StevieMillar

    530d/530i M Sport Touring or Saloon wanted

    This doesn't tick many of the boxes on your wish list but it is an E39, a Touring and is in decent condition....... Price shown is very negotiable
  8. StevieMillar

    E39 BM54 Unit

    Sorted now, thank you for all of the replies folks.
  9. StevieMillar

    E39 BM54 Unit

    Does anyone have a fully operational BM54 unit to fit my 2000 540i Touring? I sent the BM54 from my car to Cartronics and after testing, its beyond repair unfortunately.
  10. StevieMillar

    Alpina B10 V8 Touring

    This one is mine I have had a few health issues this year that have affected my ability to get after simpler tasks, instead having to rely on others to help me out. The major stuff is done, it's the smaller DIY niggles that are left, fixes that a new owner might like the satisfaction of repairing themselves. I'm with you here on the interior colour however it's the original one and its in decent condition so I stuck with it. This is my third (and probably last) E39, I just can't love them like my E34s!!
  11. Does anyone have a decent front brake caliper carrier for the drivers side of a 1999 E39 540i, complete with mounting bolts? Thanks
  12. StevieMillar

    E9 vs e28...

    Ultimately these two are your cars and you can do as you wish however in my experience, modified cars like your two could become do seem to command lower sale prices and take longer to sell, despite often costing much more to modify than a restoration back to standard does. In mentioning that you are keeping a watch on values, here's an observation to keep in mind for your E9 CSL.....I have been watching E9 prices quite closely over the last 5+ years and CSLs in particular can reach high prices, even restoration project values are shooting up, see the White CSL at ACA that sold for £50K with steel bonnet, non-factory sunroof and was not numbers-matching with regards to engine and chassis. The sale price of this car at the most recent Silverstone auction confused me though - https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/bmw-30csl as I couldn't figure out at first why it sold so low. I have seen this car in the flesh a couple of times and its in great condition so it's non-standard engine must be the reason I think. Ok the full Batmobile dress-up isn't to everyone's taste either but a similar car sold for over £100k not that long ago at another uk auction house, in fact a lesser car albeit numbers-matching sold at the Silverstone Auction in the summer for £77k. The market for "normal" E9 CS's is more of a level playing field between modified and standard cars but it seems buyers like their CSLs to be as original as possible. I hope this helps.
  13. StevieMillar

    New project

    Looking great Michael, looking forward to seeing the car MOT'd and fully polished up!
  14. StevieMillar

    E34/E32 Strut to Thrust Arm Plate Securing Bolts

    Fantastic WelshPug, thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'll get some ordered from Cotswold in the morning. Cheers!