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  1. hippie dave

    1986 E28 520i lux, £4500.

    Price drop to £4500, lots of detailed pictures in the retro rides link above.
  2. hippie dave

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    This, and most European manufacturers made their systems E10 compatible a long time ago: It has been mainstream on the continent for decades. Ditto my 520i and every other petrol vehicle I've owned- It's only high-performance engines that it really benefits. Could not stress that last point highly enough. Our E28's are properly old cars now, and regular inspection of rubber fuel system components is vital. Don't let yours get on the evening news for all the wrong reasons! I hope this puts the issue to bed:
  3. hippie dave

    BMW parts not the dearest.

    I only ever really bothered checking main dealer prices for bits for my E28 and E24. Unlike some manufacturers, BM are very good at spares backup for their classics, and in some cases there just is no other option! But, on the Contrary, Mercedes are now the only brand I've ever owned and worked on where I'd always consult a main dealer first for parts. Back in March I had to replace a pair of front springs on my similarly old but trusty E-class Estate. I bought euro car parts items, which worked out at about 50 pounds each on one of their plethora of discount codes. Turned out that Mercedes items would have been just 13 pounds a piece, more expensive. Totally worth it- had I known I would have definitely have chosen those!
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255063767902 Full description here.
  5. The ABS is prone to malfunctioning on an e28, mainly now due to age and lack of use. It will of course throw the light and fail the MOT when it does. The valve blocks and ECU's are hideously expensive to replace. The wheel sensors less so- but are pressed into the hub and are not fun to replace. Plenty came without it from factory, and its one less thing to go wrong! Not really, no. Owning/using a vehicle on which the mileage records do not tie up on the paperwork / MOT history / odometer is not a do-able offence. Nobody will grip you for it. A seller who knowingly falsifies mileage records is committing fraud: The situation should be properly explained and the price should reflect it. Instrument clusters pack up on E28's, hence speedometer swaps are common. Not correcting the odometer readout as part of the job is just lazy in my opinion, but its common. Anyway yes that's a good price for a 3.5 litre e28 these days, Looks like its even got a moonroof too. Worth a punt as long as its not rusty!!
  6. hippie dave

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    1982 R100 Cafe Racer, the "Tangerine Dream" !!
  7. hippie dave

    1986 E28 520i lux, £4500.

    Price drop to £5500, It's recently benefited from a new clutch, too!
  8. hippie dave

    M20 Manual Gearbox stuck fast!

  9. hippie dave

    M20 Manual Gearbox stuck fast!

    Absolutely. Sorry that second picture is a bit misleading: I just replaced two of the bolts before before taking the picture- as I thought it would be unwise to leave it unsupported for potentially days on end. I suspected the release bearing was on its way out, hence the clutch change. I was getting a moderately serious vibration through the clutch pedal when I pressed it, and it really did not like pulling away from a standstill- the biting point was somewhat vague. It's on 107k, I've owned it since 60k and never had it open, thus I fully expect its on its original clutch. Have released it, hasn't made a difference unfortunately. Thanks for the info- I will be sure to check that out before re-assembly. Thanks for the suggestions Gents, I will try and get the pressure plate bolts out as they are hex's, and look just about accessible. Will report back. Cheers, David
  10. hippie dave

    M20 Manual Gearbox stuck fast!

    Good afternoon, long time no post, hope we are all well. I am attempting to replace the clutch on my 520i (5 speed, RHD, 1986.), as I suspect the release bearing is on its way out. I have removed absolutely everything necessary including prop, gearbox crossmember, linkage, hydraulics, and starter motor. I have dropped the back of the box down, and removed absolutely all the fastenings (lower plate, three 19mm-head bolts on dowels, two 17mm bolts and entire starter motor). With assistance, I have released the box from the three dowels and attempted to lever it off. It is just not budging. It'll lever about 6-8mm or so on a pair of crowbars, and doesn't appear to be being held by anything solid- i.e. there is a bit of "spring" to it. It would appear to be held by the main shaft somehow. I fear that the release bearing has collapsed and is holding it in a circlip-like fashion. I don't mind breaking the bearing, but the possibility of collateral damage (or even having it crash down off the stands) from the required level of force is a concern. Has anyone come across this problem on an M20 car before and was this indeed it? The bearing is completely inaccessible until engine and box are split. How the hell does one get around this problem without cutting into the bellhousing? Answers on a postcard (before I push this effing thing into the thames). Thanks all, David
  11. hippie dave

    Any other cars that seem to have just disappeared?

