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  1. hippie dave

    M30 engine recommisioning

    Morning all. long time no post, hope we're all well. I'm in the final stages of recommisioning this 1986 628csi. I want to drop the sump and clean / de-sludge it, but as we know its a seriously involved job on the M30 and I'm running short of time. So, question- will a couple of flushes with fresh oil (obviously putting some oil down the bores and making sure to prime the pump) be quite sufficient, or would you say a sump drop is an absolute necessity? Do you reccomend flushing oil? Car has not run for 15 years. Engine does turn. thanks in advance, David
  2. hippie dave

    Breaking 88 mineral blue e28

    Do you have any interior soundproofing and if so what condition is it in? ta DH
  3. hippie dave

    Phone line rental advice.

    Thanks for your suggestions Gents. Changing the landline number isn't an issue if it comes to it. I don't really need a landline but it comes free with most broadband only deals- so it cant hurt. Another idea thrown my way was to set up fibre broadband: which doesn't require a phone line. It's considerably more expensive though, and much much more capacity and speed than I'm ever going to use. I only ever really do forums, emails and spotify. I set up an account with talktalk last week and am just awaiting a router now. I rang them up and explained the situation, and they assured me it wouldn't be a problem. I actually managed to get through to a human being at onestream on friday. I stated that I've cancelled my contract, and I've sent you the appropriate form so please don't bamboozle me with questions- you've already got everything in writing. I explained the line rental business and could he please free up the line for re-use now, to which he said "Its all automated and the system would have automatically generated a refusal. I'll read through the email chain, speak to my manager and call you back in half an hour". Guess what no call back. Tried returning the call twice, both times I got put on hold for ten minutes then disconnected. Bollocks to em. I'm satisfied that I've recovered my losses and consistently offered to pay what I owe. If they want to chase me they can but you know what? I think that's unlikely. Thanks again chaps!
  4. hippie dave

    Phone line rental advice.

    I just contacted the new company directly and set up an account- no middle man. I cannot get hold of the old company at all (They're called Onestream: ten foot bargepole etc). I set up an account with Onestream in October when I moved in, and paid around £68 up-front for router delivery and installation of a phone socket. I actually had to chase them for an installation date- they'd been quiet for about a week following payment so I rang them up- "oh yes he's coming in two days time, sorry we should've put that in writing to you as soon as we'd booked it". Good one! As it happened, on the day, the engineer showed up three hours late with no communication. I had to explain to my boss that I'm having the rest of the day off now- could've done without that! I got my first Bill from them in late December- and they had overcharged me by around £75. They had added that installation and router charge to the bill when I'd already paid it. My monthly usage charge was also wrong- it wasn't what was set out in the agreement (which I had in writing when I set up the account). I queried it, they said that because they'd screwed up the installation of the phone line I could keep the installation charge- they then refunded me the £68 I'd paid in october. OK, but said nothing about my usage charge. They then took the full amount of the (disputed) bill, including this installation charge which they said I could keep, from me at the start of January. Around £103. 4th January (a week ago) I went to ring them to ask why. Got put on hold for ten minutes before being cut off. So I emailed them outlining the situation, and asked them to phone me urgently so we could put this right. I explained that I had tried ringing them, and said that if they didn't call me within 24 hours, I would be "cancelling the contract and taking steps to recover my losses". Three days later, nothing. So I rang up my bank and reported them for theft, got the £103 refunded no problem and stopped the direct debit. Switched off and unplugged router. Went to set up new account with first utility- who told me about the line rental issues outlined above. So Onestream will speak to them but not to me- annoying. Emailed onestream immediately afterwords. Said I was cancelling the contract, had recovered the £103 (which I told them I would do!) and filled out their cancellation form. I have offered to pay the two months charges I owe (nov and dec) and return the router. Still nothing.
  5. hippie dave

    Phone line rental advice.

    I am trying to switch broadband providers. The new company cannot proceed until the old company give them permission to transfer the line over, which the old company have refused to do. The reason I am switching is because the old company would not respond to emails or answer phone calls in relation to a billing error. I have tried contacting them and asking them to release the line- still nothing! BT Openreach don't deal with the general public, and you have to wait 8 weeks before going to OFCOM. I kind of just want my phone line back. Has anyone encountered anything like this before and is there a way around it? DH Sorry to bore you all. hope you had a good xmas and new year. Here's a picture of my current fleet while the E28 sits tucked up under a blanket in the lockup!! We also have a target date for completion of the E24- Le mans 2019!!!
  6. hippie dave

    Standard features that you never use.

    This is a thing??
  7. hippie dave

    520i auto radiator

    Could you not install a standalone, air-cooled oil cooler instead? Bit like this one https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/mocal-oil-coolers-245479/ Has anyone done this before? Might have to consider it with the 6-series (an auto), as there is a distinct possibility my radiator will be shot.
  8. hippie dave

    Abandoned cars

    Thanks for the responses Gents. I think that's what'll have to be next, in descending order of preference. Still heard nothing. Clearly going through the proper channels is a totally pointless exercise. Plod's response f***ed me off. I get that they're stretched, honestly I do. However, They've got the UK -plated car hook line and bloody sinker yet have openly stated that they wont do anything.
  9. hippie dave

    BMW 635csi Auto .. scheduled for destruction!!

    Good News! Look At the third picture- those arches look spotless! Looks to me like a cheap way into E24 ownership- Very rare to find these days! I've got a spare steering column kicking about if anyone buys it!!
  10. hippie dave

    Abandoned cars

    Has anyone had any experience of getting these bumped off? There's two clogging up parking space in my street. One is on SORN, not insured and has had no MOT for around 18 months. The other is on Bulgarian plates, has a flat tyre and faded paint. It is obvious that neither has moved for a very long time. I've written to the Police, DVLA, and the council with full details. Police have explicitly told me that because they hold no record of either, they wont do anything. Told me that the council and the DVLA will deal with it. Council have told me that the one on Bulgarian plates is under investigation, and that the UK registered car is now under investigation since I've told them about it, but "our investigations may take some time". I'm not holding my breath. Heard nothing from DVLA. Having done a bit of research: DVLA are responsible only for the tax. Police are responsible for no MOT/No insurance. So, despite the hysterical warnings these organisations like to issue about staying above board and legit, it sounds to me like its all optional. So, back to the original question: Short of setting these cars on fire, anyone got any ideas as to how to make them disappear? Cheers Dave
  11. hippie dave

    Wanted E3 Engine

    Hi Clive, Sorry I've been a bit quiet: I'm eyeballs-deep in a house move!! Good luck with the project chief - I guess you don't need the E28 engine any more? Cheers Dave
  12. hippie dave

    Wanted E3 Engine

    How original do you want the car to remain? Ive got an M30B28 taking up space in the lockup. It came out of a running C-plate E28 528i earlier this year- chap was doing an M50 conversion. I bought it for its autobox to put in my 628, and I still need to split the two- if you don't mind waiting a bit. Any pictures of the E3? sounds like an exciting project!!
  13. hippie dave

    E28 533i

    Another rare beast. Made because anything over 2 litres was, at the time, punitive to tax in Italy.
  14. hippie dave

    Nice BMW themed desk clock

    I've got a round dashboard clock out of a Rover I keep meaning to do this with...
  15. hippie dave

    E28 533i

    Very nice indeed, thanks for sharing!!