    Brick Volvo's Mk.1 Mondeos Mk.1 Vectras Mk.3 Golfs & Polo's R8 Rover 200/400 series (whoops I might just have trashed three of those...). w202 and w210 Benz's (which rusted for fun). Peugeot 205's All seem to have fallen off the face of the planet in the last five years or so.
  12. hippie dave

    1986 E28 520i lux, £4500.

    I've finally got off my arse and properly valeted and photographed it- There's a significant quantity of detailed photographs here: https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/217534/1986-bmw-520i-6500-oxford It passed its MOT last week with no advisories. I'm going to chip away at the bad bits: I.e. repair the wing and battery tray(s) when the weather perks up, then put it in for some paintwork. I'm always open to sensible offers as it stands however, and am not in a mad rush to get it gone. cheers, Dave
  13. hippie dave

    1986 E28 520i lux, £4500.

    Price Drop to £4500, It's had a new clutch too!! M20B20, 5 speed manual. Cirrus Blue. Nice bits: Low miles: 107k. Good history. 2 owners from new and mainly garaged Recent cambelt and coolant change (may 2020) Recent Battery Good tyres Original velour in really good condition Quite a lot of nice options including Original blaupunkt with tape box, Large toolkit, Trip computer, Rear sunblind, Cruise control. Fully polybushed except for rear wishbones Rear beam mounts done in 2016 New fuel tank, brake pipes, and fuel pipes. Stainless exhaust Stainless Brake flexi's x6 Good Chrome Solid front struts Working instrument cluster Good dash top. Stacks of spares included in sale. These include inner and outer wings, original 14" BBS "basketweave" alloys, Good spare cluster, downpipes, original mudflaps, lights, etc. It's far from sheddy but it isn't mint, this is why: I killed the rust on the arches before it had a chance to take hold. So they're perfectly solid, but will need painting properly. Under the bonnet, the Battery Tray and opposite "scream" have both been patched at some point in the past. They are solid but could really do with cutting out and replacing properly: Genuine repair panels supplied. The Passenger side front wing is the only bit that really lets the car down: It's just starting to bubble along the top seam, and has gone in the usual place at the base of the arch. A Repair patch from Valcas is supplied, in addition to a good pair of wings. The electric aerial broke years ago and is missing- there is a rubber bung in its place. I was going to delete it and weld/paint up the wing properly because I think electric aerials are a stupid leaky pain in the ar$e- but I have a good spare unit- the choice is yours. Plasti-chrome screen trim has faded. I am asking £4500 ono for it as it stands. No p/x or swaps. I've had it for nearly 14 years now. It's been a big part of my life for that time and I will be really sad to see it go. It's been the length and breadth of this country and it breezed a trip to France back in 2016. I am selling because it just hasn't been getting much use any more: Its done very few miles between MOT's two years on the bounce now. With that in mind, I feel that resources would be better deployed towards my stalled E24 restoration. Location Didcot, Oxfordshire. Please message me via here, or call me on 07526173761. Thanks for looking, over and out, Dave.
  14. hippie dave

    E28 Prices!!

    You really can turn good money on whatever you like by Calling it a barn find! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254485646090 No offence intended to the seller by the way. He's clearly going to do rather well out of something that: Has been in a fairly substantial shunt (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pMiBmeMupA, skip to 1:10); Looks to have been neglected and stripped of a considerable number of essential components during the last ten years; has starship mileage and is inevitably rotten as a pear. I'm not at all suggesting its fit only for the bin, but it would be an exceptionally challenging and expensive project when there are enough complete, straight cars out there to restore. Look at the shut lines on the right hand side, too. That's potentially even got chassis damage. Yes its the flagship model, but it isn't a rare variant, especially when you consider its mechanically identical to the 535i SE. The point of my post is that with the above in mind, I'm just gobsmacked as to how a non-M5 car in that poor a condition has reached as much as £2400 with 3 days left to go! Maybe I've just been out the loop for a bit.
  15. hippie dave

    replacement gearbox

    Good idea. I've known this happen with gearboxes and diffs that have sat idle: Condensation forms on the gears, which turns to rust spots and breaches the case hardening/coating. When its run up, the remainder of the coating / hardening wears rapidly as a result!